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October 22, 2001

I Am Drawing To Myself a Bride That Is Pure

Bill Burns

"I desire that My people would reach out and touch Me. I desire that My people would come unto Me. I desire that you would come to the altar and leave every care of the world. I desire that you would come to the altar and lay down your fears and lay down your anxieties. I desire that you, My people, would forget all that is against you and come unto Me, for I am walking among you. I have come to touch you; I have come to heal you; I have come to restore you; I have to equip you against all the powers of the enemy. I am here by My Spirit, says the Lord, to nurture you and to bring an extraordinary measure of grace upon you, that you might be aware in this very moment of My presence and that you might know that I am in you and you are in Me. I have come to encourage you and tell you, "Well done, My good and faithful servants." My eyes have scanned the earth looking for warriors that I could raise up, and you have lifted your hands and said, "Here I am, Lord, send me." You have said, "Here I am, Lord, equip me; here I am, Lord, use me." For your faithfulness, I extend unto you this measure of grace that is akin only to the third day, for there is a generation that shall be so filled with the fullness of My grace that they shall no longer be earth bound; they shall be heaven bound, found seated with Me in heavenly places that you may be nurtured by My glory, that you may come into the Holy of Holies and dwell in the Holy Place with Me, for this is the day and this is the hour that I have spoken of in which I am drawing to Myself a bride that is pure and without spot or wrinkle.

I am bringing you forth into My presence, into the fullness of that which I have spoken that you may be encouraged and step up to the throne of grace and receive your measure, your healing, your miracle even now. I will show you the mysteries of My kingdom and reveal to you that which has been saved for the end of the age. I have weapons that have been stored in heavenly places. I Myself will teach you how to use them, and the enemy shall fall. Believe Me, children, when I say the enemy shall fall before you; the enemy shall flee before you. The enemy shall be found fleeing seven ways from your encampment, for your camp is a place of worship and praise. The places in which you dwell are habitations where I and My Father will dwell with you

There are some that have been laboring under the spirit of condemnation, and I have come to release you from that. Come out. Walk out from under that, for those are shackles of falsehood. They are indeed the lies of the enemy, and it is time to break out. There is no condemnation for those who are in Me. The devil would have you believe that you have failed, but I say that is a lie. The enemy has fallen before you, so he comes to deceive you and try to make you feel unworthy, but I say I have found you worthy. You have fought the good fight; you have not failed. Have you failed? I say, "No." No, you have NOT failed; you have only begun to run. Don't you understand that there are different legs to the race? You may have run the first lap slower, but I tell you that by My Spirit you shall run and be accelerated in this time and in this season. Run the race in power. Dare to believe that you are not condemned. I have not come to condemn you, but to say, "Well done." Rise up now and walk out from under the shackles that the enemy has put upon you, for I have come to defeat the enemy. I have come to break you out of bondage. I have come to tear down the bars and tear down the brass gates that you might come out into freedom under mercy and grace and My presence and anointing. Is there any lack in Me? Isn't My anointing able to break all bondage? Isn't My blood able to cover all sin?

This is but a foretaste of the glory which I shall bring, a foretaste of My presence. These are those days which were spoken of by the prophets, the days of My glory, the days of My power. Begin to expect My presence, for I will meet you. I will come upon you suddenly that you might know that I am with you always, with you wherever you go. Expect My appearance, My touch. Expect to hear the sound of My voice. Expect to receive the revelation that I have held in store for this time and this people. Live in readiness; live in expectation. Have no fear of the enemy. He was defeated at Calvary where I took away his weapons. Walk with Me, and the enemy shall be conquered."


I Have Set My Messages A Flame

Stephen Hanson

Then the LORD replied:"Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. HAB 2:2

But if I say, "I will not mention him or speak any more in his name,"his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot. JER 20:9

"I have a new type of servants that I have been molding and shaping in this hour. They have not given in to the things that this world has to offer. Their one and only desire is to worship Me in spirit and in truth. They are not without sin, but they chosen to turn their heads away from sin. These are those who speak my word."

