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November 12, 2001

Resurrection Life

Rachael Wallin

I am the resurrection and the life. Behold, I make all things new. As I breathe on a situation I cause life to come forth. My breath is the Spirit and as I breathe on a situation a stirring takes place...a coming together of divine plans and purposes. I am creating constantly....My life is pulsating throughout the planet.

Look around at the beauty that surrounds you on the earth. Do you not see the beauty? I am constantly creating new things...the world cannot even contain the knowledge of all I can do. There is not a day that passes that my creative power is not working.

You have my power residing within you. You also are able to speak my words forth as I reveal them to you about a situation to bring about change, to bring new life, to create, to resurrect!! Greater things than you have thought possible can happen through obedience to my plans and by speaking the very words of God.

I impart truth. I impart wisdom. I impart knowledge. I impart words of life. It is by MY Spirit residing in you that I speak through you into a situation to change that situation and bring forth life. My words contain life giving power and can resurrect even that which is considered to be dead!!! My words contain the power to do all I desire to do on the earth as is done in the heaven.

Do you desire my will to come to pass? Speak the words you hear from heaven. Speak forth MY WORDS of life to the people. YIELD to MY Spirit that resides in you and allow me to speak Spirit words that will change lives and resurrect that which is dying or appears to be dead. Can these bones live??? They need my Spirit to breathe on them. INDEED, THESE BONES CAN LIVE!!!!!! THUS SAITH THE LORD Speak to the bones MY WORDS that they may live!!!


Wendy Marchant

As I have been waiting on God and moving out in Him it has been frustrating and my impatience and doubt sometimes gets the best of me. Last Monday as I was waiting on Him I sensed Him say this.

There is a 'spirit of wait' over my people right now. As my people wait on Me the purpose of this waiting is to shake and break off anything that is not of Me. I am conforming my people into my image. I saw a picture of horses inside the holding gate ready for the race to begin. Some were standing still, others prancing back and forth but all waiting. Many of us are the same. The gate is not there in front of us because we all know that God's perfect time is so crucial for His work to be done in perfection. Some are content and waiting while others of us are prancing back and forth in anticipation of what God has called us to do.

If we use this time to press into Him, to submit ourselves to Him and to wait obeying His every command when the time is right I saw us going forth in power, authority, conformed to the image of God so it was not us that people saw but the image of His Son conformed in us and through us that drew them.

God Bless You,
Wendy Marchant

Come Up Here!

Bill Burns

You, My people, have forgotten about the door that I have opened in the season of Pentecost, and I say unto you that door is still open. But, you must come up hither; you must come up to this place of openness; you must ascend by choice of your will in seeking My face, and then I will bring you into the holy place. In the holy place I will pour My glory out upon you, and when My glory touches you, you shall be forever changed. Seek My face in My glory. I have chosen you. You are called according to My purposes, and when you walk in My purpose for you and get out of your own desires, I will bring you fully forth into My divine will and into My holy place. All things will work on your behalf and be of benefit to you. I say, the door is open. I say, come up here. Come by choice. Come up higher. Give all diligence to your ascent. It is now expedient for you to seek Me with a whole heart, for this is the season of the changing of hearts.

Have I not said that I will rebuild the tabernacle of David? Is it not written that David had a heart after Me:? Then, if you are going to live in this tabernacle, then you must develop a heart that is totally for Me. You must step aside from your religious exercise to purify yourself and simply come to Me. I am the changer of the heart. I will give a new heart to those who desire to come before Me. The door is open for a season, and you have an invitation. Come boldly before My throne of glory. Come with confidence into My house. Come with confidence because of the blood. The blood is a purifier, the blood is a qualifier, by the blood alone you have the right to come boldly based on the faith of the blood. Come up here! Live in My presence. Live in My sight. When you come to this place I can change your heart. Come with a desire to know Me, to know My ways, to know My purposes for you, to know that I have called you. I desire to have fellowship with you. Have you forgotten that you have been created to have fellowship with Me? In the glory of fellowship, I will touch and change you. Your first calling is to fellowship. When you step into your calling, then all things become new, all things are changed. My word become a reality. I shall change those that love Me. You have been justified by the blood, sanctified by the Spirit, and I will glorify you in the holy place. Come up here. The door is still open; it will be open until the end of the age.

The door is open to the place of My glory, My dwelling place, My place of habitation. You are living stones. I am taking you and building you together for a place of My habitation. When you are built together by faith in one accord, then I shall come and sanctify the temple and glorify the temple. My cloud shall be seen over your habitation. My fire shall be found in your habitation, that place where you are made one with Me. Then, the reality of My kingdom and My word will come to you. Glory!

