From Flesh to Spirit

Hi everyone,

Thanks to those of you that responded to my last post. It seems that I was right about the man child. Brother Alan is a great help and confirms my belief that it is through the five-fold ministry that these things will come to pass, the Lord is indeed preparing the hearts of the five-fold to come together in blessed unity. For those of you that do not know what this is, click Jesus is making us as jewels for His crown.

I let you know my own estimation of myself in the flesh. This is not the way that I think of myself because I recognize the immense calling upon my life and judge myself in the spirit. For you to judge me in the flesh is to judge me through the flesh. You need to judge me in the spirit, so I must also let you know of God's estimation of me in the spirit. I do not glory, the glory and honor is still the Lord's. Why am I telling you all this? For some, it is more than you need to know, for others, you have to know if you are going to be part of this calling. You need to know what God has called me to and if I am correct, the extent of where this work will lead. We are just getting started in this, I will bother you no more with my apostolic credentials.

I am able to stretch out my hand and feel the power of the Lord course through my veins and out to others in blessing or in cursing. I have seen my own upward thoughts take over a congregation and the Lord fill them with His spirit. I have seen the least to the greatest feel the source of the anointing. I can generate prophecy and interpretation in a prayer group without uttering a sound, generally they don't even know where the invocation is coming from. These things are said to increase your faith, not exalt myself. I am your servant. Would be prophets are taken behind the wood-shed of the Holy Ghost and given such a thrashing of God's mighty power that they have never been the same since. Any prophet of God should have this confidence and power but it comes naturally to me and I do not have to work myself up to do these things. I am able to call down that powerful rebuke like fire from heaven. My trade is of a house painter, if I want sunshine, I get it.

The Lord is jealous for me and vanquishes my enemies in such heat that I have had to ask Him to cool it. My kindness, humility and respect for others is seen as weakness and an opportunity for the proud to expose themselves as weak. I have seen three ministries fail from disrespect of me, one was even an apostle, two had their marriages break-up because of their pride, two were local, one was international. Usually the Lord will rebuke these people without any action on my part but He has given me the power to thrust my hand out to those with pride and obliterate them in the spirit. Usually they repent and things are fine.

I treat everyone with respect until I am disrespected. Through mere disrespect of me, two men have taken their own lives because the rebuke was so great, both slashing themselves with knives as if in self punishment. I have since been very careful in my prayers concerning others in order to protect them. Those that talk down to me mostly only do it once, I have always thought that everyone deserves a second chance. I have seen the wallets of those that have exploited me shrivel up. I have seen businesses fall from those that wanted to take advantage of me. I could say more but I won't. You need to know that the Lord will rebuke the devourer for our sakes and this power will be extended to all of us. The world will also see it.

When I first received my calling twenty years ago, I knew that I must take it to the world. But who on earth would believe me? Then I went to study the church fathers starting from the first century with the intent to reconcile those of the past to those of today. My web site is the result of that, as yet grossly inadequate. The Lord through these years has taught me the difference between grace and lasciviousness, living in sin and living in holiness. By His spirit and through the experience of like passions, I have known what deliverance is.

I am called to unity and God has given me a special grace to understand and heal division. I have come to denounce the oppressor and bring the gospel of the kingdom to the poor. Jesus has prayed that we might all speak as one. We are to be holy and blameless without spot or wrinkle. I have promised each of you that we will discuss the errors that have divided the church. That is only the first step to unity. I'll put something together and send it out tomorrow.

Love you all,


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