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May 26, 2001

Rebuilding the Walls

For I am rebuilding the walls, I am restoring that which has been broken. I am restoring the dry places, the places where the enemy has come in, where the world has come in. And that is why I am pouring out of the spirit of grace, because I am the Spirit of grace. I am the great redeemer, I am your loving Father and so what I pour out is the spirit of grace. For I work through my Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of grace and will rebuild by grace and I will restore.

And I am looking for a people who will not insult the Spirit of grace, who will not grieve the Spirit of grace, who will give me free reign to rebuild and build up as I see fit. For I am looking for a people who will come into my presence and receive from me, to receive a spirit of grace from me, that they may rise up and live. A people who are not content with the words of man, but who will learn to receive from the open spout of my Spirit. For the day will come when there will be open sprouts, as it were, of my Spirit around the world and many will come. For there will be streams of my grace and rivers of my presence.

And I will again go out to the outermost parts. For I will leave, as it were, the city of men and go out outside the gates and outside the walls where man has dumped those who are lost, unworthy, those who have been bruised and destroyed, those who have been tossed into the dunghill outside the city of man. For I will again go out and visit the pit and I will pour out my Spirit and bring life to those who are dead, to those who have been rejected, to those who have been esteemed lowly and my grace will go forth and I will find them. And not only will I find them and bring them to me but I will restore them and I will build them up. And out of the deadest, out of the driest I will raise up new life and it will be my life. And nothing will withstand the force of my grace as it is poured, and the force of my presence that will be poured out.

And I will smash the spirit of condemnation which has come upon my church, upon many areas of my church and my people will no longer be confused, they will no longer rely on the doctrines of men and their tradition. And I will smash the spirit of condemnation which strangles the life which I have put in my people. For they will see me more and more as I am and they will throw off the shackles . They will say "I am not living in this world. I am not of this world". And they will throw off the shackles which man has bound around them, which the world has tried to form them into its own mold.

John Brzozowski


Deception and Betrayal

Ras Robinson

You must now understand the difference between revelation and deception. Satan often takes the good and reveals himself in that good in order to deceive, ensnare and destroy. He can use something very beautiful as a disguise for his purposes. He uses beauty as a bait. The foolish fall for the deception only to be entrapped. Think of a beautiful woman or child, in the hands of Satan. But I am not like that. You can see Jesus in the face of a dirty and hungry child. Jesus appears in the eyes of a dying man, a helpless drunk or addict. My revelation is for good and to be used by Holy Spirit to convict and convince of righteous acts to accomplish my purposes. Those who come to me will not go away disappointed. I will reveal myself gladly. Do not be as those of the old covenant who were afraid to come unto me. They missed out on learning to hear me for themselves and to walk as Moses walked in continual revelation. Now you have that chance to walk in my revelation. It is the way my kingdom operates. You have been made to be a priest and a king. I will talk with you and walk with you so that you can understand the difference between revelation and deception. You will wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.

But arise, and stand on your feet; for this purpose I have appeared to you, to appoint you a minister and a witness not only to the things which you have seen, but also to the things in which I will appear to you. Acts 26:16

And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. Revelation 12:9

You were betrayed. That sting and hurt will not go away. It still has energy and serves to feed mistrust of others. You must deal with this betrayal finally and forever. If you will come to me fully and in prostration, I will take this from you. Jesus was also betrayed at night by one close to him that he had personally chosen. You see, I bore all that betrayal that you have experienced on the cross. It is at the cross that your final healing will take place. It must be none of you and all of me. You must sit by and allow me to do surgery on your soul. Can you do it? Will you allow it? Or must you continue to try handling it yourself? Betrayal usually takes place in the night under the cover of darkness. A betrayer will never display his hand in open sight but will work behind the scenes and behind the backside of the one being betrayed. That is why betrayal hurts so badly. It is intended to cause the one betrayed to fall. It is like shooting or hurling something atthe victim. It means to delude, beguile, deceive and worst of all it means to yield someone up, to deliver them up and to hand them over. You were betrayed! So was I. Come to my cross.

