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June 9, 2001

The Gift of Tears

by Paul Cain

There will be no public reaping without some public weeping. The greatest reapers in this world are the greatest weepers. There is a gift that we need to ask God for in these days. It's the gift of tears. We need to come before the Lord, making ourselves available to Him in a deeper way. The gift of tears is more than a result of the suffering that comes from living in a fallen world. It flows from feeling the pain and the suffering that the Lord Jesus feels for us. He is our High Priest, touched by the feeling of our infirmities. We need to feel what He feels for America. We need to feel what He feels for the Church. We need to feel what He feels about sin and the abominations that are going on in the earth today.

We must have tears if we are going to see revival. If we have no tears it's because our hearts are parched. Lord, give us tears that we may see revival!

David said in Psalm 6, "I'm worn out from groaning all night long." How long has it been since you or I have groaned all night long? He also said, "I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears. My eyes grow weak with sorrow." Have you considered Jesus Christ as a man of sorrows? He's not known as a man of laughter. He's not known as a man of frivolous flippancy. He is known as a man of sorrows.

In these last days it's imperative that the Church become a partaker both of Christ's heavenly calling and His heavenly ways. Jesus Christ is a man of sorrows. What a privilege to share in the fellowship of Christ's sufferings - even, if necessary, to the point of death.

Our dry eyes reflect our parched hearts. The shedding of tears shows that the heart is engaged. Where are tears today? Ps. 56:8 says, "Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?" Did you know that God is saving up our tears?

I know theologians who are as dry as shucks. They never shed a tear no matter how emotional their text or subject. How can you preach the gospel, the death of Christ and all that happened on the cross without tears? If you look at the Son of God without tears to protect your spiritual eyes you'll go blind. Could this be what has happened to so many theologians? They look into the word but they never cry. They never engage their hearts.

What if all of us were called upon to accept God's gift of tears before He would ever consider giving His gift of revival? Would you apply for the gift? Would you seek for the gift? Would you beg for the gift? If you really want revival, I believe you would.

Until a situation really seems hopeless we won't cry. We won't employ tears unless it's really desperate. Don't you think it's about time we try tears? We may have had a little too much of the opposite in the Church. Let's try tears. Maybe we have too much "know how". Now it's time to have the "know Who', the Man of Sorrows. Let's try tears. I tell you, there will be no public, reaping without some public weeping. The greatest reapers in this world are the greatest weepers.

Ministry in the last days is worth everything. It will cost everything. Are you willing to pay the price in much tears, in much prayer and supplication? I pray a lot, but I don't supplicate enough. If necessary, I need to supplicate until I suffocate! We need prayer and supplication. We need to pray as Jesus prayed, with strong crying and tears.

Where are the tears today? This is what we ought to ask ourselves. Do we really know the heart of God? "Out of the heart flow the issues of life," Prov. 4:23 says. Not out of strategic meetings, planning, committees, building committees, missions committees, not out of little weak prayer meetings, but out of intercession and prayer with travail.

I want my soul to be filled with tears, and rivers of living water to flow out of my innermost being, rivers that will water the seed. The seed of prayer produces little unless it is watered with tears, the water that nurtures it and brings forth a harvest.

So ask God for the gift of tears. Expect it - ask for it and expect it. I think the Lord is saying, "I want My Church to go from feasting and playing to fasting and praying. From laughing to mourning and then from weeping to reaping." From weeping to reaping - can you see where it will end? We must go from laughter to mourning. We have gone all out for hilarity. Now the party's over.

Oh, for prophets like Jeremiah, who cried out for his eyes to be a fountain of tears! Prayer and intercession is our most important work. Let that be locked into your thinking. Prayer and intercession is the most important work of the Church.

The next move of God will not be characterized by people falling on their backs and laughing, although that can be good. The next move of God will be known for people falling on their faces and weeping, weeping, weeping - all the while God is being magnified as the Church beholds His majesty, beholds His glory and becomes His glory.

