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June 7, 2001

My Fire Surrounds You

Oh My little one, why is your heart heavy? Have I not said I would take care of you? Have I not told you the battles are Mine? Why do you fret?

When My Son was accused He stood on the Word and said nothing. He did not have to defend who He was for He knew who He was. You are of Me. Stand on Who you are in Me and I will make you as a mighty fortress and no weapon formed against you shall prosper. The evil one is mad because he has lost your soul FOREVER! He knows there is no going back for you and you are gaining momentum so he has to come back with the same amount of his power to combat it. Your situations will get harder and harder but as you trust in Me your burden will be lighter and lighter.

Let those, who will, reject you as they rejected Me. They are blinded and do not have clear vision and they will not understand. Giving your own answers fuels their fires against you for they lack understanding. I AM THE GOD WHO SEES your life and theirs and I am capable of bringing judgment and correction. I have NO BLINDERS!

Go forth in what I have called you to and DON'T LOOK BACK! Your past holds no future, but I hold your future. You will be grossly misunderstood because I am grossly misunderstood.

The closer you get to Me the further you will get from the world. And you will lose friends who you thought would be there because they will not be able to get near the heat of the fire that surrounds you but this fire is designed to bring others to Me. It seems hot to you at times as that is when I am burning your flesh but when it is consumed you will not even know it is there. Others will feel it immediately. That fire is My wall of protection for you.

Be careful that you do not step out of it into the attitudes and ways of the world as you will lose my protection for that time and you will become vulnerable to the attack of the enemy.

Respectfully submitted by Ginger Gardner

God's Hyssop

Teresa Seputis

God is saying that this is a season of being refined and purified. God's desire for his church is that it be a pure vessel for His glory and that means that each of us individually must be a pure vessel for His glory and (unfortunately) we are not as pure as He would like us to be. So .. guess what? He is helping us to become purer. He is refining us. He is teaching us about absolute surrender to His Lordship and about instant obedience with a good attitude. And He is teaching us about facing the impurities within each of our hearts, admitting their presense, and allowing Him to cleanse us.

There is a verse about being cleased with hyssop. Hyssop is a disinfectant. It stings like iodine, but it purifies.. it kills the infection. And God is using that same type of thing in our lives He is purifying us. That purification comes with a bit of a sting; it can hurt. It is like being in the refiner's fire.

The problem that many of us are facing as we go through this process is that we become horrified when God allows the deep things within us to surface we begin to struggle with unforgiveness or bitterness or with atemptation towards sin, and we know we should not. Or an old hurt begins to have power over us and effect our attitudes and behaviors and we begin to condemn ourselves because we know that we "should not" struggle with that thing. And then we begin to disqualify ourselves and pull away from God and God says,

"DONT DO THAT! RUN TO ME, don't run away from me! Don't you think I knew what was in you before you saw it? Did I love you any less before you were aware of that weakness? Run to Me and I will clease you. Present your weakness your struggles to me and watch me work my glory in them. Don't denny them; confess them (similar to how you would confess a sin). And watch the ressurrection power of My Son break the yoke of that bondage over you.

For I am pushing you to your limits and I am causing these things to surface and raise up because I DESIRE to cleanse you of them. And as you submit to My refinement, I will make you a pure vessel that I might pour out My anointing on you; that I migth manifest my glory through you.

Child of mine, this is what you have prayed for You have prayed for power and anointing and intimacy with Me and it is through this process of refinement that I am able to transform you that I might answer the prayers you prayed and give you the requests you have desired of Me. For it is MY GOOD PLEASURE to pour out My glory on you and through you. It is My good pleasure to heal the sick through you. It is My good pleasure to break the yoke of enemy oppression and to cause demons to flee through your commands. I desire to manifest Myself through you, so submit to My refinement in your lives that you may be a pure vessel. And then watch My glory come forth in your life.

