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February 24, 2001

God's Greatness

Eunice B Welsh

I am El Shadai, the God of more than enough. I am far greater, more powerful than anything you can ever imagine. Look with the eye of faith to all I am, all I have for you, all I will do through you. Do not limit Me by your mortal mind and thinking. Allow Me to enlarge your heart and mind, give you new vision, new glasses. You put limits on Who I am and what I can do through you. I am the limitless God. Eye has not seen or ear heard what I have prepared and am preparing for those who truly love Me, who will dare to trust Me fully, to go beyond their limited thinking and desires.

Come up higher, My child, come up to My realm, My world, look through My eyes, study My ways. You have only begun to understand Who I am, what I am able to do in and through a life that is totally committed to Me. There is beauty in My world beyond your wildest imagination. Lift up your head, your eyes, quit concentrating on the natural world. Look into, be influenced by the unseen world. More and more as you do this, it will become your world. This is true life, a glorious life, a free life, free from the chains and shackles of your earthly life.

In Him,
Eunice Welsh

Can We Handle The Truth?

Undrai Fizer

In this era of apostolic transformation, many of our sincere rituals will be tried to the max. The reason is that the Holy Spirit is desiring us to see the church in the big picture, a realm far past our personal religious zones and denominational parameters.

The reason some of us in the Body of Christ are seemingly missing some of the awesome truths and reformations of the Kingdom experience is that we are not seeing these moves in our "zones". We are doing one thing while He is doing another. We are worshipping on another zone while the Spirit is creating a new wave of worship, music, and prophetic expressions. Some of us are out of touch. We must remember that this is not the season of denominational truth. This is the season of Present Truth, the right now administration of The Holy Spirit!

Can we handle the Truth? Can we handle the fact that God is moving His church in a new direction...His! He has always desired to go His own way! He is moving His people into an incredible experience of His Glory. Can we handle God's administration? Can we handle the redefining of His ministry? Can we handle and fully embrace the Present Truth?

There's a people who have an inner desire to abandon "church as usual" and run after The Holy, not the legalistic, dogmatic and comfortable way of church and lifestyles. There is a people who's hearts and desires are being fully tested to embrace and release the passion of the Holy Spirit. They are being redefined. They are being changed. This change is bigger than any church function or gathering. It is a change of identifying with God. They want to know God. They want to express God. They want to embrace God.

They are tired of the usual. They have grown sick of the way it has been all of their lives. They know they will be talked about and called fanatics. But, they don't care! They are tired of not having joy and lying about it. They are spiritually sick and tired of faking happiness. They want a real love and passion for the power and love of Christ. Are you one of these people?

Are you a part of a company of new believers on the horizon who have embraced and exchanged their "I'm satisfied with a drop" of the glory for the full gusher of a life-changing river from the Father? Are you part of that people that are saying, " I can handle the truth! We usually say things like, " There is a time coming", but truly I can say by the Spirit that the "time is already here". The time is here to fully exchange our previous ideas and mindsets that have been deeply embedded in our life patterns, and take on the mind of Christ as it pertains to the Kingdom. It's time to exchange what we have learned and be taught again by the voice of the Spirit, and not just add these new revelations to our "mental bookshelves". It's time to handle the Truth!

I John 1:1 talks about "handling the Word". This generation of "Word Handling" believers are here, right now! No more future tense when talking about this Glory. These believers have a desire to actually touch this Anointing. Just as John said, " We have handled Him with our own hands", we too, will handle His Presence with pure hands.

This Glory of the Father will be physically seen by others when we decide to exchange our patterns for His. Our emotions, problem solving skills, and relationships, must also follow the divine exchange. Can we handle the Truth? The time is now....

