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October 25, 2001

Humility Of the Apostles

David Howe

My people consider the 12 whom I called to follow me – None were worthy – None were of noble birth – None could speak with wise and persuasive words - None were any good in the eyes of world around them. But I called to them “follow me” and they obeyed – Leaving all that was behind them For they heard the call of the I AM among them – Heard the call within their hearts.

They were a rough and ready band – Ready for the potter to start moulding them into pots he would have them be – Pots fit for the masters use – Pots to use for what ever purpose he sees fit to use them for.

At the beginning of their walk with me they argued about who was greatest among themselves – At first some wanted to be above others because they did not understand servant hood – Did not understand about taking up the cross – For the cross was yet to come.

So I sat them down and said to them “If anyone wants to be the first, He must be the very last, Must be the servant of all”.

Taking a child in my arms, I said to them “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name Welcomes me; And whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For he who is least among you all – He is the greatest”.

As they walked with me and I taught them they became more and more humble as I moulded them with my Word – Moulded them by my hands.

But the greatest test was yet to come - My crucifixion on the cross for the sins of the world – I knew all would leave me for fear of man – Because of the fear of death.

For the fear of man is a snare – Death and the fear of death is greatest and last enemy to overcome. For to be greatest servant one must not love his own life even unto death – For humility and fear of man – Fear of death cannot be one.

Peter said that he would not leave me but told him that he would deny me three times before the cockle crowed to bring in the dawn – For he was still speaking out of the flesh – Speaking out of the old man.

The hour of crucifixion came and they all ran from me – My father turned away from me for he could not look upon the sin that I took upon myself to save you all.

For what was thought to be the biggest defeat became the mightiest victory as I said “IT IS FINISHED”

My people thought it was finished but not in the way they thought.

For I rose on the third day – Visited my people – Forgave them and set them free from the fear of death - Told them to wait in Jerusalem for My Spirit to empower them. For I was still moulding them into my army – Moulding them into unity – Moulding them to be filled with the Holy Spirit and Fire. The day came when I sent the Holy Spirit to fill them – They went forth free from the fear of man and death preaching My Word with signs following.

As my Church grew they did not fear their lives even unto death – They did not seek position over each other or try to lord it over others – Did not stop others from preaching the Gospel but considered others better than themselves - For I call whom I call – Empower whom I Empower. They did not seek to build their own kingdoms but only sought to build the Kingdom Of God and to Glorify the Son.

They had truly taken up their cross – Had truly become humble even unto death – For they feared no man or devil but only feared God.

Yet today I see many men who say they are humble but only want position – Want to lord it over men and to look good in the eyes of man – Wanting titles to be above others – Yes even stopping ignoring and trampling underfoot those whom I call and empower from preaching the Gospel.

Many are wanting to build big churches for themselves using mans programs and entertainment to keep the people happy thinking that they are doing Gods will. They have a form of godliness but deny the power – Binding up the people with chains using many clever words that blind the people – Blind guides leading the blind.

Woe to such as these I say – Woe to these shepherds who only fatten the sheep so that they may keep their belles full.

Repent – Repent – I say Repent before I come. Repent – Humble yourselves before I come and humble you – For I want non to perish but all to have Life through the Son.

Consider the humility of my apostles who did not lord in over others – Who set people free in Christ Jesus – Who did not love their lives even unto death – Who made themselves of no reputation. For they did not come with wise and persuasive words but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, So that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on Gods power.

For I chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise – Chose the weak and lowly ones – Chose those whom the world despised and rejected to nullify the things that are – So that no one may boast before God of their own greatness. For it is through such as these that I will show my Glory as I did with my apostles in days of old – For their hearts were truly humble before me.

Consider the Humility my apostles – Yes Look in My Word for it is there that you will find the answers – For My Word is All Truth.

Dave Howe
Wellspring Prophetic Ministries England

Serving In The Emergency

Chimezie Onyebilanma

When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near Luke 21:28

With all that is happening since last month's attack on America it would no longer be hard for even those with little knowledge of Bible prophesy to see that we are living in the time the Bible describes as "the last days". A time of widespread uncertainty and turmoil. Jesus described these times this way "Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world".

Now so much has already been said about the prophetic meaning of these current events that I do not want to concern myself with that here. Rather my concern is to share some simple practical truths on how we ought to live in the light of the time we find ourselves.

