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June 21, 2001

The Spirit and the Bride say Come

The Spirit and the Bride say........... Come my beloved, come. Negativity is unbecoming my dearest. Look to me the one who holds your treasure in my hand dearest bride of mine. I say to you, that you are wild, with a yearning yet to roam. Fix your eyes only onto me, let your gaze be that of adoration and yielding onto the one who loves you most. I wish you to adjust your heart, turn your head from the distant glance of the far away and past experience. You have a work to learn for the wedding coming. Your song must be pure unto me as you look deep into my eyes, hold your eyes upon only me, as I do so with you. I am the lover of your soul, your mouth, your heart, your thoughts, your tender mercies and I long to hold you in my arms to comfort and nurture you. I want you to seek the humbleness I desire from you. The brash will not be allowed in the ceremony. The unyielding will not be let loose of his sin.

Come to the window of the bridal chamber and look unto the sunset over the horizon and see the glistening golden world that only comes with being totally within the light of God's radiance. I adore you my beloved. I hope for you my dearest one, I reach out to you, but you still pull back ..........unsure of who you are.Strike the window, open it to smell the fragrance pouring out of the well of my heart. It is boundless, It is without measure, it is abounding with desire for your companionship. Give me this hour sweet beloved, give me this time, my sweet and lovely one. Give me this time my special child, and I shall caress you and sing to you and touch your tender side. Hold me and walk with me and do not look at the negative any will be gone in but a moment and our time will be taken up with our fixation on one another. I long to please you, and you are coming closer. Do not look back. Pull into me, Pull into me, Look full into my eyes and hear only my voice as I look deep into your heart.

You and I are the Spirit and the bride........and it is soon , so very soon. Take my hand and cross over with me now, ----- Just cross over and come with me not be afraid any longer. Just run to me my to me and I will lift you up!

Your beloved Groom!

Sara DeMeulenaere

The Long Awaited Bride

Judy Grobelney

Early in April of this year I had the following vision and brought it to our local church in New Zealand. Three weeks later the Lord brought it to me again in the old city of Jerusalem. This morning I felt Him prompting me to share it wider than that.

In this vision I was one of the guests at a wedding. As at most weddings there was an expectant hush as the bride was arriving, the groom was standing at the altar waiting, and suddenly there she was, standing ready to walk down the aisle.

A gasp went through the assembled guests, and a feeling of embarrassment gripped me, for this was not the bride we were expecting. She stood there, head hanging down, aware of her condition. Her shoes were dusty and broken. Her gown had once been beautiful lace, but was now yellowed and in tatters. The once lovely bouquet was now a bunch of flowers withered, and with all the petals having fallen from the blooms!

I looked to see the groom's reaction, and was amazed to see, where he had stood, a pure white lamb with blood pouring from its side.

The blood from the lamb flowed down the carpeted aisle and touched the shoes of the bride. As it did, she lifted her head and straightened her shoulders, the same lifted from her. Slowly, she was transformed. The gown was suddenly beautiful, of the most exquisite white fabric I have ever seen. Suddenly, the flowers were fresh and new again. She began to walk down the aisle towards her groom.

Again I looked to the groom. There he stood with his eyes brimming over with tears of joy and longing for her. I felt in my heart his overwhelming love for her, and his deep yearning for her. I wept.

As I continue to see this before my eyes again and again, and speak it forth again and again, I am aware of only these simple things. There is nothing that can prepare us for Him except the precious blood He shed to make it possible. I sense that as individuals and the church we have not yet understood completely the fullness of all He has done, nor have we availed ourselves of it. He stands waiting and longing. We have been so long in coming that we have lost our freshness, we have become faded, and deeply in need of the transforming power of His love and His blood, and His Spirit. As we receive these things individually and allow them to touch and transform us once again, and become completely His, then we will begin to become corporately the Bride He is yearning for.

Judith Grobelny
New Zealand

Another Word On Intimacy

Roger Taylor

"Do you not know the depths of my love for you yet, deep in your heart? Are you not aware of my desire for you to spend much time with me?

Don't let the enemy's lies keep us apart.

Do you feel unworthy? Your price is far above rubies and you are worthy of the blood of the lamb.