(The Spirit of God showed me a man who was carrying heavy things upon his back. When I continued to look at them I noticed that they were scrolls. Each of these scrolls were then laid down on the ground beside him and were stacked. They were stacked as a wood pile would be. I then watched as he took a trumpet and began to blow it, and out of the trumpet came smoke that went up into the air. A scroll came out of the trumpet and was unfurled onto the ground. I heard the Lord say, "Write the vision down and make it plain on stone tablets." The scene changed and now I saw a furnace. It seemed that the scrolls were being thrown into this furnace and I wondered because they would surely be burned up. But I watched and saw an anvil and noticed that the hand of the Lord was beating upon a huge hammer. With this hammer He was shaping and molding various pieces of metal. Each piece of metal was unique and different. It had its own individual shape and contour. On this piece of metal then was a message that He was beginning to give to His servants.)

"Behold my servants have carried a heavy weight. Many have carried around the messages I've given to them over the years. I AM now reshaping a new type of message for you. This message is being shaped in the furnace of my kingdom above. These messages will burn with the heat of my affliction and of my glory. Many of you have been afflicted in many ways. But I will take those afflictions and I will use them for my glory. Let that messages that you carry be shaped by my hand alone. Now, let Me blow upon the embers of these scrolls."

(Again I was back to the scene above, and I noticed that the Lord held a scroll in His hand. Every part of it was on fire. At first the edges were as of embers, and then all of the edges were turned into flames. But the central part of the scroll, the message itself, was not. I watched in amazement at this, wondering how the scroll itself would not be burned up.)

"I have set my messages a flame now for you to carry. Carry them and do what I've asked you to do."

Stephen Hanson

To Pray Or To Proclaim?

Alison Papenfus

Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah ... saying "Arise, go to Nineveh, ... and cry out against it ..." But Jonah arose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord .." Jonah 1.1-3

What do we do when we get a word we don't like? Well, I know I am unspiritual, and no one else does this, but I have whole armoury of tactics that I use. The first one is to "pray it through" (sincerely hoping it will get swallowed up in something more urgent - which it usually does) - or I may just simply ignore it and wait for the Lord to stop speaking on that subject - or I may tell it to someone in such a way that I can guarantee they will say "That's NOT God!" .... And then I forget all about it. 90% of the time.

What was wrong with Jonah that he didn't do that?
Or maybe he did - but none of those tactics worked?
And that brings me to a most uncomfortable conclusion
Jonah must have heard God on a quite different level to the one I hear God on.

Jeremiah is another one

... His word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones I was weary of holding it back and I could not .." Jer 20:9

Yes, I quote it too. But how often is it actually the truth rather than a evocative metaphor? If Jeremiah was describing what he actually felt then the anointing of the word in him was of another order to anything I have walked into.

Rev 1.12
John - the beloved apostle, who laid his head intimately on Jesus' breast at the last supper - sees the Risen Christ, and in v 17 tells us "and when I saw him , I fell at his feet as dead" ... No, I have not been overcome this way by any of the visions I have had - clearly John's spiritual sight was of a totally different quality to mine.

When I saw this my reaction was "God is speaking to me - he is saying that he is going to start meeting us on a deeper level than anything we have known" - and in truth there is quite a bit of prophecy around at the moment that says just that. There is a sense around that we have moved into a new place. My own take on it is we have moved through one of those periodic catastrophes on planet earth that scripture calls "the day of the Lord" - and that we are in a new phase in God's purposes - but do I have the right to start saying "the Lord is about to speak to people in a new way"? Is that what he is saying? After incubating this thing ... I actually don't think that IS what he is saying - to me, or to anyone.

But what he is telling me is - I am walking in the shallows. If the command of God can be ducked - avoided - and in a couple of weeks I feel nothing, then I am not hearing God the way Jonah did. If I can walk into vision with no more reaction than a mild sense of awe - then the picture is definitely at quite a distance from the seat of my own reality. If the word of God is not burning in my bones the way it did for Jeremiah then am I really coming anywhere near the God Malachi experienced as a refiner's fire.


So I have decided to pray it - rather than proclaim it. There is much, much more - so much more that our knowing of it sounds more poetic than real ... but it is not. We have to stop allowing reality to melt into romantic imagery which no longer has to to be experienced in the real world.

