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April 17, 2001

Things To Come

By Michele Perry

I was lying in bed about to fall asleep where there appeared a very large angel in my room about 4.30 am right after the morning call from the local mosque... unlike I had ever seen before... he was huge with an authority that was absolutely demanding of total attention... I wasn't scared as much as transfixed... I have seen many angels before but this one was different--he had a huge sword at his side that had a kind of fire in it,almost like judgment and refining... and he spoke: "I have been sent to show you things to come... to warn you of the coming tribulations"

There was a gravity about his countenance that was unmistakable... and then we were standing on a huge world map... but where ever we stood we were in the spirit... the first place I was taken was America. America: I saw a rollercoaster with only one car and in it was a dollar sign... it had been going up and was currently on the threshold of a drop...then it evened for a bit while everyone began to breath easy again and then it rounded the corner and plummeted taking the economy with it... I saw lines and lines in front of what looked like ration offices and soup kitchens... I saw armed men walk into church services and begin to shoot those who stood up for their faith... And I heard,"Beloved this is what to come... America has trusted in her wealth and made that her sufficiency and her foundation but that is about to be shaken because I am to be her foundation and no other... when this happens it will cause other events to result... all ready there are groups on American soil training for just such a day when a weakness can be exploited to take control and win support...they will result to any means to see their ends accomplished....there are gate cities for My glory that the enemy will try to attack first but already the heavenly hosts have been dispatched..." The angel raised his sword and hosts of angelic armies were dispatched to many cities...

The host surrounded each of these cities and the Lord began to call the saints to attention to watch and pray and prepare for the days ahead... Then the angel lowered his sword and we were standing in Europe: Europe: I saw a multiheaded serpent like a snake rise out of the Atlantic... it had 10 heads and 10 crowns and was ridden by a man...this man began to make alliances to position himself to be in influence over the EU and the UN... not so much an upfront position in this day but a behind the scenes one... so that the UN and EU began to be pawns of this controlling spirit... brother began to doubt brother and turn against each other forming alliances only to break them again... I heard "Beloved the decisions that will come at the hands of the UN and EU will be controlled by this spirit... even now it is beginning to make inroads into processes and governments... it will play nation against nation for it's own good...and it hates My people with a vengeance..." I also sawthe churches of Europe, the abandoned monolithic structures left devastated for generations begin to filled with life and light and fire... a wave of glory was coming to the church there that would birth a revival like never before seen... the dry bones were coming to life and being assembled into an endtime army...We turned and were in Africa:

Here I saw chains and pestilence, famine and drought, disease and Fighting among clans but in the midst of such was an outpouring of the Lord's provision and grace.... and an outpouring of worship especially among the youth and children... I saw a children's army dancing with banners, twirling to the music God put in their very marrow... and I began to weep it was so beautiful... and they were able to teach the world a new dimension of warfare through worship and an understanding of the adoption of God.

Then we stood at the doorstep of the Middle East: Here there was a huge a prayer tower that called out 5 times daily for nations of people to bow and bend to a god that was not God... I looked out over the land and I saw harvest... fields and fields and fields of harvest... an outpouring of the Lord unto harvest... I saw mosques transform and prayer towers once sounding a call to prayer now sounded a call to come to the Lord... but at the same time the radical element was preparing for war-- to fight to the death for Islam... there was a spirit of violence and bloodshed orchestrating this jihad mentality and the leaders of the fundamentalist nations were key players... the hatred was directed toward Israel and the Christians... I saw many wheat shafts once harvested burned in the fire of their hatred... with the harvest there will be persecution and martyrdom... The leaders of Islam conspired against Israel to take her land and her freedom and subject her to their yoke...the anger of the Lord burned against them for doing such... I saw much unrest in Israel and fighting but in the midst there was a fulfillment of the faith there... the Jewish people came to know Jeshua as their Messiah and a great dimension of prophetic worship was released from Jerusalem as the fullness of Davidic and Messianic worship was redeemed! What has been to date is just a trickle--but the torrent is coming... the wasteland is about to bloom!