Do you feel guilty? Don't you know that I have forgiven everything you have brought to me?

Have you been hurt deeply? Am I not the balm of Gilead that heals the wounded heart?

Oh how I long for the intimacy of lovers with you.

How I desire for Father to say, 'Go get your bride', for the Spirit and the bride to say 'come".

more intimacy stuff:

A short time ago, I laid down on my office floor to just spend some time with Father. No agenda, no list, just be there. As I went through the usual battle (for me) to clear my mind of all the distractions that kept coming, I prayed for help in focusing my attention.

While I was praying that, I got this picture in my mind (?) of the throne room. There were four steps leading up to the throne and I was sitting on the floor at the left front corner of the throne looking away to where Father was pointing.

Some distance away, I saw a chain link fence with a small gate that was partially open. On the other side of the fence were a sea of people as far as the eye could see. The fence was not part of the throne room and somehow I knew that it had been erected by men, not God.

Once in a while, one person would cautiously slip through the open gate and very hesitantly approach the throne and kneel on the floor below the steps, obviously fearful of being there, but wanting to get closer.

Father would smile down at them and beckon them to come up and sit beside me or on the other side of the throne and then indicate that they should beckon to the others to come on through the gate also.

You Are Chosen

Jane Larsen

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things_and the things that are not to nullify the things that are. 1 Cor 1:27 & 28

Do you look at your own inadequacies and weaknesses and come before me with trembling? Do you see yourself as a weak and only partially filled vessel? It is I, your God, who makes the choices. Look at who I have chosen. Have I not chosen the weak? Have I not chosen the downtrodden? The poor. Those that society has looked down on. Did I not choose a youth who was but a shepherd to slay a giant.

I do not see what you see. I do not see what is on the outside. I see what is in the heart. I see your faithfulness. I see your longing to follow where I call. I see the deep places, the places men overlook, and these are what I use. This is what I see. I know each step you take and where it will lead. I know the prayer of your spirit and I hear. I hear and I am pleased.

You are the clay in my hands. You are the vessel I will fill and I will use and do not look at what you can see, for I am all seeing and all knowing and I choose. I have chosen you. Stand and receive. I have searched your heart. Stand and receive. I am well pleased with my choice.

Remember that in weakness I am strong. Those that are weak now will be strengthened. Those that are downtrodden will be the treaders of scorpions. Yes, and those that are low will soar on heights with the renewed strength and power of eagles!

I called you by name and I set you apart. I set you apart to glorify me. I am the one who chooses and I chose you. Stand now and receive.

In His name and to His Glory

Authority and Power

Ras Robinson

You are learning about being under authority and spiritual covering. I have been speaking to you and even convicting you about getting your spiritual house in order. My power follows lines of authority. One of the secrets of my power is the flowing of authority that I have authorized. I guard my authority and I guard my power. You have begun to submit in your heart to my patterns and plans. And you have begun to see yourself rightly aligned in the earthly structures of my authority. I see your heart being at peace with being under authority and even seeking it. This pleases me very much. Even Jesus was a man under authority. Why should not you be? Everyone, yes everyone must be under authority. And it is not enough that you are under my authority and covering alone. I have delegated my authority in the earth and you are also to be submitted to these earthly authorities. So this is good that is happening in your heart. I have been waiting for you. Why? Because I have much, much authority and power that I have not yet been able to release through you. But now the time has come. Submit quickly and resolutely. You will see my hand of power working before you. You are doing well. Go forward now.

I know, because I am under the authority of my superior officers and I have authority over my soldiers, and I say to one, 'Go,' and he goes, and to another, 'Come,' and he comes, and to my slave boy, 'Do this or that,' and he does it. And I know you have authority to tell his sickness to go--and it will go! Matthew 8:9

Ras and Bev Robinson
Fullness in Christ Church, Pastor
Fort Worth

Divine Appointments

Stephen Hanson

Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. EZE 33:7

She went away and did as Elijah had told her. So there was food every day for Elijah and for the woman and her family. [16] For the jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry, in keeping with the word of the LORD spoken by Elijah. 1KI 17:15

(The Lord showed me a small book that was being leafed through slowly, a page at a time. It was an appointment book that would be used by someone. However, I noticed that the one that was leafing through this book was the Lord Himself. He sat upon the throne, sitting quietly, looking at this book, and turning the pages, one by one.)

