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December 20, 2001

I Have Opened The Door

Mary Sue Davis

Things that I have spoken to you in the past are now coming, says the Lord. This is very important. I don't want you to forget that which I have said to you. The time is now. You are in the lineage that I have purposed for you from the foundations of the world. Blessed are you who believe for there will be, shall be, is now upon you, the fulfillment of those things that were told to you from Me. This is the favorable year of the Lord. The next 12 months shall be the unprecedented, unparalleled favor of God upon your life.

This is not a time to sigh, to quit, to procrastinate, to waiver. Whatever you need, whatever it is that you want from the Lord, whatever it is that you want from your relationship with the Father, the Lord is saying, "I have opened up the door, the highway in front of you, you can go as far, as fast and as high as you want to go because there are absolutely no restrictions in front of you."

Whatever it is that you are called to do, wherever you want to go, places that you have dreamed of; there are no restrictions for you. Things I have planned for you, which are now upon you will be outrageous compared to what you have right now.

You are a people of promise. Everlasting joy shall be your rear guard. You are a people planted for the Lord, strong trees of righteousness. This is the year of bearing much fruit, fruit that will remain.

This is a defining moment in your life. For the next few months be ever listening to My Spirit, walk in obedience and faithfulness. This realm of dominion, this third day authority I have given to you. It is very important right now that you realize to whom your destiny is connected. Relationships are very important right now. Do not neglect them. [Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, 1 Corinthians 6:14] It is very important right now that you align yourself with the right people and become of one mind and with one accord.

As you learn to stand and press in with your friends, the ones I've aligned you with, the things ahead will take on shape. And as you believe, as you make room for favor to live in your heart, as you cooperate with the Holy Spirit, you will be radically changed into another man and another woman. I am raising up ordinary people who a will trust Me all their heart, be aligned with Me and will do extraordinary things.

The spirit of breakthrough is upon you. And like David who inquired of the Lord what he was supposed to do, so shall you. I am showing you now your part in the kingdom. It shall not be a fight, but like putting your hand through the water. [1 Chronicles 14:11]

This is a time from moving from the remnant to a might army, from the elementary realm where you have been isolated to the primary realm where you rule and reign. So be you perfect, perfectly operate in what I have called you to do. For as I am, so shall you be. I have redeemed you from the poverty spirit. For this is a time to give like you never given before. It is not just about receiving but about overflowing, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Give yourself to Me; give yourself to one another. Don't hold back anything. Flow in My favor.

Remember, this is the year that is going to be too good to be true, just like the gospel, the too good to be true news. The favor I have put upon you will be seen by everyone, your smile, your countenance, your joy. This is the same kind of year Israel had when they crossed over Jordan, defeating all foes, coming into the land which flows with milk and honey. This is a time of breakthrough, a time out of transition, a time of launching.

From this time on shall be a time of joy, thanksgiving, a time of gratitude, glory upon glory, the restoration of all things, the subduing of all things, and the bringing back of Me as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Hot Air

Mary Lloyd

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matt. 25:40

Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. Matt. 25:45


A strong, wooden box, one side open to view. Inside a respectable, suited man which began to inflate to ridiculous proportions, threatening to burst. The wooden structure was unchanging, and would not yield to the increasing size of the inflating man.

The dream is one of boundaries, and contrasts. The inflating man represents the church, the part which is visible to but not among the world. The wooden structure represents Christ, in the sense that the church is "in Christ". But this part of the church is deliberately inflating itself, getting bigger and bigger in its own eyes, seemingly more powerful, seemingly more respectable and impressive, seemingly greater in every possible way. But the so-called "growth" does not "impress" Christ, who changes not. It is only so-called growth, which amounts to hot air. Onlookers, the church in the world and the world itself, can see the self-inflation for what it is.

The dream is one of boundaries because some of us in Christ prefer to stay within familiar confines knowing our being "in Christ" but refusing to express "Christ in us" by going into the world. The reason is because this part of the church prefers to become great in its own eyes, enjoying the privileges of office and ministry that have been given it. But ministry is the same as servanthood, and this part of the church only wants to serve itself. It has no interest in anyone else: it wants business as usual.

