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January 8, 2001

My Remnant, Holding Up the Standard

Olivia Reitz

"Thou art ... terrible (awesome) as an army with banners." SS 6:4

I have promised in My Word, that before My Son returns again, I will send forth My remnant people who will proclaim the gospel, preparing mankind for My Son's return. The Remnant of God, holding up the standard. An Army terrible with banners. As always, only a remnant, ones who were willing to go through the tests and trials, with the dealings of their God and they will make it through into My Mighty move. A people who I have placed a burning desire within their hearts to see Me face to face. A people who will have Radical Faith, learning this in the wilderness - radical faith in My promises despite their circumstances.

They have been in the process of preparation, under the Potter's skillful hands. I have known precisely the work to be done in each of them to conform them for My purpose. My sanctified Remnant, sanctified in body, soul and spirit, going forth with confidence and boldness - and they will be filled with the glory of the Lord. Ones who have learned to walk by faith. Bearing their crosses, and sometimes not really sure I would take care of them. Where would the money come from? How would the healing come? How could it get easier? So many questions, but their faith has been increasing. You now see more power in resisting temptation when it appears. You find yourselves making choices that are more pleasing to Me and leaving behind your old way of doing things.

My chosen ones, you have been in the wilderness, a retreat of My making and your decision. You have tasted many bitter experiences, for only when you have tasted the darkness, can you discern the true light and only through the purging, can I manifest My power in the midst of you. You are a chosen people, and I 'cannot' have even one Achan remain. You have found out who I truly am and I have been preparing and organizing you to show the world who I AM. You will also proclaim My judgments, for they will still have a day of salvation and time to turn to me, escaping My wrath that is to come.

My chosen ones were asked to leave Babylon and not to worship anyone or anything but Me. In your own human logic, you have even judged the promises of your God, the ones that I have given you. But each step of the way has brought you closer to Me and you are exercising faith instead of human perception. Trusting in Me, knowing that I am working out plans your human perspective cannot understand. Achieving Radical Faith, against all odds, that I will fulfill My promises. They may be different than you had thought, but I will fulfill them. I have seen your hearts, do not be discouraged, for soon the drought will be replenished with My rivers of life. In the twinkling of an eye, you shall be changed, to march forth as a mighty army carrying My standard, banners lifted high.

The enemy is already appearing with seemingly great miracle working power for he intends to deceive even My elect. It is not the first wave of deception to come nor will it be the last. His groundwork has been laid, but I have given you the necessary light to discover his snares. I do not want you to be defeated by even a part of evil no matter how cleverly it is packaged and delivered. I have already networked you with many and at times you have seen when you began to slip and fall, sliding into the darkness, I have given spiritual discernment to some of those I have given to you to do spiritual warfare in the heavenlies in your behalf. For you are a team, one for all and all for one, and that ONE IS ME. My move is mighty and well planned out in every detail, even to the giving of discernment to your linked ones when you have need of it. There is not one jot or tittle that I have left out. And no matter what traps Satan has laid for you, you shall maintain faith in Me. And by faith, you will step out to prepare a people - for salvation, judgment and My Son's return - speaking forth the "pure gospel."

It shall be a time of judgment and a time of blessing, when I shall shake the nations of this earth. All idols shall fall away, for nothing shall stand before Me. Judgment for the nations, judgment for America, whose hands drip of blood ... she who was once faithful - full of justice - and righteousness has rebelled against Me. BUT, My Remnant ... AH YES, My Remnant will survive My judgment on the nations, for it is I who will carry you, sustain you and rescue you. Those who in the wilderness, learned to totally rely on ME! My Remnant shall arise out of the ashes, turning from every idol that has kept them bound to this world. For the world shall be "filled" with the knowledge and glory of the Lord. You are My messengers, you have been hearing a new song, a new message - and the message and the messenger are becoming one. And My messengers will have become "the message." From every nation, you shall arise. A people who do My bidding, for My Name's sake, seeking nothing for themselves. My appointed time is nigh and I will place you in your positions that I have prepared for you. My Remnant, walking throughout the earth, walking IN ME, glorifying ME. It is a new day, a day of Glory, arise My people and walk with Me. Who is she that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners? - MY REMNANT, HOLDING UP THE STANDARD.

