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June 19, 2001

Hear the word of the Lord:

My dear children, I have been waiting for a long time for you to understand my will as it is written, men have made you err by putting their thoughts with mine. You have become mixed up as to what I have meant by being my church. Is it not written that I have said you are my body? Have I not said that the temple of God is your body and that you are my building? Why then do you raise up so many structures that are temporal and say I am meeting you there in worship?

My servant David wanted to build me a house and I told him no that I dwell in tent-to-tent and tabernacle-to-tabernacle. I told him my son would build me a house that I could dwell in and my son Jesus was that temple. I showed all my glory in him. I showed the power of the indwelling presence of myself.

I want to walk with you everyday. I want to be the very reason you wake up every morning. I want to be the reason you shout for joy and sing songs for praise. I want you to worship the Lord your God everyday. I want you to meet daily in my temple and share the good news with each other so you can have the victory. I am the Lord.

I do not dwell in temples made with hands. I dwell in people. What did I tell you to build up? I told you to build up each other and to walk together. I told you to assemble in the beauty of my holiness. I have commanded that you love one another as I love you. Do I just talk to you once and a while. NO!!! I am there day and night telling you where to go and what to do. Why do you think you can just speak with each other on a surface level then, and then with me when you feel like saying a word or two? My relationships are deep. They are right. They are intimate; there is no hiding from each other or me.

But men have brought in this teaching about large buildings with deceiving messages of doctrines of men saying things that I have said. Saying thus, when I have not said thus. They want to hide and be separate from each other sensual departing from me so they can live their lives in pleasure of the temporal things. This is why they make buildings that are temporal so the can live in temporal mindsets. I am not in those meetings.

Have you not read that I do not like the new moons and feasts and solemn assemblies you have made? Why do you continually err against me? Why do you act as though you understand when your lives are such a mess and you my people are all divided and not together? Look at your city streets, there are temporal buildings everywhere with my name on it five blocks or even next door to each other and you do not ever realize what you are saying with those messages. The world laughs at you because you rise up these buildings and say it is me. They mock your attempts to save yourselves.

I have told you that there is only one faith, that I am one God. I have told you that men would try to divide you and to cause you to err from my purposes. I have not spoken to you in secret. I have told you openly my desire. MY DESIRE IS FOR YOU TO BE ONE. ONE IN THE SPIRIT AND BE MY HOLY PEOPLE, WHO ARE IN AGREEMENT. HOW CAN YOU WALK TOGETHER BEING SO DIVIDED??? HOW CAN YOU HAVE POWER WHEN YOU DON’T FOLLOW ME BUT OTHER MEN?

Listen to my cry you children of faith. I have made it clear that I want to dwell in the midst of you, But your sins have separated me from you and I have hid my face and let you walk in your delusions of grandeur. You don’t have correct judgment; you have empty vessels with dark light.

REPENT, I SAY REPENT! Turn your face unto me and I will turn my face unto you. I will remove the darkness and put the true light in you. You will have restoration if you walk with me. For I am the one who repairs the breaches of spirit. I alone am the answer to all this division. For I bring peace and unity to hearts. I make Kings reign and make them reign with justice. But you have polluted my house with your own vile imaginations and abominations. You have put in the place of holiness, injustice and broken down the wall of protection I raised up. You have surrounded yourselves with men. You have become fat and cannot even make it down the narrow way because you fall with every step.

It is time for you to return to my words, to understand what I have meant, to believe the report of the Lord and not men. I have openly through my servants the prophets and the apostles told you what to do. I have told you over and over again but your ears have become harden, with you sins that you cause me to labor in.


You steal my glory with no conscience of what you are doing for you love the praises of men.

I have not called out my people for such acts; I called my people to have a deep loving relationship with me. I have made my true believers trees of righteousness planted by the still waters. I have made a family of which is called the kingdom of God.

Do not be deceived. God is not mocked and what you have sowed in the flesh is known among all.