I will anoint that which I prepare. I am faithful to complete that which I begin. And I desire to glorify My name through you and to advance My kingdom through you.

Are you willing child to do this with Me? Will you allow Me to prepare you for My good works? My plans for you are good and there is no shortage of anointing that I might pour out on you. Receive my purification and receive My anointing."

Kingdom keys - Present truth that activate the nature of the Father within you

Tim and Theresa Early

According to John 7:38, he that believes on the Lord Jesus Christ as the scriptures says, out of their belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Now, before I go any further, let me add that many church services today are geared toward results and making people very happy. However, there is a present truth word that is stirring the hearts of God's people to be activated in releasing the kingdom of God, and not alone positioning themselves to only receive. For when you think about it, most of the seating in many assemblies are in the theatrical style, where we enter in with view toward the front, the pulpit, podium, and other external trappings. Here, it is easy to get accustomed to a one-dimensional ministry where we all come to sit and receive, but beloved, there is another side to this all.

Let's suppose, that the eldership of any particular ministry decided to have the seating rearranged from theatrical style to circles with chairs of ten each. Let's say, that the eldership went before the corporate assembly and announced that, for the next several weeks, we will not have the chairs facing the front toward a podium, rather, with a number of chairs in circles {or, if the assembly is much smaller in number, one big circle of chairs would do} we will relate to one another the progressive revelation of the kingdom to one another for a deeper view of edification, and the expressed opportunity for all saints to share in the word together.


For in many theatrical settings, most saints are never given the opportunity to share their heart toward the purposes of God. Instead, what we have done in many ways is created a concept in ministry that is foreign to the mind of God, a concept which suggest that only one person or two, can ever share the word period, while all are asked to sit quiet and listen, until the sermon or message is complete. Surely there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach when needed, especially since this is a more instructional setting arrangement where we come in to hear the word. No real problem there. But what I am after is, "What would happen to an assembly, if there were changes in the way we entered in the corporate anointing?" What could possible happen when you took the chairs of a local sanctuary, and placed them into a series of small circles for each saint to come forth in their measure, metron, or degree? What would be the benefit of the saints coming together to interact and interrelate with one another, as oppose to the usual approach of coming in to hear the word from the theatrical seating arrangement?

Well, for one thing, your assembly would grow in a new sphere and dimension of grace, releasing a corporate glory among the saints. For this is the principle of the Cherubim of Isaiah 37:16, living above the mercy seat between the cherubim, as the glory of God is manifested between the interaction of the cherubim, the interaction of the saints facing toward one another in deeper intimacy of the Spirit. It is here, where a new growth in the Spirit takes place, as each saint is given the opportunity to minister their part to the whole, and where the saints become bread one of another.

It is here that we move from receiving each week the glory of the principles of God's kingdom, to releasing the kingdom one to another, unto our generation as well. It is here that we move from just becoming an outreach church, to becoming one of upreach to the Father, and inreach one with another. For the truth is, you often hear of the term outreach church, but do you ever hear of an inreach church, a corporate people that reach into one another?

For truth says, if you can receive something, you can release it. And the question is, "Have you received the Holy Spirit sine you have believed? But the real question, "Have you released the Holy Spirit since you have received? For that is the way of the, in that the kingdom is received and released.

Now take note, when referring to local assemblies, let us not forget that an assembly is a people, not a building. Also, if you would compare the carnal concept of the American church system with that of many assemblies around the world, you will find that many saints meet in homes, schools, and under the largest tree in the neighborhood park. In truth, many homes throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and others, enjoy ministry in small intimate settings. But the key is not how large or small the outward physical dwelling is, but in what fruit you produce and manifest, and in what order are you given for in the glory of God's kingdom. For when Jesus said to have faith as a grain of mustard seed {Matthew 13}, he never emphasized the size, but rather, the nature of the seed. For you can have a seed big as a watermelon {So-to-speak}, and produce nothing, but remember, it is in the nature of the seed. And while we are on the subject of seeds, the true nature of seeds in general is to experience a birth, death, and fulfillment. For seeds are born to die, and in due season, brought to life. In this I see John 12:22-26...But let's continue on.

