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June 27, 2001

My Fire Will Change the Landscape

Dennis Drewlo

The Fire of God will change the landscape. Things will not look as they did in the past. I will burn the field to bring new growth. New fruit will come as a result of the fire.

Your intercession and supplication will fuel the fire. They will be a spark that brings revival. They will fuel the furnace. The furnaces of worship and intercession will bring revival.

My fire will come with a price. I will burn down all that is not of me. Impurities will be removed. I will separate the wheat from the chaff, the impurities from the pure gold.

I will burn the idols and those things that stand between you and the altar. Those things that keep My people from coming before me will be lost in the fire.

Come to me to be burned. Be soaked in the Water of My Spirit, for wet wood burns easier than dry. You, who are trees of righteousness - the planting of the Lord.

The coming fire will change cities. Cities will see revival as never before. The fire will ride upon the waters of the River. Ever-increasing oil will flow though the cities. You will not recognize the cities that are touched by My Fire, for they will be burned beyond recognition.

I will burn down the old, dead structures to make room for what I am about to build. New fruit and a great Harvest is coming.

You who gather in intercession will contain and spread the Fire, for I am raising up a generation of "holy arsonists" who will set whole cities and nations ablaze with the power of the Gospel.

The coming fire will refine the anointing that I have placed within you so that what is given out will be pure.

New fire will come to your worship. The worship that is to come will change the climate of cities, for it will be fueled by the fire that is to come. The flames will burn open the veil and bring My people into the Holy of Holies, and worship will rise to a higher level.

I will burn down the structures of the enemy. New age and man's religious structures will be destroyed. Anything that does not bear my image will be destroyed, and you will see My reflection in the fire .

I will burn down walls that divide My people. The coming fire will bring unity to My Church, that will end class warfare in the Body and I will finally have the spotless, fire-breathing Bride I have dreamed of.

Change is coming! Get ready! I will breathe on you, My Church. But this time I will breathe My Fire upon you. My fire will go forth - straight for the things that keep you from fulfilling your prophetic destiny.

The fire that is coming, no man will be able to quench. It will be an irresistible fire. It will change the way you think. It will change your value. It will prove what is important to you. It will show you what you are made of.

I have called you to be vessels of fire, to bring forth My Word. I will change the land. I will do it through you. Call down fire from heaven to go forth before you.

The fire is coming, My Church. Change is coming through the fire.

I Am Faithful To Keep My Promises

Olivia Long

Why are you cast down, O my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me? HOPE IN GOD AND WAIT EXPECTANTLY FOR HIM, FOR I SHALL YET PRAISE HIM, WHO IS THE HELP OF MY COUNTENANCE, AND MY GOD. Psalm 42:11

WHY is your soul troubled? WHY do you feel I have left you down and am not keeping MY word? You have expected much and you wonder, have you expected more than what I promised, because the promises seem empty and your prayers appear to have been unanswered.

I AM not a man that I can lie, and I have made you great and mighty promises and when I make a promise, you have MY "absolute and trustworthy word." What I say, I will do ! What I have spoken to you, you can be assured that the promise is backed up with honor AND integrity. These promises are a sacred vow based on the character of your perfect and trustworthy God.

Not all of My promises come forth in ways that you expect, because you see "only" the immediate happenings occurring in your life, seeing "only" the surface. What you do not see is MY complete plan for your life. You do not see how very carefully I have orchestrated and then fit together ALL the pieces - to form the "COMPLETE PROMISE."

"I CAN NOT FAIL TO FULFILL MY PROMISES." People can fail to keep their promises, BUT, asssuredly I say unto you - "YOUR GOD DOES NOT." BUT you have a part in this, and that part is to "believe" !!! Remember, I have at MY disposal - "ALL" power and wisdom to fulfill MY promises and that is MY part for I AM THE LORD and I DO NOT CHANGE !!!

