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October 28, 2001

Be Prepared


Be prepared for a mighty move of God! There is a move of the Spirit among His prophets that no one can stop!

"Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within me, and bless His Holy name" (psalms 103:1). May the grace and peace of God be multiplied unto you and the power of His Spirit. For it's only in the Spirit of the Lord that we can do what He wants. Praise God for His faithfulness and goodness!

It’s wonderful to see how the Lord God Almighty is doing in these last days. He wants us prepared for them and to be like Him, "as He who called you is holy" in our thoughts, words and actions (1 Peter 1:15). Why?

God is sending a powerful prophetic anointing! It's already here in our midst if we hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. This is no time to hear only what we want to hear! Even now, in this very hour, God is moving people in the church to walk in His Holiness. Be prepared, therefore, for the prophets to come!

First, He will call us into an intimate relationship with the Spirit of the Lord. Then He will move in great power, and might as we have never seen or heard before because He is calling His Bride, the true church, where the Lord Jesus Christ is the head, not man. Even now He is washing her feet with His Word so she can walk in the purity of her Bridegroom. And be assured of this! He will spew out of His mouth all who claim to serve God, who don't come anywhere near to what God requires!

Who will God prepare His Bride? He sends forth true prophets with such an anointing that we will either love them or hate them. His true prophets are totally sold out, totally surrendered in all their ways, to their Lord and Master Jesus Christ. These prophets will have the pure words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, burning in their hearts! They will seek only what He wants, a Bride worthy of the Bridegroom. These prophets have already been through the fiery furnace of trials and testing with all the dross removed. Now they walk in faithfulness and obedience, filled with the power of God. Watch for them! They are coming forth into the church with the fire and zeal of the Lord God Almighty! Are you ready?

These prophets won't care for their lives. They expect persecution to come as it did for the prophets of old, but they will not be moved. They will rejoice to be counted worthy to suffer for His cause. "because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you" (Matthew 5:11).

The office of a prophet has been neglected for so long. People today, even great ministry leaders, say that prophets are obsolete. They believe that modern theology and science and psychologies have replaced God's true power and might, so they respond to prophecies with lethargic apathy. The kings of Israel felt just as vainly about their idols and witchcraft! They also thought prophets were useless and utterly neglected the true worship of God. They were so wrong! And so are the people of today!

Until the coming of the Lord, there will be apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers. Because "in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets..." (1 Corinthians 12:28). But the church has neglected the prophetic ministry. It's ears have grown dull of hearing and filled with mockers, scoffer, despisers and scorners of both the message and the prophet. But no more! God says "enough!" He is now raising up a mighty troop in our midst, that no one can stop!

Then some will say that everyone is a prophet. They will say this only to go along with it, and only to reduce the effect of the ministry. But they will see a true prophetic anointing, one which won't be like everyone else. These prophets will appear in the same power and might as the prophets of old! Hallelujah! Even as John the Baptist!

John the Baptist was sent into the wilderness to be prepared as a messenger of the Lord. He was a light that pointed to the first coming of the anointed ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. These prophets will come out of a wilderness of training, with all of its trials and testings, and point to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. They will call on God's people to turn from their sins and to stop serving Him in the flesh.

Sinners in the church will fear His true prophets. His true prophets will have fire blaze in their eyes, which is none other than the Glory of God. Sinners will cry out for mercy because of this sheer and awesome fire of conviction, holiness, and purity; and they will immediately forsake their sinful ways. Be forewarned! Some will stand in the church and continue to despise and mock and defy the anointing. They will die on the spot! And some people will cry out, complain and work hard against them and say they are not from God. They will argue and reason and intellectualize that it could not be God because He is supposed to be a God of love who likes it when anything goes. They will say, "our God wouldn't do such cruel things to his own people." Thus the prophetic anointing will be cast out as refuse and heresy, and not of the Lord. God will spew that church out of His mouth and go on to the next one.

Oh my heart cries to see such a holy move of God! To see God's Holy Spirit turn people’s hearts totally to the Lord Jesus Christ! To see Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords reign in His church! To see a thirst and hunger in people's hearts for true holiness. Oh, my heart cries out to see such a fear of the Lord! Oh, how we must get prepared for such a move of God. I praise you, Jesus, for all that you are about to do in your church! I thank You, because you will reveal to us who is of You and who is not. Father, may we be so dependent on your Holy Spirit that we will not do Your work in our own power and strength. Give us the boldness to speak all that you want us to speak!

Pray now and cry out for that prophetic anointing to come your way! We extend our thanks to you who remain faithful in doing what God has called you to do. Praise God! Hallelujah!

I praise you, Jesus, for all that you are about to do in your church!

Even so come Lord Jesus Christ.

