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July 17, 2001

An Apostolic Attitude

Jana Alcorn

Transitions often require different mindsets. A desire for effectiveness and focus can motivate ministry toward a change in function. A deep longing to go beyond mediocrity is the heart-cry of so many servants of the Lord in this hour.

Frustrated and weary, many ministers are becoming discouraged with their present areas of servanthood. The numbers of "ministry drop-outs" are an astounding indictment against the rut that churches and ministries can find themselves entrenched in.

Leaders, don't quit--CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE!

We must develop what I can "An Apostolic Attitude". Let's take a brief look at some of the characteristics of this mindset.


Return to your mission, your focus, your destination point.

Qualify your activities based upon your destiny. Refuse to be detoured from your destiny. Think on those things that relate to your destiny. Do those things that relate to your destiny. Study on those things that relate to your destiny. Invest in those people, places, and things that relate to your destiny.

Remember, the Unseen Hand of God. It is upon your ministry. It is the Hand of Destiny. His Unseen Hand is leading and guiding you.

One of the basic primary meanings of the word "apostle" is "sent ones". An apostolic attitude is full of purpose and mission.

Passion for destiny is an earmark of apostolic attitude.

"Even so send I you." John 20:21

"And when they had fasted and prayed, they laid hands on them and sent them away." Acts 13:3


"For I long to see you that I may IMPART...." Romans 1:11

Paul expressed the core of apostolic attitude. Training, mentoring, developing, and making spiritual deposits in others consumes those with apostolic attitude. This attitude is constantly perceiving their "spiritual Timothys", those with whom they can develop a mentoring relationship.

Through impartation, your spiritual wisdom and understanding is transferred to another. Your ministry will not grow by knowledge alone. You must have both information AND impartation. This is how your ministry can be established and bear fruit.

"Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established." Proverbs 24:3

Joshua had the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands upon him. Deuteronomy 34:9


Territories must be claimed for the Kingdom of God. Spiritual, geographical, financial, mental and relational realms will be advanced by apostolic attitude. Through this renewed mindset, the Church will be advanced into "regions beyond."

An Apostolic Attitude is one of expansion. Apostles are extenders. We extend the Kingdom of God into realms beyond the average mindset of believers. Apostolic attitude is constantly on the advance. It encompasses the spiritual, the mental, the geographical, the relational and the financial realms of the mind of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has an apostolic attitude of expansion!

II Corinthians 10:16 -- To preach the Gospel in regions beyond....

Acts 6:7 -- And the Word of God increased....

Acts 16:5 -- And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily.

Leader, there is so much more. Take these three concepts of apostolic attitude--DESTINY, IMPARTATION, EXPANSION -- and explore your next level in the Spirit of God. An Apostolic-Breakthrough Anointing awaits you!!!


I am moving My stedfast ones to a greater level of perspective. There is a launch out into the waters of ministry and you will not go under. There is a new strength as My sent ones touch your life and ministry.

The tribulations of the past have brought greater qualifications. Know this, those things of the past have not disqualified you, but have brought a sense of stedfastness in Me that is proof of thy endurance. As a good soldier, you have endured hardness.

Now is the time to sit in a different seat in this arena.

You shall see more clearly and know My purposes more assuredly. Get ready for persistence to be energized by My Spirit, saith the Lord.

A New Time

Jane Larsen

There is a clearing out that you have been doing. Clearing. Throwing away.

This is a time of clearing away because it is a time of new things, new areas. It is time to make way for new. It is a time of plenty. It is a time of uncluttering and making way for a new season. A season of plenty. I tell you that the words will not yet be out of my mouth before you see the tide of plenty.

I am making way to send. I am sending much. I am sending good things. I am calling things that are old to a close. It is a time of refreshing. Ohh children, greet a new dawn that is rising. A dawn where I declare all things renewed. The weak will be strengthened and lifted up. I am laying a table, a full table, before those who were oppressed. Feast upon the gifts of the Lord. Enemies will flee before the wave of my power.

I am sending light to places in shadow and leading you to secret places that I have prepared for those who hear my call. It is a time of freedom. A great time of renewing. A great time of restoration. A new season is before you. This is a time of uncluttering. A time of renewed strength in me. It is a time to praise. Praise. I say praise, for a new season is declared upon my people. I am sending a fresh anointing upon my children. I have heard your call. I am uplifting. I am uplifting you now.

Have I not declared a day and called it TODAY. Today be prepared for renewal. Be prepared for refreshing. Be prepared for the wave of the Lord.

