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October 8, 2001

A Closing Door

Hollie Moody

I have been under a tremendous burden this week, but especially today. It has been building up and intensifying within me. The Lord has been showing me a door opened a crack, but slowly closing.

When I asked what this could mean, I felt the Lord replied that after the terrorist attacks on America on September 11th, He allowed a period of grace and mercy towards not only America, but also other nations who were also troubled and shaken by the tragedy which occurred on our shores. Now, the door I saw in this mini-vision was closing, and was almost totally closed.

In the vision, I cried out to the Lord to keep the door open just a little longer. I tried to reach into the space between the closing door to keep it from closing completely. I was weeping and crying, pleading for a little more time.

"I granted a little more time," the Lord replied. "I heard the cries and saw the tears of many after your country was attacked. I then waited for the cries and tears to turn to true and lasting repentance. While many truly repented, there were so many of My children who remained unmoved. And they remained unchanged.

"My eyes continued to behold My sheep being wounded in My house. My eyes saw into the recesses of the hearts of many of My children, and I beheld the secret sins still unrepented of. My people remain unmoved and unrepentant. A time of Tuesdays is coming upon My people, and upon the world," the Lord decreed to me.

I then experienced a vision. In this vision, I was looking up into the heavens. I saw a door open in the heavens, and a small group of seven very large angels began to step through this door one at a time. They each held what appeared to be a bowl in their hands. After all the angels stepped through the door, the door closed.

The first angel began to pour out his bowl. The contents began to fall towards the earth. Darkness fell out of the first bowl. I saw as this darkness fell first on churches and on the saints of God, then fell on the rest of the world and the world's peoples. There seemed to be a weight to this darkness. For when the darkness fell upon people, they began to stumble and fall.

"People chose darkness over the light of My salvation," the Lord intoned. "Now they shall have the darkness of damnation."

The second angel began to pour out his bowl upon the earth. The second bowl contained blood. As the blood covered the earth, I saw wars and violence erupting.

"The blood I shed on Calvary was ignored and trodden under foot," the Lord intoned. "Now the blood of many shall be shed."

The third angel began to pour out his bowl into the heavens (outer space). I saw explosions in the heavens. Debris from the explosions began to fall to the earth, burning as it fell.

"Man said he would ascend into heaven," the Lord intoned. "The pride of man will be abased."

The fourth angel began to pour out his bowl upon the earth. Fire was contained in this bowl. As the fire fell to the earth, it ignited numerous other fires. I soon saw as sections and portions of the entire earth appeared to be burning.

"Many have chosen the fires of hell over the fires of purging and repentance," the Lord intoned. "Now they shall begin to feel the heat from the fires of hell."

The fifth angel began to pour out his bowl over the earth. His bowl contained idols and images. As the idols and images fell to the earth, they struck people, wounding and injuring them.

"Just as many chose to place other things and other gods before and above Me," the Lord intoned, "even now shall those things fall upon them to their wounding and destruction."

The sixth angel began to pour out his bowl over the earth. His bowl was filled with the wind. As the wind fell upon the earth, it began to blow fiercely. I watched and saw as the wind blew upon everything in its path, destroying almost everything before it.

"The wind of My Spirit was stifled in the hearts of many," the Lord intoned. "Now will the wind blow unfettered, and will blow away all that offends."

The seventh angel began to pour out his bowl over the earth. To my eyes, the bowl appeared empty. After this bowl was emptied over the earth, a very intense silence fell.

"My ears were attuned to the prayers of My children," the Lord intoned. "I heard the clamoring of many voices which confused many. I also heard the silence of unoffered prayers. Now when they call to Me, I will not answer."

After the seven angels had finished pouring out their bowls upon the earth, the Lord called the first angel over to us.

"The darkness contained in this bowl is twofold," the Lord explained to me. "Not only is it a darkness coming upon all the world to engulf it, it is also a spiritual attack being unleashed at this present time against My people, but especially against My prophets. The enemy is seeking to confuse and silence the voice of My prophets. He is bringing a weight of condemnation, self-doubt and depression upon them. I am hiding My prophets in places of safety and refuge to strengthen and minister to them."

The Lord then called the second angel over to us. "The blood contained in this bowl represents My blood which I shed for the remission of sins," the Lord said. "Those of My people who are My servants indeed, have been applying My blood to their hearts. They have been examining themselves, and have been entering into a new covenant with Me. My blood will be over them during this time of tremendous blood shed which will come upon all the earth."

The Lord then called the third angel over to us. "Man's pride has lifted him up," the Lord said to me. "There will be wars in the heavens. These wars will be both physical and spiritual in nature. Many of My children are already feeling the heat of this battle spiritually."