It is also a dream of contrasts, since the inflating figure, great in its own importance, is not great in the Kingdom. It is not interested in having much to do with the "least" unless it is to convince others of its spirituality and thus feed self-importance.

Another contrast is its "respectability" - reputation and appearances count for much among its number, and at that end of the scale it has a clear idea of who the "least" are. It believes it must be separate from them, and largely keeps it this way.

In the dream the solid, dependable wooden structure which does not change contrasts with the ever-changing but insubstantial nature of the inflatable man: Solid truth, Biblical promises, Christ's unchanging nature, dependability, a building material, contrasting with increasing amounts of hot air. There was also a sense of the wood representing "Christ in us", where the church was concerned only with "us in Christ".

The apparent greatness of the figure was very easily deflated and destroyed.


Summary: We are comanded to "go". It has always been so. If it is at all upon our agenda to "be the greatest" now is the time to cancel it. Notions of self-importance do not impress God, and are clearly visible to the world outside. Christ in us, solid and dependable, built within our structure, is the answer to the hungry and hurting world. Christ, who always identifies with the least, asks us to identify with "these His brethren" by becoming the least ourselves. Once we abandon our position of importance to prefer poverty and simplicity we will be united, bonded together with Christ, solid and tangible, and ready to incorporate others within our structure.

Love from Mary

The Value of the Spiritual Life

Undrai Fizer

There is so much to do with the natural life and it's things. There is so much to get involved in when it comes to the "continuation of the natural life. Common bonds are easily built in the many "preferences that are found" within the realm of the natural.

But have you ever noticed the mindset toward the spiritual life? Ever noticed how it seems to be, in the mind of many, a life of boredom, noble, but undesired acts of ministry, and an unrealistic mindset of living and thinking? Ever noticed how there are feelings of the offensive, defensive, and certain apprehensions that arise in people when you begin to speak out of the spiritual life as fluidly as the "natural life?". It seems as though the natural life has no "certain laws" or parameters to control it, but the spiritual life must be "contained in times, places, and certain people. More relationships have been destroyed by the presence of the spiritual life than any other cause in the world it seems.

What is the life of the Spirit? What is this life that seems to be so misjudged, "super sensitive" in it's presentations, and so misunderstood? Why is the natural life so "protected" and guarded? Is it because it's our "source?" Is it because it's the prominent realm in which we live the most? Why does the spiritual life seems to be a language that is hard to understand or comprehend?

What are the tangible things of the Spirit? We know the tangible joys of life and it's mindsets. We know the tangibleness of the thoughts of the flesh. We can even produce "faith" when it comes to the existence or continuation of the natural realm and it's personal values. But why is it hard to produce faith of the "spirit?" Is it because the spiritual life we live has no substance? No tangibleness? No "skin?"

What are the benefits of the spiritual life? Can we find "things to do" in the realm of the spirit that outnumber the "things to do" in the natural realm? Are we just as creative in the Spirit as we are in the natural? The Spirit led life is the actual pursuits and outlook that Christ Himself has. It is a life that's viewed and lived out in the mind of the Lord. It is being "hidden in Him" and looking through His eyes, with His mind and His emotions. It is being Him in the earth. As He is, so are we....

It is the benefit of living in this present time, with the Ancient of Days being our DNA, and thinking with His mind. It is having the very preferences and "talents" of Christ working within our natural bodies. It's having another motivation. It's not being "blind to the natural life," it's just living within the natural with a Christlike motivation and vision. It is being God's son in this present age. It is manifesting the consequence of being conformed in the Image of God's Dear Son.

The religious life is connected to the natural life. It is the "ministry of the natural" and not the Life of the Son. It is the false goodness of the natural. The Life of the Son cannot reside in the false goodness of the natural, because the natural life desires to continue. It has a desire to remain in control and live in it's imagination. It is out of balance with the Spirit. It does not appreciate the Spirit, nor can it walk with the things of the Spirit.

