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May 24, 2001

Hear My Voice! Oh My People

Hear my voice, oh my people! Stretch out your hand to me and know that I am your God. I am the one who delivered you, the one who has renewed you. You are in distress because you have not trusted me, You have not believed my ways, nor through my thoughts in my house.

Take my hand and know that I will deliver you again and take you into the promised land. Do you not believe that I am your God? Do you not remember the things of old?

I am your deliverer, I am your Sword and Shield. I am the one who has brought you through many waters. I have saved you from many storms. Listen closely to my words for I am trying to help you overcome. My children you are called to be overcomers in a dark world, in a world where wickedness has become the god of it's people. Look up to the heavens as I draw nigh to the day of my coming.

My heart desires for my children to be spotless and beautiful for that day, that glorious day, when I return and take my bride with me to my dwelling place. It will be a place of purity and love where my light reigns and my spirit rules on that great glorious day!

Jump to me! Reach for me! Take my hand, and let me lead you through the waters to where there is Freedom. There is freedom in my spirit, freedom in my Love. So come to me now! Come to me quickly without delay! Do not lag behind! Do not sleep! Awake, and rise up! And be ready for that day -- the day of redemption! The day of Rejoicing where we will stand together in my Glory......Trust me! Trust me!

I never leave my children forsaken or begging for bread or drinking old wine. My children you have the new wine, which is me. Drink of me and you will never thirst! You will never thirst! Believe me on this......Stand up now and be all I have been molding you to be...... My heart is waiting. I am waiting patiently for my bride. Come to me Now...Come to me Now.........

Cynthia Mosley

Open Your Eyes And Ears

Barbara Doyle

Open your "eyes" and you will see, open your "ears" and you will hear.

There are things I've wanted to speak but I'd open My mouth and you would run away in fear. Fear that I would say something strange or hard but if you would only be still, you could feel the love. Yes, some things I say will be hard, different and even strange, but if you are living close to Me you will have no fear. All that I do or ask of you, is to show My love for you. When you allow me to love you on my grounds, only then will fear leave. My love casts out fear and can only bring faith. Any situation that comes is only to prove my love for you and when you run from Me you refuse the gift and of course fear comes in. Believe me when I say so simply "I love you." That's no big deal for me. That's all I can do -- is love you. You allow people and even animals to love but you can't trust me to love you. Oh, man, when will you "hear" and when will you "see?" The time is NOW if you will let it be.

Barbara Doyle

Spiritual Deadness

Marsha Burns

I speak to those who have touched what is unclean by partaking of spiritual deadness. You have inadvertently participated and shared in death by allowing those around you who are self-focused and apostate to drain the life out of you. You have asked Me why you are so dry and lack spiritual vitality. It is because you have touched what is dead and religious and have become defiled. I say to you that you must wash yourselves through repentance. Rise up in newness and life; be partakers of My Spirit. 2 Corinthians 6:17 Therefore "Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you."

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

God In a Box


For the time being no discipline brings joy, but seems grievous and painful; but afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it (a harvest of fruit which consists in righteousness--in conformity to God's will in purpose, thought and action, resulting in right living and right standing with God.) Heb. 12:11

So many believers want a life that costs them absolutely nothing. They want all the perks of Christianity and none of the cost of Christianity. They've never counted the cost of following Jesus. Either they weren't told when they came to Him or they didn't listen. They want God in a box that they can pull out whenever the need Him but keep Him in His "place" in there lives so they can live as they want. Living for Him isn't easy, simple but not easy. It requires sacrifice of us--of our time, our abilities, our will, our ways. It requires that we don't think and act and react like the world to life. It requires that we think, act and react as He would--not in some sappy, arm linking, I'd like to teach the world to sing kind of way--but in a real, Biblical Truth kind of way.

His Word teaches us how to live. We wrap it up into packages, hand it out in dogma and water it down until it's virtually unseen as Truth. We don't want to be offended for the sake of the Gospel, inconvenienced, rebuked, corrected, disciplined. We simply want to be blessed by God and live our lives as we want. Discipline, spiritual discipline, can't be something we play around with from time to time--it must become a way of life for us. It isn't "fun" to learn to be disciplined, to live right before Him, to study to show ourselves approved unto God, to live holy lives, righteous lives, lives that are pleasing to Him. It is deny self, taking up the cross and following Him daily. It is a life that puts everything that we want under the magnifying glass of what He wants to bring it into agreement with Him. No discipline at the time brings joy--so we avoid discipline. We play the "happy camper" Christian--blessed, blessed, blessed and as long as we can credit God with "blessing" us by our definition of what it means to be "blessed" we just cruise along.

Discipline take time, takes determination, takes surrender. But afterwards it produces peaceable fruit of righteousness--a harvest of fruit--in conformity to God's will in purpose, thought and action, resulting in right living and right standing with God. So what would your rather have in your life? Are you happy and content with just hanging out in God's house, rubbing elbows with other believers, doing the "best you can" and looking to be "blessed"? Or do you want a life that conforms to God's will in purpose, thought, action--resulting in right living? Lots of people live good lives, are good people, do good things and they will not make it into heaven because they don't have Christ. We who have Christ cannot settle for just being "good" people, doing a few "good" things and justify our Christian experience because we're "good" most of the time. We are called to a higher calling. We are called to walk worthy of Him who called us. We are called to a life of discipline, a life of surrender, sacrifice, righteousness, holiness, separation, devotion and obedience. We are called to a life that conforms to God's will in purpose, thought, action. This results in right living and right standing before God. That is what we should want, what we should strive for. So today, decide what your really want: God in a box or to be in right standing before God. Today, choose your path. Today, conform to God's will.

Grace and peace,



Bill Yount

I heard the Lord say, "There is a kingdom that scatters and yet increases."


