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February 2, 2001

Moratorium on Activity

A.W. Tozer

Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. -- Psalm 139:23-24
I suppose my suggestion will not receive much serious attention, but I should like to suggest that we Bible-believing Christians announce a moratorium on religious activity and set our house in order preparatory to the coming of an afflatus from above. So carnal is the body of Christians which composes the conservative wing of the Church, so shockingly irreverent are our public services in some quarters, so degraded are our religious tastes in still others, that the need for power could scarcely have been greater at any time in history. I believe we should profit immensely were we to declare a period of silence and self-examination during which each one of us searched his own heart and sought to meet every condition for a real baptism of power from on high. [The Pursuit of Man, 94.]

"Lord, I do pray that You would move in the hearts of leaders in churches everywhere to prompt this time of silence and self- examination. So often activity feeds on itself and it takes a conscious effort to step off the treadmill to re-evaluate. Stimulate our hearts, and quiet us today to hear from You. Amen."

Read "Insight for Leaders" online at:


David A. Scott

'Contending' also means that there is a point, and a counter-point. Don't ever let anyone veto your freedom in Christ to ask, "Is this right?" If we were on an expedition, walking on a hiking trail and I was leading, how long would we walk before you would ask (out of reassurance) are you sure this is the right way? There are too many tangents that can take the Gathering off course. What may start off as election e-mails today can end up being health food guru meditations tomorrow. If the original twelve nor the upper room crew ventured down the paths that we are taking, then we may miss out on the glory they carried!

Galatians 2:11 reads, "But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed." I praise God for allowing such realism in the life of spiritual leaders to be displayed in the bible or everyone would think it taboo to call anyone into question. Of course this exchange is particularly revealing because Paul was the most despised saint and most suspect apostle. His days as Saul of Tarsus followed him into the kingdom as the thorn in the flesh. How dare he, of all the people, confront Peter the great water-walker, day of Pentecost preacher who has many years and thousand of souls notched on this gospel belt – an apostle who walked with Christ himself? Peter not only made the kingdoms version of 'Bloopers, Blunders and Bleeps' that time but other times as well. Paul called him out and God's grace is sufficient. Peter, James, John, Paul and the rest were subject to the Roman 7 blues. So was Paul disrespecting God, or not understanding authority, or just plain wanting to take the kingdom over by force? How ludicrous! He was simply trying to catch a brother that was falling before he did the belly flop on the pavement! It went down in front of some of the other saints because they had been influenced by Peter's error. Obviously it caused a stir that eventually created some glory.

Your e-mail on January 3rd mentioned George W. Bush as leading people to Christ. Praise God if it is authentic. Has the Lord revealed to you that he is born-again or did you just observe something on television (frequently referred to as the idiot box)? The drive for status and position in this carnal world will allow perceptions to be made to persuade the masses. Reports are not necessarily true. The Lord speaks by Ezekiel 13:10 how even God's people can be seduced by hearing, 'Peace, when there is no peace.' Be sober and vigilant. Is this country under judgment or not? Judgment can swoop in like a plague without announcing its arrival. I have a few concerns about our new president that keeps me from making him the American Pope: His record setting number of executions in Texas in light of Jesus' commands; his former drug abuse; his withholding information about DUI's, etc. Probably the most frightening thing is that a backslidden church has established his religious convictions – a church that we apostles have been called to bring to order. Is he qualified to lead us (the Lord's apostles)? We need to send him through the discernment process. Amen?

David A. Scott
Excerpts from letter.

The Pace is Picking Up

Bonita Chapamn

I heard the Lord say these words twice tonight during intercession, "The pace is picking up." Here is what He says about the subject:

Some of you are wondering about the amount of harassment you are experiencing in your lives right now. Things are hitting at you on every level in many ways. Don't be alarmed or frightened by this. The reason for it is simple and also joyous. Yes, JOYOUS, you heard me right. You see, I am picking up MY pace in the earth right now, and I am picking up the pace of My work in your lives. When that happens, My archenemy also picks up his pace. He is trying to get you to turn aside from your calling, and to lose hope that you will accomplish all that I have told you to do. He is working overtime to persuade you that you cannot hear Me, do not fully obey Me, and will be unable to accomplish My goals for your life. He is much mistaken. In fact, he knows that he is wrong, but he will not admit it and tries to hide the truth even from himself, as well as from you.