Olivia Reitz

This Present Anointing

Bill Burns

Surely I have spoken it in My word that after the second day I would come and revive My people. This is the purpose, and this is the reason why I am pouring out this present anointing, that I might restore you, revive you, and lift you into heavenly places. Do you hear the sound that comes forth? Is this not the new song? This is the song that I said My people would sing, for I say unto you that every time that I give a victory to My people, I give them a new song. I establish them in a new position of worship. I lift them into heavenly places where their worship goes forth like arrows of fire against the enemy.

I say to you, My people, when you learn to walk in this dimension of truth, this dimension of worship, this present reality, the enemy will fall before you at the sound of your worship, at the sound of the new song. Have you learned the sound of the new song? It declares victory to My people, it declare the beginning of new times and new seasons in which My people shall prevail over all of the works of the enemy. For, it shall be in this day, the third day, that I will raise up a generation such as never been before. They shall walk in the glory and in the power of My word, in the power of My praise, and in the power of the Kingdom. I say to you, be restored, be refreshed, for once this refreshing is done, I am releasing My resurrection power into the hearts of those who will come and into the hearts of those who will scatter this word, the word of resurrection power.

I say, come now and receive by the Spirit the living word that can be engrafted into your heart that will cause a freshness to come upon you, a reality of the spiritual kingdom. In these next days, I will reveal Myself to you in a new way if you will but seek a present knowledge of Me, says the Lord.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO

How Can You Be My Body Unless You Are Joined To My Head?

Stephen Hanson

[22] And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, [23] which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way. Eph. 1

[15] Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. [16] From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. Eph. 4

(The Lord showed me a scene of a man who was holding a telescope. I looked at this first and thought that it was a pipe of some sort because it was rather long and I was looking at it as if I was looking through it. Then I was shown the man again and he held it up to his eye to look out from it. I also was shown part of the lens that was in it. This person was on a ship and was looking out through this telescope into the surrounding water and area.

Then I was shown an another instrument of some kind. It was metal and had various makings on it on a dial. The man held it in his hand and was using it to navigate with. I believe one would call it a sextant. Lastly, I was shown the wheel where the captain would steer the ship forward. However, the person at the wheel was turning it back and forth furiously, without any sense of direction. This continued, and then I saw the man struggle as he was thrown to the ground. Another person was at the wheel now, but without a head. They appeared to be like the headless horseman in Hawthorne's tale of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." I knew that this person could not see, nor steer properly, because they didn't have a HEAD on their shoulders, but he seemed to "think" that he knew where to go in spite of his inability to see anything.

After this, the scene faded. Then a man on the ship was carrying something in his arms. It appeared to be a huge statue of some type. He set it down somewhere away from the front of the ship. I then saw the Lord and knew that He was involved in this situation. He appeared as the King of Kings and was watching over the scene and those that were on the boat. He then said: "Will you let Me steer the ship, for I know where it needs to go?" Then I saw some of the men in the boat. They were dressed as Roman soldiers and they had spears in their hands. They seemingly wanted to take charge of the ship and all of the orders. There was an angel hovering over the ship as if watching. This angel then drifted down in the rear of the boat continuing to watch. Finally, I saw a scroll that was being unraveled by someone. As it was unraveled, a section at a time, I noticed that it was a map; the type that one would use for navigation on a ship. This scene faded from view and then I saw the ship itself, and it had turned over on its side in the ocean. It was sinking, and had been turned over.)

"My people, there are many of you that think that you are the captain of your own destiny. You think that you can steer the ship without Me. But you are without a HEAD and you cannot see. There are some of you that have let the enemy drive the ship forward. He will navigate you into strange waters. He is to be chained and thrown overboard. There are many difficult waters to cross in the coming months. You need to let ME steer and show you which way to go. How can you be my body unless you are joined to my head?"

Stephen Hanson

Forthcoming Attacks From the Enemy

Hollie L. Moody

I saw a church. In this church, I saw homes. Inside the homes, I saw families. Within each family unit, I saw individual family members. I saw husbands and wives, children of all ages. I saw single women and men, as well as single parents. I saw that each one of these family units made up the church. I felt the church I was seeing was the body of Christ.

I saw the Lord gently yet firmly place both His hands around the church. He pulled the church upwards, then gently began to shake the church. I saw that everything and everyone within the church and within the homes, was being shifted and shaken.