First, we must beware of fainting in our heart. Jesus said "Be careful, or your hearts will be wieghed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life and that day will close on you unexpectedly like a trap". It is so easy with all the terrible news on TV for our hearts to be wieghed down by fear and anxiety. If you are a child of God then your life is in his hands. We can walk in peace when we choose to trust God, even when the whole earth is shaking. Resist fear and worry, understand that this is Satan's strategy to paralyse you and make you ineffective for God. With thanksgiving sumbit you cares to God. God wants to give us peace in the midst of uncertainty. Walking in peace is not only important for our own soul's safety but it is also a very powerful testimony of the reality of Jesus to the confused multitude around us who are yet to know him.

Secondly, we must avoid distraction by all means because we know that time is short. Jesus said "When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads". We need to "stand up". We cannot afford to be complacent anymore. We need to straighten up our relationship with the Lord. It's time to stand up. We cannot afford to be cold or lukewarm now or else we will be lost. Let nothing distract us from a deepening communion with the Lord. I encourage you to daily find time to shut out the world so as to be alone with God.

Then he says "...and lift up your heads". Jesus knows that distration comes to us because we focus on the petty issues of life all around us. He wants us to lift up our heads and look up to catch a vision of what God is about in our world. You may never see it reported on TV but God is at work in the midst of all this chaos. God still loves the world and he is about to do a quick work in righteous. God is harvesting the nations. Except we are able to look beyond ourselves and our personal ambitions, we would not see what God is doing in our neighbourhood and in our world. Ours is a time of great oppurtunity and responsibilty for the Kingdom of God. God wants to do an incredible work in our day, but he seeks co-labourers - me and you. I personally believe that if we will cooperate with God and pray and play our part, we are going to see in our day an massive ingathering of muslims to Jesus like never before.

Ok, so the end of times has come upon us and we are seeing the "beginning of sorrows". Yet God is saying to us "Let not your hearts be troubled". Rather he is calling us to greater intimacy. To be focussed and to be a people of vision. To give up our small ambitions and sacrifice to see his Kingdom come.

As long as it is day, we must work the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. John 9:4

The Way Of the Lord

Shirley Lise

Take the sword of the Spirit and cut away the brush, the undergrowth that blocks the way. A clear path is being hewn out in this day, says the Lord, and My people shall walk on it. This is the way prepared for them. They shall find the way and they shall walk in it.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, for that which I am doing is beyond man’s understanding and comprehension. I am removing every road block that has hindered My people from moving forth in the call I have placed upon their lives.

Every tactic of the enemy will be discovered, and as My people walk in obedience to My commands and apply the arsenal of weapons supplied to them by My Spirit, they will be able to eliminate the enemy’s work in their lives, in their homes, and in the Body of Christ.

This is the day, and this is the hour, says the Lord, when the axe is being laid to the root and every work of darkness is being cut down and evicted out from the midst of My people.

Do not tremble at the upheaval that is all around, for the tares are being uprooted and separated from the wheat. The uprooting will come quickly and the wheat will be brought into the barns unharmed. This is the day of the vengeance of God and every ungodly thing in the lives of My people is being brought under judgement.

Wait upon the Lord and He shall renew your strength and you shall mount up with wings as the eagle. You shall run and not grow weary. You shall walk and not faint, for I will gird you up and you shall go forward unhindered.

Do not fear the attacks of the enemy, but keep your eyes and affections stayed on Me and the darts of the enemy will not be able to penetrate the armor that I have supplied you with.

Many around you will walk in the deception of the enemy, listening to his lies and attacking the sons of God, but by My Spirit I will protect those who are mine and they will not be harmed.

There shall be great attacks by the enemy to cause division among My people, to hinder the call on the lives of My elect, to frustrate the work of My spirit, and to try to nullify the work I am doing in the earth today, but the enemy shall not prevail, for I am raising up a standard and everything that does not line up with this standard shall come toppling down and everything that exalts itself shall be brought low.

I am vindicating My elect. Those who have sought after Me and have desired to be changed, those who have been willing to forfeit the desires of the flesh and lay their lives down to follow Me, will be raised up by the power of My Siprit, and they shall do great exploits for their king, and they shall not be harmed by the fiery darts of the enemy, for they shall be hidden under the shadow of My wing.

I shall be their protection, their strong tower in times of trouble. This is the glorious inheritance of the Saints, that they shall go in and take the land, that they shall not be harmed, but that they shall go forward as a great army across the land taking back ground from the enemy.

