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October 15, 2001

It Is Clean Up Time

Ras Robinson

Purify yourself and change your garments. Consecrate yourself because of what I am about to do among you. Leave behind all sin and sin patterns. Dust yourself off from all rejections and hurts of the past. Forgive those brothers and sisters in the Lord who have hurt and wounded you. Open your heart to them again and trust me in these relationships. Learn to trust me in other people. I am fully trustworthy and I live inside them. Look through their frame to see me in them and submit and love me in them. I will use this to get love flowing again towards them from you. You can do this! See yourself as the temple that you are. You are my earthly temple today. I choose to live in you. That is why it is so important that you purify yourself and change your garments. It is clean up time.

Joshua 3:4-5 " you have not passed this way before. Then Joshua said to the people, consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.

Ras and Bev Robinson
Fullness in Christ Church Ministries
Mission of Love Special Reports for Peru, Philippines and Mexico:

Time To Put Your House In Order

I believe the Lord would say unto His people: "I having been trying to get My children to heed My voice, My warning to allow Me to establish them on the Rock, My Son, to renovate their houses(homes), by My Word, by My Spirit, WHILE the weather is fare.

Is it not easier, is it not more pleasant to build while the weather is pleasant, conducive to building, playing it's part? Many have heeded My voice and gotten their house in order.

The weather is about to change and people will be forced to build quickly and in not such pleasant conditions. It is not pleasant to build when the rain belts down, when the sun scorches, when the wind blows straight in your face. Heed My warning, O My people and build NOW!

Shall a people not fear their God. Did I not only save 8 in the time of Noah's ark and washed all others away, those who did not heed My warning of eminent judgement! I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Those who get their house in order, have nothing to fear in the days to come. All that can be shaken will be shaken. "
Submitted to Alison Papenfus on Sept 10th
The Day before the Terrorist attacks

Rise Above the Petty Issues Of Life

Marsha Burns

Do not yield for one moment to a spirit of offense. Know this, that the enemy will do his utmost to bring confusion and division in your midst to occupy and divert your attention. If he can keep you immersed in matters of little consequence, he can bring great destruction. This is a time when it is of vital importance that you establish yourself under divine order and keep your vision and focus clear. Get your priorities in order and refuse to be distracted by life's little bumps. Awaken, you who have allowed your spirit to slumber, for your attention to your flesh has dulled your hearing and blinded your eyes. Shake yourself awake.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459


Rich Elliott

Therefore the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying... Jeremiah 34:12

Clarity of sound and of purpose. That is what I desire of you, My holy people. Clarity. Let there be a sound that comes from your life, that is clear, that is exact. Then, the world will see Me in you.

Do away with fear. You fear many things. You fear making decisions. You fear consequences and circumstances. You are paralyzed by fear.

Fear has kept you from moving forward in my purposes and in my will for you. Fear has covered up My compassion, from being seen, from being expressed.

Quit fearing. Quit allowing fear to run your life, rather than faith in Me. Allow hope to spring up anew.

Today is a day of change. Allow My hope to spring up anew and allow a clear sound to proceed from your heart. Put away the old. Embrace the new.

Embrace My words of encouragement to you and allow this word to sound clearly from your life. Delays have come because of fear and because of worry and have caused an unclear sound in your life.

Hear My Word, to you, My holy people. Hear My Word to you and live. Let the life of My Word be heard before all. Allow your hope in Me to be seen before all.

Move with singleness of heart, as you allow your hope in Me sound clearly from your life. Seek My Face. Call upon My Name. Hope is found in Me.

Rich & Jeanette Elliott
River of Revival Ministries
Lawrence, KS 66049

Fountains Of the Deep

Debbie Cossu


There are springs of the deep, those sealed up fountains, that are about to be released upon the earth. The flood gates of heaven will be contained no longer....

You must not just take thought for yourselves, not just make provision for your own household, but have My heart and mind for those who I will send to you.

Have I not spoken to you about such a time as this? Have I not awakened you in the night watches? Have I not shouted from the housetops to get ready, and be prepared?

The fountains of the deep will come with a force and power that cannot be withstood. A righteous and holy generation is emerging to do exploits many have only read about. The floodgates of heaven are at their command, and have been opened this day.

My Word shall go forth and accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. This shall be confirmed in the natural as hurricane winds and rains pour down and take many by surprise. Volcanic activity is being released even now, and earthquakes shall occur where never known before.

Get ready, for that which you never expectetd is about to happen, in Spirit and in Truth, and you shall be My instrument of life, and voice of hope for those around you...