Almost simultaneously to the Lord lifting and then shaking the church (along with the homes and families), I saw demons surround the church.

(I'd like to add here that from this point on, when I talk about the church, I will also be talking about the homes and the families I saw within this church. This will save time and shorten the length of this article.)

As the shaking was continuing, the demons slipped into the homes and families of the people in the church. Each demon appeared to have a particular family member who they were assigned to. Each demon also appeared to have a particular brand of attack upon each family and family member.

The children were attacked first. Later, when I asked the Lord why the children were attacked first, I felt He replied it was because they are the most vulnerable, and because they represent continuity and the future.

The small children were attacked mainly to misbehave. Their misbehavior was annoying and frustrating to the parents (especially the women, yet the single fathers were also affected by the misbehavior of their children). This misbehaving by the small children put much pressure and stress on the families.

The older children were attacked in their relationships with and towards others. I saw demons of envy, jealousy, and gossip attach themselves to many of the older children. As a result, there was much arguing and a great deal of disunity.

The teenagers and young adults were attacked mentally, emotionally and to a small degree, physically. I saw demons of depression and suicide attach themselves to the teens and young adults. The teens and young adults became withdrawn, irritable and depressed. They seemed to lose their excitement and enthusiasm. Some attempted suicide. Some, succeeded.

The physical attacks on the teens and young adults appeared to be in the area of illnesses. Some of these illnesses were death inducing.

The women (mothers, wives, grandmothers, single women, and single moms) appeared to be attacked emotionally and mentally. Most of their attacks came from the turmoil they saw within their families and homes.

I saw demons of inferiority, envy, and insecurity attacking the women. Some were attacked by demons of suicide. Most of the women attacked with thoughts of suicide, however, did not attempt suicide. It appeared to mainly be a mental battle.

Many of the married women were lashing out in anger at their husbands. This was putting further stress on the family and home units. The children were reacting to the arguments and turmoil they saw and heard in their parents' relationship by misbehaving even more.

The men were being attacked physically, mentally and emotionally. Many were losing their jobs, which created financial pressure in the home.

For the married men, the instability of their wives and children was causing them to be angry and combative. There were episodes of verbal and physical abuse.

I also sensed an increase in heart attacks and cancer.

Those who were ministers, I saw were being attacked by demons of envy and jealousy towards others in the ministry. I saw that there appeared to be an isolation emanating from these ministers. I sensed that they felt isolated from other ministers. This was causing disunity and disharmony in the ministry itself. The body didn't appear to be moving or operating smoothly.

As I asked the Lord to open my understanding further to this vision, I felt that He told me that He is shifting and shaking the church (please remember that the "church" in this vision also includes homes and family units).

While the Lord is shifting and shaking the church, the enemy is counterfeiting the same type of experience and movement from the Lord. The Lord is shifting and shaking to remove debris and impurities from within our homes, families, hearts, lives, ministries, and churches.

The enemy is counterfeiting this time of intense spiritual purging by seeking to add his own brand of shaking. He is shaking many with stress, pressure, confusion, illness, etc. He is attempting to subvert this move of God and to undermine it by sowing seeds of confusion as to who is doing the shifting and shaking, and for what purpose (for there is a definite purpose and plan of God in all of this shifting and shaking).

If the enemy can get our focus off Who is doing the shifting and shaking, and get us to focus on what is being shifted and shaken, our senses will be dulled spiritually, and we will fail to comprehend or grasp the purpose of God in all of what is transpiring.

As I prayed for more understanding of this vision, I very much felt that it is through the relationship we form through prayer with the Lord that will give us spiritual insight and discernment. The more time we spend in prayer with the Lord, the more we will hear His voice and see clearly what is transpiring around us and to us spiritually. Only through prayer will we be able understand, withstand and overcome the tactics of the enemy.

I also felt that our first priority must be our children. It was through the children, who are the most vulnerable and in some ways, the most valuable, that the enemy was able to gain entrance into the family unit.

I sensed the Lord's desire for His people to have harmony and unity in their midst.

I felt that many ministers will be going through a time when it appears to their eyes that the Lord has removed their ministry from them. The spiritual leaders need to be reaffirmed by their own spiritual leaders. They will need during this time to feel that their spiritual leaders love, value and appreciate them. During this time is when I felt the Lord will be refocusing the eyes of the ministers from their ministry call to Who placed the call upon them in the first place.