So, regardless of the size of your work, or how many things a ministry owns, what is it producing, what is it manifesting, what is the nature of that ministry?

Is it s ministry that imparts and activates the seed of the kingdom within you? Are you stirred to fulfill your purpose and destiny {Which is really HIS}? Are you positioned for progression? Are you coming into the unity of HIS faith, and the intimate knowledge of the Son of God? Are you being recognized, raised, and released, or do you feel like your purpose and calling is now deceased?

Beloved, this is why the church is in transition from the glory of the outer court to the glory of the holy of holies. For broad is one way, and strait is another. Many are called, but few are chosen. Meaning, we must define ministry not in what, but whom. And the question is, "Whose ministry is it?" Why, it is the Lord's!

If church leadership could ever realize how important it is to allow the voice of the Lord to be restored back in our midst, and to develop strategies and corporate dynamics for all of the saints to minister one to another, what a growing church it would be. For it is one thing to swell like an infection, but to grow in grace, well, that's something else. Meaning, the saints would benefit far more greatly if there were more opportunities for all of them to grow in grace together, especially in intimate group participation and fellowship. For that is where the greater glory of the Lord is revealed, an indicator in which the saints exercise all that have benefited them in the theatrical arrangement of seating. For now, the focus is no more alone on the senior ministers, and their message of the week. Now, the saints can come forth in times and seasons to manifest the impartation of the Spirit from the elders, through one another unto edification.

It makes no sense to sit in an auditorium for years, oblivious to your calling, or to sit and wait for some audible voice to speak to you like the voice which spoke to Charleston Heston on the Ten Commandments... {Moses! Moses! - Smile}

We need to understand that the Lord would have us in the place of his choosing, the place where his name is, and the house of his glory. For in this, the size of the building, or the size of the church membership is not the determining factor. For as the saints move from the glory of the latter rain {30-fold}, to the latter reign {60-fold}, even into the fullness of the latter rein {100-fold}, we will come to see that the greatest movements of the Spirit in the earth will not come from great power, but from purity {The very pure nature of the Lord - 1st Corinthians 13 - Love, the motive of the Kingdom}...

So, in whatever you are given to become as a local ministry, never allow anything to quench the intimate voice and fellowship between the saints in the Lord. Never allow things to replace the real meaning of genuine ministry. Never place a premium on the externals, while missing out on the eternal, for there is a wealth of resource, and a hidden dimension of grace that the Father wants to reveal, but remember this, only the pure in heart shall see the Lord! We love you.

Tim and Theresa Early
FAP International

The Song of the Overcomers

Gloria Shepherd

I call you my overcomers says the Lord, for you are my overcomers in this hour, stepping into a new land, with a new song in your hearts. You are blessed in this hour, for in this hour, I have brought you to the place where you have been given the opportunity to overcome all that tried to stop you from pressing through to the otherside. To those who have just come through these times, I give you a song to sing as you come into the promised land, which I give to you, to take for your posssession in this hour. It is the kingdoms of the king, I hand it to you, and with it the sceptor, which gives you divine authority and power to rule the kingdoms of the king in this hour. For you have overcome in this hour. This is the song of the overcomer in this hour.