Cry out to me and I will save you from your destructions. I will cause your blindness to cease and give you the true light. But it will cost you your life. I will take nothing less. I gave my life for yours and now I ask the same of which I have done.

Hear me O my People. Do not continue in your vain speeches and gatherings. I have made it clear in my word. You let one man be over you and yet I said I am your shepherd. I have said it is I that will teach you all things. Why then do you follow men? Do you not have any faith left? This is what I mean, when I come will I find faith on the earth? I want my word planted in your hearts with fruit. I do not delight in hypocrisy. I delight in truth.

I have said when you are gathered together, that all may speak as I use you to speak. I have not made one man better than the other. I have set the order and let me ask you this one last question?

If I call a banquet would I be a gentleman if I did the only talking? If I did nothing but talk and you were never free to talk? You know the answer to this. So why then do you exalt one man when I have made a family to walk and talk and sing my praises? Yes, I want elders in my congregation, but not for lordship, but for example of how my ways are easy and my heart is lowly, to correct my little ones for their good that they maybe holy and without blame for my protection to rebuke the enemy off my land. Please, listen to my voice; you are anguishing me with all your trivial works of vanity. You are grieving me for you hold meetings in my name and take notes that I have not said. Read my word and adhere to it. Repent and believe the good news of my word that I and my Father desire to be in you giving you the life that you never thought existed. For I am that I am, says the Father and I desire to be the first and the last. I desire to be the beginning and the end. Listen O’ my children.

May you do the word of the Lord and know his loving kindness in the name of the Father Son and the Holy Ghost, Yeshua HaMashiach. The Word of God. O’Immanuel com, Lord, come. Amen

Joy Key Gooch

Dreams and Visions

from Annette

I'd like to share something with you. The other day my Bible opened and I started reading 11 Kings Chapter 21,22,23.

11 Kings 23:26 Notwithstanding the Lord turned not away from the fierceness of His great wrath.

11 Kings 21:16 Talks about innocent blood being shed.

I couldn't help but think about Hollie's vision. [Beyond the River, given on 6-15 edition]

I asked God if He would give me His Pain. If He would allow me to heal His Heart. Should we be interceding to the Great I Am, at this time.

Let Hollie and I both know your thoughts. Annette

I experienced the following vision ~~

There was a tremendous mob of people. They were milling around. The noise was incredible. For some reason, I sensed that all these people were claiming to be Christians.

I heard some of the people preaching and prophesying. Whenever someone began to preach and / or prophesy, crowds of people would run over to this person and gather around them. Then, another person would begin to preach and / or prophesy, and large crowds of people would then run over to that other person to listen to them.

Soon, there was a tremendous confusion of sermons and words from the Lord being shouted out to the crowds of people. The whole scene was one of absolute chaos and confusion.

But suddenly, I heard a small whisper. Some of the other people appeared to hear the small whisper also. We began to follow the sound of this small whisper to its source. The source was the Lord. He was standing out in a desert, wilderness scene. A small group of people were standing quietly and solemnly around the Lord. In contrast with the mob of people I had just left, this group of people was extremely quiet and silent. They were very intense and totally focused upon the Lord. They were looking off in the distance, as if waiting for more to join them.

I watched as the Lord began to hand out small, rolled-up scrolls to each person. As each person received a scroll, they would stand to the right of the Lord. Soon, each person had received a scroll.

"What is this scroll, Lord?" someone asked.

"It is a message from Me," the Lord replied. "I have given to those of My children who have heard My still, small voice a message to deliver. They each have their orders from Me, and know exactly who to take the message to, and what the message is. They are to go only to who I send them to, and speak only what I have told them to speak."

Immediately after I experienced this vision, the Lord instructed me to go and take a nap; that He was going to speak to me in a dream.