Then the angel pointed his sword and we were in Central Asia: Here I saw cold as never before known... as well as much government unrest and political instability-- the door that was open for a season to reach this part began to close... it was harder for workers to work openly and persecution increased again... but the church began to flourish amidst the difficulties... also widespread financial corruption and famine-- lack for even basic necessities... but again God watched over His people even sending angelic deliveries of provision... And then we were at the Subcontinent: Here I saw brother rise against brother and nation against nation as hostilities came to a boiling point... also widespread natural disasters-ground shaking, flooding, famine... mounting persecution against believers but in midst the church is woken out of her slumber... here I saw another army of women and children and those rejected dancing before the Lord... I saw traveling companies of artists and minstrels released under the prophetic anointing of the Lord to call the nations to worship Jesus through their art... I saw some of the largest worship gatherings the world has ever seen take place of millions gathering to worship and the song that breaks forth literally causing the ground to shake... I saw chains fall off this land and veils removed... idols smashed... rivers of god presence released... but all this in periods of persecutions and difficulty and coming with a great price...

Then we went northward to China: Here I saw an army being assembled and trained... and a cord extended from China to Russia and the Middle East connecting these three areas... there was spirit of conquest released over China... I also saw cracked dry ground... like in drought or desert and crops withering away... I saw the church here flourish like a network of underground channels and actual send out those who will be instrumental in equipping the church in the west to stand in the coming times of persecution... like the Chinese church was a forerunner that will train thewest how to operate in times of hostility...

Then we looked east to the rest of Asia and Oceania:

Over Japan I saw shaking...

Over Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines much unrest and turmoil...

In Australia, I saw a great outpouring of revival... beyond that I did not see much detail here at this time. Then the angel turned to me and looked at me and then looked back at the 3-D world map and raised his sword and pointed it toward the nations of the earth... I saw it release fire over the nations...

Simultaneously the enemy opened the doors of hell and released great swirling darkness... the places where the greatest darkness was released were the very ones where the Church shone with the most glory. As I watched this contrast unfold I heard: "Beloved all this is to come but it is just the beginning of the birth pains-- all creation groans in expectation for My return... but this is just the beginning not the end... the enemy is about to unleash his fury as never before seen on the earth... but it is no match for the glory I am releasing now in My people, My Beloved, My Bride... I am doing a new thing this day and Church will no longer look like it has-- I am establishing My order for My Body... when you see these things do not fear, but rejoice! I will provide for you My Beloved... indeed I will pour the wealth of the Nations into your storehouses in this day so you can be My channels of provision and blessing to the world in the days to come...

I am releasing with My glory a supernatural wisdom to know how to walk and how to stand in this day. This wisdom and prophetic understanding will effect the decisions and courses of nations... My Church is about to be revealed in Her glory... there is no time to waste-- the day hastens quickly... My Beloved people you must grow up and lay aside everything that hinders you from running the race I have set out for you... Keep your eyes focused on Me and I will cause you to walk on the water in the storm even when there is no boat to return to... As the judgments have been released so has My glory... and it will grow increasingly brighter and manifest until My return."

Psalm 144:1

Praise to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle."

A Song of Joy


Debbie Cossu

It was just before dawn, but many already were stirring. The night had been cold, and out of season frost still lay on the ground. Although it was to dark to be seen with the eyes, the sound of it could be heard through the silence, as those who were the watchmen moved in obedience.

It really was to early for all to be aroused, and some who had helped in past battles still need more rest to recover their strength. Those who had been awakened first to the dawning of this day were softly humming, or gently whistling, the song of the Lord. It was a new one just being written, so no words had yet been formed or put in place. The song though was sure, and steady, and even in the darkness had a joyful beat and love filled chorus easy to remember, and that would never be forgotten.....

SUDDENLY, the first ray of the rising sun shone directly on the instruments in the midst of the camp, and a shout of victory was sounded at once as all were awakened by the early morning light. Now, in the fullness of this light, and the warmth that it carried, the cold was overtaken, and the frost melted. It just became a part of the river of life running beside this people who had heard the song before it could be written.