When it comes to the things of the Spirit, it (spirit) is usually received as interpretation instead of revelation (or appreciation). It is usually received as "that's how you look at it, not me." The natural is not commonly embraced as personal interpretation. Information on finances and saving money is not considered "interpretation." Career choices and pleasures are not considered "interpretation." It may be embraced as a "personal preference," but it is one that is widely felt and related to. Seminars on how to increase in the natural can be attended and sat in for hours, with hearts and minds open to receive the information from one who "has made it" and has the financial portfolio to prove it. But sessions that last for hours concerning the Spirit can be looked at as "how long do we have to sit here?" "Just preach, sing, and let's go home!" Whichever life produces the value, will be the life that dictates the usage of the time.

Our understanding of the Spirit must be increased and its time of operation must extend beyond Sunday (or Saturday). The definition of the Spirit must become more than the definitions of the natural realm. The tangible anointing of the Father must be clearly seen and not relegated to the "sound of empty, religious men." The language of the Kingdom must be learned and understood. We must apply the "skills" of the Spirit with the same adamancy and understanding as buying "real estate or choosing a career."

We have not learned all there is to learn about the Spirit. So, are we taking classes to learn about our "burden within the Kingdom." Are we seeking to understand the fullness of our destiny, or, are we confining ourselves within the realms of Sunday School only (nothing wrong with Sunday School)? Are we receiving what's given, or are we exploring the depths of the burden that God has placed within us? Is there a school of the Spirit that is open to develop the tangible "substance" that is hidden within your soul? There are schools for the natural life. Business, crafts/hobbies, leisure learning, etc. But is there a school for the things that are "hidden" within? It has to be more than fellowship day. It has to be something that is researched with the same urgency we research the things of the natural. (Note: Notice when you give yourself over to the Spirit-led life with the same intensity as those who live the natural life, you are called "out there" or "cultish." Ever notice that? If you live in the natural life, it seems you are better accepted and valued as a person. But the Spirit life? You must have "balance." The Spirit life is not fully understood to some)

It's not about money. But this "search" has to cost you something. You have to feel the value, not just in what you received, but in what it cost you to get it.

What has your destiny cost you?

Undrai and Bridget Fizer

Count the Cost

Bill Burns

I hear the Spirit say, have you counted the cost, beloved, that you might enter into the kingdom in the fullness of purpose? I say, this is the fullness of time, and in these times I am bringing you forth that you may contain and display My glory throughout the nations. So, you have wondered, "Why have I had all this trouble? Why does it seem as though I have not come to the place that I should be yet? Why is there so much hindrance against the purposes that I would fulfill in Your kingdom, Lord?" I say that it comes with a price. Glory comes with a price. To those who have been given much, much is required. What has been required? A demonstration of your loyalty, the demonstration that you would walk in perseverance in My kingdom, and the demonstration of your honor unto Me. Even in the midst of affliction, even in the midst adversity, even when the enemy presses against you, there is yet a way of escape. There is a way of overcoming and of victory, says the Lord. I say, strive to be found perfect in Me in these days.

I call My people forth to walk in the valley, but I never leave you there, for I bring you to the mountain top to show you My kingdom. In the showing forth of My kingdom there comes light, revelation, power, and anointing. Only there on the mountain top are My purposes established in your heart. I am calling you to be people of purpose, My purpose and only Mine, says the Lord. You will find in your journey that you will enjoy My purposes. Be renewed. Rekindle the fires. Get up and climb, and come to the high place, says the Lord. I have not forgotten you. I have not left you without hope. I have not left you without purpose. My seeds have been planted in you. Will they not bring forth a harvest? Will they not produce fruitfulness?

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

Bringing Home The Banished

Hollie L. Moody

"I am bringing home the banished," the Lord said to me.

"Who are the banished, Lord?" I asked.

"The banished are those who have been driven from the midst of My people," the Lord replied.