The song which was sung on the lips of those who have just come through as overcomers was the song of praise which they sang as they pressed through the wilderness to the other side. Rejoice, my overcomers, for this is the day to rejoice, and dance and sing before me as I bring you up to the top of the mountain of Zion. For you have been faithful to press through until you have gone through to the other side. You have not given up in the face of adversity, nor grumbled and complained before me, about what you faced. 'Because you have rejoiced in all that you have faced, and have been faithful to not seek your own will and purposes in this hour, I will bless you mightily in this hour. Your song will be the song of Zion, for I will bless you beyond measure for your hearts have been pure and holy before me, and you have pressed through the hard places in the wilderness and not complained, nor grumbled in the hard pressings which I allowed. You have rejoiced and sang the song of the overcomer which is the n

Out of the sea of sufferings and trials has been birthed a new song from this 3rd day, a song of triumph, a song of the overcomers, for they have overcome in this hour. Out of the death is birthed life, resurrection life that I will fill those who have come through this time. For by obedience and submission at the cross, death was overcome. Is it not the same today? Through the death of self, and all flesh, if you will overcome you will be come through to the promised land, which is the resurrection glory. I will fill you up and you will rise up in this last hour, for you shall be called the overcomers.

For many of you, even now have come through the sifting time, that I have been doing in you. For I am burning out that which is not of me in you, and sifting it, and blowing away the chaff with the winds of my Holy Spirit. This is the hour of purifying my holy vessels for how can you enter into my presence, without being purged and made clean? It is a time of purifiying, of being made holy in this hour, so you may enter into a place where my presence dwells. For no flesh can stand in my holy presence. For out of the death of self, I have birthed life, once again, for this new day. For my remnant shall be called the overcomers, they have overcome in this 3rd day, for such a time as this. I am raising them up as one child, in this 3rd day, in my glory as manifested sons & daughters of my glory for this appointed hour and time.

I am taking those who have allowed themselves to settle into the comfort zones in me, to be removed out of those places in this hour. To be pressed into the hard places until they can come into this place, also. For there is no victory in comfort, nor can life be birthed out of such a place as that. I am bringing, many now, into this new place, now, a new beginning. To seek me in the higher ground. Do not let the seeds of apathy take root in your hearts, but press in until you go higher in me. Let me set a fire in each of you, to seek more of me. This a new time, and new beginning, which I am bringing you into. Seek me and press in, until you press into that higher ground where I dwell. I want to raise you up into my glory in this third day, bring you into the place where you will enter into the resurrection life of my glory, for my purposes to be birthed and fullfilled in you and through you in this earth.

Out of despair, and the trials and sufferings, I have birthed life. I have birthed a new man, a troop of overcomers who are marching to a different beat, to another song, the song of praise springs forth out of their hearts and out of their lips they sing the song of praise to me as they press through the wilderness through to the otherside. Joy and gladness fill their hearts to overflow in the river of joy, with the song of Zion bubbling out of their hearts, as they dance and leap and jump as they enter the promised land, up to the top of the mountain where his presence dwells. It is this song that they sing that is birthed out of their hearts that comes up from the earth to me, as one heart and one mind in the unity of the spirit.

A Sacrifice Of Praise

Capro Togo

Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that confess his name – Heb. 13:15

Praise becomes a sacrifice, in the sense that it is costly, when we offer it to God in the midst of the contrary situations of life. It doesn’t really take much to praise God when things are fine or not too bad. But it is a lot more harder to keep on praising God when our hopes are dashed and we are surrounded by troubles. Surely it is much more easier at such times to blame rather than praise God. Yet learning to offer costly praise is crucial if we would see God’s victory.

The Bible says that what we are doing by such a sacrifice is to confess his name. What that means is that as we continue to praise God, even when all seems hopeless, we are confessing all that God is over our situation. We are confessing that he is love, even though it looks as if he has abandoned us. We are confessing that he is all wise, despite the confusion that faces us. We are confessing his almighty power, even though our situation may look impossible. The bible says “with such sacrifices God is pleased”-(Heb.13:16). And it causes him to act mightily on our behalf.

That was what happened to Paul and Silas. They had been shamefully beaten by the people they had gone to help. And when they found themselves faced with a night of hopelessness in prison, they CHOOSE to offer a sacrifice of praise. Their minds might have rebelled against it, but they decided not to miss the opportunity to offer God a sacrifice of praise. And we all know how this their sacrifice went up as a sweet smelling savor to God, and provoked him to come down and shake their prison.