Then He said:

"I have many divine appointments for many of you, my children." I have set-up many series of events and they will come your way. These appointments are for the purpose of joining you with others. Will you notice them? Will you be sensitive to them? Be aware of them, for surely, they will come your way."

"I Am a God of divine appointments. For there are many of these shown throughout my word. For alliances will be formed and strategies will be made---Divine strategies and divine appointments. But in order to see them you must be sensitive to my Spirit. Watch for them for they will surely come in the midst of your everyday lives. Was not Elijah sent to the woman in the north? Did she not receive an endless supply of oil and bread because of this? And will you not receive an endless supply of my word? For my word will go out onto the ends of the earth, and it will be sent out onto divine appointments to raise up a new body of believers. There will be divine appointments for the joining of ministries. There will be divine appointments for the purpose of employment. There will be divine appointments for the purpose of sustenance and growth. There will be divine appointments for the purpose of families. There will be divine appointments for the purpose of waging war against the enemy. There will be divine appointments for the purpose of setting up churches. There will be divine appointments for needed warnings. Whole entire cities will be saved because of these warnings and divine appointments. Broken marriages will be healed. Children will be saved from disaster. Floods will be diverted. Fires and other disasters will be stopped. For even though I will bring these disasters upon the earth, I will also save you out of the midst of them. Be sensitive to my voice and you will hear these things. Thus would say, the Spirit of the Lord."

Stephen Hanson

A Season of Fires

by Undrai Fizer

Every source of motivation, inspiration, and ambition will be tested by the Fire of the Lord. He will prove our source of life and ministry, by the Fire of His Holiness. He will test the work to see what sort it is.

Some of what we feel is "demonic warfare," is really the proving of the Spirit in our lives. It is a season of divine proving to see if we are standing on the Source of our revelations and ministry. It is proving the source or sources of our ministries and visions. If we cannot stand in what we "believe," we will not receive the power of impartation into the Body.

Every work must be tried by fire, to see "what sort it is." The depths and substance of our anointing will be tested by life and the Fires of the Spirit.

Some of these "Fires" go on for years, depending on the revelation or word of life that was given to it. We are proven according to the calling of destiny within us. Whatever destiny you are assigned to by the Father, will be tested to the "hilt" by the Fire.

Every source of inspiration must be dealt with, no matter how good. Every inward desire for "inner glory" will be tested by the fires of the Lord. He will see, and also cause us to see, just how much we "feel" we love His Holiness.

Our love for Holiness will be tested by the Fires. God wants us to be true products of the Holiness of the Kingdom, and not tolerant participants of the environment (which is understanding the move of the anointing, but not being moved within it).

God is testing the present and future of our anointing. It's not just the perfection of our lives, but the adamancy that we reveal in holding on and expecting the fullness of His word within us. He is proving our love beyond our faults.

Don't lose your grip in the word that was given to you. The Fires of God will prove to see what you really believe and trust in. The proving of the Father will stretch you and make you more flexible in the things of God. It will give you the toughness to withstand the proving of your hidden, but misunderstood, life and ministry.

However, He will see if you allow the promise He provided, to give you the grace you need to stand.

The word of His promise will give you grace to stand. You will be able to stand the wiles of the devil, who also chooses to "throw darts" during the same time the Lord is testing you.

The enemy will always throw "trash" in the testing Fires of the Lord. The promise will give you the ability to discern that God is not harming you or forgetting you.

During these times, our own sins and faults will come into question and we may feel that "we are suffering for something else." We must know that the accuser does not stop accusing during the testing of a dream, even if some things he may bring up ARE TRUE.

We must learn to trust in the promise of who God says we are. Usually there are more affirmations that MIS-define who are we than confirmations that truly define who we are. The wrong outnumbers the right (in the natural). But God....