The Lord telling me He is going to speak to me in a dream has never happened to me before, so I tried this voice to see if it was really from the Lord or not. I went to take my nap, and before I fell asleep, the Lord spoke the following to me. He said ~~

"I will be speaking to you in visions and dreams, and you will not understand them. I will instruct you who to speak of them to. These people will know what to do with them, and what they mean. This is a time of many voices clamoring to be heard. Pay close attention to whose voice you do and do not listen to. Take heed to your soul."

I then fell asleep and had the following dream ~~

I was in a room. The walls of this room were covered with pictures of babies being born. I was going from picture to picture, studying each one. Each stage of labor was represented.

This was the whole dream. Upon awakening, I was extremely puzzled and perplexed by this dream.

The next day, I experienced another vision. This was a horrific vision to me, and I've held it inside for another day because of how truly horrible and frightening it was to me.

I saw an angel with a large scale step out of the portals of heaven. This was one of those old-fashioned type scale that has like a small bowl on each side. As one side is weighted, the other side goes up and vice versus.

This angel began to place weights upon first one side of the scale, then the other. When both sides were equally weighted, a voice called out, "Hold!" (I somehow knew this voice belonged to the Lord.)

There was a very intense waiting silence after this command was called out.

I then realized that I was way up in the heavens, looking down on the earth. My attention became directed and centered upon the United States. I saw like a shield in place around America. Angels were on the inside of the shield, bracing themselves against it.

I then saw hordes of demons on the other side of this shield, pushing frantically and furiously against their side of the shield. They were howling angrily. It terrified me.

I saw those with the small rolled-up scrolls running with their message from the Lord. They were weeping and wailing as they ran, and also as they delivered their message. After they delivered their message, they would fall flat on their faces and continue to wail and lament.

Many who were the recipients of these messages also fell flat on their faces after they received and read the message. I heard their cries of repentance echoing throughout America. (The dream about the babies being born came back to my mind at this point. What I was seeing in this portion of the vision made me think of a birthing of revival brought about through tears of repentance and godly sorrow.)

Others who received the message, threw it away in disgust and disdain after having read it.

My attention then became focused upon Washington, DC. (I was still way up in the heavens in this vision, looking down upon this scene.) Something was transpiring within the White House. I saw some sort of "waves" undulating out from within the White House. These waves had some sort of far-reaching repercussions.

When these waves came forth from within the White House, I heard the angels who were still pushing against the demons on their side of the shield begin to wail and keen. When the demons saw the waves emanating from within the White House, they began to scream with victory.

The angel with the scale put one more weight upon one side of the scale. One side of the scale hit the ground.

When this occurred, the shield around America fell down, and the demons streamed into America, howling and in a frenzy.

I heard a voice proclaim, and once again, I knew it to be the Lord's voice ~~

"America! America! How oft I sent My prophets to you, and you scorned and ignored them. How oft I revealed Myself in majesty and power to you. You enjoyed the power and majesty, yet not the cost of following Me.

"Your ground is soaked with the blood of the innocents, and how shall I ignore or overlook this when it continues daily to occur? Your streets overflow with degradation. Many of your churches reek with hypocrisy, and My sheep have been driven away and have been left to wander alone; where they have become meat and prey for the wolves.

"Yet, I would wipe out these sins, and blot out their remembrance; if you had only returned unto Me with all your heart. I have stayed My judgment for a season. I will stay it no longer. You have been weighed, and have been found wanting. I have no pleasure in your judgment, America. Prepare to meet your Maker."

I then watched scene after scene of carnage and terror befall America. I just don't want or desire to go into detail about it. My heart was breaking as I witnessed all of this, and I was myself filled with horror and terror.

I went into the bedroom of each of my three precious, wonderful little children. Tears of fear fell down my cheeks as I gazed down at each one of my sleeping children, wondering in my heart what would befall them. If some of these scenes I witnessed actually do come to pass, I know that one of my children at least, would not survive. She has need of special medical supplies for insulin dependent diabetes. These supplies would be extremely limited to impossible to locate or receive if any of this vision actually occurs in her lifetime.