Lord, we want to seek Your face. We ask You to help us to be broken. We have a desire for the fullness of Christ. We have a desire to feel the things that He feels. We want to be touched by the feelings of the poor, the destitute, the lonely, the hungry and the suffering. Lord, give us grace to suffer with You and deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow You. In Jesus' name.


Denise D Lagrimas

I felt to share this short teaching with you. God has been speaking to me a lot about prayer and this has ministered to me. Sometimes we have to be reminded of the simple things and the simple truth...


There is much talk these days about this being the end times and how we need to be prepared and be ready for the Coming of the Lord. The great and mighty Day of the Lord is nearer than we think of that I am certain, but there is something even more stirring that I believe we should be concerned with as we wait for that day and that is ; Are we helping in the preparation?

When the disciples asked Jesus when that Day would come He said "Of that day and hour no man knows not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

He gave us signs to look for but said do not worry about the signs do not seek after them. "It is a wicked generation that seeks signs and wonders" but watch and pray. I believe our preparation begins and ends with prayer.

There are things that God requires of us as believers that we may fully walk in His presence and we will look at some of the requirements. Micah 6:8 says that " He has told you o' man what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly before your God.

Now in looking at these three things we see we must be just with everyone and that means do what is fair, right and moral as God defines morality, we are to Love mercy and not just love it, but love it so much that it is the first thing we exhibit when we are not treated right. Mercy is given freely to all who need, then last we are to Walk humbly. That literally means taking a lowly position. Yes we are kings and priests and sons of inheritance but our true title, our first title is "Servant of all" even as our Saviour was servant of all. We must never think of ourselves more highly than we ought or we will be asking for troubled times to show us our true place. It's humility or humiliation, it's our decision.

We will look at Five things the Lord requires that we may walk in His presence continually:

God wants us to be so desperate for Him that our desire is for Him first. The dictionary describes the word desperation as "a state of being desperate - having an urgent need or desire.... He promises us in Psalm 37:4 that "if we delight ourself in the Lord He will give us the desire of our heart." When we desire Him, He gives us (Him) freely for He longs to give us our desire. Our urgent need and desire should be Him...He already knows what we have need of in the physical.

God requires us to be quickly obedient and totally yielded to His will for us. We must not argue or complain but stand on His word that says "If you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples for all the earth is Mine and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." Deut. 27:10 and then in Acts 5:29 He says "We ought to obey God rather than men" We must know the voice of the Lord so that we do not hesitate to obey. How can one know the voice of the Lord? ....Listen for it....someone once said " if God wanted us to talk more than he wanted us to listen he would have given us two mouths and one ear ?? Think about this! All good things come from the Father, if it brings conviction that too can be from the father for conviction is good and causes repentance, condemnation however is not... Jesus came not to condemn but to save that we might live with Him in eternity. Learn to hear His voice...

He who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Ps.91:1 It is in the intimate times that we truly know one another. I am not talking about sex. Intimacy is much more than that. It is knowing the true person and the inner man (spirit) the depth of a person and the allowing them to know the depth of you. A deep abiding in someone where only few can go. As we allow God free access into every part of us He is faithful to touch us in each area of our existence and therefore we also can touch Him. He says "Taste and see that the Lord is good" Private Prayer times and speaking to Him while waiting to hear Him is a form of intimacy. Weeping, loving and living for your time with him is intimacy.

4.) PRACTICE (practical application)
He expects us to do the Word " Be doers of the Word and not hearers only." Once we know what the word says we are held accountable to perform it, practice it... We must live what we know and walk it out. For instance if you find that God has said to you "Do not steal!" Than he expects you to practice that by not stealing in any way, shape or form. He said Walk in a manner that is worthy of your calling. We have been called to be sons and daughters of God and if God is good so should we be or at least practice being. Perfection will come later but we must practice doing what the word says to do.

"Go ye into all the world making disciples of one another baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the world...