This kind of praise has very little to do with our emotions. God does not look at our feelings but rather at our willingness to praise him in spite of how we may be feeling. This kind of offering is one that comes from our heart and our will. But it must be expressed by our lips. And not only does it bring God’s intervention but the continual offering of this sacrifice would build character into us. So let’s not waste the opportunity that the troubles of life offer us. Let us offer unto God a sacrifice of praise.

In concluding here is a chorus from a song by Larnelle Harris;

“When praise demands a sacrifice,

I’d worship even then.

Surrendering the dearest things in life;

And if devotion cost me all,

He’d find me faithful to his call.

When praise demands a sacrifice”

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Olivia Long

And He asked them, But who do you yourselves say that I am? Peter replied to Him, You are the Christ [the Messiah, the Anointed One]. Mark 8:29

Whether you be Jew or Gentile, you know Me. BUT who do you say that I am? Do you say that I am a prophet, a teacher, a carpenter, a man, a preacher, a rabbi, a physician or a healer? Do you call me Lord and Savior - Yahshuah ... OR do you call me the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One?

When I walked this earth, some saw me as John the Baptist, coming to preach repentance. Some saw me as Elijah, when I had the victory over Satan. Some saw Me as a prophet - of driving out demons, of healing the sick and raising the dead. Some knew I "was of God" but yet, they did not fully comprehend who I really was and am! Who do YOU say that I am?

I asked My disciples, men who had committed their lives to follow me, who "people" said I was. Then I asked My disciples who "they" thought I was. My disciple, Peter, said: "You are the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One."

Do you believe that I AM THE CHRIST, the MESSIAH, the ANOINTED ONE? For I AM the CHRIST, GOD HIMSELF. BELOVED, when you see Me, you see the Father.

While I walked the earth, many miracles were seen. I walked on water, I raised Lazarus from the tomb, but the greatest miracle that I performed, then- as I do now, was changing sinners into people of GOD. Saul was a murderer, and I changed him into the "greatest of missionaries." Peter was a fisherman, changed into a great apostle. Have you truly received My greatest miracle, have I changed you, desiring to be in My likeness? I have desired you to be My disciples, but to do this, you "must" deny yourself - taking up your cross - and follow Me. You "must" deny your sinful nature, for you cannot desire the pleasures of the flesh, the world - and be denying your sinful nature. How do you deny those desires? By obeying My Word. Not your will, but MY WILL be done. To be My disciple, you must take up your cross. Are you in service to Me? Then bear your cross. Giving all that you've got, to follow Me. For "WHATEVER YOU FOLLOW, DECIDES YOUR COURSE." But be assured, My Beloved, WHATEVER ... you have given up to follow Me ... I LOVE YOU, and it is MY DESIRE TO BLESS YOU, BOTH IN THIS LIFE AND THE LIFE TO COME.

I hate sin, but I have given free will to choose to obey or not to obey Me, but you have to accept the consequences of your choice. Obedience is the key. The world " lies " to you, saying you have the right to do whatever you want to do. Haven't I said that if you love Me, you will keep My commandments? THERE ARE NO EXCUSES, for I have given you the power to "overcome sin and 'every' temptation." I have placed your feet on a path that leads to life. Do you seek to continue on that path, to the place I have prepared for you? For it is not burdensome on this path, because I have given you My Holy Spirit to dwell in your heart, so that you will always be close to Me. Beloved, you CANNOT follow the world and also follow Me, for you must seek MY lifestyle and MY character. Being MY disciple, losing your life for Me and the gospel. Crucifying the sinful nature, so that it is not you that lives, but Me in you. Being My disciple is not easy, for you will find pressures from those around you, even your peers and you " WILL " find persecution. BUT, HAVEN'T I PROMISED YOU REWARD WITH MY GLORY?