I saw God's people inside of churches as Seeds. I then saw His Hand reach down and pick up many of these seeds and begin to scatter them far and near into other fields of ministry and Harvest.


I sensed it was "Seed Planting Time" in the Spirit. Much of God's Seed was being scattered by "Winds of Adversity" allowed by Him to send this seed places to be planted where they would not have gone on their own..

The strong winds that blew many seeds outside the House were used also to push many seeds inside downward into a deeper commitment to Him and to that House.

Pastors became discouraged for it seemed like it was a season of losing sheep from their fold.


But it was actually God's way of scattering His Seed as these winds were blowing inside the House. Seeds that remained in the House began to judge the seeds that were leaving.


Some seeds that were leaving started to judge the seeds that were meant to stay behind.

I heard the Lord say, "IT IS MY SEED - DON'T JUDGE IT!

This is of Me and it is marvelous in My eyes. My Kingdom is bigger than a church! Some Seed in churches that had grown roots downward over many years and had become like strong faithful trees giving shade and comfort to many--- were actually uprooted by severe winds and carried away to be transplanted by the Spirit elsewhere even into other churches that had no shade of a strong mature tree.

Honoring the Truth-teller, part 1

By Dr. Roger W. Sapp

The Meaning of Truth

The Greek word that is translated truth in the New Testament is a very powerful and meaningful word. It is alethia. The a (alpha) at the beginning of a Greek word often means that it is a negation of the rest of the Greek word. For instance, the English word atheist comes from a-theos which means literally no god. In the case of alethia the literal meaning of this word is nothing hidden. This means that the phrase found in Scripture that describes the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth literally would be the Spirit who allows nothing to be hidden. Vine’s Dictionary of New Testament Words defines this Greek word that is translated as truth as meaning: The reality lying at the basis of an appearance, the manifested, veritable essence of a matter. This definition should inform us that the Spirit of Truth is always working to move us as believers beyond the appearance of a person, a matter or an organization to discover its reality and essence.

Leaders Need Truth in Proportion to Influence

The Bible speaks a great deal about the value of truthfulness in relationships. The subject of reproof in Scripture is a good example of this. Only the fool and the wicked man according to Proverbs cannot hear godly reproof. Reproof is always the truth as someone else sees it. Consider King David’s words about his need for those around him to speak to him truthfully from their perspective: Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness: and let him reprove me; it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head… Psalm 141:5 Our responsibility to hear the truth from individuals around us grows in proportion to the sphere of our influence. The larger the influence, the more we need people around us to speak their perception of the truth to us and the less likely they are to do it. Leaders must teach and emphasize truthfulness or they will more likely get affirmation from their subordinates rather than truthfulness.

Recognizing the Truth in Different Packages

The leader must also recognize truth when it comes. It seldom will come in a nice package and identify itself as truth. Truth can come to us in the form of the unflattering opinions of others, angry words, criticisms and even slander. The speakers will almost always see themselves as telling the truth. As King David said in the passage above, sometimes the truth-teller will smite us. Nearly all of these kinds of smiting events will have an element of truth that needs to be discerned. The leader who is insecure will not glean the truth about himself and his organization from these uncomfortable truth events and can dishonor the person seeking to tell the truth. Embraced truth will set us free no matter what package it comes in.

Actions and Attitudes Reveal Values

The leader who verbally encourages truthfulness must be prepared to continue his instruction when he actually gets truthful feedback from his subordinates. If the feedback comes in one of these uncomfortable packages, if he is not careful, he may shut down the flow of information to him by his response. If he acts insecure, angry or quietly withdraws from that person, he teaches by his actions that he does not value truthfulness. In other words, value systems are always observable in the behavior of leaders. For instance, if the leader judges the input of the truth-teller by how well he or she offered that input, the leader will receive decreasing truthfulness from those around him. He has taught by his attitudes and behavior that truthfulness is not valued. If individuals around him must earn the right to speak the truth to him by proven loyalty, he is training and producing subordinate leaders that will value loyalty over the truth. Leaders who have been trained this way will speak very little truth to him and confuse affirmation with truthful feedback. Neither will they honor the truth-teller when he speaks to them.

Speaking the Truth Wisely

Because the truth is often difficult to hear, it is necessary for those who feel responsibility to speak truth to do it as wisely as possible. Failure to do this insures that we will not spiritually grow up. The Bible connects our spiritual growth with speaking the truth. It tells us that speaking must be out of the motive of love. But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ… Ephesians 4:15

This means that the truth-teller must have sincere concern for the person and organization that he is speaking to. This is where truth telling becomes an expression of love. In the military, the value system of officers says that they should speak the truth to their commanders. However, there is also a value that says loyalty to the leader means that you speak to him in a way that does not embarrass the leader or damage his reputation within the military organization.

Normally, that means that confrontational truth is spoken in private and with proper military courtesy. Conversely, the commander has the responsibility to hear the truth no matter how poorly it was spoken by the subordinate. This requires him to be secure in himself and to earnestly desire the truth from his subordinates. The reaction of the commander to the subordinate’s truth-telling will teach the subordinate whether or not he can continue to speak the truth to this particular commander. The same thing is true in the Church and all organizations. Leaders must love the truth, even when it smites them, and appreciate the truth-teller if they want all their subordinates to continue keeping them properly informed.

Leaders of local churches and all organizations of the Church must allow subordinates the right to speak the truth as they see it. They must maintain a value system that honors the person seeking to tell the truth. They must not see truth-telling as disloyal behavior. Failure to do this will produce serious hidden problems within the organizations of the Church and make the truthful person an outcast. This cannot be what the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit who allows nothing to be hidden desires in the churches and organizations of the Kingdom of God. Part 2 of this series will discuss the character traits of the truth-teller.

The European Prophetic College.

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