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August 15, 2001


Bill Burns

Some of you are going to begin to start a revolution in the places where I have established you. By the anointing and the unction upon you, you will walk forth in righteousness and purity. My conviction on those around you will cause them to consider who you are and give you opportunities to prophesy and noise abroad the word of the Lord and to reveal who is the King, the Lord of your life. Your position of sanctification and safety will be revealed along with a sense of peace that surrounds you, which in natural terms should not be there. I will put My hand upon you, and you will begin to spoil the enemy's works, and you will start a revolution in the kingdom of darkness by overthrowing it and dispossessing Satan's positions and bringing the power of the Most High to bear in the places where you work and pray. I tell you to expect increase and expedience to those things that you believe, pray for and say. For surely, you are living in the end of the age, and these things shall quickly come to pass. This is that hour, and this is that day. Revolution! You are not here just to get by; you're not here just to get along.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

Spheres of Prophetic Authority

Alison Papenfus

In this article I want to look at some different types of prophetic ministry, and how the prophets who had them walked in them. I then want to take some negative examples - those who had ministries and walked out of them - both from scripture and the Church; finally I want to suggest that we all take a good look at our calling and make sure that we are walking in our spheres of authority.

1. Old Testament and New Testament Callings
Many of the Old Testament prophets record their call to the prophetic for us. In that call are the seeds of the spheres of authority that God has assigned to them. Some are sent to Judah Is 6.9- some are sent to Israel Mal 1.1, Ezek 2.3- some are sent to the nations Jer 1.5- and so we could go on. In Acts 9 the call of Saul of Tarsus is confirmed with a prophecy which opened to him an international sphere.

Point1 - The sphere to which we are called has geographic boundaries.

In addition to the geographic boundaries we are called there are different spheres of prophetic authority in ministries - for instance Samuel was a strategic prophet who identified leadership. His word built into the development of the kingdom culminating in the Davidic Kingdom which Jews still consider to be the pinnacle of their nations history; there is little messianic prophecy in Samuel, it was generally pretty immediate; Elijah was another strategic prophet - but because he spoke a lot of judgement his authority was underlined by the miraculous; Isaiah was quite different - sent to Judah and filled with a messianic vision - he saw into the distant future (and he had an accurate personal word too - see 2 Kings 19); Jeremiah chiefly foresaw and warned of a specific event which would speak of the judgement of God on sin; Daniel was strategic (to a heathen nation) and apocalyptic - at such a distance that much of what he said has still not been fulfilled. And so we could go on - there are no two prophets who are the same.

Point 2 - Our sphere has operational boundaries

In practical terms today that means - to a local church = to a suburb = to a city = to a region = to a nation = to a number of nations. Each of us has the right to know what the area is we are called to. That doesn't mean that we will never minister outside that area - it does mean that we know where our focus should be until God changes it.

2. Getting out of your sphere of authority
OT prophets managed to do this regularly (and I dont believe that we are any different) Take Zedekiah in I Kings 22.11 - rushing round with a pair of iron horns and prophesying victory when God intended defeat - because his time with God had fallen to bits he was WAY out of his sphere.

The best example of all, of course, is Balaam. When he asked permission to prophesy over Israel (Num 22) the answer from the Lord was a resounding NO! To cut a long story short - he went anyway. He was way out of his sphere of authority AND YET HE PROPHESIED ACCURATELY!!! (HOW! I'm coming to that) Balaam overstepped the mark - he was right out of his sphere of authority when he advised Balaak - and the NT calls him a false prophet (2 Pet 2.15) - not because his prophecy was inaccurate but because he cursed the ones God had blessed!

Jonah was sent to Nineveh - and sailed for Tarshish (Jonah 1.3) He stepped out of his geographical boundaries - and the result was he was turned into fish-food. Rather go to your arch-enemy with the word of the Lord than spend three days and three nights with the digestive juices of a fish! (the SMELL!)

Let's look at some more up to date examples.

How is it that an anointed TV evangelist could be imprisoned for fraud? Simple - he left his sphere of authority (TV evangelism) and got his fingers in the accounts. If you are in ministry hire an accountant. Stay away from those things you are not called to do.

William Branham, who died in the 1960s, was a Christian prophet with a remarkably accurate word concerning events to come in the 20th Century - as well as accuracy in personal prophecy. He also had a wonderful healing ministry - people today still testify to being healed in Branham's meetings. When his ministry was well respected something seems to have gone wrong - and Branham started saying that the Lord had revealed some things about the Godhead to him - and teaching what had been revealed. Since his revelation contradicted the doctrine of the Trinity as it was understood he was rejected as a heretic, and many feel his death at an early age was the judgement of God. What happened here?