Let me tell you the truth. My pace is picking up to such a degree that he will not be able to keep pace with My pace in your lives. All you need to do is to keep your hearts turned to Me, and I will do the rest. Laugh at his attempts to deter you. Then just turn to Me and step into My swift pace. We will leave him in the dust! You and I working as a unit will accomplish everything I desire. I will do the actual work. You need only to be My vessels. Now doesn't that take the pressure off? Whoever told you that you had to DO the works yourself? Not Me! It is I who do the works! All the world will know that I AM is doing the works! You just be that pipe that I can flow through to the world. You will need to keep your pipe open and available, because I am picking up the pace. That means that there will be a much greater flow coming through you to fulfill My plans.

Don't wonder about the harassments at all. When they come, just cast them aside, and remember that it simply means that MY pace is picking up, both in the world and in your personal spiritual life. Look for the glory to increase as the pace increases. Look for the harvest to come forth as the pace increases. Look for My heart to fill yours as the pace increases. Yes, the pace is definitely picking up. Now, aren't you glad?

Bonita Chapamn

Word Life Teaching Ministries

Holy Fire

Dave Howe

I see Holy Fire falling upon the people - Holy Fire Coming from the Altar of the Most High God.

I see Live Coals touching the lips of the Lords people - The Fire purifying their lip - The Fire setting their lips on Fire - Words of Fire coming from their lips and burning up all that is not Holy unto the Lord.

For I AM making my people as flames of Fire in this last day says the Lord. My people shall be freed from the fear of man - For they shall love not their own lives even unto death says the Lord - For they shall fear me only as my Fire comes upon them.

For the fear of the Lord is Wisdom - Is as Holy Fire.

Fire - Fire Says the Lord - Fire - Fire - Take my Holy Fire this day - Fire - Fire coming forth from your lips - For My Word shall burn with Holy fire Says the Lord.

Come to the Altar my people - Come and receive My Holy Fire - And as My Holy Fire comes upon you my people - The Wind of My Holy Spirit shall blow and blow to fan the flames.

Yes higher and higher shall my Holy Fire burn within as the Wind of My Holy Spirit blows upon you - And as My Fire grows within you my people - You shall take My Holy Fire upon the streets says the Lord.

I see people coming to see this wonder - For the people shall hear the Word of God proclaimed in their own tongues - Yes they shall turn to see my people burning as burning bushes before them says the Lord.

And as they turn they shall hear My Voice coming forth from you my people - For they will see the light - Yes they shall see the light of my burning within my people - For on that day they shall fall down and worship the Most High God in the Midst of my people - For they will see I AM in the midst of thee - Turn and see the Salvation of My Son - Turn and take off their shoes says the Lord.

I see Fire - Holy Fire spreading all over this land - Holy Fire spreading throughout the nations like Fire spreads through the dry grass driven by the wind - Yes driven by the Wind of My Spirit Says the Lord.

Rivers of Fire - I see Rivers of Fire comin from the Altar of the Most High God - Yes coming from the Throne room of the Most High God unto the people - Flowing among the people - Flowing into my people - The people of the Lord flowing like Fire throughout this world.

Dave Howe
Wellspring prophetic ministries england.

The House Of My Choosing

Kim Puffpaff

Isaiah 66:1, " This is what the Lord says: " Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be?"

Haggai 1:4, " Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains in ruin?"

This is what I heard the Lord speaking to me...Where is the house you have built for me? For I do not dwell in temples made with hands. For I have choosen to dwell in you. So now, give careful thought to your ways. We give much attention to building things that are man made, when we need to be building His temple in our lives. Outward appearances are maintained, ministries appear to be growing and have His blessing. But remember, "man looks on the outward appearance, God looks on the heart." We seem to get caught up in what we are building. Whatever that might be.....ministries, business, homes, reputations, how we appear to others. But what do we look like on the inside? I keep hearing Him say, 'WHERE IS THE HOUSE YOU HAVE BUILT FOR ME?"