God is God. He has a right to say stuff we dont want to hear. Jonah's reaction - misguided but at least logical - is testimony of the grasp he had on the reality of God, and the authority of his word. I have spend some time on my face asking to know the word of the Lord that way.

Anyone want to join me?



Birthed in Glory!

Debra Westbrook

This morning as I sat before the Lord, I heard Him speak these words to me.

"My church is being birthed in Glory!"

Immediately, I was drawn to Scripture to ponder what God is saying through this, knowing that I will have one piece to share and expound upon in these days.

A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world. John 16:21

The church that is being birthed, from the midst of obscurity, will arise in glory but as for now, for a season, the church, His called out ones, will find themselves in a season of suffering, sorrows, and tears. Joy is the inevitable outcome yet now, suffering to identify with Jesus is what we are called to for a season. Why?

..and if children, then heirs-heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together. For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:17-18

The cost to the glory being revealed through us is that the glory shall be first revealed in us. To share in His glory, we shall share in His sufferings.

For you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory. Colossians 3:3-4

A hidden church shall arise, hidden in Christ, assimilating His very life into their words, their actions, their very life.............this shall bring forth His testimony, the spirit of prophecy. As we listen to Him, in the silence, He shall bring forth the sound of glory from our mouths and our lives. According to this verse above, when Christ, who is our life appears, we shall appear with Him in glory. We must have a clear revelation of the Son of God, enlarging us and consuming us, within us. Where must He appear? First, His testimony must appear in us, within us, so that we live and move and have our being in Him. We shall be one with Him, hidden in Him. When we seek Him with our whole hearts, we shall find Him. And, when we find Him, and He uncovers and unveils Himself and His life to each of us in greater measure, then a corporate church shall arise in glory, appear with Him in glory. The world shall no longer see us, but Jesus.

Rivers of Eden
Debra Westbrook

Teaching Others

Mona McReynolds

Paul and Barnabas were prophets and teachers first....then, as they were prepared and trained by the Holy Spirit, they were prayed over, commissioned and sent out as "apostles".... so they were promoted and given added responsibility. If we are faithful with the little He gives us, then we are given more. That is a spiritual principal. We grow by exercising our faith and using what He has already given us. When we do that, we can expect to be given more as He sees fit. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Our society within the church has a tendency to continually and forever make students out of its members. While we know we will never stop learning, there does come a "graduation" time....or at least there should. We send our children to school for training and preparation for life. However, there is an expected time period for the learning process and we rejoice when we see the day come where they graduate either from high school or college and then go on to use the things they have learned and put some practical experience behind it. We do not see this same fervor in the Christian community.

The time does come when God "graduates" us because man will never let us and are sometimes slow to acknowledge that we even have a calling much less have indeed have graduated and are being given new responsibilities in the Lord. Our secular teachers are much more astute at detecting the skills, giftings, and abilities of our young people and then encouraging them to "get out there and make a difference" than are the teachers and leaders of the religious community. You are correct in following the leading of the Lord. God is promoting you and giving you new responsibilities for your calling. It's graduation time. You are going to the next level of your calling.

Daniel was taken from his home and brought to the University of Babylon for instruction and training for three years (on top of all the previous training he had already had). But he had great influence on his country in law-making, government decisions, and eventually upon Babylon's most powerful king. God did the same with Moses (in reverse order) in the University of Egypt. God's people (especially prophets) have always been trained and prepared by God to be effective and have godly influence in both the Christian community as well as the worldly community. Your responsibilities in the Lord are indeed changing and this is a good thing. Growth is sometimes a challenge, a little scary, but exciting as well. I rejoice in your graduation and promotion!

Sincerely, Mona

Adapted for the body from a message to Erin at PropheticMentors Group

A Proclamation Of Promise

Linda Patterson

My Bride you are the vehicle I have chosen to pour My power through in this day and hour. I am about to release a tidal wave of My power over the face of the earth. There has been a birthing; wisdom and wealth have come forth. The time of preparation has been staged; many mantles have been received by My end time handmaidens and bondservants. You are entering now into the season of fulfillment of the things I have spoken to you in times past, the promises I have given. This is the season for divine activation as you go forward to proclaim the Good News. Many are looking, watching and waiting in anticipation.