To understand it we need to backtrack a bit - but first Point 4 - God will NOT confine us in our geographical or operational boundaries - we can cross the borders, but the results will not be positive for the Kingdom

3. Callings and Obedience
Just as the prophets of scripture had a calling to a specific sphere - so do we. Those of us who are prophetic are not just called to be prophetic across the board - most of us will have an accurate personal word - but some will definitely be more spot on than others(watch out for Candace!); some will be strategic with their prophecy (Adrienne fits here); some will major on discernment of spirits (Francis Frangipane); others will be visionary and see the glory of God (Rick Joyner); some are exhortational prophets - when they have finished we feel as if we are floating 6 feet high ....(Pepper - is this you?) God has built a calling and a strength into each one of us! Bless him - no one is excluded - he dont make no junk!

Now - many are called - but few are chosen (because few take much notice of the call. You wont be chosen unless you heed the call). And the few who ARE chosen go through rigorous training and preparation. But all too often all we know is "I'm chosen to minister in the prophetic" That's great - but WHICH AREA OF THE PROPHETIC??? We need to know what our sphere is! For three excellent reasons:

1. We are told to study to show ourselves approved - 2 Tim 2.15 - what should we be studying?
2. We will only be able to walk in the highest level of our calling within the sphere to which we are called - if I am called as a prophetic teacher I can pursue personal prophecy all I like - I will never have a spectacular gift in this area if it's not the area to which I have been called.
3. The one who is faithful with what they HAVE will be given more! (Mtt 25.29)

The enemy is not keen on prophets. His preference is to get someone to stone them. But if he can't arrange that, and he can't persuade you that all of this is your imagination - one of his most successful weapons is this - GET THEM OUT OF THEIR SPHERE! Then they will not be effective (listen to the demonic sigh of relief)

Once our eyes, ears and hearts are open to the spiritual realm we CAN see, hear, sense things that actually have nothing to do with the call on our own lives. Both Daniel and John heard the Spirit say "seal up the vision!" (Dan 8.26, Rev 10.4)
Why? Because they had seen something that was not for the sphere of ministry God had given them - so God said "SHHHH - dont tell anyone!" Watchman Nee asked for certain of his writings to be sealed - because he felt that what was written was not for the church of his day.

Now - back to Branham. The man was a strategic prophet with a healing ministry. He got into matters of theology. He was outside his sphere. Once you are outside your sphere - delving into matters that are not directly in line with your calling in God - you may hear something that God does not want revealed - or you may get its timing wrong - or you may walk into a deception of the enemy - any of these things might have happened to Branham - and definitely might happen to me or to any of us the minute we walk out of our sphere of authority.

To deliberately look into the things of the Spirit outside your sphere of authority is a form of divination. Seal it up. Dont talk about it. Move back into the place God has called you to.

4. How do I KNOW what God called me to?
This question breaks my heart - we all have a right to know! For years I knew that I was called to the prophetic - but had no idea of the breadth of the sphere of the prophetic - I thought I had to do and be everything that was prophetic. What a relief to find that God has only called me to be what he made me to be - I dont have to be what anyone else wants me to be- just what he made me to be!

OK, Alison, stop talking in riddles- how do I know? Well, we should all
* seek God on this - what do you believe he is calling you to?
* identify the gifts he has placed in you - be honest about your strengths and weaknesses - he designed you that way!
* ask others to speak into the search prophetically - make copies of that prophecy
* take counsel from our leaders and those who know us well

- the process could take a few months if you start from scratch. When we put all of the prophecy, counsel, gifts etc together we should know that we know what God called us to. Sometimes the Lord intervenes unmistakably - speaks to us so directly that there can be no mistaking it (oh to be Saul of Tarsus in this regard - or Jeremiah - two of the clearest calls in Scripture) For most of us it is a search - but what a treasure when we find it.

5. How do I KNOW if I have stepped out of my sphere of authority?
First - did you know what your sphere of authority is? If not - you need to find that out first. Then assess whether you are out of it.

Some common ways out of our sphere:
5.1 UNFAITHFULNESS Zedekiah stepped out of his sphere of authority when his time with God fell to pieces (I Kings 22.11)
5.2 DISOBEDIENCE Balaam stepped out of his sphere of authority when he deliberately went to prophesy after the Lord had said "NO!" - and then went beyond the prophetic word and advised Balaak on how to destroy those God was planning to bless; Jonah stepped out of his sphere when he sailed West instead of going East - move towards the fulfillment of his calling, not away from it.
5.3 GOING BEYOND THE CALL Branham stepped out of his sphere when he strayed from the prophetic into revelatory doctrine. We could say that this is a form of unfaithfulness (see 5.1)
5.4 WALKING OUT ON THE CALL - an extreme case of the above! When people who know what God has called them to dump that calling to begin teaching/sharing/moving with some other calling/revelation without a specific and unmistakable call from the Lord to major change (one day I will write an article about sea changes - but in the meantime I throw out a carrot - how many great people of God in scripture changed the nature of their service to the Lord midstream?)