Our world for now is wherever the Lord has placed us in our daily lives, and our commandment is to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbor as we love ourself. We love ourselves enough to allow Jesus to rule and reign in our lives and be our first love then we must be willing to share that with others in hopes that they too will love our God and we can make disciples (one who follows god) of them, teaching them what we know about our God through the Word. We do this by OUTREACH, WITNESSING (telling someone) and LIVING WHAT WE BELIEVE . Revelation 12:11 says "we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony and we love not our lives even to death." this means we speak and tell of the wonderful things God has done in our lives and we plead the blood over the areas still in need of change and we do not deny our savior even if it means our own death.

We shall overcome.... "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation but take courage I have overcome the world...John16:33

One last note to keep in mind. I heard it said that "We must not line our experiences up with the Word or it will come up short. The Word is TRUTH and is not subject to experience...

We may not feel the presence of God in a physical manifestation but nevertheless He says He will be there if we ask and that is Truth and not subject to our feelings. He is not a God that He should lie.

Let us all practice and do what is required but even more so let prayer be foremost in our relationship with our master. Then we will have done our part to prepare ourselves and others.

Blessing in Jesus Name

The Pillars of My Truth and the Seed of My Word

Stephen Hanson

so is my word that goes out from my mouth. It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. ISA 55:11

"A clock's hands shows forth how time progresses. For time is continually moving forwards and not backwards. But remember that I Am in control of time upon this earth. Even though there is a natural progression of time. Even though the sun goes up and the sun goes down each day, time in the spiritual world operates differently. The same is true in how my prophetic word is established upon this earth. It is given and received by the person who has received my word. There is a "reception" of that word as it is spoken into the prophet's ear. They receive it, and then it is sent out into the "arena" where it needs to go. And surely, there are different "arenas" in terms of how a word is given. Some are confined to individual churches and individuals, and some are given as "seed to the sower" to the church at large."

(Here the Lord showed me a man who was throwing seed from side to side, "sprinkling" as it were, the ground around him.)

"Here the seed of my word, my prophetic word, is given and sent out in equipping and in bringing the saints unto maturity. And then here, that word is released unto your hearts. And then that word would illuminate those who would receive it. That is what is meant by "my word will go out and accomplish what I sent it out to do."

"I AM giving forth my word unto the ends of the earth. It is being given in a multitude of ways and it is being given to a multitude of people. For then my people will receive several "seed." They will be instructed. They will be warned. They will be encouraged, and they will be directed. They will be comforted and given mercy. They will be judged and they will be exhorted as well. For then my church will be built upon my PILLARS OF TRUTH. What are my PILLARS OF TRUTH? There are four PILLARS OF MY TRUTH. "

  1. To extend my love unto a lost and dying world.
  2. To learn and to practice putting others above yourself.
  3. To seek Me above everything else.
  4. To love your neighbor as yourself.

"I infuse and inhabit each and everyone of these pillars. The temple will not stand unless I build it. Blow forth my word, my prophets, and let the sound of it be carried upon the wind. Know the place and function that each of you have. Don't hold back unto what I've given you to speak. Speak it and give it forth as I speak it unto you. Then the enemy will be trampled into the ground, and the seed of what I give you will grow, and will accomplish what I sent it out to do. "

Stephen Hanson

Apostolic Authority

by Jim Hodges

In the emergence of what Dr. C. Peter Wagner calls the “New Apostolic Reformation”, the most challenging issue in my opinion is that of apostolic authority—what is it? How is it defined? How is it applied?

I don’t know that we have all the answers we want or need, but in this article, I desire to share some factors, which will hopefully assist us in getting further down the road in our understanding of this important issue.

Let me begin with a reference from II Corinthians (1:24). This, as you know, is the epistle where Paul feels compelled to defend his apostleship because he was the spiritual father of the church at Corinth. However, for whatever reasons, the church was not responding to him as their spiritual father. The church received him as another teacher like Peter and Apollos, but they did not receive him as their apostle. Paul responds, writing this: “not that we lord it over your faith, but are workers with you for your joy….”

