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May 4, 2001

A Sifting Is Going On

Jane Jacobson

A sifting is going on. The counterfeit will no longer be able to fool those who are "in Christ. "God's elect will be able to discern the real things of God, and will no longer be deceived by man and his ways. Works and plans not established in the "body", in Christ, will fall and bear no fruit. Those things established through God's plans, in obedience, and perseverance, will be unshakable.

Affirmation of God's will is going to be unshakable in the souls and hearts of God's obedient and faithful. They will position themselves for God's will and purposes. They will stand like mighty oaks and be a refuge and strength for many. Compromise will not be in their vocabulary. Family and friends who are not obedient, nor in Christ, will find this hard to fathom and will try to dissuade them, but the seduction and plans of "the wicked one" will no longer work or have power over the faithful, steadfast servants of the Most High God.

Revelation, word of knowledge, prophecy, and other giftings will be regular conversation for these, who are "in Christ." They will be empowered to bring hope, love, encouragement, wisdom, salvation, and miracles to whom God sends them to, or to those who cross their paths. The "gospel", the "good news", will certainly be so; as there will no longer be just talk, but there will be action, and power, and life changing experiences. God's authority will rest upon His people and they will have confidence in who they are in Christ. The Holy Spirit will fill their mouths and they will be willing vessels for the Lord. Courage and "backbones of steel", will prevail as they walk in love, in power, and not in fear.

It will be God's doing for His will and good pleasure, and certainly nothing of man. Choices will be made every day; choices that will be life-changing. The "world' will be shocked as God's people leave their works, and step into "God's."

There will be persecution. When the gospel goes forth there is always persecution. There is the "accuser of the brethren." But there will also be the Defender,Jesus Christ himself who will walk with you, and among you. Fear not. The battle is already won and the victory is ours! If Christ be for you, who can be against you?

Apostolic Paradigm Shift, Sift, and Swift

Tim and Theresa Early

One of the most exciting things about the global church is that the apostolic reformation is rapidly and massively bringing new patterns, positions, definitions, and accurate understanding of the church through an emphasis of territorial and global mentality, a breakthrough spirit of kingdom advancement, and a harvest mentality of which the saints are given to disciple whole nations through the governance and administration of the kingdom. What this simply means is, the church must move pass the second day mentality of having mere revivals, to the reformation of the church and the nations. For revivals have had their greatest days in the church, but many have become nothing more than flickering flames, or the result of men attempting to control the new moves of God through legislation, political jockeying, mind games, and a poor posture and position of what the saints are given for in the earth.

Just ask the average saint {OOPS! Did I say average?} if they are aware of the significant thrust as to why we are here in the earth realm? Just ask the average church the same thing, especially when many have become seeker-friendly, performance based, and needs oriented. And, consider this, that the average church, though consisting of a statement of faith, may easily find a lack of true meaning to their statement of purpose {If there is one}. For a statement of faith does not tell you why you are here in the earth. A statement of faith simply cover the basics of what you believe, not WHOM you believe. And, a statement of faith often lacks the apostolic thrust as to why we are positioned in the earth for kingdom advancement. For in John 7:16, Jesus' doctrine was of him that SENT him, and the word sent reveals the meaning of the apostolic. In other words, in all of our doctrinal statements, where is the revelation of what we are given for? True, they may tell others a little bit {and in some cases a lot} about who we are as some organization or fellowship, but even the doctrine of the Son revealed the mission of the Father. Yes beloved, Jesus' teachings were simply infused with a sense of mission and purpose. For Jesus did not come to talk about the Father, but to reveal him. And the church is not here to talk about Christ, but to reveal him. Simply put, it is knowing him and making him known - Daniel 11:32

In the new apostolic paradigm shift, there is the further consideration of two important words, both which ends with the "ift" as in shift. In fact, why don't we give a brief definition of the terms "Shift, Sift, and Swift."

Shift - To move or transfer from one place or position to another - a change from one individual, configuration, direction, form, or position to another transfer.

Sift - To put through a sieve or another straining device in order to separate the fine from the coarse particles. To distinguish as if separating from a sieve. To examine carefully and closely. It simply carries the idea of "passing through."

Swift - Moving or capable of moving with great speed. Coming, occurring, or accomplished quickly - "Behold, I come Quickly!"

In these three important words lies important characteristics of the new apostolic paradigm. However, I must say, that the entire body of Christ has not caught the Spirit of the Shifting, Sifting, or the Swift momentum and increased speed of the spiritual dimension therein. For many, church goes on as usual, with the same results as well.