In His name and to His Glory

High and Lifted Up

Bill Burns

The Lord is high and lifted up, and He's calling to His people today, saying: Have you seen the work that I am about to do? Have you heard of such a thing in your day? For, I am calling you as chosen ones, those who have determined to walk with Me in righteousness and holiness, those who have determined to walk with Me on the path that I have set before you. Each of you has walked upon a path, but do you not know that these paths come together to make the Highway of Holiness? Do you not know that you each produce your own water?

For, you are streams in the desert, but I say, every stream runs into the river, and when the power of My river and the glory of My anointing comes, and it is produced in your hearts, My people, and flows in desire into the place of oneness, then there will be many that come and bathe in this river. They will be washed in this river; they will find salvation in this river; they too shall drink of this water and be filled with the Spirit, and they too will become the streams of life and will go out and the new will come in. This is the day of the demonstration of My power, the day in which I shall glorify Myself in a people whose hearts are wholly give unto Me.

I have searched for such, lo these many years, but I say now is the time of destiny and the time of the fulfilling of all things. So, My word to you today is come forth. Come unto Me. Come up here, and I will equip you, and I will send My mighty ones down to war with you, for I have determined that victory shall come in this, the time of war, the hour of war, and the glory of My vengeance shall be seen, and My justice shall be demonstrated, and many shall see the works of God.

As I was worshipping God a moment ago, I saw a window open in the Spirit, and I wondered what God would give, and He handed a sword to me through the window. It was just a little sword wide enough to just fit through the window horizontally. But, when I took it in my hand, it got huge; it grew. And the Lord said: Let My people line up and receive the weapons of war that I will give unto them, for I am in this hour giving swords of the Spirit that produce the power of My word, which will be an effective weapon against the enemy. Then we can say, with Gideon, the sword of the Lord and (put your name in) as you go out to war on behalf of God Almighty.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO

The Garden of Our Heart

Wayne Thomas

As I have ministered through the different churches and outreach meetings in NZ.the Spirit of God has more often than not told me to look at people and see the The Garden of their heart As I flow in the prophetic. The Spirit shows me how He tends the garden of their Heart and how their lives have been affected and the potential as well as the present.

You see Gods love for us in this time through His Son is vital for us to know, intimate relationship with Jesus,the Spirit and the Father = intimate relationship with Gods true people and relationship with people outside the body of Christ.

The Garden of Our Heart has true potential in us all. You see when the Father saw the hardness of our heart He sent His son to die as a seed in the earth but rise up in miraculous life and live forever.So in a spiritual sense as we took hold of the gospel message so Jesus death was planted in our hearts so that in our hearts and life we can rise up in power, calling, gifting, and abundant life!

See your garden needs to be broken,so that fresh revelation and deeper roots may be planted in His LOVE.Ephesians3,16-17that you might see further than ever before of His love for you the Church and people.Ephesians3,18 19 As you go through each season in your Heart you come to a fresh summer of fruit of faith where believing for miracles and for salvation for the lost and whatever glorifies GOD IS NORMAL Ephsians3,20 21.

Our Father uses many tools to tend our Garden,Evangelists,Prophets,Pastors,Teachers,Friends ,Enemies,Family,Sickness,Death,Work etc. these get rid of the Weeds that clog our lives to a very deep level and it never stops!BECAUSE HE LOVES US! If the weed is coveting the platform or holding on to it,that idol must be weeded out because He Loves Us.and needs us to willingly love Him and focus on HIM MATHEW14,24-33 AND NOTHING ELSE (NO IDOLS,WEEDS).His final purpose in this age is a Church flowing in His Spirit of Love Committed to each other and the salvation of the lost with signs and wonders flowing also.

Do not be afraid of the seasons of your Heart your Garden needs these differing seasons .Winter maybe cold and harsh and dark,is it not a time to reach out and extend your arms so you may be embraced and loved.Spring brings hope of a future it's a time of prophetic words of encouragment of things opening up just a bit and allowing the on going work of God continue in your garden of your heart.It is also a time of that which is planted to begin to rise up as God calls Summer brings breakthru! And a bearing of fruit ,yet this a season where the results of our Garden is made visible.Autumn is a laying down and all men and women called by God must surrender their lives and what goes with it. YET in the surrender there is a promise of new seasons to come.