It is time to stop concentrating on your paneled houses and go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build THE HOUSE, so that I MAY TAKE PLEASURE IN IT AND BE HONORED.

There is a time of realignment coming. People and ministries are being called back to the basics. Foundation have been cluttered and are beginning to crumble. You have planted much, but have reaped little. You eat but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it. This is what the Lord Almighty says; GIVE CAREFUL THOUGHT TO YOUR WAYS!. WHERE IS THE HOUSE YOU HAVE BUILT FOR ME? For I look down and I see man made buildings and programs, facilities to house Me. Do you think even my feet will fit there? For I desire to dwell in you! Then my presence will come to that temple in power! Come now, let's build the house in you. That is where I desire to dwell. Let me fill every part of your being.

Haggai 2:4b, " Be strong all you people of the land, declares the Lord and work, For I am with you, declares the Lord Almighty. This is what I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt. And my Spirit remains in you. Do not fear!"


Song of Songs 2:10, " My lover spoke and said to me, "Arise my darling, my beautiful one and come away with me!"

Building a resting place for Him, Kim

In Supernatural Love

Ginny Bell

My Supernatural Love is the opposite of fleshly anger, pride, selfishness (which is also pride), fear, greed, hate, bitterness, contentiousness, fleshly indulgence of our human appetites which fall outside of God-given boundaries. Abiding in the Vine will keep you from falling into all of these opposites to my Supernatural Love. Human love cannot compare with the Love that I AM and the Love I AM able to give to you and through you. Human love will fall short every time. It is not within your power to love from your humanity the way you will need to love in the coming days. You must learn to operate in MY Supernatural Love. You are in the Last Days on My calendar. The kind of Love you need to operate in will only be infused into your spirit by My Holy Spirit through the act of sitting at my feet. You MUST come to me now to listen to My heart. You MUST come and let My Holy Spirit reveal My Word to you, for there are not only hidden treasures that are good for you to know, but your entire SURVIVAL depends on being able to hear My voice; how can you obey Me if you cannot hear me? HEARING MY VOICE NOW IS MORE VITAL TO YOU THAN EVEN YOUR FOOD OR YOUR SLEEP! Things are not as they appear to be, as seen by the natural eye on the surface. You MUST take advantage of boldly coming to the Throne Room for help, direction, strength, discernment and wisdom—for your total sufficiency.

They key to surviving in these Last Days is to be connected to the Vine and to abide in It (Me). All things will be worked out through My Love, in which I AM teaching you to walk. If you are not able to learn to walk in Love, I will not be able to use you in these Last Days. This is not just a nice idea to use from time to time, Beloved. This is going to be your way of life from now on. If you lack wisdom on how to walk in My Love, ask Me and I will abundantly give it to you. It is My delight to show you these things. It makes My heart swoon to hear you ask for wisdom. YOU THRILL MY HEART WHEN YOU ASK FOR GODLY WISDOM! My Holy Spirit will show you and teach you, and I will give you mentors. It is my good pleasure to give you this good gift of wisdom with regard to walking in My Love. Remember that among faith, hope and Love, the greatest of these is Love.

Ginny Bell \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Choosing the 'New Oil'
By Sue Hamilton

A few weeks ago , I had this dream:
I was standing in a room talking with a man. During our conversation, the man suddenly found that he was holding a bottle of oil that 'seemed to come from no-where'. With no thought at all, he immediately threw the bottle away, across the room. It landed on a dining table, which previously we hadn't seen there. It landed at the back of the table behind a few scattered items, but I only recognized the salt-shaker. The table had been previously used to dine at, but had now been left for quite a while. The table had not been completely cleared away and cleaned up - it had a slightly neglected, messy and empty look. The bottle landed on its side, which caused it to crack and slowly leak, wasting some of the precious oil. The man who'd thrown it away, never gave it another thought, but I was somehow aware that the oil was of importance and it was certainly not meant to be tossed to one side. I commented on the oil, and the more I looked at it, the more I noticed about it and it's importance. It was not like the 'normal' oil we are used to. It was a very deep rich oil, - a very deep golden colour with a reddy-orange tinge. It was crystal clear (transparent), and pure. I could not take my eyes off it - I looked into it, as if it held life itself. I felt a deep longing for it. The person with me still could only see it as an unwanted bottle of oil, no matter what revelations I pointed out about it. But the awareness of the importance of this oil grew and grew for me, as did the longing for it, as I continued to look into it. I felt a strong sense that this was the 'new oil' to come - a new anointing.