But beloved, in order to see the reality of this new corporate dynamic in the clusters of saints world over, there must be a paradigm shift in our mentality towards the true understanding of what the church is. For if we esteem a building as church, or the size of membership as church, we may potentially bypass the further dealings of the Lord who is after a people walking in the substance, image, and expression of his purpose found in the dominion mandate of Genesis 1:26-28. For it is here, that every gifting, calling, purpose, and destiny is to ascribe worth to the image and likeness of God as the prelude for true dominion. Meaning, man is given dominion to rule the earth through their measure of rule, but remember, it first establishes the image and likeness of God, and the revelation of man walking in that image and likeness.

Therefore, we cannot expect to function in our apostolic capacity as church folk on the notion that we are a growing church, or a large body of saints from a particular corner of town. But we must rediscover through dominion {Genesis 1:26-28} that there is given to the saints, a specific tailor-made will and purpose for our definite and precise position on planet earth. Psalms 8:5-6

IN the new apostolic paradigm shift, there is a divine sifting, yes beloved, sifting. There is the straining through God's divine instruments of process, a people prepared for the Father's glory, and not the glory of another man. There is the sifting away of old ideas and mentalities, even false concepts of the church. There is a distinction being made between the first and the last adam, and a dividing asunder of soul and spirit. There is the instrument of God at work to bring about a people of his passion, pleasure, and delight. And you know what, it may even feel like a death to some, and a painful process for others, but know for a truth, God the Father has just what we need to bring to pass his sovereign intentions in the earth.

In the concepts of apostolic paradigm shifts, there too, is the word "swift." Rapid swift motion seems to characterize certain aspects of this new reformation era. As the saying goes, the Lord is doing a quick work in a short time, and in many cases it seems to tear away at some people for the idea of the Lord bringing increased momentum and change, especially change in our carnal concepts of ministry.

I for one am a happy camper, not because there is a crushing blow served to Babylonian mentalities {Revelation 18:20} through the agency and operation of God's holy apostles and prophets, but simply because God will always have his way. I am excited due in part that the apostles and prophets of the Spirit is witnessing a new paradigm shift in the destruction of old order mind sets such as in the scripture mentioned above. Also, I am delighted to be a part of the unveiling of all that CHrist is, as the scriptures says in Psalms 24: 7 "to Lift up your heads O ye gates, and to be ye lifted up you everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in...{vss. 7-10}

So, with the consideration of the word sift and swift involved with the apostolic paradigm shift, lets briefly list some important areas this apostolic paradigm is taking place.

  • Right Revelation {what we are to intimately know}...
  • Right Relocation {where we are to divinely go}...
  • Right Relationship {whom it is we are given to flow}...

  1. Apostolic paradigm shift in the understanding of the nature and concepts of church, the saints, and the body of Christ: Church as we know it can be a colloquial trip. We need to define properly what the church is and what it is not. For in Acts 19:32, 40, the riotous mob assembled together, and there was nothing holy about it. In al of the quarrel and dissension of many, they leave the exact way they come together, meaning, every gathering in he name of Church is not necessarily HIS BODY, nor does it mean that hs name is there. For any KKK, Coven of Witches, Terrorist groups, and other warring factions can have church {or assemble together}, but this does not constitute the true nature of what an ecclessia is to be. For it is one thing to be called from, but who are you called unto - Matthew 16

  2. Apostolic paradigm shift in our regional purpose and functionality: When the Lord sees a city or region, he sees but one church, one purpose, and one progressive vision, not 1000 scattered and disembodied entities - Isaiah 14:26-27... Many elders feel that the saints are in direct rebellion to their authority. But the truth is, many do not know why they are specifically given in their region, nor have the mind of the Lord as to their territorial thrust and purpose is. Instead, we shout rebellion for those not following the vision plan of the church. But did you know, that it is rather possible to be out of divine alignment with what the Father has purposed the vision for? For if the leaders {Elders} of the flock are not walking in the right configuration with the mind of the Spirit, we could potentially transfer our frustration to the people, assuming it's their fault for not catching the vision. For the truth is, unless we are walking in the accurate purposes of God for a tailor-made and specific vision of the Lord, the people may not catch HIS {The Lord's} vision, but DI-vision, or, the people can potentially catch hell {biting, devouring, etc. Galatians 5:15}. For a true vision comes from the Lord, not from mental assent or the conjecture of the soul - Ezekiel 13