Every dream must be tested by God, even though He is the One who gave you the dream. He is proving our ability to still know Him and trust Him during the times of Fire. He desires for you and I to really know what we are imparting to others from our experiences. He is proving your ability to walk with Him, through anything. He is proving what is true and what is false in our lives.

Fires from the Lord will test what is true and expose what is a lie in our lives. Sometimes, we may not know what the "lie" is in our lives yet (smile). We may feel like we are walking in full truth. But a fire of the Lord will prove what is "full truth" in our lives. It will expose the ambitions of our human experiences, and will prove the reason of why some of us desire to walk in areas "we may not have been called to." Hmm.

God knows the time and length of every "test fire." He knows what it will take to succeed in Him. We must be careful not to lose courage and trust in the Lord during these times of proving in Him.

The enemy, as stated earlier, can throw trash in the fire, and cause us to become conformed to a false suffering or humiliation. We will then find ourselves afraid to walk in the promise and more apprehensive to receiving assistance from others in seasoned ministry. We can find ourselves "testing the test," and not growing in the fullness of joy from the Lord.

Your dream is real, even if it must be "changed." Your dream should be to serve the Father and His Kingdom, no matter how He chooses you to do it.

Your dreams and exploits are designed to be proven, molded, and flexible to flow with God. The fires will also burn the "trash" of the enemy that has been "attached" to us during the testing of the Fire. (notice during a small fire, when the flame "detects" an object that is different from the main substance that is being burned, the flame will "brighten" or change from its flow of burning for just a second)?

Every new level and new foundation will be tested by the Fires of the Father.

Maybe we are growing, huh?

Scripture Resources:

I Cor.3:10-15
Ephesians 6:10-14
Hebrews 4:12-13
Hebrews 10:32-39
Hebrews 11

Undrai & Bridget Fizer

"Release to the world what God has given You!"
Visit us online@

The Prison Camp Sheep Pen

Dave Howe

Last night ( Tuesday 19th June 2001.) I saw this old world war 2 prison camp before me. I could see the guard towers Barbed wire The dogs Guards with guns and the huts that the prisoners live in.

Many fellowships and denominations are like spiritual prison camps They keep the people locked up with the Guards of Doctrine These Guards are armed with the Guns of Religion that Fire Bullets of Misquoted Scriptures and have the Dogs of Legalism at their sides. These Guards keep their prisoners locked up in the Huts of Denominationalism where they are kept hungry and cold. If anyone tries to escape or questions this system they are sent to the cooler for a time correction and punishment.

The hard thing about this is the guards think that they are protecting the people with all this - But are really keeping them locked up - And most people believe this right because they have told that this for their own safety - That they are being protected from their enemies. Many had been brainwashed in this way of thinking by the teachers of mans agendas. But in their hearts knew that something was not right but did not know why.

Then I saw an army terrible with banners invade that land - Advance and set the prisoners free. At first some were frightened by this but soon realised that everything was ok when their wounds were bound up and healed - When they were given good food and wine to eat and drink - Many had never had this good food before

Food of the Word Wine of the Spirit. There was so much joy as the people were rejoined with their families - Just like VE day at the end of the second world war in Europe - Much dancing on the streets of freedom - Going from house to house - Eating Bread - Drinking Wine.

The second vision was of a sheep pen where the sheep were being forced into a space that is to small for them - The sheep were trampling and hurting each other because of this - The shepherd was using a sharp stick to force the sheep into that place All around I could see dogs barking at the sheep.

The sheep that were ill and hurt were just killed with no compassion or mercy shown them Even the ones that suspected of being ill but were not are killed as well Just like happened with foot and mouth disease in the UK recently.

Then these words came to me.

For whom the Son sets free is free indeed.
For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty.
For I am coming to liberate my people from the yoke of oppression To lead them into pastures new - Coming to bind up their wounds - Coming to heal them.
For I AM the good shepherd and my sheep will know my voice.