APPEARANCE OF THE OIL: This new anointing will look much different from anointings that we have known in the past. It's differences will make it unrecognizable to many. It will be recognized and longed for by those who have become hungry and desperate for the Lord. The dream seems to imply that the anointing will bring a further chasm between those who would reject, and those who would accept the anointing. Some are willing to lay aside the 'familiar', 'comfortable' 'understandable' and 'controllable' with a desperate longing for only Christ Jesus himself. For those denying 'self', and hungering and thirsting for righteousness, truly "they shall be filled"(Matt 5:6). As they come and drink the Lord and His anointing in, there will be a great release of restoration, healing, power, love, wisdom and giftings.

I believe that the person in the dream with me was a Christian, with whom I had some things in common. When the oil suddenly appeared, he did not recognize it for what it was, nor did he even consider looking at it, into it, or thinking about whether he needed it or what it was for. He had an already decided agenda, and this new oil was not a part of his plan, so he just tossed it away.

DINING TABLE: Although the oil was tossed aside by one, it came back to a dining table, and so was there and available for anyone who chose to come to the table to partake. . It is our choice to come to the table and eat and drink of it. The Lord Himself prepares the table for us. He provides the table, and what is on it, and we choose whether or not to eat from it. If we abandon ourselves to Him, then we partake of Him, all that He is, and ALL He provides for us at His table.

Although this man refused, and wasted the anointing, it will be there for others who are hungry for the Lord Himself. ? I believe that this anointing will be received with a servant's heart. I believe that just as the OT Levitical priests were to be servants to take care of the Lord's Table to have the bread of His presence, so too must we. We are to help look after the table for others and also eat of it ourselves, with humble servant hearts. Are we really willing to be humble and be the servant? for "whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant"...(Mark 10:43) This is where the power and anointing are!

We are to be the "salt of the world". Salt is put in a salt -shaker for a number of reasons. The Master puts the many grains of salt in the salt shaker to contain the salt in His chosen controlled environment. When the salt is to be used, the Master tips the environment upside down, so that the salt can no longer be 'settled' on the bottom, where it would become hardened and useless if left there for too long. The salt is shaken to loose it from the settled shape and 'form' it has conformed to. The top of the salt shaker is a sieve, and as the salt is continuously shaken, it is forced through the holes, out of its familiar confined environment, into an unlimited unfamiliar space, as it is sifted through the holes. This sifting divides and separates each salt grain from the other salt grains that it was 'clinging' to, and generally 'sorts it out'. It is not isolated from the other grains, as it takes many grains to add saltiness to other things, but it works with the other grains to achieve the master's purpose, and is controlled by his hand. This 'shaking' leaves the grain of salt feeling very 'shaken' - unsettled, unsure, and often feeling bruised, but at the end of the 'shaking', the salt grain lands exactly where the master wants to use it, and it is now 'useable'. The table that the Lord has for us, is prepared with both a salt shaker, and the oil. We cannot have the anointing with the power and all that goes with it, until our foundation has been tested and we've been 'poured out'. We must come to the cross and die to self. Since "Jesus learned obedience from what He suffered"(Heb 5:8) so too must we.

Many are experiencing a purifying fire - purging, stripping, breaking and shaking, to bring us to a place of having no confidence in the 'flesh' and therefore bringing us to far more dependence on God. Those who have allowed, and continue to receive the Lord's cleansing and purging work, will be able to receive the 'life' in this new anointing. It will reach in deeper than previous anointings. With it will come further intimacy with the Lord, with our 'masks', shallowness being further removed.