A handmaiden of our Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ Loves you.

Snuggle Close

Ras and Bev Robinson

Gather. Come together. Assemble.
Prefer one another. Lay down your life for those around you. Seek out ways to offer comfort and encouragement. These are the days that I have told you will come. Now that they are here I want you to make the most of them. It is no time to run to your “cave” or hide in hopes that the cloud will blow over. Come out boldly with courage. Take your stand in me. Yes, you are not up to the task. But then you never were before. Lean on me and you will not be disappointed. I have chosen you and have put my Spirit within you and upon you. You have every reason to be confident and bold in me. Do not rely on yourself or your abilities. Beware of the enemy. He is lurking. But you have me and remember that he is a defeated foe. Call upon me and you will find me close at hand, ready to meet your needs. Look up, your salvation draws near.

1 Peter 5:8-9 “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world.”

Ras and Bev Robinson
Fullness in Christ Ministries
Fullness in Christ Church

Building the Temple To Withstand the Fire

Deborah Voetberg

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. Psalm 34:19

I have heard this from the Lord often as I have gone to Him over the body of Christ and the present condition of our nation. Many of the children of God have come to Him in a deeper way, seeking His face and assurance from His voice that all is well. Many words have gone forth from the prophetic voices across the land answering the prayers and cries of His people. The deepest cry I hear in my heart from the Lord Himself is that we not miss what He is bringing about in us! This is the hour of the visitation of the Beloved coming to inspect the fruit of His vineyard. He is also coming expecting to find good oil from branches that have been grafted into the cultivated olive tree. And He is coming to inspect the temple to see if it will withstand His fire.

Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done, whether good or bad. Knowing, therefore, the terror of the Lord, we persuade men;... 2nd Corinthians 5:9-11a...

I believe that the body of Christ is lacking in the understanding that the temple must be built, under the guidance of the Spirit of the Lord, to withstand the fire of the judgment seat of Christ. The reason I say that the body is lacking is because of the lack of evidence of the Terror of Lord in her. This is changing. God is moving in His people. The foundation beneath them is being shaken, and the faithfulness of the Lord is to shake down temples built with wood, hay and stubble so that when we do stand before Him we have temples built of gold, silver and precious stones that will withstand the fire and produce rewards of crowns that for eternity we will cast at His feet in worship! ( 1 Corinthians 3:11-17)

That is the Love of the Father! Great understanding is being released in the spirit realm, for those ready to receive. How gracious is our Lord to go beyond our understanding of love and make a way of deliverance out of every affliction, its very purpose being to remove the worthless out of our lives!

When we all stand before Christ at judgment, all that is in our hearts will be laid bare before Him. Our whole being will declare the hidden motives of our actions and deeds. We will verbally give account of ourselves to God. (Romans 14:12 )

What better time than a time of crisis to see what really lies beneath what we recognize as the issues in our hearts? He is coming to examine our stewardship in many areas: time, money, the sharing of the gospel, the gifts & talents He gave so freely. He is looking at relationships with our brothers and sisters, our attitudes in suffering for Christ, personal discipline, overcoming temptation, are we bearing His fruit, are we submitted to one another?

It is the heart of Christ that when we stand before Him, that we stand as temples built upon His foundation consisting of gold, silver and precious stones. Gold and silver that came through the trials and tribulations of our lives in the furnace of affliction and the refiners fire that developed our character, produced great faith and purified the very motives of our hearts. Precious stones that through choices made for Christ and His righteousness under tremendous pressure formed our character and produced the power of His great grace in our lives.

So in His great love, afflictions and great trials come our way to remove the worthless wood, hay and stubble from our lives and hearts. Wood; being the works of our hands. The result of our own natural talent and ability unaided by the Holy Spirit. Hay or Grass; things we do to impress others with the glory of our appearance, personality, status or title. Stubble; the worthless, nonessentials that need to be removed that we may increase in His fruitfulness. The pruning of pride!

The Lord is coming to us bearing with Him His oil & wine for the softening of our hard hearts. Proverbs 31:6b says that wine is given to those who are bitter of heart. And Psalm 23:5 " You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over..."

Let us all recognize the time that is at hand. Let us arise to the call of our Beloved as He enters His vineyard. Let us let Him in with His oil & wine for the softening of our hearts. All of this is at hand, so that we may come before Him as temples able to withstand the consuming fire of our Lord!

Great Grace!

Deborah Voetberg

Dabar Ministries

The Armor Of Light

Marion Lundy

While some are thinking of protective suits in these days, I, the Lord God say unto you "put on the Armor of Light." (Rom. 13:12). The Armor of Light will protect you. The Armor of Light will preserve you. It will keep the horrors or Satan away from you.