Surely a new day has dawned, and all is made ready. How quickly everything came together. The words to the sonnet of victory, of love, of truth, were now being released. They had been completed and written by a hand trained for war, and fingers who were familiar with battle, and placed in the hands of those prepared to join them.....

Word of the Lord:

"You have made it through the darkness of night, for the light of day now shines upon you. The rhythm of My Spirit can be clearly heard by all. Some of you are able to record the sway and beat of how the song must flow. Others bear My heart and are close enough to hear the whispers of love as I breath them out. All are able to join in, as both the notes and the words come together with a beauty that even the world longs to hear, and is able to believe.

You are fighting a war, and have faced many battles that have brought you to this day. You have been trained well and not retreated or given up the fight, even when a season of rest was ordered for your well being and safety.

It is a new day of a new season of your life.

My church, My glorious bride, My chosen treasure, has made herself ready just by remaining in the place assigned long ago. The songs to come forth, that were birthed in the dark and cold of barren silence, and even brokenness and sorrow, shall be a balm of love as now new songs of rejoicing, and the joy of My love, are written by the same hands and fingers I have held through the night.....

His Fullness

Bart DeVries

"My people come to Me, come to Me as who you are and not as whom you want to be. Come to Me regardless of what you think or how you feel. Don't you know that I have made you complete through Him? I have given you My Son so that you can walk in total freedom, in total peace and in total unconditional faith. You have not yet seen or experienced the fullness of My Son in your lives, in your ministry, because you have not yet known what it means to walk in the fullness of Christ.

It is My desire for you to know and to walk in the fullness of Him, because only then change will come forth in your thoughts, in your hearts, in your lives, in your circumstances and in your ministry. It is my desire to see you grow, to see you bear fruit and to see you change through the plan and destiny I have for you. No thought or dream is too big, no thought or dream is too strange, because know that it is Me who planted those thoughts and dreams in your minds and spirits. Know that it is Me who will work out every detail of everything I once spoke or revealed to you as long as you start trusting Me in everything and start walking in the assurance and fullness of My Son.


For ye says the Lord, know that it is not My intention to set you aside or hold you back from everything I have in store for you. The enemy tried to rob, to kill and to destroy everything what I wanted to do in and through your lives, but as you come in this closer intimacy with Me, I will give you the strength and the courage to pick up and continue where you left.

I will give you the courage and faith to have victory in any circumstance, because no longer you will be walking by what you see, but you will start walking by what I have taught you to believe and have faith in. For My son and daughter give Me your heart, and let your eyes watch My ways. For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your ways My ways, says the Lord. Only through a closer and deeper intimacy with Me you will start seeing and understanding the meaning and the fullness of My plans and you will start to realize that what you have seen so far is just very little of what I am well capable to do.


Old bridges will be burnt and new bridges are going to be built, because I am repositioning My soldiers, My warriors, My army. I am recruiting a total new battalion of prayer warriors and intercessors who are willing to step out into the front lines, who are willing to step out into the heat of the fights against evil and darkness. Those who have been in the back rows will be promoted to the front rows. Those who have been rejected by men, will start to receive favour from Me in such an abundant way that the same men who rejected them will confess that it is Me who is giving them that favour and that it is Me Who is in charge.

For those churches and ministries, for those local parts of the Body who are willing to open themselves up for Me and have this desire to receive the fullness of My Son, for them I will make the Way to succeed, to increase and to prosper in their calling and destiny. They will be the ones who will see the fruits come forth of the many seeds they have been faithfully planting over the past years, because they have not been giving up but they have been trusting me in everything.

This will be a year where I will start breaking through the denominational barriers and bring those Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists and Pastors together in unity for My specific purpose and reason. I will call them to come in unity with Me first, I will call them to come in unity with their flock I entrusted them and only then I will call them out to come in unity with each other. No longer will my Body be as fragile as a jigsaw puzzle, falling apart, being incomplete when a piece is missing or doesn't fit in. I am going to shape, to rebuild and to smooth the edges. I am going to take the roughness away, so that all the pieces will perfectly match and fit together as one Body.