And at that time many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another. Matthew 24:10

For I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus in the night in which He was betrayed took bread. 1 Corinthians 11:23

Fullness in Christ Church, Pastor
Fort Worth, TX

Empty Solutions

Bonita Chapman

Last night during worship, the Lord spoke the phrase "empty solutions" to me. Here is what He had to say about them: Why do you keep trying to figure things out for yourselves? Why do you continue to ponder and figure and move things around in your mind, seeking solutions to the things in your life which are out of kilter and unproductive? You will find that any such solutions are EMPTY SOLUTIONS. They may appear to fix things, at least momentarily, but they touch only the surface. The real problem will still remain, and your "solution" will quickly fail.

Solutions to your life's situations can be found only through Me. Seek Me in the midst of the problem, and I will place the real solution in your heart. You won't have to manipulate or force anything. My solutions will deal with the FULL problem, even that hidden core that you would rather remain hidden! Do you want solutions that will last? Do you want those that will bring Me glory? Then seek My solutions and not your own. When I give them to you, RECEIVE them and put them into ACTION. You won't regret it, not even a bit. In fact, you will say, "Why didn't I do this sooner? Why did I go my own way for so long? Father, YOUR solutions are not empty. They are full and complete. Thank you for YOUR solutions." Trust Me. I WILL give you the solution. You don't have to figure one out for yourself. Let Me do it for you. It is My delight to work on your behalf. Let Me reveal MY solutions to your heart.

Word Life Teaching Ministries


Guille Seigler

I want to encourage you today to remain strong in the Lord, for He has not forsaken you nor will He leave you. In my reading this morning, I came across this word of encouragement. Isaiah 41:9-13. I have called you back from the ends of the earth so you can serve me. For I have chosen you and will not throw you away. Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand. See, all your angry enemies lie there, confused and ashamed. Anyone who opposes you will die. You will look for them in vain. They will all be gone! I am holding you by your right hand I am the LORD your God. And I say to you, do not be afraid. I am here to help you. Just some thoughts from this passage:

  1. God has chosen you and will not throw you away despite your circumstances;
  2. You are not to be fearful, for He is with you 24/7;
  3. You are not to live in dread, terror, fear of your circumstances or situations;
  4. God will strengthen you and harden you (make you able to endure, persevere and triumph in difficulties);
  5. God will hold you up and keep you by His power and might.
  6. Those who would oppose you and contend against you will not prevail nor have power over you.
  7. When you look for those who would fight against you - they are gone, departed.
  8. God Almighty is your help, strength and he holds you by His mighty right hand;
  9. You are not to be in bondage to fear any longer.

Blessing of God to you all today.

Honoring the Truth-teller, part 2
By Dr. Roger W. Sapp

Values Produce Predictable Behavior

Prior to 1993, I was an active duty Army Chaplain. During that season in my life, I taught leadership skills to officers and non-commissioned officers in leadership retreats as a part of my ministry. I often used management games to teach these leaders about leadership. In one management game called "Powerplay", a scenario is created where these leaders were arbitrarily divided into groups by virtue of winning in a trading scenario. The winning group is then given authority over the other groups. The winning group is given the right to make the rules for future trading and to dictate these rules to the other groups. Without exception, the group that has the authority always begins to make rules to keep its authority and to benefit it as a group in trading. Given enough time the winning group will begin to clearly abuse the other groups. This group will justify its behavior on the basis of winning the earlier portion of the game and by virtue of having the authority.

Reactions of Different Abused Groups

In those retreats where non-commissioned officers (sergeants) were involved, the sergeants would allow themselves to be abused. Their overriding value was loyalty to the authority no matter what transpired or how unfairly they were treated. They were unhappy and grumbled among themselves during the abuse but did not do anything productive to deal with it. They offered no feedback, no confrontation, and no truth from their perspective to the abusive group of sergeants. This was characteristic of nearly all the sergeants that I played this game with. This revealed that their values were highly loyal but truthfulness was weak as a value. (Of course, there were a few exceptional sergeants that would have been better officers by nature.)