OUR Father through Jesus waters our Garden with His Tears of LIFE Revelation22,1-5 which come from His Heart the Throne He sees what He has planted in each of us and how beautiful it is the perfume it gives off and the color in our Garden .He also sees how we can be crushed and trampled in our Heart and how strong winds and spiritual fowls of the air can tear us apart ,but He never leaves us but cries by His Spirit that we shall be mended and healed to fulfill a destiny in these last days Isaiah 43,18 19

So let us surrender to the seasons of our heart that God has prepared for those He loves. For a summer season is coming that will be extended that will forever change our Nation for Gods glorious Kingdom.
Bless You all in Jesus Christ our Lord,

Wayne Thomas

The Mandate of Jesus Christ:
Preaching the Gospel

Jim Grayson

"Why do you call me, `Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?" Luke 6:46 "As you go, preach this message: `The kingdom of heaven is near.' Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give." Matthew 10:7,8

We don't usually think of preaching as being of the miraculous but the Lord has shown me recently that true, Holy Spirit anointed preaching is just as miraculous as healing the sick or raising the dead, because of the dramatic, healing, seeking inward effect it has on people, particularly the lost.

Our Father makes no distinction in the miraculous. He doesn't have to strain to heal the sick or raise the dead. He simply wills it through a yielded vessel and it happens. The same goes for anointed preaching. It's we who make a difference between these things and in doing so, cripple ourselves of ever being used of God by being a blessing to others. As I have said before, our unbelief and lack of faith is killing us.

Anyone can get up in front of a crowd and preach. I've seen many people do it. Some folks in leadership think it takes a piece of paper to do so. Some think one must be ordained (by whom, man or God?). I find no Scripture to back either thought. I do see, however, the reason why many feel this way; it's because they fear allowing anyone but themselves to speak before the church for that means they must temporarily relinquish control to another (the Holy Spirit) and control is what some leaders are all about, rather than doing God's will. I have seen many folks preaching from the pulpit who had no anointing at all, simply because they were not truly called to preach. Their preaching was in the flesh, desiring the praises of men. All the while, there were people in their congregation who had an anointing to preach and teach and yet, this same pastor was loathe to open the door to them, shutting the door not only on them but on the Holy Spirit's ministry in their church. This is to their shame, and their flock suffers because of it. They don't understand the tremendous responsibility of being a pastor.

Over the next few years, more and more pastors, teachers and evangelists will be "unlearned" men. I firmly believe this. Just as denominational boundaries will blur, finally bringing the Body of Christ into the unity our Lord demands, the bastions of the traditions of men will fall away, just as the walls of Jericho gave way before the anointed shouts of God's people.

We are not all called to preach but we all are called to be a witness to the wonderful things our Lord has done for us. Are you grateful for the saving Grace of the Cross of Christ in your life? If you say you are, have you told anyone about it? One problem I see, another tradition, is even many people end up inviting people to church in order to hear the pastor preach and perhaps be touched by the Holy Spirit enough to accept the Lord as their Savior. This is commendable in many ways. Of course, if your church has allowed alter calls to fall by the wayside, as have many, the person probably won't meet Jesus. It's up to us to present the Gospel. It should be a way of life.

I saw a local church service recently where a new believer was being baptized (I love baptisms). The striking blessed thing I noticed was the person who was baptizing them was not of the "clergy" but was the person who led them to the Lord. I found that exciting. What a wondrous thing, to baptize one's own convert! Of course, many might look at that and say it was invalid because the person performing the baptism wasn't "ordained". However, as in so many cases like this, there is no Biblical precedent to indicate anything was out of place. We strain too much at gnats, yet have the ability to swallow a whole herd of camels...and in doing so, we miss Jesus, and His blessings and will, altogether.

Seek the lost, beloved. They are many and are waiting for someone to care enough to tell them about Jesus, although most don't know it. That grocery clerk...if no one is behind you, just ask them my "opening line". "Do you go to church any where?" Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you from there. It's a simple question, inoffensive to most. If you strike resistance, let it go. Jesus told us not to cast our pearls. There are those, however, who are hungry and looking for someone to bring them hope and speak LIFE to them. You may be the only one to do that. It's not that hard, beloved of God. Just crank your mouth open and speak (we find it easy enough to speak of many other things). The Holy Spirit will do the rest. And remember, our Lord's Word never returns void, even is we don't see any results right then. It's up to us. It's up to me, and you.
You have my heart.
Strength and Honor,
Hail the Lamb!

Jim Grayson

A Freshening Wind
Lexington, Kentucky

Are You Ready For My Empowerment?