A fresh wave of My glory and My power shall be released, for you are entering now into a season of revival. I have equipped you and I am taking you forth. Your harvest is calling. Do not become distracted. I am causing a hunger to swell up in the hearts of the lost and many shall come looking, seeking after the Saviour.

When the battle is raging all around keep your eyes and hearts focused on your Commander in Chief , for He will surely lead you through to victory. You are a nation of over comers. As you allow yourselves to keep focused on the issues of earth there is a haziness a dullness. When look only to Me, you walk in the light and everything is crystal clear. Walk forward My beloved in the glorious light of your inheritance. As you come into that intimate place with Me, My glory overshadows you and I lift you up with clarity of vision, purpose and divine direction.

I call you to go forth now and proclaim the Good News that salvation belongs to all. Hearts are increasingly open and ready to receive. Seize the moment! The clarion call has gone forth. My army has been commissioned. The time is now to proclaim that Jesus Christ is King and Lord over the nations of the earth and He is coming soon!

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. Romans 1:16 NKJ

For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call. Acts 2:39


A Vision of the Harvest

I see a vast sea of people pushing and straining forward. I see a red ribbon or streamer strung across the front of the crowd. It looks like they are poised to begin a race. I see a hand with a starters pistol about ready to fire. I hear the words, "A nation shall be born in a day. My holy nation is expanding. Many are coming through! Many are being birthed into My holy nation." As I look I see a gun go off in the spirit. As the straining and swelling of the crowd increases I see the red ribbon turning liquid. It is the blood of the Lamb. I see the crowd of people coming through, released from captivity, bondage and darkness and entering into the glorious light as they rush forward. I hear the words "Acceleration, the time is short!" I see old tattered garments and rags falling off and beautiful garments of righteousness taking their place. I see despair and desperation on their faces turning to joy and a peaceful radiance. These lost ones are coming home, entering into the Kingdom of Light. There is joy in harvest!

Intercessors for Jesus Ministry
Fergus, Ontario


Teresa Seputis

One of the strategies that the enemy is unleashing against My people is the strategy of busyness. It is the enemy's desire to overload and overwhelm My people so that they are unable to draw into intimacy with Me, and so that they are unable to do with Me what I am doing. There is another strategy the enemy is unleashing.. the strategy of wearing out my people with tiredness/exhaustion so that when the do draw near to Me, they are too tired to spend quality time with Me.

Child, you must guard against busyness taking My place in your life. There is indeed work and tasks that you must perform each day, that is a part of living in this world. But you must not allow your tasks to rule you and to take away My place in your life. Instead, come to Me and invite Me to orcherstate your day. Allow Me to show you what the priorities are for each day, and what order to do things in. Look to Me to become involved with you in your daily tasks. Ask Me to bring My presense and My glory in to them. Have you not read how I was with Joseph and prospered all that he did? Invite Me into your daily activity, seek to do each task as unto Me. And watch what I will do with you and through you. Do not allow busyness to keep you from Me. Instead invite My lordship into your busyness and watch how I will bring My order into it. Child, I desire to teach you to work smarter and with greater efficiency. I desire to put My anointing on all that you do. And as you do all things "as unto Me", I desire to make you capable to do them well. I desire to help you and to empower you in your everyday tasks every bit as much as I desire to empower you for the great tasks of advancing My kingdom.

Child, I want the firstfruit of your time. Do not set aside for Me only "leftover" time at the end of the day when you are tired and exhuasted. Give me quality time when you are able to participate fully with Me. Make Me your priority and I will begin to lead and guide you more clearly and in more detail. Make Me your priority and invite Me to orcherstate your day. For it is My heart and My desire to give you victory over the enemy's strategy of busyness. And it is My heart and My desire to refresh you and to draw you into new depths of intimacy with Me. My plans for you are good, child of Mine. Do not allow busyness to push you away from them.