The reactions of the officers in the officer leadership retreats were entirely different. As the group of officers who abused them became more abusive, the officers became increasingly active and alert to their responsibility to deal with the unfair situation. They offered feedback that was largely ignored. They devised strikes; in other words, they withdrew and would not cooperate with the abusive authority. They often tried to continue to confront the abusive group. They tried to negotiate a more just situation.

In nearly all cases, the group in authority would become increasingly authoritarian and created more rules strictly for their own benefit and to keep the rebels in line. The abusive group would often say that the other officer groups were not playing fair when they rebelled, withdrew or failed to cooperate. In other words, the group with the authority became blind to their abuse and blamed the abused groups for withdrawing and not wanting to play the game anymore.

Not Valuing Truth Results in Blindness

Blindness is characteristic of organizations and leaders that do not value truthfulness in their relationships. This is because truth telling has been stifled in a loyalty-based organizations or individuals. Because there is no honest feedback, they will often be blind to their abusive behavior and honestly wonder why others are reacting. There will be no one to tell them that it is wrong to shift the blame for difficulties in the relationships to the victims of their abusive behavior.

The value of truth is what keeps a local church or any organization from becoming like a cult. Honoring the truth-teller is a characteristic of godly relationships. Dishonoring the truth-teller is a characteristic of cults. Cultic behavior, which always includes blindness, will result from an overemphasis of loyalty above the truth. Leaders must understand that their own desire for loyalty may overcome truthfulness in their subordinates. They must actively cultivate truthfulness along with loyalty in their subordinates.

Different Values and Expectations

This game also revealed that different kinds of people have different values and expectations. Commissioned Officers are taught in the military that proper submission means that they will speak to the superior officer with courage and candor (truthfulness) about organizational problems. Officers who will not confront their commander when necessary are poor excuses for leaders.

Commanders who will not hear the honest, truthful input of their subordinates without penalty are poor commanders. The officer type of leader expects to be treated well by other leaders. He expects his input to be valued and genuinely considered. When the behavior of an organization and its primary leaders do not match the officer type leaderís values, he will withdraw or try negotiation. If the negotiation fails, he will leave the organization and move on, similar to an officer resigning his commission. The officer type of leader will want to fix the organizationís larger problems and will not ordinarily be silent about them.

If the organizational values lean too far to loyalty and not enough on truthfulness, this type of leader will often be seen as not being a team player and be penalized by being privately labeled as such. As a result the organization may lose this valuable leader as he discovers the truth of how the organization actually sees him.The sergeant type of leader will remain loyal to a fault. He will adjust to the problems and not necessary ever speak truthfully to the organization. There is nothing wrong with this type of person; in fact, they are greatly needed in all organizations.

However, in unhealthy organizations, the sergeant type of leader is valued above the officer type of leader. The officer type of person can help an organization to deal with its problems and therefore grow. If an organization creates an atmosphere for genuine honesty and truthfulness, it will attract many of the officer types of persons and will be able to keep them. It will not lose its sergeant types either. In fact, the sergeant type of leader will be much happier since problems will be dealt with. Loyal and truthful leaders will ensure that the Church will be prepared to meet the One who declared Himself to be the way, the truth, and the life.

The European Prophetic College.

Keep On the Full Armor of God

Stephen Hanson

We are told in Eph. 6:11: "Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." We hear this piece of scripture mentioned many times realizing the importance of "PUTTING ON THIS ARMOR." What I would like to point out, or mention though, is the importance of "KEEPING ON THIS ARMOR." Why should we always be putting on this armor when we think that we should be guarding against the schemes of the enemy? To be sure, we should "HAVE IT ON," but why should we take it off? Why should we give the enemy an opportunity to test our armor? If we CONTINUALLY have it one, we will have on "the shield of faith." We will have with us, "the sword of the spirit." We will have on "the helmet of salvation." We will have "girded our loins with truth." We will have on the "breastplate of righteousness," and we will have "shod our feet with the gospel of peace." With all of this armor on, we will be ready, and will not be taken by surprise. We will go to bed with our armor on. We will wake-up with our armor on. Although we can rest and trust in the name of the Lord, we will still be able to wage war against the enemy because we won't be caught unaware. We will be ready and we won't have to "pick up" each of these weapons.