Do you believe that I AM eternal, all powerful, all knowing, that I knew you when you were conceived in your mother's womb? That I knew you even before creation? That I have a plan for your life, and that I will reveal it step by step and that My promises to you WILL come to pass? Am I the CHRIST, THE MESSIAH, THE ANOINTED ONE in your life?


Olivia Long


Brother Alan

Caught in a job you don't like, feeling trapped and don't know how to get out?
Caught in a habit you cannot break?
Trapped in a sick or diseased body?

John 8:36 "...if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

How did Corrie Tenboom feel free in the midst of a German Concentration Camp?

How did Paul feel free in a Roman Jail?

Freedom is attained within us, and it is not at the mercy of time, money, health or relationships - not even at the mercy of those countries that have made laws against religion.

If you feel bound by sin, or disease, or by any form of limitation, physical, mental, moral or financial, freedom is yours if you only have the desire to break through. It cannot be a mild desire, it cannot be just hope, "Maybe some day" or "Oh I wish I were free; I wish I were like other people; I wish I knew what other people know; I wish I had more education, I wish, I hope, I pray..."

These are excuses, alibis. There is education available for everyone, from elementary schooling on up to courses in universities, and this without even attending classes in person. There is physical, mental, moral and financial freedom for anyone who has a sufficient drive for freedom. Without that drive, it cannot be attained. There must be such a desire for freedom that is virtually a passion if we are to attain the heights that we sit around wishing for, hoping for, praying for, and complaining that we do not reach. No person and no condition external to us is binding upon us. They may bind us for a year, or five, or ten, while we struggle, strive, work, and pray for freedom, but eventually freedom must come from every form of limitation.

The only thing essential to freedom is the desire to be free - nothing else - because with the desire to be free, the means toward bringing it about is about to be reveal itself. It has been said that when the person is ready the Christ appears, sometimes externally in someone else, sometimes in a book, but if in no other way, when the desire is sufficiently deep, the Christ will appear inwardly because the greatest teacher of all is on the inside not on the outside of our being.

Freedom comes only when we can break through the limitations of our mind, when we do not try to pin everything down to a meaning or confine every statement to meaning the same thing always. Words sometimes seem to be contradictory, but that is because they mean one thing today, and something different tomorrow, when used in different ways.

When I was a boy the term "gay" was used to express a feeling of joy and happiness in a person, now it means something entirely different.

"Cool" used to be, I am feeling cold.

And on it goes.

The real things of life cannot be restricted. Freedom will not limit itself to a word. It is like joy; it is like peace; we know what they are, but we cannot describe or explain then because they cannot be confined to a word or phrase. How can anyone explain what the Psalmist meant by "the secret place of the most High?" What is that? Where is that? I it a place" is it up high somewhere? can "the secret place of the most High" be located in time or space?

Paul said. "For in Him, we live and move and have our being." How can we describe that place where we live, when we live in God? Where is that? What is the climate?

The Spirit, or the consciousness of Christ in man cannot be restricted. We cannot confine God; we cannot understand, or analyze, or dissect God; we cannot even name God. God eludes us when we try to put God into the letters G-O-D. The Soul of man is free; the Spirit in man is free; the consciousness of man is free. That is why we cannot put God into religion; we cannot restrict Christ to our brand of religion; and we cannot put religion, our brand or not into man. We cannot confine, restrict, or limit God, or the Christ, or religion. These are free, and if we ever try to contain them into our tenants of faith or mission statement belief system in any form, we lose them.

Freedom is attainable by any one of us. It is our birthright. Every person on earth, white, yellow, brown or black, friend or enemy, Christian or Jew, Moslem or Buddhist, is entitled to the fullness of life. But the attainment of that spiritual fulfillment does not come lightly or quickly. The whole point is whether the desire for it becomes the ultimate meaning of our life, or whether we are hoping to achieve it in our spare time. It cannot come that way. It will involve all your time and effort, But the good news is YOU CAN BE FREE.

Brother Alan

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