This vision touched upon every person in a family and church unit. This lets me know that we are all in this battle together. We are all of value to the Lord. Through shifted and shaken vessels who have had their impurities removed, the Lord will be able to flow through us to touch and administer life and healing to those around us.

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody

We Are Already Joined

Linda Evans

When we do not respect one another in our 'differences', then we open ourselves up to being used as a pawn in the hand of division and destruction. We each have within us the Light of God; To deny 'this' is to deny Jesus' words teaching us that WE are the light of the world. He has sent forth His Spirit to shine forth from our hearts, in the temple of the Holy Spirit, His Radiant Light.

Yet that Light is shaded/hidden by our flesh...

As we continue on this unfolding path of salvation, we must embrace our cross daily, just as Jesus has taught us... as our flesh rises up in arrogance and rebellion to the Lordship of Christ within us.. and as we recognize this rebellion and arrogant pride, we make a choice. Do we LOVE the truth... about ourselves? Oh we have no real problem "loving the truth" about another... but what about ourselves? We say we do.. but this daily testing truly manifests whether or not we have received the Work of the Cross and the Way of the Cross as the precious and joyous means of our transforming Life in Christ Jesus.

Each time our flesh reveals its lawless arrogance, whose side will we choose? The lawless one who cannot submit to the Will of God.. or will we submit to the Rule and Reign of Christ in us, in the Kingdom of God? Will we cry out to the Holy Spirit.. to crucify this stinking, carnal flesh in us.. that the LIGHT might radiate more purely, more freely, more brightly through us? Or will we instead choose to justify our actions, calling them spiritual... calling them righteous, all the while grieving the Most Holy Spirit within us as He sees our unwillingness to humble ourselves?

Each of us face this testing and proving daily. This is the Sanctifying work of the HOLY Spirit... this is the testing of our "walk in LOVE"... daily dying and daily being RESURRECTED in New Life! Hallelujah! Once we see the reality of this divine work in us, and in each other... we can then rejoice when we see our carnal-sinful-prideful old nature being chased out of its hiding place by the Relentless Grace of God!

HE IS DELIVERING US if we can but embrace the reality... HE is causing the scum of our fallenness to rise up in the Heat of His Fiery Baptism in LOVE.. Praise God, HE is transforming us with HIS LOVE -- HIMSELF... and HE is causing us to see our responsibility in Love -- one to another. Praise God for what He chooses to use in each of us to cause this old self to be 'discovered'.... for it is a work of LOVE to bring to our own heart's revelation the truth about ourselves.. From this Truth about ourselves is Humility birthed... and from Humility is Koinonia nurtured and blessed.

May we remember that it is Christ Jesus in each of us who makes us ONE in HIM.

We are already joined -- it is just our blinded eyes and hardened hearts that cause us to think otherwise. As we each have submitted to the LORDSHIP (LOVESHIP) of our Beloved, we too have submitted unto one another... and it is a TEAM that we have become. In a team, bonded in LOVE, we go underneath our brothers to lift them up, even as Jesus said that He comes to serve.. not to lord it over one another, calling ourselves our brother's benefactors... The Way of Christ Jesus is servanthood... may we become extravagant servants of LOVE, and may that LOVE be manifested here on Light-string and in every aspect of our daily life. As we have done to each of us, the least of His brethren, so we have done unto Him. May the Spirit breathe life into that truth that we might see the great and wondrous joy of serving HIM in one another. We say we LOVE HIM.. may we show it by our treatment one to another. LOVE never fails! He promised.

Forever ONE with all who LOVE our Beloved Husband, Jesus.

your little sister in love,
Linda the Beguine
Sandpoint, Idaho
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What Is the Use of a Dead Lion?

Dominique Francois

After three months of unbearable loneliness, dryness, despair, depression and the death of a vision during which I couldn't help but search my own heart to see what needed to be purified, somebody wrote me two days ago that the promises of God are YES and AMEN and that we have to trust Him no matter what.

After I read that, I felt a brooding in my spirit. Just before I went to bed, God said to me:

"Ask me to release you into your calling."