This is touchy - so read with care.
God has given the church a mandate in this age. His purpose is to reconcile all of creation to himself through man. The foundation stone for this work is the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus - and we are the witnesses to that! All of our ministry (ALL OF IT - whether prophetic or any other type!) must by definition build into the purpose of God.

If I come along with a revelation that does NOT build into that purpose - and that revelation causes me to take the energy of the church AWAY from that purpose then I am deliberately standing in the path of the purposes of God. That is foolishness in the extreme.

So - if your Pastor and your leaders listen to what you have to say politely (which they should do) and then say "We hear what you are saying, we dont think that we agree, we are not sure if this is God. But this we are sure of - we dont want to spend time arguing about it when there is a dying world out there! So please stand with us to reach the lost or the hurting, and we will work this out as we go along." - then we should do just that! Throw our energy into our SPHERE of calling and help to reach the world with the Good News of the Gospel.

BUT ... er, I hesitate to say this ... what DO we do?
"My Pastor wont hear the Word of the Lord!"
" The Leaders in this church have rejected the Revelation of God"
"God's gonna judge this place for refusing to hear ME!"
"I cant have fellowship with any church because no one agrees with the revelation God gave ME"
and more of the same. It's pride. It's immaturity. It provokes a lot of demons to a lot of mirth. It does not build what the Lord prizes - unity among his people. It does not impress unbelievers with our "spirituality" and it does not invest energy into reaching the world for Jesus Christ - which is the only way the Lord will get the glory he deserves - not by my prophecy, but by the praise of people from every nation under heaven.

Can you imagine what Jesus felt like - knowing the whole truth - humbled to live and die as a man! How much of what he knew he was never able to share with the disciples - he spoke only what he knew the Father wanted said - he was prepared to leave the rest unsaid for the sake of finishing the work he had been commissioned to do. Can we do that? What's the work? "Go and preach the gospel to all nations" - it's not finished yet. My prophetic gift should build into that purpose.

It has to be said clearly - so let me do the deed. There ARE some churches (for almost all of us) where our gifts will not be respected - or even welcome. But is NO CHURCH we can work with then we need to begin to question whether the problem is US or THEM ... I know at least three lovely people with God-given gifts who CAN NOT work within a church - and the problem is THEM - they can ONLY do it their own way - sorry guys, but that's not God.

I say it with humility - I know what it is like to have been terribly hurt in the church - let's chuck our "rights"and hurt feelings away; it doesn't bring Glory to Jesus!

Conclusion: Walking the Prophetic Tight-Rope
The prophetic is a bit like walking a tight-rope - every step is dangerous - stray to the right, the left, up or down and you will come unstuck. Ever vigilant - ever seeking the balance of walking with God and communicating his heart to the world. Tight-rope walkers focus on the rope as it stretches away towards the goal - the other side. We need to do the same. Focus on the way you ARE called to walk - and stay with it. If God wants to change your call he is quite big enough to let you know unmistakably. In the meantime - stay with what you are called to. Let's use the gifts he has given us to promote his purposes. Father, don't allow our feet to stray seeking "another" rope; keep our eyes on the goal - the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Phil 3.14)

And if you HAVE been sidetracked - or think you might have been .... go back to the place where you confirm your calling before God and check it out. Throw away anything that he wont confirm. And build into the rest.



Written for the Prophetic Mentoring Group

Are you worried about what is going to happen?


Put your trust in the Lord and allow him to work in your life through the Spirit of the living God. He is well able to take care of his own. Do not look neither to the right nor to the left but look right on to my word and let my word saturate your souls. It is the time of changing of the guards. No longer will it be the same. As you can see I do things according to my word. I will never change, what I say goes.

And when I say repent that is what I mean, repent not just in tears but in the way you are living, and the way you treat one another. As you reject one you are also rejecting me, when you do hurt to one you are also doing hurt to me. It is time to rise up and be what I have called you to be. Do not let fear hold you back, for you have a tendency to hold back because of what people might say. Why do you fear all day long when I have told you not to fear?

Why do you hesitate to come to me to work it out for you, will you repent this day of not receiving all that I have given to you. I will baptize you in my love and you will be a different people, for I am the One Who created you and I know what I have put within you to be formed into my likeness. Donít try to be like someone else and therefore be miserable, but look to me the author and the finisher of your faith. I have put a measure of faith within you. It is my faith, it is my Spirit within you that rises up in the occasion and has the faith to do what I have commanded you to do. It is his work to work out that which I have told you to do. It is neither by power nor by might that you work these things, but it is by my Spirit that anything will be removed from your life that should not be there.