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

Look To the Rose and Not To the Thorns

Stephen Hanson

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, [4] and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade--kept in heaven for you, [5] who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time. [6] In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. [7] These have come so that your faith--of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire--may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. [8] Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, [9] for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls. 1PE 1:3

"From glory unto glory I am changing you into my image. There will always be trials and there will always be things in your life that are not always pleasant. But I take all of these and I shape them into the image that I am seeking in you. I have fiery furnaces that are prepared for each of my servants. I have trials that have been set aside for each of you. The fire will not burn you up, for it is my fire. What the enemy thinks is his is turned into my purposes. You cannot be conformed into my image without these trials. Do not try to flee them. There is always the rainbow at the end of each storm. You are never tempted beyond what you can endure. At the end of each trial the peaceful fruit of my Spirit will be yielded. Then your faith will be stronger. Then your patience will be rewarded. Then you will know what a servant truly is. Remember that I am in the fiery furnace with you. It is something that we go through together. Remember that a rose is not a rose without the thorns that it has. Remember that I wore a crown of thorns as well. But now those thorns have been turned into an eternal crown of glory; and so will your thorns as well. So, look beyond the trials, for that is where the glory will be turned back into glory. There are eternal purposes in these things. So, consider the end result of them. Look to the rose and not to the thorns."

Stephen Hanson

The Glory is Now!

Debra Westbrook

If we are to abide in His glory, live, move and have our being in a glory realm then we must come to a simple revelation. That revelation is clear and concise, yet it will cost us everything. As I sat before the Lord this morning, captured in His glory, He simply said: "Surrender to the moment!"

This, my friends, is the essence of abiding in His glory. It is complete surrender, moment by moment, to the heart whispers of the Lord. He speaks, and we simply listen. Our response to His voice is simple obedience. Whatever He says to do, we do! Can it all be that simple? Of course, it is that simple. And that is why the church struggles to enter His glory for we strive to abide rather than resting in Him. There is a rest in the glory, a total release of our control to do things His way down to the simple minute details of our life. Our lives are no longer our own for the glory places demands upon us for radical obedience, to which we have the immediate choice to relinquish our wills, surrendering to the moment, or going our own way and doing our own thing. The glory places those demands upon us to follow, wholeheartedly abandoned and surrendered to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ. There is a habitation being built in our home and more importantly, in our lives. Our lives are built upon absolute surrender, moment by moment. This has not been easy for our flesh is strong and longs to rise up, taking dominion and control in every situation that is presented to us. Yet, our hunger for His glory is insatiable and we desire nothing less than the fullness of His glory in our midst, abiding within our lives, this ministry, and tangibly present as we gather together in what we have called "Glory Meetings." He is here, right now, in our midst and our lives are being transformed as we daily surrender to the moment. We are being transformed.

You see, the glory is now. It is not dependant upon the past for the past is gone, and can never be recaptured. It is wise that we reconcile to that fact. To place everything under the blood and to walk forward releases us into the moment, secure and confident that it is all by grace, in His glory. The glory realm is not dependant upon the future, for an undue focus on the future keeps us from the simple reality that we are called to sit at His feet and to gaze upon His beauty, NOW. Is it all this simple? Yes, but the price is high. We must release and surrender moment by moment. Our lives are not our own. We are His. Christ is in us, the hope of glory. It is this hope that we must realize is a present reality in our lives. He is alive within us. The glory realm is a realm of keen revelation into the person of Jesus Christ. He is a NOW God that longs to invade our lives with His presence, moment by moment. His desire is that we relinquish everything, to lean into Him to capture His heart. This is, in essence, the advance of the Kingdom. For the Kingdom will be advanced in glory, when we realize that we must advance it through a position of surrender to the moment. The beauty of the glory realm is that it releases us from ourselves, and presses us into Him. And it is in this place of hiddeness that we shall behold Him and change the world.

Rivers of Eden

Do We Know the Body Of Christ?

Leah Owen

It was no accident that G_d calls all those in Christ his body. The Word says He is our head. Recently many prophets and leaders have been saying that the church has not been attached to the head.

It is true that some are not listening to our L-rd. After all, the brain runs every thing. But how do we hear what he is saying?

Do we have to talk to our body to get it to work? No, our body listens a different way. We have a spinal column and a nervous system that are all attatched to the brain.

This is where the Holy Spirit comes in. As we receive and listen to the Holy Spirit, this works just the way the nervous system works. When there are blocks in our spinal column that part of the body is still there: but not working corectly. Therefore it is so important for us to listen to the inner working of the Holy spirit, or else we may cause a block in the body of Christ :not allowing the signals to get through. The body of Christ is alive but we just have blocks in different areas making us not useful. I have seen what a spinal block can do. That part of the body becomes paralyzed. If it is blocked for a very long time, the limbs below it lose muscle and become too weak to work, even if the block is removed. Then it has to be strengthened with much exercise.

This is where we need to practice our faith and obediance to G_d. It may be painfull to learn all our lessons but in the end our body will be strengthened to do the job that needs to be done.