It has Begun

Gertrude Jensen

As for you my children a new and exciting journey has begun. Today you are different, refined by fire, made whole by faith. You are a new people, a group set apart. My army of faithful, your battles have already been won. Washed by the Blood, lead by the Spirit, you bring Me great pleasure and great blessing shall be yours.

Cast off the last trappings of fear for I am with you always--I knew you in your mother's womb, I know each hair on your head, I chose you and you are mine.

My protection surrounds you, My love infuses you, My spirit is with you. Know that from this day forward each step you take is guided and blessed. All you do shall bear fruit and My name covers you.

Be content and at peace.

Respectfully submitted by Gertrude Jensen.

No Greater Love

Hollie L. Moody

"Child," the Lord said to me. "Would you lay down your life for your husband?"

"Yes, Lord," I replied.

"Would you lay down your life for your children?" the Lord asked me.

"Yes, Lord," I again replied.

"Would you lay down your life for your friends and relatives?" the Lord continued.

"Yes, Lord," I replied. "I would lay down my life for my friends, family and relatives."

I waited on the Lord to see where His questions were leading me.

"Would you lay down your life for those who are not friends, family or relatives?" the Lord asked me.

To my shame, I paused. I thought of certain people and situations that had hurt me in the past. As I was pondering carefully this question from the Lord, He shared a vision with me.

In the vision, I saw a large body.

"This is My Church," the Lord said to me.

Then, within the Body, I saw congregations. Within each congregation, I saw smaller groups of people.

"These are denominations within My Body," the Lord said to me. "These are congregations within each denomination. Each congregation is composed of individuals. Yet, are they not all members of My Body, child?" the Lord asked me.

"Yes, Lord," I replied. I was puzzled as to where the Lord's questions and remarks were leading me.

"Behold, child," the Lord said to me.

He pointed to the large Body. I saw as enemies infiltrated into each part of the Body. Each denomination and each congregation, was infiltrated by enemies. As the enemies infiltrated the denominations and congregations, I saw as strife and discord began to break forth between denominations, congregations, and individuals.

"Where strife and discord is," the Lord said to me, "there is every evil work. Behold, child."

I looked again upon the large Body. To my amazement and further puzzlement, I watched as the Lord opened His hand over the Body. There was a rod in His hand. With the rod, the Lord struck the Body. In the striking of it, He wounded it. I saw as many denominations and congregations began to shake from the force of the Lord's blow. Many of them fell. When they fell, they began to break into pieces.

I continued to watch as the Lord stepped into this scene of brokenness. There were still enemies within the Body. As denominations, congregations and individuals fell and broke, the enemies were attempting to deal death blows to them.

I watched as the Lord began to pick up the broken pieces of the Body and put them back together. He picked up the denominations, the congregations and individuals, and began to piece them back together. As denominations, congregations and individuals were joined back together, they in turn began to work beside the Lord to aide Him in putting others back together.

The enemies began to come against those who were already put back together. I then watched as some of these denominations, congregations and individuals placed themselves between the enemies and those who were still fallen and broken. I watched as they allowed themselves to become targets for the fallen and wounded in their midst by shielding them with their own bodies.

The Lord and certain other denominations, congregations and individuals continued to reach out and put back together again those who were fallen and wounded in their midst. I saw as the denominations, congregations and individuals who were put back together again reformed into a glorious Body.

The Lord put a sword in the hand of the Body, and placed what appeared to be a robe around the Body. The Body then turned on the enemies, and made warfare against them. I watched as the Body triumphed over the enemies, and the enemies fled from before the Body.

"Child," the Lord said to me. "Do you understand the vision?"

"No," I replied. "I especially don't understand why You struck the Body."

"My Body is grievously divided, " the Lord explained to me. "In their division and divisiveness, they have allowed entrance to enemies within their midst. My Body has become a spectacle both to angels and My lost sheep.

"I am allowing many situations to come against My Body. My Body for the most part does not realize that this is My hand upon them. They can fall upon Me and be broken, or I will come upon them and break them.

"There is a purpose behind this," the Lord continued. "When My Body is broken, each member will suffer with the other members. While My Body is being broken, then will they learn to turn to each other for comfort and strength. They will learn to minister one to another, and care for each member of the Body. It is not My will for My Body to have so much division and discord within their midst.

"I would have My people to be willing to lay down their life for another member of the Body. No greater love has any man than that he would be willing to lay down his life not only for his friends, but also for those who are not counted as his friends.