Dave Howe
Wellspring Prophetic Ministries England

Spirit of Elijah

Marsha Burns

Be alert, watch and observe. Listen and discern, for I have called you forth in the spirit of Elijah to open and shut spiritual doors. I have already called you to "come up here." And, I am again calling you to come higher. Rise up out of carnality and the darkness of your own flesh existence into the pure light of the Spirit. I want to give you fresh revelation of authority in My kingdom. But, in order to come up, you must first look up, for I say many who have been in training for this time have been looking at yourselves, your circumstances or those around you. Some are looking at the speck in your brother's eye when you have developed a log in your own eye. Deal with your own shortsightedness and then look! I am opening up treasures, hidden riches in secret places. Open your eyes and see what I have prepared for you. Put away all darkness, and rip away the veil of flesh that has covered and obscured your spirit.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO


Tammie Gelis

Last night as I sat on my deck I began observing a bird in the tree. The leaves are fully on their trees now making the bird like really hard to see. The Lord kept repeating to me to look at the bird. He asked me, you see the bird don't you? You have observed it and seen it, now keep watching it. As I kept my eyes on the bird, it just all of a sudden flew out of the tree and quickly right by my face, where I could literally reach out and touch it.

The Lord then spoke to me that just as I observed and seen and heard the bird in the tree and not let my eyes off of it, so we also need to observe and see and hear all that the Lord has spoken to us. In times past they have been so real to us that he spoke those promises. Gradually they have faded into the scenery. They are not looked at or seen or thought about any longer. Hope lost. No focus anymore. But kept hearing the father say that although the bird is well hidden in that tree it is still there. So is my promises to you saith the Lord. They are still there. Why do you continue to let your head hang low? As it hangs all you are seeing is the ground and dirt (death and defeat).

"I say to you this day lift up your heads. Look to me. Loose not sight of the promises I have made to you. If you need to go climb the tree to get sight of it again do that. But grab hold of the sight of my promises and sight of all I have done for you...get them back in center focus.

Be not weary. Lose not hope. For we are entering a season that those birds are getting ready to move. They are about to come at you suddenly.The things I have promised you I will do as you believe and faint not. But I say to you suddenly you will see these things come about. Suddenly those things that have been so out of reach will I again put in your reach. Suddenly, all those doors that have been shut will begin to open. Suddenly, salvation will come to your family members. I am about to do a quick work. Will you not see these things because you have set aside and forgotten and no longer looking for them to come?

Am I a man that I shall lie? Will I not do all that I have promised you that I would? Time to refocus on those promises and stir up your faith, for I will do them. Keep your eyes focused on me and my promises until suddenly they come to you and they will be yours."

In Christ
Tammie Gelis

The Blood

Arlette Pollard
Rev. 19:11-14

I asked you Lord please let me understand the power behind the blood - You spoke the Word love. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." He showed me that the blood has become a tent of covering upon us - a strong protective shield to keep away the lies formed in the wilderness around us - In His mercy He has placed upon us this tent of protection. Within this tent though storms may grow fierce and overwhelming - we will find peace and purpose.

His blood of life and love flows over us and unto others. We have become one in the blood. One purpose - one heart. We have become connected because of the blood. There is no more living for self - no more listening to the song of the enemy when we are placed within the covering of the blood of the Lamb. This was my beginning of understanding by what He meant by the power of the blood.

I then asked the Lord to let me enter fully into the power of His blood - That is when He filled my senses with the sweet smelling incense of His blood. An aroma - a sweet fragrance that I realize comes forth from those who have laid their lives down at His feet and worship Him in spirit and in truth. Who live their lives dedicated to lifting up prayers - reflections of His Word - His truth.

Powers of darkness are pushed back and righteousness as sweet perfume goes forth when those who love Him lay their lives upon the altar of praise and worship. "The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth forever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne." Rev. 4:10

Praise God for those who have entered into this covenant of His life into the presence of God so completely that they desire nothing more than to offer up praise and worship continually before our God. Living vessels from which living waters flow forth.

As I continued to study the passages of Rev. 19:11-14 the Lord reminded me of the flames of fire that were as His eyes - I have felt this fire Lord within my soul, my mind and my heart. It burns with passion for You alone. Your fire has enabled me to go beyond where I wanted to go. Where I thought it was impossible to go. The fire in my heart and in my mind has lit a pathway that enables my feet to walk where I never would have dared to walk before. You told me look through the power of the blood - through Your eyes of power - fire - of love. That You would help me see what I was supposed to see. You would help me know which way to go. That through the darkness Your light would shine leading me into all truth. That I would see the reality of what was around me. That I would always see that You were by my side - holding me - comforting me. That before me you sat as King upon Throne over the life that You have given me.

