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May 2, 2001

Are We Mocking Him?

J. Conrad Lampan

Matthew 27:31 "After they had mocked Him they took the robe off from Him ... and led Him away to be crucified"

The soldiers had put a red robe on Him, and a crown, and a reed in His hand -all symbols of kingship- and they bowed before Him, and shouted "Hail, King of the Jews! "

Then they took the robe off from Him and led Him away to be crucified.

They had mocked Him.

Sunday after Sunday the story is repeated all around the world.

We bring Him and put Him in the midst. We put a robe on Him. And a crown, and a scepter. And we sing "Crown Him with many Crowns" and "All hail the Lamb".

And then we take the robe off from Him and we take Him away. We rather have Him on the cross.

Jesus on the cross means salvation. Forgiveness of sins. God's justice satisfied. Jesus on the cross means we have the way open to heaven. Jesus on the cross means we can escape hell.

We rather have Him on the cross.

If He is not on the cross where is He?

On the Throne.

We want Him on the cross because that opened the door for God's blessings of salvation. But on the throne?

Jesus on the throne means we are not in control. Jesus on the throne means "Father, Thy will be done" After all it was the Father's will to exalt Him to the throne and to give Him a Name above all other names.

God has been tolerant. Not any more. God has been patient. Not any more. His plan for the ages is entering a time of complete fulfillment.

Like we it or not He is on the throne.

"That at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow" Phil 2:13

"And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father" Phil 2:14

Why do we not have the revival we expect? Why do we pray and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and it seems so hard to receive it? Why do we pray for the Holy Spirit to come and move in power, and heavens seem to be hard as bronze?


Pastor J. Conrad Lampan

Planting the Presence of Jesus

The Second Call Ministries

God's Mouthpiece

Jana Alcorn

Leader, you are to be a Mouthpiece for God! Recently this became so clear in my spirit. I searched countless scriptures to gain a more thorough understanding. I prayed. I made new commitments to God.

I found, just as Aaron became a spokesman for Moses, we must speak as the oracles of God, and believe me, it isn't because our God is a stutterer. He speaks and entire nations must respond!


I know that you still stand in amazement that I would use you, yet I choose to empower you and to put My words in your mouth. You are being propelled by My prophetic Word into a quickening of the Spirit within. You have known that this would be and now I tell you again that I have prepared you and brought you to this place of advancement. You must follow My Spirit and be willing to abandon all for My sake. This is a time of gathering in and a time of reaching out. Both will happen, says the Lord, for I am bringing together my forces from every tribe and tongue. I am calling and shortly you will see a coming together. My Voice will be carried across the waters and the sound shall go forth into every spirit that is ready to be penetrated with the next Word of My assignment. I shall loose things and people that have been bound, even new strategy shall flow, for this is the Moment of My purposes and nothing shall stop their fulfillment, says the Lord!

Wilderness About To Bloom

Ras Robinson

Your wilderness and dry place is about to bloom! I am the master gardener and the spring push is here. You have already seen some blooming but I am now making room for the more than abundant blooming. You are living in the Third Day revelation of the Lord and you will see the display of my majesty, especially during this season. My resurrection power is being tilted towards you. Get ready to receive of my plenty. There has been some ingathering already of those who have bloomed profusely for me in their day. But now there is room made for the new to come forth. All the days you have spent in the wilderness and dry places have been preparation. Things will soon begin to turn so that you will have beauty for ashes and joy for mourning. Remember that it is Me who will cause this glorious blooming. Get ready. New days are coming for you. Release the old. Be thankful for the old because it was also given by My hand and had it’s own glory. Now the new glory will be on display through your life. I delight in you and have chosen that this is the season for resplendent glory to come through you and from you. Your wilderness and dry place is about to bloom!

Isaiah 35:1-2 “The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. [2] It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing…”

Fullness in Christ Church, Pastor

Listen To God

A.W. Tozer

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life."
--John 8:12

If while hearing a sermon we can fix on but one real jewel of truth we may consider ourselves well rewarded for the time we have spent.

One such gem was uncovered during a sermon which I heard some time ago. From the sermon I got one worthy sentence and no more, but it was so good that I regret that I cannot remember who the preacher was, that I might give him credit. Here is what he said, "Listen to no man who fails to listen to God."...

No man has any right to offer advice who has not first heard God speak. No man has any right to counsel others who is not ready to hear and follow the counsel of the Lord. True moral wisdom must always be an echo of God's voice. The only safe light for our path is the light which is reflected from Christ, the Light of the World....

God has His chosen men still, and they are without exception good listeners. They can hear when the Lord speaks. We may safely listen to such men. But to no others. The Root of the Righteous, 15-17.

"Don't ever let me preach my own empty, worthless stuff, Lord. Whenever I enter the pulpit I pray that I might have a fresh word from heaven. Amen."