"The days are coming, child, and indeed are even now at the door, when it will be required of My people to lay down their lives for one another. As I have done for My sheep, even so do I require that My sheep follow My example. Do you understand this, child?"

"Yes, Lord," I replied. "What is the meaning of the sword and the robe You gave to the Body?" I asked.

"The sword is My Word," the Lord replied. "By knowing My Word, and understanding how to apply My Word and wage spiritual warfare with it, My people will put to flight every enemy which comes against them. The robe I clothed My Body with is the garment of praise. It is praise that will continue to keep My people victorious over their defeated enemy.

"Victory will only come, however, when My people are broken of their divisions and find unity within Me and with one another. In their unity, is their strength.

"I laid down My life for My sheep for the great love which I possess for them. I command My children to love one another and to lay down their lives as servants for one another. There is no greater love than this."

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody

Be My Friends

Stephen Hanson

[26] But you are not to be like that. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves. [27] For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.
[28] You are those who have stood by me in my trials.
[29] And I confer on you a kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me, [30] so that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. Luke 22

[15] I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15

"You are my servants, my people."

"From sunrise to sunset I see you doing my will. I see you loving each other. I see you serving each other. I have told you that "when you do it unto the least of one of these that you do it on it unto Me." ALL that you do in this life unto Me is important. There are not great achievements. Remember my role of being a servant. Remember how I washed the feet of my disciples. You are to do the same. Talking to a child is as important as giving a great sermon. You are all on level ground with Me. But the differences rely upon function. You all have different functions. The greatest one of you must be servant of all. But what does it mean to be the greatest? Great in the eyes of the world is not the same as in my eyes. And to be successful in my kingdom is not the same as in the world. Have I not chosen what is not great in the world? Not many of you were of noble birth. Not many of you are CPO's of some great company. But my Father has chosen the weak things of this world to shame the wise. But you are not weak. You are strong in Me, would say the Lord. And when you are strong in Me and you take on the form of a servant, then you surely will do great things."

"But where is the philosopher of this age? Where is the great debater? I tell you that I ask you not to lean upon your own understanding. I've asked you to be like a child in these things. There is a great wisdom that comes when you identify with Me in these things. But I would have you to go further. I would have you to be no longer servants, but to be my friends. The servant does not know what his master is doing. But if you are my friends then you will know these things as well. Then I will give you ALL things my people. I will give you rich robes to wear. I will give you the sun and the rain. I will be there to go before you."

"During this time in history there is much fear and uncertainty. You need to know my will more than at any other time in your life. So, I've called you to be my friends. Be my friends; be intimate with my every desire. Then when trouble comes you will be safe from the storm."

"Be my friends."

Stephen Hanson

Run To the Battle

Bill Burns

Run to the battle. Engage the enemy. Strike the serpent's head. Cut off the snake's head. Run to the battle! Have joy in the battle. It is My good pleasure to give you joy for the battle, for the joy that you sense as you go forth is the assurance of the victory that shall surely come, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Where the strength of the Lord is, the enemy is defeated. Where the strength of the Lord is, the enemy cannot stand. Where the joy of the Lord is found in the house, the strength of the Lord goes forth like a mighty two-edged sword. In the power of joy My word is released in expectation for the victory. You might ask, "When shall I have the victory?" I say, as soon as you believe, as soon as you rise up, as soon as you fight, as soon as you demonstrate by faith the word that is given forth in the kingdom of God and exercise that word and allow it to flow out of your mouth, out of your being and out of your spirit empowered by My Spirit. Then, surely, you will have the victory, and you shall overcome all of the works of the enemy. For, I say, there is no weapon that has been formed against you that can prosper.

It is written, and the scriptures cannot be broken. If I am God Almighty, and I am in you God, and I am filling your house with My presence, then is it not a natural assumption to know that you shall have the victory and walk forth over all the works of the enemy? It is written that I give unto you power to walk over ALL the works of the enemy. Have I not spoken in My word that nothing shall by any means hurt you? Nothing shall by any means hurt you. I say, nothing shall by ANY means hurt you. The weapons of the enemy shall not hurt you. His infirmity shall not hurt you. His curses shall not destroy you. You say, "But when?" I say, "Now." For, now is the day of the Lord. Now is the great battle of the Lord. Now is the day of My wrath. My wrath is against those who are against Me. My wrath is against those who are against you, for your enemies are My enemies, and My enemies are your enemies. I say, we shall fight this battle together, so rise up and take unto yourselves the attitude of victory, and run to the battle. The enemy shall flee before you. He will flee before you!

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

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