What are we suppose to say about the other problems in the Body of Christ? Some parts also seem to have a form of cancer. Do you know that Lupus is our own anti bodies attacking our own body? In other words we attack the members in the body instead of the actual foreign object in the area. It has been known that if there is a foreign object in the human body, that the body wants to get rid of it. If the anti bodies keep attacking the cells in the body instead of the sin it will destroy that part of the body. Here is where we need our Lord to come in and do surgery to remove this foreign object. That which is not of Christ does not belong in us. Itis foreign to his body. So my dear brothers and sisters we must remember that we that are sent to attack sicknesses; must not attack the personality of our members, but carefully seek G_d to remove the foreign objects, meaning sins and strongholds in us. Fear not my dear friends the body of Christ is alive and in due time G_ds surgeries and the Holy Spirit in us will do the job needed to make us whole and healthy. We need Christ. We need G_ds Holy Spirt,and we need each other.

We all together are the Body of Christ.

Now when ever we have comunion we can realize just how big the true body of Christ realy is. All of this being done, then our L_rd will return; we will be ready to rule the nations with our King. Let us all quickly obey him. In him we live and move and have our being.

love you all in Jesus name

Submitted to the latter rain list

Jew and Gentile

Kim Puffpaff

After the events of September 11th, I began to hear the Lord speak about reconcilitation between the Jews and the Gentiles. This is what I heard.

And I see a stick being woven, grafted as one stick. I see two distinct sticks, yet they are becoming one. I see them bending and bowing and wrapping around each other, yeilding to each other as they strive to grow and make room for each other. And I hear the words indentification and unveiling. I wish I could adequately express in words the twisting of these sticks that I see....grafting is by nature a forced growth process, bringing two things together that didn't by nature grow together before, to make a new and different tree, a mixture of the two.

"And the two shall become one", I hear loudly being proclaimed. No more disunity, no more pride, no more gain. The grafting is taking place, the cutting and binding. The two interjected into one branch to glorify His name.

"For the two shall be one", I have proclaimed it to be so. The process has begun. It has started from the root below. For once again the root will spread below and bear fruit above. But the fruit will be different this time. It will be a blended hue, one of every nation, every tribe, a fruit unknown to many of you. For the two sticks are becoming one. A painful process in the works. A breaking, a purging process that will produce lasting fruit.

For it shall once again, take root below and bear fruit above. And the shade of this tree will cover all and embrace all who enter in.

Let it happen Lord, Amen

Serving Him, Kim
Submitted to the Apostolic/Prophetic Discussion Panel

Time For True Commitment

Yolanda Ballard

Why do you struggle so with unbelief? Why do you doubt My faithfulness to perform all that I said I would do in My Word? By your actions you show that you are not resting in Me. By your anxiety and your worry, you show that you have not left all in My hands. Now I admonish you, My children, to completely let go and let Me take over. Leave all your cares to Me for I care for you. I will supply and I will restore. Yes, I will provide for you all your needs if you will only trust Me. You have not because you ask not and if you ask, are you thankful showing that you have the answer?

The is the time of the latter rain outpouring, and I am preparing hearts so that I may move through you mightily. This is the day where I will do a great purging of all that is not of Me. By My fire I will burn up all that is by the work of man. Only that which I have established will stand. Give Me your agenda, and let Me show you what is not of Me. You have given way to complacency and busyness, and you have no time to come before Me to seek My face. How can you say that what you are doing is of Me if it takes you away from My presence.

Examine your hearts whether you are building a church under your name or are you truly promoting My kingdom. Be as Mary and sit at My feet and be nourished and lifted up by My word. Do not be as Martha by fretting over what needs to be done in your ministry. If you are truly overloaded with things to be done, is it really all being done in My name with My leading? I want you to live a simple life where you can even take the time to smell the flowers and to even enjoy My handiwork. I have given you the heavens, and I have given you the earth to enjoy the beauty of the work of My hands. If you are caught up in distractions from the enemy, how can you partake of My blessings.

It is time to set your priorities straight in your life so that you can get proper rest so that you can walk in My healing power. You are over working yourself because you are not truly putting Me first. If all My people would humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I would heal their lives. If all My people would truly get before Me to know My will, then all that I have My people to do would be accomplished. The work would be properly divided among all. No one would be overwhelmed in ministry needs to be done.

So I tell you this day to search your heart to see if what you are doing is of Me. Let go of all that comes through vanity and even religious works. Let go and be at peace for it is My work, My ministry, and not yours, and I am in control of the timetable for I created time and I have it work for Me and not Me for it. Do not be a slave to time or to anything. Only be a bond slave of My love for I long for your intimate presence. I long to see your face, who you truly are, and not a mask. I can only work with the true you and not a counterfeit.

Give Me your all and watch how I will transform you into the image of My Son for you are My glory. You are all I live for. Even though I am complete within Myself, I long for your fellowship and your communion. I created you to worship Me and to bask in My presence and to be in unity with Me and each other. Return to your first love. Return to a life of simplicity. Return unto Me and I will bless you, says your God.

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