You have been given the keys to the Kingdom, the authority to go forth and take back what the enemy has stolen. Use them and you will see how effective they are. Your children shall be blessed and come to serve the living God. You will see My love flowing in all relationships within your home and this love shall flow forth from your home out to others.

Though the enemy hurls every insult at you, continue to ward off these fiery darts. Continue to walk in the authority that has been released unto you to crush Satan’s head and trample the enemy underfoot. Continue to stand against the wiles of the devil and expose the works of darkness.

Great is the Lord and great is His faithfulness toward you. Your labor is not in vain. Your obedience to walk in My way will not go unrewarded. I will lift you high. I will establish you in a position of authority you did not expect. You will be carried high on the wings of My Spirit.

You have been faithful in little and much will be released unto you. I am establishing you on the heights. I am stirring up the giftings within you and they shall burst forth, be employed, and bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God.

You shall go forth in the power and anointing of My Spirit to accomplish that which has been ordained for you. Continue to wait upon Me. Continue to walk in humility and love, and you will see these things come to pass. I am going ahead of you to clear the way.

I love you. My banner over you is love. Hold My banner high.

Why So Few Signs and Wonders?

Martin Young

The Bible tells us, that the Holy Ghost fell upon Jesus at the time of His Baptism. Then the Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness to be tempted (or tested) by the devil. After defeating the devil with the Word of God, through the power of the Spirit, Jesus returned "in the power of the spirit."

Notice: The first thirty years of Jesus life, there is not one mention of Him performing any signs, wonders or miracles, UNTIL the Holy Ghost has come upon Him at His baptism.

Jesus fame was then spread throughout the land, NOT because of His preaching and teaching, although He taught "not like the scribes", but because of His mighty signs and wonders. These signs and wonders were to compliment and confirm the preaching of the Gospel, as One having been sent from God. In John 3:1-2, Nicodemus told Jesus, "Rabbi, WE KNOW that thou are a teacher sent from God, for no man can do these things unless God is with them."

The hand picked disciples of Jesus did no signs, wonders or miracles, until they were empowered by the Holy Spirit. "And when He had called unto Him His twelve disciples, He gave them POWER against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of diseases." Matthew 10:1 They then went out and preached the Gospel, healed the sick, cast out devils, and even raised the dead in and through the power of the Holy Ghost. Yet, we see shortly after their return from their missionary trip, when the power of the Holy Ghost was removed, they were unable to cast out a demon in a boy in Mark 9:16-29. When they asked Jesus why they couldn't cast out the demon, Jesus told them, "This kind goeth forth only through prayer and fasting."

Think about this: These men did pray and fast regularly, being with Jesus. And if it was just prayer and fasting that would do it, then they could have done it. But, we must take the whole of Scripture and say, along with prayer and fasting, it is the direct intervention of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit in our life that gives us not only the authority, but the power to drive out the devil. The devil is not moved by our prayers or our fasting, but the power of God given to us when we pray and fast as we should.

After the resurrection, Jesus told His disciples, "But ye shall receive POWER after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you, and ye shall be witnesses unto Me..." Acts 1:8 Notice here, that they would receive this power AFTER the Holy Ghost had come upon them. Or a better translation would be, clothed with the Holy Ghost. We see that after the Holy Ghost fell upon the 120 in the upper room, that they (the 120) THEN moved in the same authority and power that the disciples had moved in, in Matthew 10:1. But now the power to minister in the power of the Holy Ghost had fallen on a larger group of disciples.

Shortly afterwards, Peter and John were on their way to the temple for evening prayers, when they saw a lame man. Peter told the man that he had no money to give him, but, what he did have, he would give to him. In the name of Jesus, and through the mighty power of the Holy Ghost residing within him, he was able to command the lame man to be healed. Quickly a crowd gathered and wanted to know how these men had done this great miracle. Peter tells them, "...Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? or why look ye so earnestly at us, as though by our own power or holiness that we made this man walk." Acts 3:12

Peter was quick to tell them that it wasn't by his own POWER or HOLINESS, that this miracle was done. The same is true with us today. Signs, wonders and miracles will not be performed in and through us by our own POWER or HOLINESS, but, in the power of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus and through faith that one puts in that name.