In his excellent book, The Gift of The Apostle, author David Cannistraci says this concerning this verse: “Paul understood that the saints at Corinth, though they needed correction and disciplined change, were not to be placed in a position of dependence upon his faith. They needed to stand on their own faith. Paul’s role was to help them walk in joy instead of defeat. Neither were they to become recklessly independent of his apostolic authority. Instead they were to maintain the principle of interdependence in the local church: the intricate interlacing of apostolic leadership, local leadership (such as pastors and elders) and the local membership in harmony and balance. Neither the apostle, the local leadership nor the people can be complete without the other”

The key to some needed understanding here is in the word “workers”. This is the Greek word synergoi, translated “fellow-workers”. It is used elsewhere by Paul in the Corinthian correspondence (1 Cor. 3:9). We get the English word synergy from this word. In context, Paul is saying that through a covenantal working relationship between the apostles and the local church, including its leadership, the maximum efficiency is released for the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom agenda! This connectedness causes a power to be released that exceeds arithmetical measurement. The Old Testament put it this way: “one shall chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand” (Deuteronomy 32:30).

The primary principle of authority in this verse is simply this: authority is by consent not coercion! The context for building this consent is personal relationship. The functioning of authority is in direct proportion to the strength of the relationship. Obviously Paul’s relationship with the local church at Corinth was strained and therefore his apostolic authority was hindered in its application.

All authority in the Kingdom is given, i.e., it is delegated to us. No one takes it upon himself. Even our Lord Jesus was given authority by the Father, He did not grasp for it himself. In the Great Commission, He announced that all authority (Greek:exousia) had been GIVEN to Him! The question then became—would His disciples respond to His authority and obey the Commission He gave them?

The reason all of us are somewhat skittish about authority is because of the potential abuse of it. Some of us still recall the fallout in the Body of Christ in the 70’s through what was known as “shepherding discipleship”. While there was much good truth being taught by outstanding teachers in this movement, there were also immature misapplications of authority where men (shepherds) were indeed lording it over other men in the Body of Christ.

While there were sad stories back then, I believe God is His sovereign purpose used this movement in challenging us to face the issue of legitimate Biblical authority. An abuse should not drive us into disuse, but motivate us to seek the proper use!

Let me make an attempt to help us define apostolic authority in the following way. Relational apostolic authority should include the following:

*The Authority of Influence. This would be the lowest level of authority because those with whom we do not have a relationship can influence us. For example, the apostle Paul had great influence in the church at Rome through his letter to them and by his ministry there in the city-especially through his first imprisonment where, from rented quarters (under house arrest by the Roman government), he was able to minister to many (See Acts 28:30-31). Paul was not their spiritual father (apostle), but nevertheless he had great influence there.

Ministers with whom we have no relationship can influence us. When I was at Wheaton College back in the early 60’s, Dr. Billy Graham and his complete team ministered an entire week on campus—morning chapels and evening services at the football field. That deeply impacted by life! Let me further explain. I do not know Dr. C. Peter Wagner very well, but if he calls me to participate in something, I will be inclined to do so because of his indirect influence in my life through his writings and because of friends of mine who do know him well.

*The Authority of Fellowship. In a free flow of fellowship among minister-leaders, there is a measure of authority that is released. Iron does sharpen iron! All of us respect and respond at least in some measure to those who minister encouragement to us and even to those through whom the Holy Spirit may release correction to us. For example: if I open my heart to a group of fellow ministers concerning some “unsanctified” part of my life, that brings a measure of spiritual authority into my life.

*The Authority of Service. In Matthew 20:28, Jesus said: “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life a ransom for many”. This followed a discussion about the nature of authority in the Kingdom of God, which was sharply contrasted with the nature of authority in the world system, i.e., the Gentile overlords. You will recall that Paul declared at the beginning of most of his letters that he was a bondservant of Christ. The principle is: godly and unselfish service releases authority.