  3. Apostolic paradigm shift in racial prejudice and reconciliation: There is a still a deep rooted racist spirit among many assemblies today, even when it comes to the new apostolic reformation. Today, I hear a lot of folk discussing the apostolic as some suburban country club, for members only. In fact, there is some real concerns I have with the prevailing idea that blacks are good for preaching and praise singing, while whites are good for solid teaching and intimate worship. However, there is a shift taking place in these vague generalities, for the Lord would have a people of all nations flowing in his intended purpose, not a select few. Not forgetting, prejudice really means to "pre-judge, and holds for its basis ignorance and fear. Therefore, there must be a new dynamic and display of the Father's glory among the cultures, acknowledging each in their diversity without being divided. For even in my most recent travels, some would say, "I don't see you as black or white, but as God's love." Of course I would respond accordingly by pointing out the subtle or overt blindness of this notion, for how can we not see one another in their cultural and ethnic diversity? Meaning, we must value and esteem one another in our ethnicity, without resorting to a negative disposition either way. Simply put, I am not the next so-and-so without the color of their skin, I am that I am by the grace of God. Meaning, there is significant and relevant importance as to where God is moving in the earth, and through whom.

  4. Apostolic paradigm shift in the One Man leadership: There is a dividing asunder of soul and spirit in the area of church leadership. For the Lord is releasing a new understanding a frequency of the Spirit concerning the ascension ministries, and the need to embrace them all for kingdom advancement. As there has been for some time now, limited leadership through shepherds only, the Lord is turning the tables on this system, to an open heavens over local churches that plurality of eldership is the true pattern for ministry, not the one-man concept. Also, we are learning too, that a senior minister may be anyone of Ephesians 4:11, with defined communication and team spirit. For God never intended to operate local assemblies out of one anointing. His purposes has always been for kingdom advancement through the maturing of the saints. And beloved, let's be real, the local church cannot mature through one expression of ministry at the exclusion of the others. We need the whole hand {Ephesians 4:11-16} and not the withered hand, get it!

  5. Apostolic paradigm shifts in Apostolic Provision: There is come a new meaning among many saints for the encouraging support of apostolic ministry throughout the earth. For the longest time, many apostles were placed in an awkward position when it came to the real of genuine provision for apostolic advancement. Nevertheless, there is a people on the rise who are sowing into the apostolic reformation. For one thing, a missionary is not necessarily an apostle. Anyone can be sent overseas to feed the poor and help the hurting, but in apostolic provision, we must define who the apostles of the spirit are, and the real definite meaning of what apostles are given in the earth realm. As the saints arise in this new dawning and destiny dimension of the Father's glory, many shall become awakened to new meaning through the apostolic, and will cheerfully give where the Lord leads them. In these five examples of apostolic paradigm shift {Although there is a good 100 I could cover in book form}, my prayer is that the saints enter into this bold new configuration for new territory and kingdom advancement. May the church arise into new spheres of the Spirit through the launching of the apostello and the apostolos. May the earth become so full of the glory of the Lord, as creation is destined to be set free into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. May we move pass church as normal, from doctrine, to demonstration, to divine destiny, into the very purpose for what we have been given for through the dominion mandate.

    Tim and Theresa Early
    FAP International

    I Am Setting This House In Order

    Nancy Smith

    I am setting this house in order even to raise up that Joshua generation of those who will go in and pull up and pluck out and uproot...they will plunder and they will spoil the enemy's camp. They will not grow weary when they are assailed on every side but shall move in unison with the power of agreement to love one another as I have loved them. There will be none other than I to guide them, to lead them and to shower them with favor as they move into their places. I have called each of you to join this army at some level, and to take your rank as a soldier who would even be willing to go under cover in these days in order to see the mission fulfilled. For it is not only what you are doing on the outside that makes a difference in my kingdom but what you are doing on the inside that will make a differnce. My children, in this day and hour when men say they are coming out of their closet, I would urge you to go back INTO your closet and to prepare and seek strategy for the battles ahead. For the enemy lines are drawn and I would that you listen to Me more now than ever so that I can teach you My ways.

    Look First Unto Me

    Bill Burns

    To those who are seeking direction, I say, look first unto Me. If you will seek My face and ask for the wisdom that is necessary, will I withhold it from you? Will I not give it to you? Will I not speak to you? Will I not bring confirmation? If I would ask Gideon in the days of old to test Me according to My purposes, will I not today bring the answers that you seek? Will I not open the doors that are before you? Would you not come in faith asking that I shut the doors that you do not need to go through? I say, believe and receive! You have sought for the answers and walked mile after mile in your weariness seeking that which I have spoken to you, looking for that which I have promised. This is the fulfilling of all things. That which you have sought shall now, in the immediate future, come to pass.