I am calling My Church back to the basics of the Word. I am calling My Church to repent from it's own wicked ways. I am calling out for those who truly want to repent and open up their hearts to receive Me, because I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Many have been deceived by the plans of Satan, and yes, Satan has been penetrating in the church and families over the last decades. It is My desire to bring forth a true restoration in the Church, based upon My Word and not men's religion.

Yes, it is My desire to reveal the Father's heart. The broken hearted will be healed, restored and empowered through My Spirit to do the works of the Saints. I will raise up a mighty army enabled to minister to those who are hurt, discouraged and lead astray. I am going to give My Body a full understanding of what it means to prophetically declare warfare to every demon and evil spirit in the cities, in the land. I am going to show My Body to take back what is rightfully theirs. I am calling my Body to break free from every spirit of discouragement, weakness, timidity, unbelief, frustration, defeat and failure. You have been set free from all of this through My Son, says the Lord.


Receive this gift, this knowledge and revelation into your hearts and I will empower and strengthen you through My Spirit. Parts of My Body have been walking in defeat, fear and threat, but now is the time to stand up and place the banner over the cities. I am raising up leaders who say "No" to compromising. I am raising up leaders who teach the whole council of My Word, and I am calling you, the sheep, to whole-heartedly support them. This will be a year of preparation, sanctification, and re_dedication of many parts of the Body. I will call My people to earnestly search their hearts and look at their motivations and attitudes.


It is My desire to see the Church well prepared and operate in the fullness of My Son. I am calling My church to become one of heart, I am calling My church to fully understand My heart. Only through a closer intimacy with Me will it be possible to receive the fullness of My son. You have been crying out for signs, wonders, miracles. You have wanted to see the impossible to happen, but yet have you been ready for this? Have you prepared your lives, your churches to receive all of this? Yes, it is My desire to give you all of this, but you need to be prepared! I am calling the leaders back to the Cornerstone, I am calling them back to simplicity of ministry. Visions of men will die in order to give birth to My visions and even through the times of transition I am calling My Body to welcome this new move which is leading towards My fullness released in the Church.

I will never leave nor forsake you, I have given you My Son Jesus Christ, to lead you to guide you and have victory over every attempt from the enemy. Trust Him, seek Him, follow Him, let His character develop in yours and you will receive and understand His fullness".

To Rule and to Reign

Bill Burns

If you will, like Abraham, lift up your eyes to the Hill called Calvary...and even, I say, beyond that Hill to the empty tomb, I shall raise you up to rule and to reign with Me. I shall reveal the dominion and the dimension of My Spirit that you have not yet seen. For, it is My purpose to bring forth a victorious church. It is My purpose to prepare a people, a remnant of those who shall flourish and come to Zion. They shall be prepared for the habitation of the very ends of the world, for I say that the end of the age is upon you. Is it not written that the Day of the Lord cometh? But, when does it come? I say it begins in the midnight hour when you know not and when the world sleeps. When the very early rays of the dawning of the Son of Man, the Daystar, begins to appear upon the horizon that will be the sign unto you that the end of the age comes.

For this purpose I speak to you today -- prepare the way of your hearts that they may be fully established in Me that you may go forth and prepare the way of My coming in this world. I am not only the Lamb; I am the Lion. I am not only the Lion, but I am the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Mighty God who comes upon His people before He comes to bring judgment to the earth. I say, be expecting a brand new day, a new beginning, a time that I am about to reveal to you in which you can step out into the new and leave the old behind...a day when you will no longer worry, but you will become a people of faith. I have said, "Will I find any faith on the earth?" But, I declare that I have a people in whom the seed of My faith has been planted, and it is even now growing like that tiny seed that becomes a tree. Today be encouraged and step out into a new dimension of My presence and My kingdom, for I come quickly. Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO

Prepare For the Journey

Olivia Reitz

My Glorious Beloved, you have been on a journey. A journey between you and Me. You have gone into places never traveled before by you. There have been strange lands, places and people that you have never encountered before, but I have led you there. In your wilderness experience, these have been stepping stones of preparation to the "new journey", the new place I AM about to take you. As in the previous journey, I provided the way, in ways you did not forsee that I would do, this journey also will be provided by Me in ways that you cannot forsee. It will be a journey of a lifetime and it will be worth the sacrifice and worth the denial of self.