*The Authority of Accountability. This to me is the highest level of authority. As a minister, one day I will give an accounting of my ministry to the Chief Shepherd. Meanwhile, I am endeavoring to walk in a relationship of accountability with those minister-leaders to whom the Lord has relationally joined me.

Back to my illustration of opening my heart to a group of ministers about some “unsanctified” part of my life. Doing such a thing will obviously test whatever level of relationship I have with them. If the heart is turned up too high, I may choose to leave the group. Of course, I would hope I would stay and let that heat forge the change in my life I so desperately need! Too many times, we “feel led” to leave and avoid dealing with what must be dealt with. But leaving, or on the other hand, firing my accountability group, is going to render me an independent renegade! The problem with that is—everywhere I go there I am!!

To me accountability is like an onion—the more layers, the better. We can never have too much of it! Peeling onions can make you cry. Removing your accountability structure can make you cry worse!

Let me close by reinforcing the main principle concerning authority—all authority in the Kingdom of God is by relationship. Jesus is exalted as King in heaven ruling over both heaven and earth. >From there He engifts His church with five fold ministries. While He rules sovereignty over the earth, including the civil ruler, i.e., the kings of the earth (Psalm 2), He rules savingly over His church—those He is related to by the New Covenant in His blood. Therefore, the church must respond in the right way to His delegated authority which He has sent through the five fold ministries of Ephesians 4:11.

That, it seems to me, is our present and compelling challenge!

Jim Hodges
Federation of Ministers and Churches, Inc.

A Day of Victory

Bill Burns

Rise up, you sons of the Most High, and rule in the midst of your enemies, for this is the day of My power. Is it not written that I have prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies? Come and dine, for the victory celebration is beginning. Rejoice, saints of God, for now comes the day in which those that offend Me with religious pretense and those who practice lawlessness will be removed from Zion. It is time for My righteous ones to shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of My Father. The separation has begun in My house, and the enemy will not be found dwelling in Zion any longer. Is it not written that judgment will begin in My house?

Truly, truly I tell you that the Spirit of Judas Iscariot dwells among you today even as he was among the twelve in the days of My suffering. Judas was dwelling in the presence of My glory, but he was not seated spiritually at My table, and he did not feed upon My words. Judas allowed Satan to enter into his heart, and for this reason he betrayed Me with a kiss. It was for this reason that he was given the bread of affliction dipped in the cup of My Father's wrath. Judas means "praise," but he was a false worshipper. Was it not he who spoke against the true sacrifice of praise when Mary anointed Me for burial? Judas did not want the sweet fragrance of oil (anointing) to be released in true worship because it is the anointing that breaks the yoke of Satan's bondage and sets My people free. Judas wanted to keep the oil for himself that he might sell it, so that he alone might benefit from it.

It is true My brethren, that this same spirit dwells among you today, but this is the Day when I shall reveal and expose the sons of perdition, for it is time for Me to cleanse My temple. Watch, therefore, for the manifestation of the character of this spirit of the lawless one, for he is in your midst. Those who have given their hearts to this spirit are false brethren. They are accusers of the brethren, and they are mockers of My true servants. These are the self-willed and the presumptuous that Peter wrote of. They promise the people liberty from My established order, but they themselves are slaves of corruption.

These are those whom the apostle Paul warned you of -- that in the last days these men would have a form of religion, but they would deny the power of the convicition of the Holy Spirit. They are those who, like Judas, would be lovers of themselves and their own pleasures rather than lovers of God. These are wells without water, broken cisterns that hold no living water. They are flatterers who speak smooth words to their followers so that they may exalt themselves in the assemblies. Set a watch for these, My sons, and condemn the words that they speak against you so their curses will have no power over you. Sing to the Lord a new song, for it is a song of victory. Rejoice in this, the day of victory, for it is written:

Psalm 149:6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand, Psalm 149:7 To execute vengeance on the nations, And punishments on the peoples; Psalm 149:8 To bind their kings with chains, And their nobles with fetters of iron; Psalm 149:9 To execute on them the written judgment; This honor have all His saints. Praise the LORD!