The sufferings, trials, stripping and 'shaking' that the Lord allows in our lives cuts away much self-righteousness, self-sufficiency and hard-heartedness. We need this, for God wants to give us His power, but only when He can trust us with it. This time of far more trust and release is coming, but at a greater cost. Many are getting a growing awareness of this concept, but for many of us, it's still partly only a concept, because we are still only willing to pay part of the cost which only gives us part of the anointing. We need to really know if we are really desperate enough for all that God has?

When I awoke from the dream, I barely remembered it, and so I did not recognize it's importance. It only vaguely came to mind, and the Lord convicted me to seek Him about it. It was only as I continued to do so, that I remembered many details, and get revelation about them. So initially, it was I who was guilty of not recognizing, and nearly 'tossing to one side' that which the Lord had given me. I did not initially recognize that the dream was from God, because I jumped out of bed to go about my day without really seeking God much first, and so I nearly missed Him and what He had for me for the day.

To receive the anointing, and everything that the Lord has for us, we must put aside all else, and seek Him with ALL our heart. We must not be so presumptuous as to think that 'the others' may miss out, but that we won't. We will not find that which we do not search for. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."(Luke 12:34). We will only receive if we have searching, hungry hearts.

If we become careless, and do not appreciate, and look for God in all aspects of our lives, then we will not see Him there. We will only receive if we have grateful hearts. It takes many very small events to make up our days which the Lord Himself has made. We must be faithful in the little things. " You (who) have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things".(Matt25:23) To receive the new anointing we must recognize, appreciate, and work with the seemingly insignificant things that we already have in our lives.

To "eat and drink" of our Lord, is to eat and drink of all of Him, and the table He sets before us - we must not toss aside the bits we don't like or want. When we're desperately hungry enough we'll eat everything that's put before us, and be grateful for every little bit. There are no shortcuts. Are we willing to dig to find the hidden treasures; to lay down our lives and be the servant; and to be grateful for all things. Are we really hungry enough yet? May we love and support each other in our growth!

Sue Hamilton

Under His Wings

An article in National Geographic several years ago provided a penetrating picture of God's wings...

After a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park, forest rangers began their trek up a mountain to assess the inferno's damage. One ranger found a bird literally petrified in ashes, perched statuesquely on the ground at the base of a tree. Somewhat sickened by the eerie sight, he knocked over the bird with a stick. When he struck it, three tiny chicks scurried from under their dead mother's wings. The loving mother, keenly aware of impending disaster, had carried her offspring to the base of the tree and had gathered them under her wings, instinctively knowing that the toxic smoke would rise. She could have flown to safety but had refused to abandon her babies. When the blaze had arrived and the heat had scorched her small body, the mother had remained steadfast. Because she had been willing to die, that those under the cover of her wings would live...

Psalm 91:4 "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."

Submitted by Elaine Marie LeBel
to Wellspring Ministries

Three Bites

Mary Clark

In a vision, I saw someone take a bite, then another bite and then another bite. Why did you show this to me, Lord?


The Lord God Almighty is calling to His beloved. He is desiring to transform His beloved into something of great beauty. Look around you ,beloved. Behold the goodness of your Lord, as He comes close to you and explains Himself in these last days. Behold His mighty works. Behold the great and terrible day of the Lord that is approaching, and know that it is a splendid time to be alive in Me. It is a splendid time to be on the right side - the side of the Lord God Almighty.

I am explaining Myself to the world. There will be great fear and trembling in this last day that you are about to behold. There will be signs - terrible signs - that will get the attention of all the inhabitants of the world. Look on these signs. Look on these signs and know that the day, the great and terrible day,? of the Lord God Almighty is at hand. You ask Me, "Father, what do you mean? What may we expect? Is this to be a time of devastation?.of famine.of fear? What kind of fear? Fear of You? Fear of the evil one? We are curious about your intentions, Lord. You always say that your intent toward us is kind. What is your intent by showing us great and terrible things to get our attention - to get the whole world's attention? We are curious, Lord, because we desire more than anything to understand your ways and walk in them. Please prepare us with words we can understand for what is about to occur."