Fellowships are already starting that are developing "Word Handlers" and awesome intimate connections with God with a pure heart, and no one is wondering how long the ministry will last or who is going to come and take it over! The phrase, " It was good while it lasted", is over for those who have given their lives to God's way! It will always last because it's God. We cannot be afraid to allow God to build this structure of His Spirit in and of our bodies. The flow is here for those who are not afraid and looking over their shoulders. His Church is here! It's happening in those who look foolish and unlearned. It's being birth through the "no names" and the hidden apostles and prophets whom God has called and trained. Some are young and some are older. But they are handling the Truth!

An Anointing To Purify The Priests

Terry Mengle

A few nights ago the Lord had me do a spiritual inventory of myself listing the positives and the negatives that I had to offer Him for His kingdom purposes. The negatives were somewhat painful to see and contemplate, but God reminded me that His strength is made perfect in weakness. When I completed the positive list the Lord surprised me by adding one Himself that I knew nothing about. What the Lord added was, "An Anointing To Purify The Priests."

When questioned further about the exact meaning of this anointing, He explained that He was giving this anointing to fivefold ministers, especially to the apostles and prophets. They would use this anointing, each according to individual instructions from the Holy Spirit to cleanse all the priesthood in preparation for the fullness of the Third Day Church.

This anointing will generally be aimed at the cleansing of motives, morals and methods presently used in all ministry. The result is to be a priesthood that will work for His kingdom instead of the kingdom of self. The work done for the kingdom of self will be burned up and judged utterly useless.

Since this was given I have felt an inward prompting to alert fivefold ministers about this refining anointing. I think this word is consistent with some others that have come out in recent weeks from various prophetic ministers.

It should be interesting to see the varied applications and the results of the widespread use of this divinely bestowed anointing.

(For scripture reference check out Leviticus chapter 8 and Ezekiel chapter 44.)

Terry Mengle
Eagles' Wings Ministries

Purify the Words

Ras Robinson

Beware the little foxes and birds of the air. Today I am calling upon you to purify the words that flow from your mouth. Negative, critical and judgmental words are like little foxes that Satan uses to destroy the harvest that I am bringing. You have no idea of the impact of the words of your mouth. You create daily the world about you by the words you speak. Catch those thoughts and bring them to the cross before they can be formed into words. Foxes dig and chew (with those words you speak) and eventually will destroy the vineyard of the Master if left unchecked. The birds of the air listen in to your conversations and statements. You think because some of your words are spoken privately to your spouse or close friend that Satan cannot use them to destroy. But I tell you that every word spoken privately is heard by the birds and carried away as weapons (like missiles) of destruction. Do you remember how your mother used to wash your mouth out with soap when you spoke profanities or vulgarities? May I suggest to you that you go and wash your mouth now? Repent for the negative words you have been using.

As a loving Father, I am calling you into account. Being like Me, speak words of life. (Song of Solomon 2:15 "Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that are ruining the vineyards, while our vineyards are in blossom." Ecclesiastes 10:20 "Furthermore, in your bedchamber do not curse a king, and in your sleeping rooms do not curse a rich man, for a bird of the heavens will carry the sound, and the winged creature will make the matter known.")

Fullness in Christ Church

The Deceitfulness of Riches

Pam Clark

There is nothing like creature comforts to make you feel like all is well with the world. Oh how we like it when things are just the way we want them! Isn't that the way many of us dream about Heaven?

But what are the true riches? Is it not souls saved, helped, and delivered? How pious we can get when all our bills are paid and there is some left over. We have it together, so we must have arrived. But the Lord wants fellowship in ~His~ Spirit!

Do we know His Spirit? Do we want to cooporate with His Spirit and His Plan? Sometimes we think when He tells us His Plan that He wants our advice and implementations. We become His counselor rather than Him ours since He ~confided~ in us.

To be honest, this is where many lose it in ministry. Instead of seeking God for His Plan, some ministers do their thing and then when that runs flat, they search and search to follow another man made program because that is ~the way~ they know how to do it! They have just enough knowledge to come across to others well, but the plans are all man's. They think they are doing God a service or a favor.