I AM removing the "ifs" from your heart. This is almost on the order of My asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to Me. Abraham was willing and I knew I was above all in his life, "even above the promise."

Hear My words, My Beloved, hear them, take them into your spirit for they are life and they are the way. My Words will lift you up and My Words will set your lives, your callings into motion. For I have made a solemn oath to you, to do you good and no harm. My Words spoken to and for you are true and are coming to past. The word has gone forth in the heavenlies and will manifest in the twinkling of an eye. I have been speaking "Suddenlies", they are not in vain, but for your benefit. Be ready for that great and awesome time.

Beloved, I have proclaimed you as my own. I have set you apart for Kingdom duties and you shall also receive Kingdom Blessings. Set your eyes and expectations high, far above all you could ask or think. Expect it to come forth, for it has been released forth to you and for you. It is time, Beloved, to rejoice in God, your provider.

As you come forth from the cave, the place of instruction and training, there is a brilliance of light, that you know that you know you have entered into that place reserved for you. The light is My presence. You have entered in! I will do great exploits, because I have chosen you and you are trained and learned, taught by Me, your Almighty God.

Prepare for your new journey, for the day is at hand, breakthrough is here, the time is here. Sit back and enjoy the ride. It's time to Arise - Sons of Glory - Arise !!!

Olivia Reitz

Tell Me Lord, When Does Your Love Begin?

Illaina Peluso

To all whom have an ear to hear!
Let us hear what the Spirit of Lord is saying to His church today.

1 Cor. 13:1
Though I speak with tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.

1 Cor. 13:4-7
Love suffers long and is kind, love does not envy, love does not parade itself, is not puffed up, doesn't not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks not evil, does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

"LORD, tell me when does your LOVE begin?"

Tell me Lord when does your love begin?
Does it begin when we are found without sin?
Tell me Lord when does your Love begin?
Does your Love begin when everything is correct and right in your sight?

Can someone please tell me when the LORD's Love begins!

Does the Lord's love begin to flow to our brother's and sister's in Christ when they are holy and found in Him.

Tell me when does the Lord's love begin?

Does it begin when we can love our brethren as the Lord loves them?
I think this is when the LORD'S love begins!!

It begins when we will stand in love for each other, that's when the Lord's love begins!

It begins when we refuse to tear each other apart with the very words that are in our heart.

For this is when the Lord's love will flow and this is the way He is calling His church to go!

Be found in His love today in yours words, in your deeds, and in your actions towards His children.

Your Friend and Servant
In our Lord
Illaina Peluso

Herald the Victory

Linda Evans

May we start every day -- from this day forth, with a fresh and vibrant rejoicing from the very depths of our hearts as we Herald the Victory given to all by our Beloved Lord and Christ! He who overthrew the earthly-powers of darkness, Flooding the dark with His Extravagant Love which is LIGHT; In Whom, we celebrate this day and for ever! Mercy and Justice Kissed -- Tsedek and Shalom have kissed, in Divine Union -- and we walk no longer under the bondage of death! He is Risen! May we celebrate the coming of this Great LIGHT in our lives every day, as we, in faith, live in accordance with the Truth of our Deliverance! We ARE a new creation, In Christ Jesus!

"Oh Lord, Thou hast been favorable unto Thy Land; Thou hast brought back the captivity of Jacob. Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of Thy people; Thou hast covered all their sin! Selah!. Thou hast taken away all Thy Wrath, Thou hast turned [thyself] from the Fierceness of Thy Anger! ... I will hear what God the Lord will speak: for He will speak Peace - Shalom! unto His people and to His saints, but let them not turn again to folly. Surely His Salvation is nigh them that fear Him: that Glory might dwell in our Land! Mercy and Truth are met together; Righteousness (Tsedek) and Peace (Shalom) have kissed [each other]. Truth shall spring out of the earth and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Yea.. The Lord shall give [that which is] Good! And our land shall yield her increase. Righteousness shall go before Him and shall set [us] in the Way of His Steps." Ps 85

Linda the Beguine

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