The Lord then called the fourth angel over to us. "Fire purges as well as destroys," the Lord said to me. "My children are feeling the fire of purging within their hearts. This is an extremely intense time for My people. It is a time of self-examination;a time of rededicating themselves unto Me. My fire is burning all from within My children that would pollute them. Those who do not submit themselves to Me, will feel this fire as a destroying fire."

The Lord then called the fifth angel over to us. "The idols and images contained within this bowl represents a battle between Myself and false gods and false religions," the Lord said to me. "Every religion, every denomination, is being shaken at this time. Only what is of Me, and what is built upon Me, shall endure. The battles fought in the physical realm will be between false gods and the One True God. The issue central to this war will be Truth versus deception."

The Lord then called the sixth angel over to us. "The wind contained in this bowl represents My Spirit," the Lord said to me. "My Spirit is already blowing fiercely upon all who profess to be My children. Those who are not My children, will be blown away and destroyed by the fierceness of My Spirit touching upon them. Those who are truly My children are also feeling My Spirit blowing upon them. This is also a difficult time for them; for all that is within them that is offensive to truth, is being blown violently from out of them."

The Lord then called the seventh angel over to us. "The silence contained within this bowl," the Lord said to me, "represents a silencing by Me over those who have confused many by their words.

"Many of My children are feeling My hand heavy upon them, and have hushed themselves. They are waiting to hear only My voice speaking to them.

"Those who have claimed to hear My words, and have uttered their own thoughts and ideas which have confused many, will be put to silence and shame before Me. For with their words, they turned away the feet of those who were on the road to repentance.

"My people have been as the church of Ephesus. They have left their first love of Me. My people have been as the church of Pergamos. They have fornicated themselves with false doctrine. My people have been as the church of Thyatira. They have allowed false prophets to speak My words unto them. My people have been as the church of Sardis. They are spiritually dead, and dying. My people have been as the church of Laodicea. They are complacent.

"Those of My children who are My children indeed, shall be as the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia. They will suffer persecution and trials, even unto death, while I am purging and refining My rebellious children.

"My will and My plan is to prosper My people," the Lord said to me. "Not with finances or possessions, but with the knowledge of Me would I prosper them. To accomplish this, all that is not of Me I must needs remove.

"This is a troublesome time. I am shaking mightily all things and all people. He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved."

I then saw vast numbers of people stooping down to the ground and picking items up from the ground. With their arms full of bits and pieces of what they had picked up, the people came to the Lord. They put the items in their arms on the Lord and began to build something with these items. I watched and beheld as a beautiful building began to emerge.

"I am the foundation upon which all other things must be built," the Lord said. "My people are broken. When they bring the broken pieces of their hearts and lives to Me, and begin to build upon Me, I will put the brokenness back together and raise up a glorious and victorious Church. My Church shall stand triumphant when it is built upon Me. I will have a people called by My Name. I will have a Church."

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody

Where All the Prophets Agree

Steve Shultz

This may surprise many if not most of you. The prophets and prophetic voices to the Church today, all agree when it comes to the attack on the World Trade Center.

"What?" you ask. "How can you say that? I've read many perspectives and they don't all agree!" you persist.

But I maintain that NOT ONLY THE PROPHETS but apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists virtually ALL agree.

Let me explain.


God is interested in the heart of the matter. Imagine for a moment the tremendous evangelism that has gone on through the decades and even centuries by the thousands of denominational groups. From every "tongue" on the earth, Jesus has brought souls to Himself. And the whole time He was doing it, denominations have quarreled and pointed fingers saying, "you have to believe what we teach, the way we teach it, or you're wrong."

In the meantime, there have been more who have come to Christ, through the POWER of Christ-- in the World over the last 10-20 years, I'm told, than in all the years since the creation of the world combined. We are in the throws of revival--and yet the best has not even been seen yet.

The Bible teaches that God is not mocked. What we sow, we reap. So revival has been growing because a great deal of sowing has been done and God keeps His promises. We argued, but we sowed. God blessed and we reaped HIS BLESSINGS. I think there are words that describe that. "Mercy" and "Grace" are two of them.

But in these same 20 years, great darkness has multiplied on the earth. We see things on Television that would never have been THOUGHT to be allowed, only 20 years ago.

Sounds like Isaiah 60, doesn't it?

See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Isaiah 60:2


The fighting hasn't stopped among God's people. We're a quarrelling bunch, wouldn't you say? We often prefer to major on what we disagree with, rather than on what God is doing in our corporate lives together. Like many of you, it can be completely frustrating to see our own children quarrel among themselves. Yet it can be so delightful when we see them all working and playing together. There's no pleasure like seeing children, completely different from one another, simply enjoying each other, in spite of the differences. We are God's children!

Since September 11, we've discovered a new area to quarrel about. On September 11, the enemy, allowed by God apparently, was able to, without detection, perpetrate the worst terrorist act in U.S. History on our shores.