It saddens my heart to see people come to church week after week and go to the alter for prayer for their various needs, and when the alter workers pray for them, they leave in the same shape in which they came. The reason for this is, the alter workers ARE NOT baptized in the Holy Ghost or they would have His POWER to meet and exceed any need brought before them. This is why so few people come to the alter after a church service, because they KNOW that they WILL NOT receive what they need from these men and women. This is inexcusable! Satan laughs at their futile efforts and half-hearted prayers. He is a warrior, and he knows that without the power of the Holy Ghost residing within a person, they CANNOT forcefully remove him or his diseases from his captives.

I plead with everyone who reads this! Pull out your Bible and read the second chapter of Acts, and ask God to baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire. Without this baptism, you and I are no match for our enemy, Satan.

Once I received the baptism in the Holy Ghost, I began to move in His power. Demons tremble when a Holy Ghost filled person walks into their territory. They know the One Who resides within you. They will shout, "Lord have You come to torment us before the time?" I had a 90 year old lady come up to me and ask for prayer for her back. I laid my hands on her and whispered what I considered a simple prayer of faith into her ear. Within 30 minutes, she came to me and said, "I'm healed!" I said, "Give God the glory, great things He has done!" Many contact me over the internet for prayer for terminally ill loved one or friends. When I pray the prayer of faith, in the name of Jesus, the Holy Ghost works miracles for them. I have reports of cancer patients being healed. It is not I, but Christ in me Who is working miracles STILL!

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

The baptism in the Holy Ghost is what every born-again believer MUST have or they will NOT be able to defeat their enemy, the devil. That is why the "church" appears weak and defeated. It is because it's members refuse to ask God for the baptism in the Holy Ghost. The Word says,

"Ye being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more does your Father in heaven want to give the Holy Spirit to those who ASK Him?"

Ask the Father TODAY to baptize you in His Holy Spirit and He will do it! Then and ONLY then will you be able to defeat the enemy at every turn. Your churches will come alive in and through the power of the Holy Ghost. Signs, wonders and miracles will be seen at your church, and people will flock there to see them. Then you will be given the blessed opportunity to preach the gospel to them and help them come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Practical Instructions On How To Be My Witnesses

Jane Jacobson

It is a season to bless. I will reveal to you the needs of others, known and unknown to you. You will pray for them and help them in any, and every way I direct. Be sensitive to the nudgings of the Holy Spirit. Practical help, with love and the right attitude, will open the doors of hearts that have long been locked, and which have strongholds of walls around them. A simple, "what can I do to help"? will bring astounding situations and miraculous results.

Many are at the end of their rope so to speak, with no source of help except for godly intervention. Your question will touch their hearts because only God will know what is going on. A faith that "there is a God" will start to spark their hearts and minds again.

Many are of the mindset that they themselves have all power to do all things and that their own ability is the power source. The lie is being broken as they find themselves unable to cope any longer. Pride will keep them silent, but when I send you, they will answer and tell you things no one else knows. And they will surrender to being helped. It will bring great relief to them that there is someone to help and also that they can share with someone.

Just be there for them.I have put them across your path for a time such as this. There are no accidents, but rather godly appointments for those who seek my face and are willing to be used; willing to be inconvenienced, willing to give what they have, willing to share God's heart and be used as His hands and feet.

And oh! the joy unspeakable that will come to you as you obey. It will strengthen and enthuse you, and springs of living water shall flow to you, and through you.

Meet people where they are at, and meet their need. Trust will arise. Relationships will form. I will fill your mouths,b ecause the greatest gift you can give to anyone at this time is unconditional love and acceptance. Salvation and healing shall flow from this source. Be not judgmental of the ones that cross your path, for they are not by accident, and they are the ones I have chosen For You. You know them not as I know them. You know not what their potential is, or who they will become in Christ. Did they know and recognize Paul before his road to Damascus experience??

I want the pre-ordained destinies of God to be fulfilled. Many are not even on the path, and it is straight and narrow. Much has to be done. But, it will be done swiftly as the anointing comes upon you and them. Transformation from moths into butterflies!!! I will give you eyes to see each one as I see them. You will see them with My heart. They are your brothers and sisters. The barriers and walls are coming down and every race and color shall recognize each other as belonging to the same family. The family of God.

Be faithful in the little things, for they are not little things. The ramifications are far reaching and of great consequence. Disobedience and delay mean you cannot be trusted to do the job. I need those who are obedient and who do not pray about it forever. Just go and do the job. As you do you will be entrusted with greater things. So do not miss this appointed time for; as you go you will fulfill your own destiny, the path of your own fate.

As given to Jane Jacobson

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