As you know-for different occassions,different apparel is worn. You wouldn't think of wearing heavy or wool clothing in the summer, nor would you wear light sleeveless clothing on cold winter days. Why then would you try to wear the 'works of darkness' in 'the kingdom of Light?' It is time for a CHANGE OF RAIMENT.

These are perilous times. I AM your protection. Therefore, put you on ME, the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provisions for the flesh to fulfill the lusts of it. Run into Me and be safe. As you dwell in My secret place, you will abide under My shadow. My Truth will be your SHIELD and ARMOR.

As you turn yourselves into me, into the Holy of Holies - as you seek my face, and I unfold my word unto you, you will be changed from glory to glory by my Spirit. You will become My light.

Did I not tell you that 'My word is light' (Prov.6:23), and 'the opening up of My word gives light.' (Ps. 119:130).

As My word is revealed and unfolded unto you, I, who AM the word, the 'true Light' will start to shine more and more from that that is within you and beam forth from your spirit, through your soul, your flesh and even your raiment.

I will radiate out into the space all around and about you. I will shine even as I did on the 'mount of transfiguration'; and, even as I did through Moses when rays of light came pouring through his countenance when I gave him My word.

As your eye is singlely beholding Me you shall be transfigured. Your whole body will be filled with light. You shall be that 'woman clothed in the Sun' and you shall be 'the righteous who shines forth as the sun.' That Shechinah that is within you will become brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. You will be 'true light' in me. You will be that city set on a hill that cannot be hid.

Arise, shine, for your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you! It is high time to awake out of sleep. It is high time to work while it's day.

In times like these you can no longer depend upon yourselves. You can no longer depend upon the resources of this world. As you accept, receive and know My truth you can walk in My light as I Am in the light and My Blood will clear you of all old rags of darkness.

LIGHT RULES! To prove this all you have to do is go into a dark room and turn the light on. You see then what happens to darkness. Get into my word - not just to read it, but to have me open it up to you and you eat it, digest it, have it become a part of you and you walk in it.

You shall see your light spring forth speedily, it shall even FLOOD your very being and illunimine the world around you. You will see the way. My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

In this chaos, in this confusion, in this mayhem of the world the gentiles will come to your light. Don't fail. Enlighten their darkness and even dissapate it. Don't fear. The Light shineth in darkness and the darkness has never put it out!


Elvi Glass

You have heard it said that a new season is upon you and yes, it is so. But with this new season that I am ushering in also comes a new level of dedication to the things of the kingdom. No longer are some things permissible where they were tolerated before. I have shown much grace and tolerance due to your newness in walking in the spirit. The level of holiness I require of my people now will exceed the levels prior to this for the time is short and much needs to be accomplished.

Remember those who have walked before you, who have run the race and now are with me, the great cloud of witnesses. Can you behold that all heaven is watching?

There is nothing that can stop what I am getting ready to do for I have purposed it and it will surely come to pass.

I am calling now my servants whom I have tested and tried and found pure in heart and devoted to me and the purposes of my kingdom. Do not despair if it appears like I have forgotten you, for I am with you and have watched your life and searched your heart to see what can be found in it. I have found you faitfhul and I am now ready to bring you forth in my resurrection power.

No longer will you feel disconnected for I bring my true body together in true unity and faith for without this, not much or nothing can be achieved. Hear my voice when I am calling you and continue to follow my instructions. Regard not the things of the world as more important but receive my understanding and counsel to view all things from my eyes and my kingdom perspective. I am now getting ready to enlighten the eyes of your hearts in a much greater measure in order that you may truly know the hope to which I have called you and have a greater understanding of what your purpose is in my kingdom.

I am even now commissioning my servants to go here and there and to do this and that and much is and will be accomplished. I am with you and will never send you to a place without my going there ahead of you.

Elvi Glass

Go Take The Mountain

Hollie L. Moody

I experienced the following vision:

I saw a group of people standing motionless in front of a large mountain. A huge giant stood in front of the mountain. The people appeared to be terrified of this giant.

"Go take the mountain!" a voice boomed from the heavens. I felt this was the voice of the Lord.

The group of people began to advance towards the giant. As they approached the giant, the giant charged towards them. Some of the people turned in fright as if to flee from before the giant.

"Stand still and fight!" the Lord's voice boomed again to the people. "Be not afraid, for I am with you."

The people as one turned towards the giant. They each held a sword and a shield in their hand. The people ran towards the giant as the giant continued to charge towards them. They put up their shields, and ran the giant through with their swords. The giant feel down dead at their feet.

"Go take the mountain!" the Lord's voice boomed once again to the people.

I watched them labour up the side of the mountain. I saw as they encountered more giants in their climb up the side of the mountain. Each giant was confronted and slain by the people.