Some of MY promises to you are 'unconditional' , I say I will fulfill them and I WILL - no matter what, for I AM faithful to MY Word. Many of My promises are 'conditional', therefore I have given you directions that you must follow. Steps that you must take if you want to see the fullest extent of My promise. Don't try to figure out MY plan, for while you are trying to figure it out - and of "how" I will fulfill MY promise to you - I am carefully working out MY plan, more than not, in ways you 'cannot' understand. For MY thoughts are always higher than your thoughts and MY ways higher than your ways, and the promises from MY mouth shall NOT return to ME void but SHALL accomplish that which I have purposed !!! Conditional or Unconditional, I always fulfill MY promises.

Some of you are growing inpatient while attempting to keep faith. My servant Abraham was a man of faith, 'but' even he had doubts and grew inpatient, trying to fulfill My promise by human means. But, in MY TIME, I brought forth the child of promise. Beloved, " ALL OF MY PROMISES ARE FULFILLED - IN - MY PERFECT TIMING AND IN MY WISDOM. "

I promised through MY prophet Jeremiah, that Israel would continue to exist as a nation as long as the sun, moon and the stars continued to shine. I ALSO promised to "protect AND guide" the "destiny" of ALL the descendants of ancient Israel. Did I EVER abandon Abraham, Isaac or Jacob and their descendents? You have been grafted in - and I have made many, many wonderful promises to you, MY faithful ones !!! Again, "BELIEVE", do your part, and let ME do MY part - to fulfill the promises I have made unto you.

For, "I WILL" demonstrate to EACH of you and to ALL the nations that I stand behind EVERY Word that I have ever spoken. MY POWER 'WILL' BE CONFIRMED, FOR MY WORD IS TRUTH - ABSOLUTE TRUTH !!!

I say unto you, Ask yourself now, "DOES 'I AM' HAVE THE ABILITY, THE POWER AND THE FAITHFULNESS, TO KEEP MY PROMISES? If I had the the ability to make the heavens and the earth by MY great power and MY outstretched arm, is there ANYTHING to hard or to splendid for ME?"

No matter what you are facing or will ever face, there is nothing that would make it too difficult for ME to fulfill MY promises to you, for with I AM - ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I AM able and I AM faithful - and - you CAN ABSOLUTELY DEPEND ON ME to do what I say I will do because I AM trustworthy and faithful to keep MY promsies. For HE who has called you IS faithful and WILL also do it !


Olivia Long

Timing Is Everything


To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven. Ecc. 3:1

It has often been said that timing is everything--and daily I see evidence of the truth of that statement. The problem is that we want things done in our own timing, we want to orchestrate when events will happen, how they will happen, what will happen and the results. It is hard to wait on the Lord's timing. Yet, when we do, we see Him prove Himself over and over as faithful--preparing the way for us, opening paths for us, getting hearts ready. He doesn't always make it easy for us--depending on the assignment--but He does prepare us and others in His own timing for His own reasons that we often don't understand. When we take over control of our own lives and try to set our own timetable, we often find that things don't work out the way we want them to. It's hard in our fast paced, instant driven society to wait on the Lord.

The paradox is that often the Lord seems to take an incredibly long time to move but when He does He doesn't waste any time. He has the capability of doing in an instant what we've been wanting Him to do for years--but it must be when the time is right. I have a tendency to want to take control of that timing, to help God out. I either want to hurry Him up or I like to inform Him that He's ahead of schedule--that can't be handled for some time yet. He is so incredibly patient with me as He walks me through His ways of dealing with life. I've learned a long time ago He doesn't work like humans, think like humans, react like humans but sometimes I still have trouble realizing that He has a plan--and my part in it is obedience. Obedience is easy when things are going well, obedience is a challenge when things get rocky. He gently reminds me even today, to everything there is a season and a time to every matter or purpose under heaven.

So today, as I reflect on many things, I will reflect on His timing--wanting nothing more than that. I do not want to take back control of my life (tempting as it is at times), I want to wait on Him because He's the one with the plan. I've made my own plans before, followed my own way before. Not this time. It is time to wait on Him. It is time to trust Him completely. It time to wait for things in their season. Today, wait on the Lord. Let you life be governed by His timing and not your own. Listen to Him, follow Him and let Him establish every matter and purpose in your life when He's ready. Don't rush Him, become impatient with Him, try to do it for Him. Let Him be in control. But be ready, for when He moves it is often quickly and decisively, desiring our obedience and our trust. Today, wait for Him.