They have just enough money to "bless" or just enough talent to "serve." They've dabbled in the water and know what it means to get wet. But because they've become critics on "who's got it" and comparatively "how much," they seem like experts on the "latest" thing. This ability to impress makes them feel pretty important!

But, since the old saints are wise to this, selfishly or unselfishly so, these individuals need to find others less wise to impress. The funny thing is that God allows it to get His Word out. The sad thing, though, is that this is what causes "holy" wars.

A person can get saved, healed and delivered by someone preaching the Word - the delivery man (preacher/singer) doesn't have to be perfect or even a believer! Because, it's the Word that works. Not our flesh.

We are enticed by our lusts to do different things. Some do things out of ignorance and some fall because their strength is small, but we need to find out the way that works. We can go to different levels to the degree we are willing to submit our spirit to God's Spirit.

But as you have heard, with new levels there are new devils. Do we really want God or have we found a comfort place? Often we find a comfort zone and stay there to get rest and that can be by God's design, or we can stay there because that's as far as we want to go with God.

But what happens to running water that stands still is that it begins to become stagnant. Odors and strange creatures begin to emit and it's at that place we have to decide if we are going on with God and clean up the pond, or hold our position. Sometimes it's good when we can't stand ourselves any longer and we go to God.

But we will go around and around the mountain again if God cleans us up and we go back into that spirit of our control. Some wait until they can find another person to "get it going" for them. They run to leader after to leader to find someone they can serve and their happiness is based on the effectiveness of that leader.

Some leaders will go through staff after staff to "find" the one that works and then blame their failures on the one that got "stolen away." It's sad, but there will be seasons where things go better than at other seasons. The one who has tried is doing much better than the one who has never tried. Are we trying to find God's perfect will for our lives, or our perfect will?

Some people think that if all goes well, then they have arrived to the perfect will. Some think if they are only being persecuted and are hurting, then they are in God's perfect will. But the perfect will of God is what God's Word says His perfect will is! And the first and basic part of that is relationship with God - as is given by the First Commandment.

Do we love our brothers and sisters in Christ? Do we love others as we love ourselves? Oh how we would love to be benefactor to the world! Do we love God enough to allow Him to do it His way? Will we cooporate with His Plan? Or do we need to become God's advisors? How well do we know our own hearts - - and His?

God can test you by giving you some riches. God can test you by taking them away. If it is God giving it or taking it away, no man under the sun can prevent it!

Sometimes God will take things away to allow you to see what is in your own heart. Sometimes we don't like what we see, but in that, we have the opportunity to do something about it. How does God know we mean business? We bless someone else, not looking to gain personal benefit for ourselves. We do it to bless Him. But sometimes we need to get ourselves right so we can bless others!

Can you admit when too much is too much for your own good? Can you discern when not enough is not enough and then seek help from the Body? God fits each one into their place and then every joint supplies. Are you supplying? Are you being supplied? Are you in the proper fit?

If not, seek His will and not your own and you will find the waters flowing. It will wash you and cleanse you and bring new life and growth. Happiness will return even in the difficult places. God has a Plan for your life and it is good!

No Time to Gather Straw

JoAnn Parrott

No time to gather straw for I am using living stones to build My temple. My church is built with apostles and prophets as the foundation and Jesus Christ is the cornerstone. This is the day that wood, hay and stubble are being revealed. Only that which is built with precious stones will endure -- built on the ROCK -- built by revelation -- built by love -- not by might or power but by My Spirit. Every stone will be a "tried stone" and the stability of the Temple that I am building is the mortar of My Love. I am fashioning each "living stone" to fit in it's proper place. It is a stone that has been tested, proven and found trustworthy. Those stones that man does not esteem as "precious" I have taken and washed with the water of my WORD and set in a place of honor in My Temple.

Will you build with Me?
Let Me counsel you with My eye upon you. I will show you the precious stones with which to build. I have many treasures that are still in darkness that My heart desires to use to build My Temple. I will light the way for you.

Jo Ann Parrott

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