Then, as they came near the top of the mountain, I saw a fog or a thick cloud covering the top of the mountain. The group of people came to a standstill. They appeared confused by the cloud covering the top of the mountain.

"Set the captives free!" the Lord's voice instructed the people.

I then became aware of the sound of voices weeping and calling out from within the cloud over the top of the mountain. I watched as the group of people approached the thick cloud. Hands were thrust out from within the cloud. The group of people began to grasp the extended hands. They began to pull from within the thick cloud the people who were within it.

When there were no more hands reaching out from within the cloud, some of the people reached inside the cloud or even went into it to retrieve more people.

Some of the people continued to retrieve more people from within the cloud. Others remained with the people they had retrieved.

"Give them to drink!" the Lord's voice instructed.

I then saw a bubbling spring of water near the people.

I watched as the people who had retrieved people from within the cloud went and got water from the spring and then gave it to the retrieved people to drink.

Then the vision ended. I asked the Lord to open the vision to my understanding, and He replied:

"Go take the mountain. Also ask for springs of water with the mountain. There are giants which first must be slain before the mountain can be possessed. These are giants of: fear, faithlessness, complacency, blindness, and blasphemy and idolatry.

"On the mountain are the souls of men and women who have been enslaved to sin. They are in bondage to spiritual darkness. Go take the mountain, and set the captives free. Take the water of My Word to them to nourish and strengthen them.

"Be not dismayed, and fear not the adversary. Be of good courage, for you are well able to triumph. Be strong, yea, be strong. For I am with you. This is a time and a season of gathering in the souls of those who are lost in sin. They are ripe to be harvested.

"Work while it is day, for the night is coming when no man can work. The fields are white to harvest. Go and reap the harvest."

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody

Your Gethsemane

Jim Grayson

When he had finished praying, Jesus left with his disciples and crossed the Kidron Valley. On the other side there was an olive grove... John 18:1

The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs--heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory. I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. Romans 8:16-19 (Italics mine)

Some will read these words and scarcely understand them but there are a few who will, and they will find LIFE and renewed hope through them, for beloved of God, you're very near the revealing of the Glory of the Risen Christ in your life.

You have felt alone lately, haven't you, as if you were walking in a huge wilderness and no one was there with you. There has been no one with whom to speak of the burning fire in your heart, no one to understand what God has placed there, that precious revelation, to brood and to grow until it's time of birthing. When you speak of the things of God deep within you, those around you have no idea of what you're speaking, and the loneliness has been compounded even more. Our Lord knew of this type of loneliness, of how others didn't understand Who He was or why He was here...until after He went to the garden, and then the Cross of Calvary where He was crucified and died, to be raised in everlasting Glory!

You are in the Garden now, even as you read these words, the Garden where all your will is laid down before Him and all pretenses and desires for anything but Him fall away and die. This is the place where you make the decision to either stay with Him or leave and draw back to the life of deadness and nothing you had before. You've come too far to quit now so you hang on day by day, week by week. The wilderness is now behind you where you once didn't understand your calling. Now you know and it seems as if you alone are privy to what God is saying to you. In many ways, you are alone, but there are others to whom He has also whispered in the dead of night, in the secret place of their heart, and they, too, are kneeling beneath an olive tree somewhere, alone, weary, in pain, sick unto death of no one understanding what is going on with them, enduring the scorn, rejection and silence of their brothers and sisters who seem to "have a life", where they seem to have none and spend their time fending off the taunts and attacks of the enemy day after day after day. We, the remnant, do have a life, however, and our life is real LIFE, a life which is hidden with Christ in God. There is great glory there, a glory which is unseen of man but plainly visible to your Lord. He holds you and your life tenderly in His hands and will bring you very soon to the quick and final stage of your sojourn through the valley of preparation...He will bring you to Calvary, to ultimately die to all that is not of HIM, so that He may reveal the SON in you and through you, to freely give LIFE to others as is His perfect will for all.

Be still before Him now, beloved, and rest in Christ, your Lord. Walk with Him up the hill to Calvary and be set free from that which holds you back, so that HIS glory may be revealed in you. Oh, how my heart sings at the sight of my own Cross! Let me embrace it, so that Jesus and He alone be seen in me! Oh, Glory! Freedom! You are soon to be set free among men!

Just a little while now and the revelation which He has given you will become that glorious reality which He has recently revealed to you as much more, much larger, much more magnificent than anything you would or could have previously dreamed. Why, beloved, lo and behold, Christ is formed in you and you will walk as HE walked, even to walking on water. You have shared in His sufferings...and you will share in His glory. His Word says so.

Oh, how you have my heart, beloved of God, for you are HIS Bride.

And the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!"

Strength and Honor,
Hail the Lamb!


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