I don't have a time frame for any of this. If I am mocked or ridiculed for sharing this vision, I accept that. Once again, let me repeat, I pray this vision is false or does not occur. I will continue to pray and intercede for my country, and for a spirit of repentance to sweep across the shores of America. Yet, part of me feels that judgment will only be stayed if such a spirit of repentance does occur. The judgment is set. Too much has occurred within the borders of America for there to be no reaping of what has been sown for centuries.

This vision will most likely not be well received or well circulated. I will only be sharing it sparingly. The horror of it is too great for me to really want or desire to do too much with this vision.

I love America. I love my country. I love being an American. I love the American flag and our national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner."

I will continue to pray that this vision is a false vision. I don't want to accept what I possibly witnessed. At the same time, I will obey the Lord and share it with the few He directs me to do so with.

My heart is overwhelmed by all of this, and I don't know what to say.

The altar, preparing a place for the Lord

Lars Widerburg

Abraham became a man of the altar. Matthew Henry says of "the friend of God," "Wherever he had a tent, God had an altar, and an altar sanctified by prayer. He erected his own altar that he might not participate with idolaters in the worship offered upon theirs". In Ur, the city of stargazers and worshippers of the Moon, one could find many altars - but none built unto the Living God. Abraham’s departure from the city with its rich supply of spiritual experiences found an immediate relation to the calling form the Lord to become a man of the altar. This urban situation which was Abraham’s contained too many altars. Every family had theirs; The city centre had the most pompous ones; every suburb had their own creative worship of guardian spirits and protecting powers. All of them constituted one unison cry for protection of the great personal ego.

Abraham became a man of a different altar. The altar of the Living God speaks salvation through dying unto self. The one, universal, all-satisfying sacrificial Lamb lived a life unto God, Rom 6:10. The life of an intercessor is a life at the altar - a life unto God in Christ, Rom 6:11.

"Self" cannot live unto God. Self cannot please God. Self never produces that particular and peculiar fragrance of the altar that pleases and satisfies the Father. Self never learns to pray prayers which will find a path leading to the heart of the Father. Intercession springs forth from a life lived at the altar. A life spent on the altar will prepare a dwelling place for the Lord. Wherever he finds an altar erected according to the pattern of Abraham he will pitch his tent.

Lars Widerberg

Intercessors Network

Living Sacrifices

Doug Morrell

Many wear the cross - the symbol of crucifixion - as an accessory, but few are willing to be crucified upon it.

The Word of God brought to life by the Holy Spirit is the only means for transforming the human heart. Though salvation takes place in a specific time and space, renewal of the mind by the Word is an ongoing process. A disciple is devoted to God's Word. As a result, a disciple is transformed into a holy person, radically different from religious mediocrity and brilliantly illuminated by Christ-likeness. Are you hungry for God's Word? Spiritual disciples devour God's Word because they know it is the breakfast of champions; in it are the keys to developing a deeper abiding with their living, loving Lord and a greater access to the Holy Spirit.

Disciples devour God's Word recognizing that their faith grows only as much as they digest God's Word. Disciples allow God's Word and His Holy Spirit to radically transform the way they think. Disciples purpose to renew their minds to both know and do the will of God. Disciples give their bodies to God as a living sacrifice. Disciples know that the Old Testament was written through the Holy Spirit for their instruction; disciples integrate these deeper spiritual truths into their daily Bible times.

Disciples are called to "not conform any longer to the pattern of this world," with its behavior and customs that are usually selfish and often corrupting. Disciples wisely decide that much worldly behavior is off limits for them. Our refusal to conform to this world's values, however, must go even deeper than the level of behavior and customs--it must be firmly planted in our minds--"be transformed by the renewing of your mind." It is possible to avoid most worldly customs and still be proud, covetous, selfish, stubborn, and arrogant. Only when the Holy Spirit renews, reeducates, and redirects our minds are we truly transformed (Rom. 8:5).

Grow in grace and truth,

doug morrell

A fellow servant in the work of the Kingdom.