Olivia Long

"I have come to cast fire upon the earth, and how I wish that it were already kindled!" Luke 12:49

"Who wishes ALL men to be saved and to perceive and recognize and discern and know precisely and correctly the divine truth." 1 Tim 2:4

"Then you call on the name of your god AND I will call on the NAME OF THE LORD; and the ONE WHO answers by fire, let HIM BE GOD." 1 Kings 18:24

"And such as violate the covenant he shall pervert and seduce with flatteries, BUT the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God]." Daniel 11:32

ARE YOU READY FOR MY EMPOWERMENT? You say yes, but do not be too hasty with your response. Yes, you want empowerment but many of you have been looking for "man's" empowerment, NOT the empowerment of your Almighty God ! You MUST be willing to wait for MY empowerment.

Allow ME to ask you some very important questions ... How do you see the world, for I see things that people miss. Do you look at these people who others pass by and see MY love for them? Are you ready for empowerment? Who influences you the most, "man or Jesus"? Again, do not be too hasty with your reply, search your heart. Do you have "MY" burden for the lost? Do you have compassion for "MY" lost sheep, as MY SON did? MY lost sheep need a Shepherd, for without HIM, they run out of pasture and die or they get caught in a snare and die. In the meantime, they are helpless, harassed and very weary. You say -"the world does not fit that description" ... BUT ... are you seeing them "with the eyes of Christ", NOT being misled by outer appearances? Are you still wearing spiritual "blinders"? ... PREOCCUPIED with "self" and with a limited view so that you don't notice 'their' lonliness, 'their'needs, 'their' dreams, 'their'- "lostness". Are they an inconvenience to you? You want MY empowerment? THEN, allow ME to remove the blinders and open your eyes to see ALL the divine appointments that I have placed around you. NOW, FINALLY - you say "I CAN SEE!" ..... BUT ....

I ask you, does your heart reach out in compassion? Compassion for the sick, the infirmed, the dying, the ones in poverty, the hungry and the emotionally troubled? You say yes, BUT "do you see beyond?" - to see the "needs of the lost?" THESE ARE MY WANDERING SHEEP, DO YOU LOVE THEM? DO YOU EXTEND 'MY' MERCY TOWARD THEM AS THE MESSIAH LIVED HIS LIFE EXTENDING MERCY? .... Now, you say, "I can see and I have compassion" and you are ready for MY empowerment. NO, I have more questions. Do you see harvest? Do you see the 'potential' of these people? Or are you still looking at the external, passing them by? The heart, My Beloved, you MUST see the heart, for that is where true beauty lies. In essence, Beloved, you MUST see them through YAHSHUAH's EYES, to see their need for salvation. You MUST have YAHSHUAH'S COMPASSION, in order to feel for them ... AND ... you MUST have YAHSHUAH's HOPE AND EXPECTATION - "anticipating harvest !!!" I have given you a burden for the lost - NOW, you MUST look "beyond' and see a vision of changed people !!!

Empowerment, yes, I AM ready to bestow empowerment in these last days. AND I AM going to do this through ordinary men and women who the world and other believers may call failures, but they are about to see ME do the impossible ! IN MY TIME, it's ALWAYS BEEN IN MY TIME, you shall receive power and THEN you shall be MY witnesses. You are called and chosen by ME, NOT by man and MY CALL summons into reality things that are not .... MY GRACE, DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE !!! I have called you to be co-laborers WITH ME, for WITHOUT ME, you labor in vain ! You have been waiting for the empowerment, are you willing to be part of what I AM DOING? Is your heartcry, MY heartcry? Will you go 'where' I ask you to go? Will you live 'how' I will ask you to live? Will you 'endure' what I ask you to endure? All, in order to lead MY lost sheep to ME? To lead them to salvation and then to disciple them? WILL YOU HEAR MY VOICE and MEET WITH ME? ... a personal encounter answered with fire, FOR, I will answer by fire ! Manifesting MY SPIRIT in you, enduing you with power from ON HIGH. I WILL meet with you to "give you MY WORD" and "MY SPIRIT". BUT, IF you fail to pay attention to either one of these, MY fire comes as 'judgment'. For, My Beloved, you MUST trust IN ME at ALL TIMES and for those who know ME ... you WILL BE STRONG AND DO EXPLOITS !!!

YOU have said "HERE AM I, SEND ME." You have been going through stages and seasons of persecution. Again, are you ready for MY empowerment? For now you are "deeply committed" AND persecution follows deep commitment ! The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, for "few" will step out in courage, knowing they have to suffer the consequences.

For those ready to say "yes" to everything needed from you to accept MY BURDEN for the lost ... I AM bringing the fire, I AM bringing out boldness, I AM bringing out courage and I AM bringing out zeal for MY CAUSE, the necessary devotion to withstand persecution.



*empowerment: authorization, delegation, to enable !

Olivia Long

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