I went to bed having made the decision that I would seek His face regarding this matter the next day, which was yesterday.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I received the image of a dying lion on his flank in his cage... A lion which had been created for wide spaces and freedom, a lion which was called to reign, a lion which was supposed to be strong and fearless... and yet it was now dying. This emaciated lion had been restlessly pacing the floor of his cage back and forth, as trapped animals do in zoos just because their lack of space and freedom drives them insane, but now life was escaping him and he was just lying on the ground with no desire to fight anymore. And I said to the Lord : "That's me Lord, what should I do?" He answered:

"You need to feed yourself. What is the use of a dead lion?"


This thought brought to my spirit the Hebrew word "HAZAQ" found in 1 Samuel 30 when David's men were thinking of stoning him. It says in verse 6b: "But David found strength (HAZAQ) in the Lord." This word conveys the idea of gaining inner strength, boldness, courage, security, to stir up oneself, acquiring a strength that springs up from the inside.

David found such a strength when he remembered what the Lord was to Him and had done for Him. Then a powerful anointing came on him after he put the Ephod on his shoulders to inquire of the Lord. No one then thought about stoning him anymore... Instead, David and his 600 men went after the Amalekites to get back what this enemy had stolen from them and they succeeded.


Amalek typifies Satan in the Old Testament, and this name means "THE ENEMY FOREVER" in the Jewish tradition. This thought led me to the famous passage of 1 Samuel 15:3, when the Lord asks Saul to go against Amalek and verse 3, "To completely destroy the entire Amalekite nation, men, women, children, babies, cattle, sheep, camels and donkeys." (New Living Translation) A few verses later we read in 1 Samuel 15:9 : "Saul and his men SPARED Agag's life and kept the best of the sheep and cattle, the fat calves and the lambs, everything in fact that appealed to them. They destroyed ONLY what was worthless and of poor quality." (Caps mine [Dominique]) It is because of this very great disobedience --declaring pure what God had already rejected as impure and letting the enemy keep a foothold-- that Saul lost his anointing and authority and that his kingdom was given to another. There was no coming back possible for Saul.

Because Saul disobeyed the command of the Lord to completely destroy the Amalekite nation, David had to fight against this "enemy forever" and take back everything he had stolen from him. Not only that, but because Saul spared king Agag, one of his descendants, the Amalekite Haman (Esther 3) purposed to destroy the Jews.


In the same way, the Lord calls His "dying lions," his tired and depressed servants, the radicals who are possessed with the Spirit of the Lion of Judah, those who, like Mordecai, will not bow down to the enemy forever , to "HAZAQ" themselves, to rise up, to get inner strength in recalling His faithfulness, love and blessings towards them. He asks them to come against their "enemy forever" and not compromise with anything He has declared impure that gives the enemy a foothold in their lives.

Like Saul, we are asked to destroy every work of the enemy in our lives and not spare what looks good or appealing lest we lose our anointing and miss our destiny. And as David covered his shoulders with an Ephod before heading for the victory, God will cover us with His powerful anointing to go against our "enemy forever" and take back everything He has stolen from us. AND WE WILL SUCCEED!

Yes Lord, purify our lives and release us into our calling!

Ms. Dominique Francois
Dominique Francois
Dominique's email:

From Fire To Glory

Yolanda Ballard

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, You are my refuge, My strength, My God, in You I will trust.

My children, draw close to Me, underneath My wing, for I will keep you safe and secure. I will not let anything harm you, My children....My faithful, beloved children. Why do you fret at the sudden attack of the enemy who has come in as a flood? For he is out to destroy you and your stand in Me, but didn't I say in My Word that what the enemy meant for harm I will turn for your good? Didn't I say that all things work together for your good for you love Me and are called according to My purpose?

So stand strong, My little ones. Be courageous. Stand behind your shield of faith and use your sword of the Spirit. Don't you know that when you come out from behind your shield and look at the circumstances with your natural eye, the enemy immediately gets the upper hand and his fiery darts start to pierce your heart because you are no longer covered?

Keep My word before you at all times. Stand on My promises no matter what you see in the natural. Believe My word and do not doubt My faithfulness to keep My word to you. Stand on My promises and waver not in unbelief.... for I take you through the fire to purge your heart of all that is not of Me.