Read "Insight for Leaders" online at:

Get Real


I appeal to you therefore, brethren, and beg of you in view of (all) the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies (presenting all your members and faculties) as a living sacrifice, holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.
Rom. 12:1

Authentic. We've gotten so use to imitation, we've forgotten what it means to have the authentic. Take cubic zirconia for example. It has become so popular and so "real" in appearance that many people cannot tell the difference. It's well liked for it's attractive counterfeit of real diamonds, set in gold and styled in such a way that only the trained can easily identify the real from the fake. Because of it's immense popularity, it has increased in value and can be quite costly to own--not as costly as quality, real diamonds, but quite a little chunk of change. In our Christian lives we've often settled for the cubic zirconia instead of waiting for the diamond to be purified. You see, we as Christians are like diamonds in the rough--pieces of coal that need to be submitted to intense pressure to create the diamonds we can be in Christ. But that pressure, that need to walk as living sacrifices, becomes difficult--so it's much easier to settle for the cubic zirconia. It looks as good as the diamonds, shines and sparkles like real diamonds, comes in settings of real gold that are as beautiful as diamond settings receive. But when it comes to valuing them, an expert clearly discerns that beautiful as they are, they aren't the real thing. Their value is substantially less, worth very little. Like the cubic zirconia, sometimes we trade in our walk with God for the appearance of a walk with God. The Word and what it says our lives will be like, should be like seems difficult, costly. We really don't want to spend the time, do the study, live the life that seems to go with the grace of salvation. We want the salvation, but we exchange the real life for the imitation one. Since it looks just as good and no one really can tell, we satisfy ourselves that we are doing good--without all that pesky living sacrifice stuff. We can show devotion to God without actually living devoted lives. We can feign consecration without actually have to consecrate ourselves. We can appear to be dedicated wholly to God without actually having to be wholly dedicated to God. We can do it so well that it passes the inspection of most people. We can count on the fact that most people will not look too closely at our lives, inspect our fruit because they don't want their own inspected. So we settle in to comfortable lives that have all the look and feel of authentic Christianity but lack that little living sacrifice thing. The problem is that we forget there is the great diamond Expert who can tell in an instant the real from the authentic. It is His eyeglass that we need concern ourselves with, not that of other believers. It is in His eyes that we will be judged and held accountable for what we've done with the life He gave us. It is in His jewelry shop that we will be weighed in the balances. To be sure, He will notice the gold and it's purity or lack thereof but He will also be inspecting the diamond--and He is not interested in cubic zirconia. You see He purchased diamond material with the most expensive purchase price ever known to man. He realized that it was rough diamonds, needing to be pressurized into fine diamonds but He knew that the coal was especially created and infused with all the right elements to produce wonderful diamonds. Yet will He hold in His hands cubic zirconia? Will He see the dust blown away from the lumps of coal and placed over that coal a cheap, imitation of the real thing?

Authentic Christian lives don't just happen. They are born out of an intimate walk with the Master Jeweler. They are labors of love, fashioned out of dedicated and consecrated lives. They are the product of those that are unwilling to settle for less than the best that is well pleasing to God. They realize that, given all He's done for us, it is our reasonable service--the rational and intelligent choice. They realize that this dedication of ourselves is our spiritual act of worship. We can worship Him with our lips, our heads, even engage in our hearts on occasion but worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth involves a living sacrifice. Separating the authentic from the imitation in our lives takes some soul searching. We must go before our God with willing hearts and ask to be purged of the imitation. We must surrender our lives totally and completely to Him. We may have all around us convinced but there is only One who really matters--and He does not look at the outward appearance, He looks at the heart. He knows the truth about us that no one else can see and know. Today, as you go, take off the imitation cubic zirconia's that you've arranged in your life. Today, settle for nothing less than the authentic in your life. Today, present your body a living sacrifice. Today, be reasonable, rational and intelligent in your service and spiritual worship. Today, get real with God.

Grace and peace,

Flying By the Instruments

Michelle Perry

I saw 2 different scenarios: first a plane flying well in the clear but when it hit a bank of clouds and vision was taken away it began to falter and become disoriented and finally it crashed. Again I saw a plane flying and it hit a bank of clouds and a storm but flew through unwavering in its course.

And I heard the Lord explain:

"The first plane flew by sight, the second by instruments. Beloved this is the hour I am calling My people to fly by the instruments. A time is coming and is at hand when the enemy is about to unleash his darkness and I am about to release My judgements.

It is no longer enough to learn how to fly- know the art of flying by the instruments so that when the storms come you can stay the course unwavering and not become confused or disoriented. It may feel like the plane is tipping or spinning, but as long as your instruments remain steady you must trust them over your feelings. If you fly by your feelings in this day, you will crash.

I have given you instruments by which to fly: My Word, My voice and My Spirit. Judge everything according to My Word. Listen to MY voice as I speak this is the way walk in it. Follow the leadings and promptings of My Spirit and I tell you your course will remain steady through the storm. Remember even the darkness is not dark to Me. I will guide you but you MUST know how to operate and read your instruments. So today I am releasing a new discernment and a new hunger for My Word, a new passion for My Presence and a new clarity in hearing My voice."

South Asia

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