Grace and peace,


Wedding Gown

Tammie Gelis

I had a dream last night that I know was from the Father and a message for his body.

In this dream, there was a wedding about to take place. All the excitement, all the preparation. Everyone busy with all the details of the wedding. In the dream I saw the bride trying on her wedding dress, all excited about the wedding. She purchased the dress and brought it home only a few days before the wedding was to take place. The morning of the wedding she went into the closet to get her dress to put on and the dress was gone. She ran throughout the house asking everyone in the house if they knew where her gown was and if anyone had it. She was very upset. The dress was no where to be found. The time for the ceremony was coming upon her quickly. Heard her asking herself what she was going to do. She then went to her closet and started seeing what other clothes she had in there for the wedding. She knew she had some nice formal wear in there and thought perhaps that was better than nothing.

From this dream I heard the Lord saying the following things: The wedding is upon you. The time for the bridegroom to come is nearing. It is time to make preparation. It is time to make the purchases of your white gown. Time to pay the price. So many have gone through this process already of paying the price, of dying to me so they may be pure and holy. You have brought home your gown and have set it in the closet. How often do you look at it? How important is it to you that it is a white dress? How important is it to you that you come to the wedding dressed in white, in purity and in holiness?

In order for the dress to be stolen there had to be doors left open for the robber to get in and take from you what was once very precious to you. But I say to you not only have some of you left doors open for the robber to come but you have willingly handed over to the robber your wedding gown. It is no longer important to you, to my bride to come to me dressed in white. They feel as long as they have formal wear on and look all dolled up that is all that is needed and is good enough.

But I say to you this day I am coming back. The wedding is about to take place. I am coming for my bride that is dressed in white. I am coming back for a pure and righteous bride. Put aside all that you have allowed to come between you and me. Close the doors that you have opened even if just on a crack to the robber. Take on the importance once again of being dressed in white before me, being holy before me. Let this be a priority to you and teach it to those around you, so they too many be ready. Come to me and allow me to cleanse and purify. Come to the cross with all that is not pleasing to me. I will cleanse, I will purify and make whole. I will prepare my bride for my coming if you will but let me.


A Wakeup Call

Cynthia Mosley

My people are sleeping and they don't even know it. Arise my children and quit sleeping, stop slumbering, for I cannot use you when you slumber. You sleep with the enemy when you slumber. Wake Up! Now my children and rise to the occasion in my coming. Do you not know what you are called to do? Awake! Rise Up! So you are not numb to the things of my spirit.

You are not getting all I have for you because you choose to sleep. Wake! My children Wake! Stop walking in dullness for dullness will not help you fight against the enemy. Rise up! and let me heal you.

Give the things of this world up to me because I own everything anyway. Let Go! And let me work in your lives, in your hearts, in your minds. Stop Sleeping! Come to me now! Come to me now!

I know your hearts and I know where they've been and I know where they are going. Let my spirit fall upon you and fall upon you with the flame of my Holiness, my Righteousness. For I am a consuming fire that wants to engulf you with the Power of my Holy Spirit.

Let me come in and wake you completely so I can use you for my plans. Plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future. Awake! Awake! My children, do not sleep any longer. Come to me now! And let me set you free, Free in me............. Do not sleep! Do not sleep!

The Big Picture

by Jana Alcorn

Leader, it is time to see The Big Picture. Many times in ministry, our vision is only as a small wallet snapshot and we only tend to see our ministries. We see what God is going to do through us and the open doors before us. We see our own battles and challenges and so often we are focused on our own advances in ministry. However, I sense the Spirit is directing us to what I call The Big Picture.

Iíd like to share some thoughts in your facilitation of a larger view.


So many times, we are looking through our little disposable camera mentality when God has a heavenly telescope with a wide angle view into this planet and his will to be accomplished in this earth.

You are a part of The Big Picture, but this is by no means a small photo with you in the center, with microphone in hand, ready to cast out a devil as soon as the spirit of prophesy lifts. The Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a net. The Kingdom of God is vast, including every tribe, nation and tongue.

Godís view is that of completion.