For I am preparing you for a great move of My Spirit through you. And you must be ready for this move. You must be a clean vessel that My glory can move through, and you also must be strong to be able to hold My glory. For if you are not truly ready, the move of the mighty power through you could destroy you for it will move like dynamite. For I will be doing a quick work and a powerful work through My people, and a mighty harvest will be soon reaped through My people.

So stand still and see the salvation of the Lord upon you. I will do a mighty work of restoration in you and through you, and many signs and wonders will begin to follow My words through you. Be ready, My people, for this is a new day and I am doing a new way. Old things are passed away. Behold all things are made new. You will learn adjustments in the Spirit that you have not had the opportunity to behold before. New moves of My Spirit will come forth. New sounds of glory will be released in you and around you. Yes, a new dimension of authority through worship, warfare and prayer will be released. It all begins with you. Are you ready to go through the fire to let Me prepare you, says your God.

Forgiveness- the Heart of the Father

Gloria Shepherd

My children, I am weeping so much for many of you in this hour. I love you so much, and desire only the best for you. I desire for you to be set free from the chains that still hold you. I want to heal the parts of your heart that you have held back from me. The place you have not allowed me to touch before this time. Many of you have held back a part of your heart from me, and have not allowed me to enter in that place to do the work I have desired to do there. In the holding back of your heart, you have been as Ananias and Saphiras, who held back a part of their gift, and gave only what they wanted to give. You have not fully surrendered yourself unto me. Many of you have closed off the areas of your heart that you don't want to be open, and you have not allowed me in to do a work there. How can you enter into the fullness of what is coming, if you have held back a part of your heart from me? You have refused to allow me to go in and do the work, as I have desired to do it. You have placed padlocks upon those hidden places, the hidden places you have not wanted me to enter into before this time.

My children, the time is growing short. You must be willing to give your heart fully surrendered unto me in order to walk into the fullness of what I have for you in this hour. Only those who will surrender fully will be allowed to enter into the fullness of what is coming.

Many of you have refused to come to me when I have called you to that place of seeing that which is still hidden in your heart. You have refused to allow me into that place which you have needs to be uncovered and brought into the light. A hard covering has formed over that part of your heart, because you have not allowed me access to that place, and the blood has not flowed there.

Pain, and hurt has been your excuse, unforgiveness has been the root cause of this shutting down and this holding back your hearts from me. It has caused your heart to die in that place, you have not allowed me to work in.

I come to you again, to allow me into that place you have hid from me. I want to bring you into the place of my glory, but you cannot enter into this place without being fully surrendered to me in each of your hearts. Because many of you have held back a part of your heart, you have been no different than Anaias and Saphiras, who held back a part of their part from me, in the offering. I know that is a hard word to many of you, and yet it is because my heart grieves so for you that I say this to you now. For I want you to walk in all the glory and power I have for you in this hour. You cannot enter into this place until you have fully surrendered your hearts before me, all parts to me, so I can do this work in you.

Tears roll down my face, as I see the pain that you still have in your heart, and the chains that still bind you. I want to set you free from all that is still hidden in your heart, and expose it to the light, so that you can finally be set free. I desire only that my children will walk in all the fullness of my love that I have for them. That is my hearts desire for all my children.

"My little ones, I desire the best for each one of you. I do not want you to walk in second best anymore. I want you to be set free from every chain that holds you captive in the dark shadows of your heart. Repent, repent, repent of all that may be holding you back from fully surrendering to me. Come to me, and let finish this work in you that I have so desired to do. Let me wash you, and give you a new heart to walk in for this hour.

Forgive those who have hurt you, as I have forgiven you. Let me come into the parts that you have kept back from me, and let me finish the work that needs to be completed in this hour, for you to move on.

True revival can not come until my children have fully surrendered their hearts unto me. Deep repentence within the hearts of each of my children will bring forth my glory fires upon the earth, as each person, lays down their hearts before me, the glory fires will ignite in each one.

Then unity come! When my work has been completed in your hearts, then the fires will ignite in each of you. Without it happening individually, it will never happen corporately. Revival comes out of unity of the body as one. Unity of the body comes as each individual member repents before me in their hearts, and fully surrenders their heart unto me. The church has tried to work revival from the outside in, but my work is always from the inside out. That is a true work of the spirit.

Allow me to finish this work that I have so desired to finish in each of you, so you can enter into the fullness of the glory that I would have you walk in for this hour.

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