I then experienced the following vision:

In this vision, I saw the form of a large human body. This human body was made up of individual people. Yet, the body was fragmented. There was no uniformity to it. It was still a functioning body, yet it didn't have the appearance of health or wholeness to it.

I saw on the ground a distance from the human body a mound of discarded body parts. I cringed and was repulsed by the sight.

I saw another, larger figure superimposed over the image of the large human body. I sensed that this was the Lord. What caught my attention was that the figure of the Lord would move first, then the large human body would attempt to imitate the movements the Lord had just made.

I saw that some people which made up the large human body were not in their correct places in the body. This caused the body to appear misshapen. When the body moved, it moved in a spastic manner. At times, some parts of the body (which were actually people) gave the appearance and impression that they were moving contrary to the rest of the body.

Parts of the large human body also appeared to be missing.

The large human body was holding a large golden platter in its hands. I could see on this golden platter all manner of delicous foods and drink. I then saw groups of people who appeared malnourished and bedraggled. The large human body was attempting to serve the malnourished and bedraggled people the food and drink from the golden platter.

I watched as the malnourished people would grasp and grab at the items on the golden platter. Their hunger and desire to partake of the food and drink on the platter was quite obvious. Their efforts to receive the food and drink were often rewarded, yet the whole scene was a picture of clumsiness and near failure.

I saw that it was only because of the figure of the Lord superimposed over the large human body which caused there to be any success in the malnourished people being able to receive anything from the golden platter.

I then saw as the Lord seemed to step slightly away from the large human body. He removed the golden platter from the human body's hands and gently placed it on the ground.

The Lord walked over to the mound of discarded body parts. He picked up some of the body parts, walked back over to the human body, and inserted the body parts back into the human body. The human body flinched and cringed when this occurred.

Sometimes, the human body would attempt to reject a body part the Lord was inserting into it. At other times, a body part wouldn't fit back into the human body and would be discarded.

The Lord did this numerous times. Finally, the Lord bent down to the ground. When the Lord lifted Himself back up from being bent over, He had what appeared to be ropes or vines in His hands.

The Lord began to wind the vines around and around the large human body. The body began to react to feeling the vines being wound around it. As the Lord drew the vines tighter and tighter, I saw as each member of the body was pushed together. Some of the members of the body reacted violently to this tightening process and attempted to break free. This would briefly cause further confusion and upheaval in the human body.

Through it all, the Lord continued to pull the vines around the human body tighter and tighter. Finally, the Lord appeared satisfied and pleased with the effects of the vines around the human body. He tied the ends of the vines together and stepped a little way back to view the body. My eyes followed the direction of the Lord's eyes as I also gazed at the body.

The Lord bent down to the ground, retrieved the golden platter, and handed it back to the human body.Then, the Lord once again seemed to become superimposed over the figure of the human body.

When I saw the human body, I was amazed at its new appearance of unity and uniformity. Each member of the body was in place. The body moved effortlessly and fluidly as a whole. I could see how easily the Lord was able to direct each and every movement through the body.

Then, the vision ended.

This vision touched me deeply. I sensed throughout the vision the Lord's desire for all members of the Body (the Church) to move and flow together as a whole. I also felt a warning was contained in this vision.

There are many who have been separted/banished from the Body of Christ for one reason or another. Whatever the reason may have been, it is no longer valid.

I sense the Lord's desire to bind up the wounds of the Church and make it whole and complete once again. This can be resisted both by the Church and by those members which have, for whatever reason, been separated from the Body.

The danger in this resistance, is that a people who are spiritually lost and hungry for the Lord, will not receive that for which they are seeking. This is a time and a season in which the Lord is preparing His Church for soul-gathering. The Lord desires His Church to be healthy and whole in order to gather in these souls.

May we submit to and not resist what the Lord is doing.