ALL THE PROPHETS AGREE (and this is not rocket science) ON THIS ONE THING.

"God allowed it--because He didn't stop it." There is unity on this point. But other differences have emerged. The different camps have differing theories, or even varying revelation as to aspects of how or why this happened? Some say, "God is bringing judgment. This was God's hand against a sinful and perverse nation." Yet other groups say, "It's a combination of both. God is angry and He therefore didn't stop the attack, and therefore, He 'caused' it, in effect." Finally, it's been said that God is not angry or bringing judgment to America. But is simply causing all things to work together for good.


But all the prophets completely agree on one thing--- the solution--the ultimate response to September 11.

Though prophetic voices are from many camps, they are giving a clear signal (as are pastors and teachers) of what our response should be. And they DO all agree.

They are ALL quoting the same scripture, in fact. Here it is:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chr 7:14
And it's caused me to wonder why so many diverse articles are written trying to get one camp to see the truth that another camp is saying. This is a diversionary tactic by no less than Satan himself. ..

"Get their eyes off of the solution and get them to arguing about the specks in their brothers' eye," one can almost hear Satan telling his demonic ranks.

Meanwhile, the victimized Church becomes increasingly victimized--and more and more distracted.


Hold it! Stop and take a breath. We all actually stand in perfect agreement.

Our land needs healing! Our people need healing. The prescription has been written by the Great Physician. Time to go to the heavenly pharmacy . . .

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

We have land and people to be healed and forgiven. . .


So . . . if you are convinced that the September 11 attack was God's anger toward the Church ... humble yourselves and pray and turn from you wicked ways and He will heal your land. You can't humble others, you can only humble yourself.

. . . if you are convinced that the attack was God's anger at the U.S.A for abortion and homosexuality and perversion? Humble yourselves and pray and turn from your wicked ways and He will heal your land. You can't humble others, you can only humble yourself.

. . . if you are convinced that God allowed this but that His heart is for compassion and healing? Humble yourselves and pray and turn from your wicked ways and He will heal your land. You can't humble others, you can only humble yourself.

. . . if you are convinced that Satan seized opportunity and that God would never have allowed this except for Satan's right and that God is NOT judging the Church OR America . . . Humble yourselves and pray and turn from your wicked ways and He will heal your land. You can't humble others, you can only humble yourself.


You see, the prophets all agree! They are ALL quoting the same scripture. It's perfectly acceptable to hold the view that you have about September 11. Believe me, your friends will continue to hold theirs. I'm not sure many minds have been changed as to "the cause" of September 11--- SINCE September 11. . .

But the good news is, God hasn't changed His mind either. It's in the History Book-- the Bible, and the genetic code of Followers of Christ . . . it goes like this:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chr 7:14

And remember, you can't humble others,

. . . you can only humble yourself!

Maintain That Unity

Ras Robinson

The enemy seeks to divide in order to abort the birth which is at hand. I have made you and your brothers and sisters in the faith as one in the Spirit. I have charged you to maintain that unity. Your test now is going to be coming to unity in the faith of your lord Jesus the Christ. In these latter days I am birthing the fullness of the five-fold ministry of my apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. It is good for you to receive them because it will speed the process of coming to fullness of faith in Jesus. For the most part you have received my pastors, teachers and evangelists. But you have only begun to receive my prophets. They are being birthed and matured at this very moment as part of my plan for these days. If you only knew and could understand my grand and glorious plans for prophecy in these days! Do not raise you hand against these prophets. They are in my care. Discern between and among their words if they are true to my word. Discern if these prophets are from me. Do their words bear witness with your spirit and with my Spirit within you? Learn to make yourself sensitive to these matters and you will gain much. Receive the wheat and spit out the straw without judging the messenger. Pray for my discernment about these things and I will give it to you. Pastors and elders are to welcome, receive, shepherd, feed, equip and edify these prophets. Do not have a slack hand in this! Apostles are coming forth. Slowly. But they are coming. Likewise, receive them and learn to discern the wine being poured. It is from me and it is not all the same nor is all of it intended for each person or fellowship in the same way. Again, you are learning discernment. Pray that you will come to maturity of the faith yourself in these things. Humble yourself and become a learner. Some of you have become haughty, exclusive and divisive yourselves. You are like know-it-alls. I call you to repentance today! The enemy seeks to divide in order to abort the birth which is at hand.