The scriptures cannot be broken. (Note: Although Judas means "praise," it also means that he shall be praised (shall seek praise). Iscariot means "a worldly man" and "he will be hired" (a hireling who will be employed by Satan) to condemn the true servants of the Lord. These are those whom the apostle Paul describes as "always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." Paul says that "their folly will be manifest to all." (2 Timothy 3:1-9)

The Spirit of Elitism and it's devastating results-

By Kathryn Walters

Have you ever been around a church or group and gradually began to feel left out, excluded? Not part of the "in group" or inner circle.

What is this exclusiveness and where did it come from? How did it get there? - what opened the door for this to enter? Exclusivism, or elitism, is a form of pride -and the Bible says that "God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble" (2 Peter 1:5) As Christians, what constitutes humility? True humility is a dependence upon God. Knowing that apart from Him, His power and care - we cannot make it in life or in ministry. We are kept by His grace. "We are kept by the power of God unto Salvation" (1 Pet:1.5)

Warning signs

When an individual or group gives the impression they have some kind of "special" calling, or revelation, or when they feel and give the impression they have been called by God to fill some kind of "special" place, the signals are flashing. The attitude "WE are really doing the work of the ministry" is given out like an offensive odor. Other ministries are deemed as "OK", but they do not have the great importance "our" ministry has. Often this happens when there has been some kind of success in growth, or a move of God and blessings are manifest. It's often when things are going well that people are not on guard and the this exclusivism slips in. What begins as a cry of "GOD is visiting us, gradually becomes "God is VISITING us," to finally "God is visiting US" and the Holy spirit begins to withdraw.

God pours out His Spirit because we are hungry and because we need Him - not because we have "qualified" or earned some special favor. He (Jesus) is the One who will present us faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding Joy ( Jude 24). It is the Spirit who changes us ( 2 Cor 3-18). We are His workmanship - created in Christ Jesus (Eph 2:10). Unfortunately, in the midst of blessing it seems easy for us to forget it was only because of His great love and grace and mercy and lovingkindness that the blessing came. We begin to feel, with the encouragement of a few demonic forces, that somehow it had something to do with us.

Gradually there begins among the leadership, an attitude of resistance to anyone who disagrees with those in control. Instead of being able and open to receive input, pride sees anything that is not strongly pro ( in agreement the group or individual) as a threat to their position.

Control and Manipulation

When a leader starts to operate in elitism there comes a desire to be control - it sees others as subjective, and deception comes in the form of believing that this one person or persons are in a better position spiritually to know what is right, or hear from God and know the mind of God. Gradually anyone who questions anything, any decision or teaching etc. becomes the target of some kind of spiritual attack. Often being accused of being a "Jezebel" or "rebellious," the person bringing the word or question is dismissed. If that person stands their ground they are usually rejected and their own ministry gift questioned, cast aside, and often aborted by the strong religious spirit coming against them.

When a spirit of control comes into a leadership, often the spirit of abortion is active and the move of the Spirit in the church and in the individual is aborted. If that happens the person involved usually needs prayer for deliverance from the abortion spirit and also the spirit of grief.

Another way the elitist spirit comes in is when a few people or small group go off to a corner to lick some wounds and bewail the state of the church. Gradually the elitist spirit begins to tell them that they have special revelation - God is calling them aside to tell them some special secrets about the church and their special place and revelation. Next comes some "different, often weird" theology - if you don't get it then you just haven't had that special impartation of the truth that is revealed to the few, the inner circle.

This also is a warning signal - Every member of the Body of Christ is special - the spirit of revelation is available to all who seek Him. In Ephesians 1:18 Paul prayed for the Ephesians that they might know the hope of His calling and the eyes of the understanding would be enlightened - they would know what is riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints."

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