    Please understand that those things that are before you will not always be before you! You are closer today to the promise than you were when you first heard the word of the Lord. You are closer now to receiving that which I have spoken, and it is My purpose to bring forth a multitude of promises at the same time so there can be no denial of My word. It will come in such a way and in so many places that there will be an absoluteness that I have moved and that which I have said will come to pass. Do not become discouraged! Renew the promise now, that which I have spoken to you before. Mix it with faith and hide it again in the good ground of your heart. Every promise that has been birthed by My Spirit and given unto you will be fulfilled in these days. These are the days of glory. These are the days of the overcoming church, the days of the promise of the firstborn and the sons of God in the kingdom!

    Faith Tabernacle

    The Shelter Of Glory

    by Francis Frangipane

    What we define doctrinally as "salvation" is, in truth, the entrance, and then expansion, of Christ's Presence throughout our person. What we call salvation is, in truth, the beginning of God's glory in man.

    If you are a Christian, then Christ is in you; you are already in glory. You have been clothed with Christ, who is Himself the "radiance of [the Father's] glory" (Heb 1:3). The fact is, Satan knows you are a Christian, not simply because he heard you repeat a prayer at a church altar; the Devil sees what happened when you prayed: The glory of Christ entered your spirit!

    There, within you right now, abides the substance, the radiance, of Christ. Your prayer to receive Jesus into your heart was eternally effective.

    The Divine Refuge

    To attain the manifest glory of God is the reason for our existence. Consequently, the Lord is more concerned with our full conversion than our fleshly comfort; He seeks to establish in us true holiness rather than false happiness. He will even bring us through floods and fires, if necessary, to scourge away our addiction to the goals of men.

    The outcome of what seems like harsh or severe dealings is that, having been delivered from the frail defenses of man, the glory of God becomes our shelter.

    When the Lord has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion . . . by the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning, then the Lord will create over the whole area of Mount Zion and over her assemblies a cloud by day, even smoke, and the brightness of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory will be a canopy." Isaiah 4:4-5

    The glory of His Presence "will be a canopy." Isaiah continues, "And there will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain" (Isa 4:6).

    Think of it! In the last days the glory of God shall increasingly become so tangible, so substantial, that it will become a "shelter," a "refuge," and a "protection" to those who have learned to live in the Presence of God.

    For all the compelling reasons to serve God, His highest calling to our hearts is nothing less than the attainment of Christ's glory: "It was for this He called you through our gospel, that you may gain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ" (2 Thess 2:14).

    Yes, Christ will part the skies and be manifest in finality, but first He comes to be manifest in our humanity! Paul tells us that Christ is coming specifically "to be glorified in His saints on that day, and to be marveled at among all who have believed" (2 Thess 1:10).

    As the return of Christ approaches, entrance into the glory of God shall not only become more attainable; it shall become ever more necessary. For as the battle at the end of the age intensifies, only the shelter of God's glory shall preserve us.

    Francis Frangipane

    The Lap Of the Lord

    Doug Patterson

    Zion is calling to a higher place of praise. It is a time to come forward and march to the sound of the praises of the Lord. It is a time to dance!

    It is a time to triumph and have victory over old circumstances and situations that have chained you down too long. Procrastination is not your friend My people but it is only a thing that delays your breakthrough. For as we are going to do a new thing together, circumstances and events are going to dramatically change.

    For I shall pour out My Spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. Hesitation must go for it feeds on procrastination like a friend. The mind evaluates both circumstances to see if it lines up with the natural law of the land. How can this be if we are moving into a supernatural realm?

    Your breakthrough is not dependent upon the circumstances that you create but is leaning heavily on the environment that I am asking you to be placed into. It is a time to leap off the top of the mountain and fly into My presence.

    It is a time to know that I am your provider in every circumstance. I ask you My people to wholly trust in Me. Do not lose hope nor vision. Delaying your steps forward will not aid in the circumstances but give a root for defeat and discouragement to come in.

    So jump into the trusting arms of your Father like a young child taking that leap of faith, knowing that there is a cradling position available in the Lap of the Lord.

    Intercessors For Jesus Ministries

    Today Is A New Beginning

    Kathryn Bohlin

    Leave behind your bad habits, your disappointments, your anxieties, your concerns, your anger, your depression, and begin a new and fresh walk with me today. It is a new day, a new beginning. My mercy is here. Come, let me wipe away your sins of yesterday and the days before. Let's begin a fresh walk of unbroken fellowship this morning. Seek my face today and you will find me. Look in my word today and you will be encouraged. Let's talk together today about your needs and your desires, your dreams and your disappointments. I am here. As you go about your busy day, I will go with you. I will be beside you in the car, at your desk, in your office, in your home and wherever else your busy day takes you. I look forward to having a day with you, for I love you more than your mind can begin to grasp and I enjoy having time with you, my much beloved child.

    Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each day. Lamentations 3:23

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