-- Live Christ Deliberately!
Christian Outfitters

Imitators of Christ?

By Cheri Henderson

A church on every corner, some are built right next to each other; denominational exclusivity - competitive little empires they refuse to work together. Some grow large, some grow small, as members move from one to the other, while the lost stay lost, the dying die, and the bound ones lie in the gutter.

Big fancy "temples" - Pharisaical - seem to please us, but dusty roads and hillside grass were good enough for Jesus. We're all caught up in the plans of men and the methods of the world, when what we need is the Holy Ghost and the Truth of the Living Word.

Utility rooms and nurseries, several classrooms, a gymnasium; by marital status, age, and sex; we disciple our congregations. But I seem to remember a passage about being gathered in one room. Did Jesus say "put all the kids on that hill and I'll get to them pretty soon"?

Worship teams and soundboards, every kind of instrument, projectors, screens,and software - all the best AV equipment. But in a jail cell Paul and Silas sang with no accompaniment - and the earth shook, shackles broke, and the prison guard repented.

Now multi-page applications must be filled out in great degree before men will approve God's call on our lives for any ministry. Paul's background was pretty sordid; Jesus changed him to a new man, and without the blessing or approval of men, what a ministry he had!

The powers that be issue edicts of caution: don't be so demonstrative. Don't sing too loud, don't dance or prophesy visitors might be offended. And what once was so powerfully anointed, is now only a man-contrived show; the Holy Spirit has been quenched and greatly grieved, and He left a long time ago.

The church is using methods of a cold and greedy world, when Christ should be our only imitation. I'm so sick and tired of religious men, their stiff-necked rules, and regulations. All I can do is cry out to you "What say You, Jesus? What say You?" Follow me! "Follow You? Why that's easy! And that's just what I'm going to do!

A Vision of Three Ships

By Clay Sikes

I recently had what I suppose was a night vision. I wasn't asleep, but neither was I completely awake. I felt the Lord say, "Go write it on a tablet for them, inscribe it on a scroll, that for the days to come it may be an everlasting witness"(Isaiah 30:8). In this vision there were first two ships steaming into a harbor, yet still some distance out in the ocean. They were guided by light from a tall lighthouse located in the exact center of the harbor. The harbor was perfectly calm and safe; though to either side of the harbor were crags and rocks from the mountains that surrounded the harbor proper. As long as the ships followed the light from the lighthouse they were safe.

Almost suddenly there appeared yet another (third) ship. This ship had not made the long journey the other two ships had made, but it too was headed toward the light and harbor at equal speed. All three ships were of equal size and all three had many passengers on board. The ships were large and magnificent to look at. What I remember most about these great vessels were the number of lights beaming from each ship.

Almost as suddenly as the third ship appeared, one of the two original ships began to make a sudden turn away from the light and into the area of the rocks and crags. This ship began to lose power from its engines just as it entered into rough seas and the rocks that protruded from the mountainous terrain. During this vision I was told, "Even ships constructed with the strongest metal cannot survive without power in the rocks and turbulent seas." As the ship's Captain fought for the survival of the ship and its passengers, he suddenly rushed to the bridge high on the ship's decks and began to look for the light, realizing too late that he had lost his way originally by failing to keep his eyes on the light provided by the lighthouse. As he searched, he saw many false lights and though he was able to generate some power from his engines it was not enough to get him clear of the rocks.

As I prayed and asked God for an interpretation of this vision, I sensed that the original two ships represent the church in its present form: The first ship embracing great restructuring and change as per directions from the Holy Spirit and anointed prophetic ministry. The second embracing tradition, personal ambition, and hype from programs, entertainment and formulas. The third ship, which appeared later, represents new churches that are now being birthed worldwide with a mandate from God to be structured as per God's very own direction and instruction. The first ship and the third ship look very much like the First Century Church built on the foundation of Apostles and Prophets (Ephesians 2:20) and ministered to by the five-fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16). The lighthouse represents the prophetic ministry -"Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets"(Amos 3:7/I Peter 5:1-4/Isaiah 42:9).