Colossians 1:28


Godís vision includes the whole house and everything that pertains to the house, from the site, to the foundations, to the scaffolding, and even the landscaping. Recently I heard from seasoned Apostolic and Prophetic Gifts who were sharing of people in their ministries having a vision for only their room. Just when the Kingdom can take the greatest advances, many in Apostolic function must go back and clarify Kingdom purposes to the very ones who should be assisting in building the whole House and not just their room.

God sees The Big Picture and His Heart is heavy when ministries see only their rooms and can get no further than their own agendas.

Hebrews 3:6 -- We are His House!


If ever there was a day to go to the top of the mountain with the Lord and see The Big Picture, now is the time. From our small mindset, we cannot see the greater purposes of God. It is only when we get beyond ourselves , and are drawn into the viewing range of the Holy Spirit, that we can perceive the heart of God for the Body of Christ.

Godís intention is far more inclusive than our personal itineraries, our publications, our denominations and our non-denominations, our favorites and our own spiritual personal photo albums with anything unwanted conveniently removed with the scissors.

God is granting us so much more than a fragmented view in this final hour of glory and advance! Reach for the whole!

Ephesians 1:17 -- That the eyes of your understanding may be opened.....


Apostles are the architects chosen by God to see The Big Picture. If you are not processed at this point to see Kingdom purposes, hook up with Apostolic Ministry and soon you will begin to see. The voices of Godís ministries are being heard in the land. We are without excuse. We must move with Godís vision.

I Corinthians 3:10 -- Paul, a wise master builder, by the grace of God...


If you are unwilling or if you refuse to heed the voices of Godís apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers , evangelists, and other voices that God is raising who have been with Him in the secret place, then God will extend your time in the dark room. If you are not properly disillusioned with self and are unwilling to submit to His process, then God has a way of arranging more time in the dark room until His plan comes into full focus.

While there will be a multitude of ministries emerging with a triumphant shout of what God is doing throughout the Body of Christ in the expanse of this earth, others will be weeping in the dark room wondering why they are not in the celebration. This is the greatest time for Kingdom advancement -- DONíT MISS OUT BY EXTENDING YOUR STAY IN THE DARK ROOM.

Leader, God is ready now to give you a SUDDEN DOWNLOAD of His picture for the Kingdom.


And he called the name of that place Bethel.... Genesis 28:10

Bethel means house of God. It was here, at Bethel, that Jacob came to a clear revelation of the House of God. Pursue an experience with God that will result in a revelation of His purpose.


Apostolic ministry puts on muscle, not just weight.

Pressure is an indication that Godís hand is on you.

God is going to redefine everything in your life.

Become a student of His Presence.

Get in the God-Zone.

God is hungry for your presence.

Obedience is better than manís approval.


I am bringing new focus before you as I call you to come before Me for the arrangements of My plans. Come up with Me into another dimension and into another realm. You have limited Me. Now is the time for abandonment and the hunger for My will shall come to such an intensity that you will be overwhelmed with this desire. Take this time to drink from My Presence and to become saturated with nothing other than My purposes for your life.

I will reveal what you need to know.

Fan the flames of this desire for My will and you will see the difficulties melt in My presence. For I now remind you that the hills melt like wax in the Presence of the Lord. This is our time and we will not miss, saith the Lord!

Pastor Jana Alcorn

Albertville, Alabama

The Woman in the Center of the Room

Gabor Siklosi

She stands on the block, naked before the world. Her hair is matted, eyes hollow, back bowed. With frail arms she tries to cover herself, vainly seeking to hide her humiliation. She's had a number of hard nights. Bruises on her face reveal the punishment she takes to comply with the demands of her "trade". Scars on her arms reveal her attempts to escape the corruption, medicating her wounds with feeble anesthetics. They never seem to take away the pain in her heart. Her gait is strained from her prostitutions.

The crowd is raucus and raw. They look upon her, eyes of lust dancing on her worn olive skin. The Slave Master forces her to stand in their midst, pulling her arms down so that the customers might examine the wares. With head bowed, tears on the brink of gushing down her face, she stands in the regret of her rebellion.