I will give you some word pictures you may understand, beloved children. Let Me cast some light - some understanding - about what looms ahead on the horizon for those who inhabit the earth. For those who seek the favor of the great King there will be signs that you will understand as being only the hand of your God at work. You will look on all that takes place and recognize it as being My work, because I have told you in My word about these happenings. Yes! There will be famines! Yes! There will be devastation! Yes! The evil one will run rampant across the face of the earth, seeking whom He may devour. Yes! All of these things are in the offing. But there is more, beloved. There is more that is coming by My hand to My beloved. I want you to think of it in terms of three gigantic bites. The first bite will give you a taste of My glory . The second bite will give you a larger taste of My glory. AND the third bite will give you a taste of My rapturous glory. Mmmm. This is to be a delightful time for those who are in the secret place of the Almighty.a delightful time. Count on Me to open mighty vistas for you to enjoy the beauty of your great King. I am enfolding you in My glory, beloved. I am enfolding you in the beauty of your Lord God Almighty. Taste, beloved. Oh, yes. Taste Me and know that I am delicious. I and all of My ways toward My beloved are truly DE-LI - CIOUS!!!

Marianna, Florida
Servant of the Lord
Prophetic Exhortation

Patient Endurance

Olivia Reitz

"So you, My son, be strong [strengthened inwardly] in the grace that is [to be found only] in Christ Jesus. Take [with me] your share of the hardships and suffering [which you are called to endure] as a good soldier of Christ Jesus." 2 Tim 2:1, 3 "And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise." Heb 6:15

My Royal Priesthood, you have been walking the path of sacrifice, as did your great and High Priest, Jesus Christ and you have been going through the 'trials' of endurance. I gave you a vision and since you know that it is impossible for Me to lie and that I swear by Myself to fulfill My promises to you, your faith has sustained you. Lately, you have felt that you could not possibly endure one more day - BUT - Because you believed what I said, you have been able to endure through the frustrations, setbacks and disappointments, with an assurance that I WILL bring My Word to pass. Your faith is in your God, not in the visible circumstances that surround you, for you know that anytime you "allow" your circumstances to determine your course, you have taken your eyes off the promise and off ME! As Jacob, you have held on til I would bless you with My Fullness. The mighty promise is within your sight, but even now, I AM beginning to pour out blessings upon MY faithful ones. My Beloved, haven't I said that I would make it bloom in the wilderness? Satan has attempted to keep the blessings just out of your reach and he is trying any deception to make you think you will not recive them. Receive them, by faith - open wide your hands and hearts and receive!

I Am the Living God, and there is never a moment when you need me that I will not be there for you. I know your body grows weary, from time to time, but your "spirit" should rejoice in the midst of suffering weariness. I know your hearts are longing to serve Me in the full promise that I have given you, BUT you "must" patiently endure. My children, this too is preparation, for the time of gross darkness over the earth is fast approaching ... BUT ... My Glory shall rise over you, so that you can see! You came into this and you felt you have lost much - but I, your God - can give you much more than you could ever have lost. Rest assured that anything lost for Me are not losses, they will be more than recompensed. Even in the center of apparent adversity, be assured that ALL things are working together for your good, because of your love for Me. Yes, I CAN and WILL provide "miracles" for you, but Glorious Beloved, it is MY desire that you not just settle for miracles, but to move to a higher realm where you live and walk "each day" - IN MY PRESENCE AND BLESSING, for that is your destiny!

*endurance ... the stamina or lasting quality to press on "in spite of" pain, adversity, fatigue or stress.

"He who serves under the bloodstained banner of Immanuel will have that to do which will call for heroic effort and patient endurance. But the soldier of the cross stands unshrinkingly in the forefront of the battle. As the enemy presses the attack against him, he turns to the stronghold for aid, and as he brings to the Lord the promises of the Word, he is strengthened for the duties of the hour."

Olivia Reitz

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