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody

For You Know Who You Are and the Power Of His Blood

Deborah Voetberg


A few weeks ago the Lord gave me a dream, as He often does, to reinforce a principle of His concerning warfare. In this dream I was dressed in the clothes of a servant girl and I was in my Fathers castle cleaning the walls and floors etc.... I was at peace and very happy being about my Father's business. I began to hear voices coming from my left taunting me and saying, "Who do you think you are, you are nothing. For here you are doing the work of a lowly servant when supposedly you walk in great authority and position." As their taunts and criticism increased, I could hear coming from my right the voice of my Father. He asked, "Do you know who you are?" This conversation took place in our thoughts so that those who were taunting me could not hear what was being said. I answered in my spirit, "Yes. I'm your daughter, the daughter of the Most High. This is Your house that I am tending to and I lack nothing. For if I have any need all I am to do is ask and it will be given unto to me. I understand where my inheritance lies."

Then in front of me a very large light green looming spirit arose and began to taunt me and try to engage me in conversation. I knew in my spirit not to acknowledge him by answering, but looked on the floor to my right and there stood a bucket full of red blood. I picked up the bucket and threw the contents at the demon. The result was not only the demise of the demon but the blood continued through out the castle that I was cleaning and was immediately cleansed and made new. Then I awoke.


Many desire to walk in the position of authority when it comes to our Fathers house, but the role of the greatest is that of a servant. Jesus was the greatest servant of all. As the days of darkness increase around us, the Lord is looking for those who know who they are in His kingdom. Will you be faithful to follow His path and serve where He calls you to serve knowing that all that you do is for the cause of Christ and the furthering of His kingdom.

When the Lord starts to promote you and bestow upon you more of His authority in His realm, many will rise up against you because of the spirit of jealousy. Knowing who you are in His kingdom and the power of His blood will stop every accusation against you and will not prosper. For those very accusation are meant to cast doubt upon your thoughts if entertained and in the thoughts of others. Do not be fooled. Do not engage in trying to defend your position in Christ but use the power of His blood against every accusation. For what comes against those who God has called to serve in His house and in His kingdom is an accusation against the cause of Christ and the Lord Himself. For He and He alone promotes and appoints those called by His name.

Be of peace and good cheer for your God is upon the throne of grace! And He knows how to take care of those who belong to Him. During this holiday season with so much activity and the rulers of darkness trying to steal joy from the hearts of people, know intimately the power that is in His blood and use it against every weapon formed to challenge your stand in Christ!

Be blessed in this glorious season for there is a greater unction in the spirit to rejoice in the birth of our Savior this year. As you dwell in the hope of your salvation the Holy Spirit will strengthen you for all that lies ahead for the coming year.

Great Grace!

Deborah Voetberg

Dabar Ministries

Seek Out True Reality

Yolanda Ballard

I want you to step back and observe what you are all doing. I want you to even listen to what you have confessed as late. For I desire to pour out My glory upon a prepared people who do not allow the distractions of the world and of the traditions of man to come between the communion and fellowship of Me with My chosen ones. Come unto Me with fasting and prayer and seek My face concerning what you are doing at present. If what you are doing is keeping you too busy or tripped up with that of the natural, then what you are doing is not of Me. For I desire a people who have the desire that was of Mary who came and knelt at My feet only to be close enough to listen to all I had to say. She could not see how that which Martha was doing could be of any edification to Me. If you truly examine your heart and desire in this season of time, you will see that most of what you are doing is catering to the flesh in how you will minister to others. All the preparations going forth in this season of time is only distracting My people from truly coming together and coming before Me.

For I desire a people to cast off all the distractions caused by the evil one. I desire to have a people who long to draw together and before Me with the sole purpose to minister unto Me. For you say that coming up is a celebration of the birth of My Son. Then why are you not seeking Me as how I would have you to minister unto Him? Humble yourselves before Me, and I will lift you up. Cry out to Me for grace and truth, and I will fill you to overflowing.

If you seek Me first and My righteousness, all these things will be added unto you, even that which the world seeks after. Put Me first, and I will bless your finances and restore healing to you. I will draw you into the throne room of My grace and bless you with that which you long for. I will reveal to you secrets which you long to hear. Yes, I will give you fresh insite into which the enemy has had you bound. I will give you strategies to be able to stand and pull down the strongholds of the enemy. For these are perilous times and time is too important. Do not allow the enemy to get you caught off guard where he will try to snare you with empty vain things....things that only distract you and cater only to your flesh.