Going To the Wire

Jim Grayson

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7

So many things can be used to describe the current condition of the remnant now. The arena seems to fit quite well, along with the wilderness, the valley and the desert. So many are awaiting a promise, one which seems to meet with endless delays and much opposition from the enemy and those who think as he does. Sometimes, it seems as if everything is against this chosen few, and chosen they are, to learn HIS ways and not the religious systems taught by man from twisted and ignored Scripture; chosen to die to themselves, so that Christ Jesus may live in them; chosen to fill up what is left of the sufferings of Christ in their own bodies for the sake of the church; chosen to walk in the realm of miracles and LIFE after their walk of death, thereby glorifying their Savior, Jesus Christ, Who is Lord of all and worthy to be praised. They have come face to face with themselves and found they were not worthy of even HIS slightest glance and yet, He has chosen them, taken them, cleaned them, counseled them, molded and shaped them, until they are nearly prepared to bring the True Gospel of Christ to a world which so desperately needs it.

The remnant is a varied lot. Many are in dire financial stress and yet, our Lord has proven Himself time and again to be Lord of the Harvest, and miraculously, their needs are met, and they have learned to trust in Him for all things, and not just that which is easy.

Many more are in physical distress of one kind or another, and many of them would die apart from a touch from their Savior. Pain is their daily companion, loneliness their song. Many have forsaken them, leaving them in their pain and despair but it matters not, because their Savior is there, and these lessons will be applied to things to come in the future, once their promise has been fulfilled. We serve not a Lord Who has no heart, but One Who is touched by the trials and tribulations of His beloved, and He is with them through it all, leading, guiding, uplifting them, touching them when they most need comfort, touching them when a touch is not forthcoming from their family and friends. They learn that, ultimately, they need and want others but JESUS is the ONE they need most, and HE is the only one who can be proved faithful always. Man, even those willing to touch others, often fails, even though he may endeavor not to do so, but even then, who can be with the remnant in the darkest night of the spirit except the Blessed Lord Jesus? While others must be away, HE is always there, always faithful and ever compassionate toward them, teaching them that their days in this valley are numbered and glory is shortly to come, and although they are weary unto death, they walk on...and on...because His words are LIFE and they have given their whole life for Him.

I have so many friends who are a part of the remnant right now, although I know many more who are not. The remnant I know is now in one of their darkest periods, and yet, it always seems to be darkest before the dawn, doesn't it, Beloved of God? I have been touched by the afflictions of my brothers and sisters lately and was praying for them the day before yesterday when I had a vision of a horse race, with about a dozen horses rounding the turn and going into the home stretch. A voice, filled with excitement, called out, "And down the stretch they come!" Charging, surging, sweating, dust-covered they came, hooves thundering, their riders showing them the whip without striking them, neck scrubbing, urging them on, the various stable colors of the jockeys brilliant in the sun. They were going for the wire and it would be close because weariness and defeat were right behind them. They had but one thing to do. It was no longer about winning. It was about finishing the race, and finish they would and finish they did as they swirled across the finish line to the roar of the cloud of witnesses which surrounds them, cheering them, crying aloud for them, for they had finished the race, finished the course. What a scene of victory and joy! This scene is soon to become a reality for the remnant, for those who have run the race of their lives and finished the course, all to the glory of their Beloved Savior. Soon, they shall walk like HIM, speak like HIM, heal and deliver like HIM and bring HIS glory to this earth once again, in preparation of the Bride, and this glory they bring will quickly be adopted by those who are hungry, starving for LIFE, and have not been fed by the comfortable religious systems of man. It will grow like wildfire, a whirlwind of the Spirit, with many walking in the glory, also, sharing with others what their Lord has done, and Who HE really is. This, Beloved of God, is something worth dying for...the Gospel of the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Who's Name is above every name...Jesus, the Christ. Many have paid the price and will pay the ultimate price but it's a treasure worth any price, even the shedding of one's own blood. Ask HIM...HE will tell you.

I urge you with everything in me to hold on, Beloved of God. I know the temptation to give up and quit is strong right now. It's strong in me, too, but HE is always there and will never, ever fail us. Rest in Him. He is One in Whom you can trust, always. Do not despair over your own shortcomings, no matter what they are. Your Lord is the master of your life. HE will clean out all that is not of Him, so long as you yield to His hand. He will bring you to the place you need to be. Just yield yourself to Him, rather than yielding to despair and defeat. We're too close to give up now.

This one is going to the wire for many of us but we will win. That's His promise. Never let it go.

You have my heart, Beloved, as you know.
And the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!"
Strength and Honor,
Hail the Lamb!

A Freshening Wind
Jim Grayson

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