The second ship that pulled away and veered into the rocks represents churches previously guided by the light of revelation and vision from the Holy Spirit, who are now doing their own thing - good ideas versus God ideas and who are not attached to or acknowledge the prophetic ministry. Its Captain, though surrounded by seaman with great navigational skills, failed to listen to those trained and skilled in guiding the ship properly. The navigators became restless and frustrated that the Captain would not listen or give them or their skills (gifts) any creditability. He (the Captain) continued to pride fully and stressfully think that only he had the answers as he sailed blindly into the rocks and turbulent seas.

The two ships that sailed safely toward the harbor were completely focused on the light from the lighthouse and would not allow themselves to be pulled off course. These ships had Captains who could see the light and who listened to those appointed men and women (navigators) who were sent to assist him. The navigators were sent to assist the Captain in helping keep the ship on course and were extremely sensitive to an improper course or direction for the ship. This explains the frustration of the navigators who were sailing with the rock bound second ship. They knew the inevitable end if their Captain did not allow them to do their jobs. Some of these navigators stayed with the ship due to their own traditions and false human loyalty (soul-ties), risking their (destiny) lives in the process. Some were saved by jumping off the battered ship and swimming toward and finding refuge in the other two ships. Many on board, including the Captain called them "traitors;" however, the real navigators on board seemed to understand them leaving.

I sense that through this vision, if that is indeed what it was, God allowed me to see the condition of His church in this hour. I pray that those who Captain the second ship will allow Jesus to arise. Jesus was the entire five-fold ministry during His time upon the earth. In order for Him to rise again in the church, Captains (Pastors) must begin to yield to those appointed (ministries) around them for clarity and direction for ushering in Jesus and perfecting the Saints (Ephesians 4). These navigators stand ready to come alongside their Captains and set the ship (church) on proper course.

John-The-Baptist said, "I must decrease that He (five-fold ministry) might increase." Pray for the Pastors who Captain the second ship. Pray that they might take on a John-The-Baptist decreasing mind-set. Pray that the true spiritual enemies of the church (tradition and personal ambition) be revealed in this hour. Pray that insecurity, fear, and control no longer keep Pastors from recognizing the anointing in others. Pray that these same Pastors will assist those called men and women into their calling and destiny, thus releasing the five-fold ministry (Jesus) within their churches.

As our Lord says in John 12:24, "I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains


Ching Co

Today, the Lord directed my mind to a particular group of people.

These were people of various giftings and talents---All have offered their lives to the Lord to serve Him and His people.

But somehow they are finding themselves to be "out" instead of "in." They are finding circumstances coming against them instead of for them. It seems the very things they desire to do for God are the farthest thing from what they are able to do this time--And the opposite of what they have labored for seems to [come against them] and upon them in great force.


I heard these questions and thoughts hovering on many hearts and minds.

"Have I missed the way?" "Is the Lord angry with me?" "Is there sin in my life?" "Is the Lord punishing me?" "Is this the work of the enemy?" "Oh Lord, time is passing me by. "Oh God, how many more years? "Oh God, when will you come for me? When will I see the fulfillment of Your promises for me? "Are all these impressions and promises I'm holding on to really from the Lord or are they just coming from my own imagination?


The circumstances are varied and different for each one, but a common place that they are finding themselves in is "STANDSTILL".

All plans, dreams, projects, works seem to be frozen for now. Nothing seems to be moving--- as they have perceived them in their hearts [that things would].


The Lord impressed to me that people who are finding themselves in this place are involved in a different kind of spiritual warfare. It is a warfare with a prophetic tone and message.

It may not be active and may look passive but IT IS POWERFUL TO DESTROY STRONGHOLDS and helpful and necessary to complement and support the works of those who are now actively laboring in God's field.