Matthew 7:1-2 "Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you." (Judge: to judge, decide, act as a judge, conclude, condemn, pronouncing judgment)

1 Corinthians 14:29 "And let two or three prophets speak, and let the others pass judgment." (Judgment: to distinguish, to judge, decide, discern make distinction)

Ras and Bev Robinson
Fullness in Christ Church Ministries
Mission of Love Special Reports for Peru, Philippines and Mexico:

Awake Out of Sleep

George G. Delo

Awake, awake! Put on your strength, O Zion; Put on your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city! For the uncircumcised and the unclean Shall no longer come to you. Shake yourself from the dust, arise; Sit down, O Jerusalem! Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck, O captive daughter of Zion! For thus says the LORD: You have sold yourselves for nothing, And you shall be redeemed without money (Isaiah 52:1-3).

It is time for My church to awake out of sleep, to arise out of its prostration from the burdens of sin and flesh. Put on your strength, My people. Put on your beautiful garments. I have called you to be a holy place. I have provided you strength. I have given you clean garments. No longer shall the unclean glory in My presence. No longer will I tolerate the uncircumcised and foreigners polluting My sanctuary, profaning My house, breaking My covenant to please themselves. Shake yourselves from the dust and arise. Come before Me, bow down your hearts before Me and be loosed from the bonds of your necks. I have come to set you free from your captivity. I have come to release you into the liberty of My children. I have come to redeem you from your slavery and all without cost but for the surrender of yourselves that you might receive My blessing. It is time for My church to arise before the world in the beauty of My holiness, to reveal My true glory to all men. It is time for My people to come forth from the shadows to show forth My light in the midst of the darkness. It is time to show yourselves. I call you out of the prisons of your making. I call you out of the darkness. Rise up in My strength. Come forth in My holiness. I am releasing My power. I am releasing My wealth. To those who will seek Me, to those who are willing in this My day of power, to those who will surrender to My will, I shall show Myself strong, I will show Myself able. Lift up your heads O My people. Open your hearts unto Me and the King of glory shall come in, the Lord of Hosts, strong and mighty in battle. He will route the enemies of your soul and set you in the place of My will and purpose. He will clothe you with My strength and empower you with My Spirit. Rise up My church and take your rightful place in My creation.

Put On the New

Shelia Robertson

Strip off your tainted garments. Rid youself of your filth and worn out garb. Strip away your idols. Put off the old and put on the new. The old ways will not work anymore. They must go. Tell it like it is. Leave "yesterday's child behind." Equip yourself like a new man and be strong. The former things are like old worn-out garments with holes. Leave your crooked paths and make straight paths for your feet. Simply put, away with the old man! Be renewed as in your young days. Eagles, arise and come to the mount! Beat off the old beak of discord. Let your feathers fall to the ground. Wake up to the sound of the trumpet blast! An alarm has sounded. Wake up! Right the wrongs. It's not too late. My mercy is new every morning. I've made this day for you. I'm extending mercy for you. Don't be like Queen Vashti who refused the command of her King. She was removed from ever coming into the King's presence again and her royal position was given to another. Esther 1:19-21

My Presence

Marsha Burns

Do not be afraid, My children. Come into the ark of the safety of My presence, for in My presence is fullness of joy. There will you find the peace that passes understanding, peace and safety that are beyond human condition and circumstance. Quiet your soul and enter into the inner chamber where you are refreshed, restored and renewed. I say, walk in the Spirit; look beyond what you see in the natural realm. To those of you would like to legislate repentance, peace and unity, I say that men have never been able to establish peace, but conversely have been very adept at making war. I alone grant repentance; I establish peace; I create unity and bring order out of chaos. But, everything will be accomplished in its season and will fulfill My purposes.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

How Does Your Garden Grow

June Anne Garber

You have planted and I have watered, you have sown and I am about to bring the increase. You have expected and now the expectation is about to be fulfilled before your eyes. I am about to cause the blossoming of your life to come to a point of bearing much fruit. I am about to uncover the uprooting of my precious young undeveloped and imature plants, for the Uprooter has been caught in the process of pulling out My seedlings from the soil of My garden and he has been discovered and must now return seven-fold, that which he has stolen from My garden. Now is the time for the downpour of My rain to cause the earth, in which these are planted, to be saturated with My glory. Within the walls of My garden are so many precious young ones that have need of nurturing and have need of the Son shine to warm their leaves. Pray that the workers for the garden arrive on a timely basis to hoe and carefull tend the plantings, and they will grow and mature that they may bring forth much fruit in due season. For the season of harvest is close at hand and will be abundant as the Son and My Spirit rains upon the plantings to cause growth and maturity to become the strong and healthy plants I have predestined them to be.

Be encouraged that all have a part in this garden. Ask and you will be told if there is a question as to your part in the gardening process. My ears are not stopped when it is My children who ask of Me. My eyes miss nothing that they do in My garden. My arms are not short that I cannot help them to do their work for the keeping of My garden. So, ask of me and I will give to you the increase as it becomes ripe. Ask of Me and I will create a place for you to bring your cares and love for My plantings. Come, till the garden for this is the time to work.

June Anne Garber

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