How will we do these things? How will we be able to keep our armor on? We must realize that God has already given us these weapons. He has already given us this armor. We can "pray in the spirit always." The enemy walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He will not devour us because we will be ready for him. But we must "take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." We must meditate on the word daily. Then we will be like a tree planted by the water.

Lastly, we must remember that God will fight for us. He wages war with his angels in the heavenlies. Our war is against the spiritual hosts of wickedness. The war is not against flesh and blood. It is a spiritual battle. When we have "the shield of faith," the "flaming darts of the enemy will not hurt us." With the "sword of the spirit," the word will be in us, and "one little word will fell him."

We change our clothes daily, so that we will be clean and fresh. We however, don't need to change our spiritual clothes. Leave them on, then you won't always have to be putting them back on. Our physical clothes get dirty from the grit and grime of the world around us. Our spiritual clothes, or weapons, don't get dirty because of their use. They may develop cobwebs or dust because of "lack of use." Perhaps battle scars will be seen in our shields as the flaming arrows of the enemy are diverted off of them. But this will just increase their effectiveness. A muscle becomes stronger and stronger as it is exercised. So it is the same with these spiritual weapons. Just as we grow in our spiritual gifts with maturity and use, this weaponry will also become more effective with use against our foe. Years of slicing and stabbing with the sword of the spirit, will perhaps be seen on its edge. It will not damage the blade or even mar its beauty. For it was forged in the heavenly armories and hammered into existence by the Great Blacksmith. He knows how important each of these pieces of equipment are.

We must realize that we are in a spiritual battle--the war is waging around us always. Greater is He that is "in us" than he that is in the world. The battlefront is in the mind; that is where the war is taking place. We need to renew our minds daily and have them transformed by the word and spirit of God. Then that territory, even though it is a battlefront, will be a bright and shining place. The enemy of our souls will be vanquished. He is already defeated. Don't give him an opportunity. Keep your armor on. No matter what the time of day or what the occasion is. Then the battle will be won, and you will rise to victory, again and again.

Stephen Hanson

It's Time For a Deep Cleaning

Yolanda Ballard

I have come to warm your hearts with My love.....yes, the fire of My love for I have come to purify your heart. For I must have a pure people to move through. In order for Me to move in the way I intend to, My people must have a pure heart. So come before Me, and open up to Me those things deep in your heart that you struggle with. Don't you know you don't have to hide anything from Me? Open up all the rooms of your heart, and let's do a deep cleaning! Let Me expose those things....bring them to the light....that you have even tried to hide from yourself. But who are you trying to fool? You know they are still there. Just like sweeping the dirt under the rug.....its time to clean it all out!

This is a new day....even a new hour where I will pour out My power in a fresh new way. I will move through My people in such a way that will bring in the multitudes into My kingdom. Yes, this is the time and the hour where I will pour out My power! I will sweep across My Bride like wild fire burning up all that stands in My way. I need yielded and broken vessels to move through....vessels cleansed by My fire. So come before Me willing for Me to do a deeper work in you....a deep cleansing by My Spirit. Yes, open up all the doors in your heart and even open the windows for I am bringing down any hindrance to My Spirit freely flowing through you. I will air you completely out of all false doctrines...anything you have picked up that wasn't of Me.

I am delivering you and setting you free for it is My time to rule and reign through My beloved children, My Bride. Open up your hearts and let My rain refresh you and cleanse you and rejuvenate you! Open up, My people, and truly be real with Me and others around you. It's time to take off the masks, and it is time to really join together in love, and work together with one purpose and one calling. My will be done! My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Be ready for the end time harvest is at hand! Take your place in the army of the Lord. Stay in rank and worship Me. Let out a victory shout, and watch the walls fall and My river flow, says your God.

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