For this is a time for new beginnings. This is a time where I will bless you with that which you have never experienced. You think the fulfillment you receive these times is of Me, but it is nothing compared to the blessings I will pour out upon you. If you will only seek My face and be open and willing to die to your ways, even that which is of tradition. For yes, I want to set you free and lead you into the true reality which is only of Me. Seek My face in the quiet of the night. Bow before Me in humility, and I will give you the fruit of the land.

The Season Is Upon You

Marsha Burns

I have given you great and precious promises, and yet you still have not seen some of the promises come to pass. But, I tell you that the season is upon you when you will see fruit come forth from your ground of expectation. You are entering the season of harvest, a time of reaping that which you have sown. Be aware that harvest time is not a time of rest, however. It is a time of work, yet the work will be joyous and will be a team effort. Prepare yourselves for the ingathering.

Is the seed still in the barn? As yet the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate, and the olive tree have not yielded fruit. But from this day I will bless you. Haggai 2:19

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

Nothing Shall Be Impossible For You

Homer Owen

Over the years I have visited with folks that have a great love for God and they are in need of a touch from God. When I have mentioned faith to them many times I have had them tell me that they have faith, it is just that God has decided for some, usually unknown reason to withhold healing them or what ever they needed.

One time a man approached Jesus and pleaded with him to have mercy on his son who was an epileptic and suffering greatly. The man had brought his son to the disciples and they had not been able to free the child. Jesus asked the question, ³O unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you?² The father brought his son to the Lord and he cast the demon out and he was healed at the moment.

After this all happened the disciples came to the Lord in private and asked him why they were not able to drive the demon out. He replied,

Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ŒMove from here to thereı and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. (Matthew 17:19-20)

It is very difficult for us to sometimes admit that we donıt have very much faith. Jesus told Peter the day he went for a walk on the sea with Jesus that he was having problems with his faith in not being able to continue to walk on the water. We can see from this that sometimes we start out in faith and then our faith disappears in the waves.

The Lord wants us to get hold of the fact that it is in his heart to get us to where all things are possible to us. Or in other words that nothing will be impossible for us. Nothing is a pretty far reaching word isnıt it?

We are celebrating the season when the Christ child was born. Mary asked the angel how will this happen to me, a virgin, and the angel explained to her how the Holy Spirit would come upon her and the power of the Most High would overshadow her. The angel finished his little speech to her by saying. "For nothing is impossible with God."

Arenıt you glad that you know a God that is telling you that nothing is impossible with Him and nothing is impossible with you? Lord, do what ever you need to do in each of us that we will respond the same as Mary did that day when she told you, "May it be to me as you have said."

One of the major obstacles in walking in full assurance and receiving answers to our prayers is that we are not convinced that we know the full will of God concerning a particular situation or problem. The following scripture is where the Lord wants to bring us to.

This is the assurance we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us- whatever we ask- we know that we have what we asked of him. (1 John 5:14-15)

James calls this effectual praying when we come to a full assurance of what the will of God is and then praying. The Lord does not want us to pray for someone or something and tag on the end of the prayer ³If it be Thy will². We must be willing to allow the Lord to show us what his will is and then like Elijah stand up and declare the will of God. Mary had to be able to go to Joseph and tell him what the will of God was for their lives.

True effectual praying is guided praying. Paul tells us in Romans 8:26 & 27 that the Spirit is given expressly to guide our praying, for true prayers are Godıs prayers prayed through us. In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with Godıs will.

Lord, we need the working of your Spirit in our prayer lives to guide and direct us in order that we might stand with the men and women of faith down through the ages knowing that truly all things are possible with you and you are in us telling us that all things are possible with us.

Blessings today from Homer Owen in Waco, Texas. Thanks for being here.

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