How could she have chosen this pathway? How did she come so low? How could she have left what she had and chosen to jump into the flood of dissipation, the torrent of lustful desire? Yes, she chose this way. Of course, she never thought it would ever come to this. Never did she think she would go so low. Once on the heights of desire and indulgence, now on the brink of utter despair.

She had it all, at one time. She had a home. A pure bed. A loving and devoted husband. There was absolutely no reason why she should have left him. He loved her...oh he loved her! Never did she feel such love as when he cradled her in his arms. Now, she has scorned that love and knows without a doubt that she has sunk so low, even he, her beloved, would not stoop down into this pit and reach out for her. This was the last straw. She has gone too far.

Scanning the crowd from below the shelter of her filthy hair she wonders which of these "customers" she'll be indebted to next. The fact that she has no choice doesn't bother her any more. Despair has a way of doing that. She's been enslaved for so long, it is just another day, being the next commodity on the auction block. She's been gone so long that all she is is a shell of a human, simply property to be bought and sold. It's time to be sold now. She's got no choice. She's a slave.

What was that?

There in the back. Near the door? Through the haze she thinks she sees something--someone--familiar. At first she considers it to be the effects of too much "medicine", fatigue, and wishful thinking. She blinks. She looks closer. Her heart flips for a second. Could it be? Could it be?

This time, she focuses with all the strength she can muster. Through the haze, the smoke, and dim light, by the door, is her Beloved! There he is, the sweat of his frantic search beaded upon his brazen forehead. But even from the distance of the auction hall, she can see streaming down his face, glistening in the firelight of the doorway lights, gigantic tears rolling from both corners of his eyes down his dark cheeks, and soaking into his dissheveled beard. Hosea has come for his beloved.

His eyes remain fixed on hers. He begins to push through the drunken mob, broad shoulders paddling behind him a wake of frowns, and questioning looks. Who does he think he is, pushing his way to the front? Does he want to get a better look? I was here first!...

She notices that his hands remain in front of him. He is bearing a burden that strains his arms so veins ripple. He is carrying a large travel bag, having removed it from the back of one of the mules he toted all around town in search of her. It is full of barley, a redemption price on the whore in the center of the room. He has come to buy her back from her filth.

Eyes of love remain riveted on her as he nears the boundary where only serious buyers may stand. He pushes his way to the front, amisdst angry protests and vulgarity. He gets the attention of the auctioneer motioning for the man to stoop down so they might be able to hear one another. Hosea motions to the bags of barley, and motions toward the woman. The slave trader shakes his head, refusing the first offer. Eyes moist and nearly desperate, Hosea motions again, a bit more frantically. Two fingers are up, as Hosea points toward the door. There are two more like this, outside on the mules, send some men to go get them and we have a deal.

The auctioneer is shrewd. He wants to see the merchandise. He sends the helpers, they leave the room and return with the other bushels of barley. A total of ten bushels are presented as the purchase price for this slave. Hosea shows his anxiousness without remorse. The slave trader notices, and again refuses the second offer. Without hesitation, Hosea removes the bag from his belt and presents it as the final price for the woman in the center of the room. The auctioneer counts out 15 shekels of silver. By this time the crowd is very much in tuned with the audacious demonstration in the center of the room. The count out the shekels with the slave trader, laughing at the extravagant display of emotion and passion that Hosea has for the woman. Eyes still riveted on hers, he paces in place, awaiting the final verdict.


The crowd hollers. Some with regret--they wanted to buy that one! Some with glee--what a fool! Some with sheer amazement--what in the world does he see in her? Hosea wastes no time getting to her. He has already made his move and is charging toward his prize. She sees that he is carrying something else. Through the tears welling up in her eyes she sees that he is carrying a blanket, bright crimson. He rushes forward, unfolding the blanket, and enfolds her in his arms, covering her body, covering her shame.

She can barely walk as he leads her through the mob. She is in utter disbelief. She cannot understand what he has done. She cannot understand why. Full of questions and shock, she looks up at him as he moves her toward the doorway home. His gaze answers all of her questions and affirms the desires of her heart.

Love. True Love.

The crimson stained Lamb looks upon the disheveled bride in the center of the room, eyes of love straining to catch her glimpse. The Beloved is ready and eager to come for his Bride.

Love. True Love.

Gabor Siklosi

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