There is a spiritual onslaught that is coming upon God's people. I did not receive any specific name but just perceived the nature of this attack.

I saw something like a small snowball that the enemy had thrown down and as it began to move and roll, it picked up size and speed and became bigger and bigger until it became so big that it toppled down everything that stood in it's way.


To help me understand better the nature of this attack, The Lord showed me the vision of a person running on a treadmill. No matter what the person was doing, his feet were constancy running that treadmill.

Whether eating, reading, watching TV, talking with people, and even sleeping. Yet I saw the person's feet continually working on the treadmill. It was like this treadmill had become his life-line and everything around him "will crumple" if he stops.

Another parallel picture given to me was that of a rat that was running inside a circular wheel like what is seen in pet shop. The rat was running non-stop inside that wheel.


The enemy is using this strategy to weaken and trap God's people. In everything that we do now-adays, we are being drawn to that need to be doing something constantly.

There seem to be some force that wants to carry us into perpetual motion---Even when we are not doing anything physically, our minds never stop thinking or planning or strategizing.

This has created a lot of activities and movements (which are not bad by themselves) but if we are not careful, they will become like the small snowball that will roll over us, weary us and take us out of the race in the end.


References:Ezekiel 3:24-27; 4:1-15

God has chosen a group of prophetic intercessors. Their lives will be like that of Ezekiel. They will become God's spiritual weapons in stopping the enemy's "snowball" from getting bigger and running over the body of Christ.


By causing these people to be standing in situations where their hands are tied, or standing in places of not being able to move, they, like Ezekiel have become symbols that the enemy's plan have been exposed and thwarted.


The enemy wants to set in motion something that will cause the body of Christ to begin to overlook , ignore, and not to take seriously the importance of God's Sabbath rest and the purpose for which God instituted this type of rest and the effect it has upon your lives and the danger of violating it.


Even for those who are not in a place of standstill but are in the forefront of God's work, there will be moments when you will sense the Lord prompting you to break away from the flow of what's keeping you busy this season. Heed these gentle nudgings from the Holy Spirit --for they are meant as your protection.

This applies not just to ministry but to every area of our lives. Do not fear taking those moments of break or rest.


I saw scenes where people went to sleep or took short walks in the middle of a busy meeting and planning sessions.

I saw parents joking, laughing and wrestling with their children in the middle of their studies.

I saw women dropping unfinished household chores and just sitting down to take a cup of coffee or tea or just calling a friend and talking about nothing serious in particular.

Moments like these are promptings from the Holy Spirit and not human weakness as the enemy would want us to believe. But they are meant by the Lord to be a method of spiritual warfare strategy to prevent the enemy from gaining inroad into our lives.


Fear not for I have not abandoned you. Nor have I forgotten my plans for you.

My recompense is with Me and I will repay you for the years and the things that have been taken away from you.

You will find yourself like Elijah running with the power of the Lord (1 Kings 18:46) coming to the very places where I want you to be when this season is over. You will not be left behind but will be standing with the others as if you have never left.

My Spirit is overshadowing you and this has enabled you to stand in these places. My Spirit will continue to overshadow and will carry you through.

Continue to focus upon all that I have revealed to you. They will not be in vain but will come to pass in it's time. Hold on to what I've revealed to you for I Am adding more revelation to it.

As you continue to stand your ground. I Am preparing the groundwork for you. Wait-- for it for it will surely come upon you as I've promised.


"Heavenly Father, we know that Your ways are not our ways, but Yours is better than ours. Thank You for helping us to understand the significance of what is taking place in our midst. Thank You for restoring our eyes of perception and aligning them with Yours. Thank You for exposing the plans of the enemy and for not allowing it to take root and prosper in our lives.

"We give praise to You for all that You are doing in our midst. Great and mighty are You. Awesome are Your deeds. As You have move in the past, may You renew them in our days. All these we speak by faith through Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord and Savior who strengthen us. Amen!"

Sis. Ching Co
Cebu City Philippines

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