We are the army that follows you Lord - connected to you by Your blood. Strengthened - taught - encouraged by You. You do the work Lord - we ride beside You - upon the righteousness of Your power - You lead, we follow clothed in fine linen, white and clean. Washed in the blood of the Lamb.



Michelle Perry

I have been seeking the Lord alot as to what it will take to bring revival. The word HUNGER kept rolling around in my spirit...

"The ingredient principles of revival are simple:


"All revival begins on your face before Me in humilty. Then there must be a corporate unity of focus. I am present in the midst of 2 or 3 so do not think this unity has to start with huge crowds... it needs to start with 2 or 3. Then you must have a deep understanding of your need for Me and begin to cry out. As you cry out in need I will pour out My grace to meet your need. NEVER think grace is easy... it cost Me everything. Grace is COSTLY. It is the fullness of MY potency, My capacity to act poured out on you. There is always a price to pay for genuine revival to come. ALWAYS. Many stop here, but an outpouring of grace should result in expectancy. An expectancy led by MY SPirit not by emotionalism and hype... Expectancy is coupled then with repentance. The heights of any move of My Spirit is measured by the depth of repentance that surrounds it. You cannot fly high unless you dive deep.

So when I say I am increasing your hunger levels in this day, I am increasing ALL of these. How do you become hungry in the natural? You stop eating. You My people have been snacking on the things of the world too long so that you are not hungry for Me. You have even become satisfied with the appetizers of My Spirit so you don't press in for the fullness of what I desire to give you. So at times in places I withdraw the manifest Presence of My Spirit for one reason: TO INCREASE YOUR HUNGER LEVELS FOR ME. You cry out for hunger. But have you ever been hungry-- it is NOT pleasant. Do you really want true hunger for me?

You can't have revival without hunger. You can't even have a good meeting without it. So My beloved Bride take heart in the seasons when nothing seems to happen and I seem so far away. I am closer than ever. I am just increasing your hunger level. So press in and come running after Me."

Michelle Perry

It's Coming

Kristin Reeg

"Many of you have questioned Me. You have sought Me with your heart. You have sought Me with your mind. You have sought Me with all that you are, and yet you have had trouble understanding why you have continued to wait. You have questioned why I have not brought about the promises that I have given you. I am not a man that I should lie. The promises that I have given you will be fulfilled. You must know that everything works together for the good because you love Me and have been called for My purpose. During this time of waiting I have been preparing you, and I have been preparing those to whom you will minister to. I am getting things ready. The preparations are almost complete. You are almost ready.Those to whom you will be ministering to are almost ready.

Do not be dismayed or discouraged. I have not forgotten you. I have not forsaken you, but rather have been testing you and purifying you to make sure that you would seek Me first above else. You have passed My tests, and now your heart is prepared to receive the blessing that I will bestow upon you. For now you truly believe that I am with you always. For now you believe that every good gift comes from above. Now you are at a place where you praise Me in sunshine and rain. You no longer seek My face just when the storms of life come, but now You seek Me no matter what your circumstances are. This is the place where I have been waiting for you to arrive. This is the place I have been waiting for you to be.

My child, I am proud of you. I love you. I am so proud of you. I am proud that you have withstood the testing. I am proud that you desire to know more of Me. I am proud that you have learned to listen to My voice. My child, I trust you. I trust that when you hear My voice you will move with My Spirit. I am proud of you. I trust you.

And I will soon open the floodgates of heaven and pour down My Spirit, My anointing, and My blessing upon you. All men will know that you are a vessel to be used by Me for My glory. I raise dead men. I awaken the sleepers. What once was dead - I have made alive in you. What once was asleep I have awakened in you. Go therefore, and bear fruit. Fruit that will last. For truly, I say that the time of My power and glory draws closer with each day, with each minute. Seek Me and know Me and you will experience Me in greater ways than the generations before you."

Pressing on & Pressing in,

Kristin Reeg

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