It is my faith within you that must grow and as you allow my Spirit to have his rightful place within your life and your church you will see that nothing is impossible for you because of your trusting in me. Many say I trust you Lord, but then they try to figure a way out for themselves. It will not be like this anymore for I will require of my people to repent and to turn from their own way and turn back to me. Let faith arise within you and allow me to do the work that I have planned a head of time for you. Obedience is better than sacrifice. When you learn to be obedient in the little things you will become obedient in the bigger things that I ask of you.

Do not lean on the old for I am doing a new thing in your life, donít fall back into the old mold, but fall into my arms and I will carry you all the way through the wilderness. Israel wanted to go back to the slavery they had before just to go into that same old mold they were use to. They didnít have to walk by faith in Egypt, but when I wanted to feed them with my food that I desire for them so that they could see my glory of my provisions that I had for them, they grumbled and complained they were doubtful of how I could be their provider. They wanted Egypt to be their provider and therefore they could never find the rest that I had for them. Be not like them. But look to what I have done and yet will do much, much, much more so you can rejoice in my greatness and others will be able to see the great things that I have and will do in your life. Be encouraged today and donít allow circumstances to move you away from trusting in me

Donít worry about not being accepted, for I have chosen you and you will see that I am who I am. I am still the same God who parted the red sea, and I am still the same God who has made a way in the wilderness and I have never forsaken those whom I love but I will chastise them whom I love so they can grow into the sons and daughters I have chosen for my glory.

A Handmaiden of our Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ Loves you.

I Am Your Security

Lori Thomas

I Am your security. Your security is not in your home. Your security is not in any place you live. Your security is not in your friends, nor your church. It's not in any earthly person, place or thing. Your security is in Me!

I Am your security. Don't look for comfort in these areas. Do you not trust Me? So you not see? The deep anxieties in your life are rooted in insecurity. Lay it down. Let Me uproot those hurts, insecurities and mistrust you have acquired at the hands of man.

You will yet trust Me fully! I am your rock that never moves. I am your Provider- the One who sees your need and meets it in abundance. Trust Me! You have not because you ask not. Ask of Me and you will see My hand move upon you and in your life in a powerful way. Rest. Abide in Me. I shall sustain you and give to you all good things as I see fit. Don't try to make things happen. Don't look at circumstances and feel hopeless. I Am the God of all hope. I will shelter you from all harm. Just yield to Me. Cast all your cares upon Me. You can trust Me. I am your security.

Let the old wineskin fall away. Be done with it. Behold! I am making a new wineskin. But, you must let go of the old and look forward to the new. This is a deep, deep work. Be diligent and aggressive in warfare against the enemy of your soul. He seeks to destroy and steal from you. I Am your defender and I Am your protector. It's all been done. It is all finished. Just trust Me and remember that you are secure. Don't let anything steal that from you. Be willing to trade up.

The Set Time

George G. Delo

"You will arise and have mercy and loving-kindness for Zion, for it is time to have pity and compassion for her; yes, the set time has come [the moment designated]. For your servants take [melancholy] pleasure in the stones [of her ruins] and show pity for her dust. So the nations shall fear and worshipfully revere the name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth Your glory. When the Lord builds up Zion, He will appear in His glory; He will regard the plea of the destitute and will not despise their prayer" (Psalm 102:13-17, Amplified).

Prepare the way of the Lord. Return to the Lord your God in humility of heart. The time of compassion has come, even the set time for the restoration of My church. I am even now arising with mercy and loving-kindness for My church. As you turn to me with all of your hearts I will not be to you as in former days when you provoked me to wrath with your ways. But I have purposed in these days to do you good and to bring forth My divine work. I am restoring My temple, even the Tabernacle of David, the fallen hut. I will repair its breaches and remove its reproach. I will have a holy habitation for the revelation of My glory upon this earth. I will be exalted among the nations and they shall fear My name. I will be exalted in the earth and all men shall know that I am the Lord God Almighty and there is no other.

I have called you for such a time as this. I have heard the cries of My servants who have wept over the fallen ruins of My church. And I will give ear to your prayers, I will regard the pleas of those broken in heart over the condition of My temple. Prepare the way for the return of My people. Cast up a highway. Take up the stumbling stones of iniquity and set up a standard for My people. Lift up your voice like a trumpet and call My people back to the Lord God, even to their first love. Turn unto Me with all of your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning until every hindrance is removed and communion is restored. For I am a gracious God, merciful and full of compassion, and I will have mercy once again upon My people to bless them and to restore them to Myself.

I have yearned for My people. I have longed to gather you to Myself. I have called you. I have brought you forth. I have sent My word and My Spirit unto you. But you have chosen your own way. You have not recognized and honored the day of your visitation. So I have withheld My presence and kept My glory to Myself. I have reserved My weeks of harvest for the fullness of time. But now I will have pity upon My people and reveal My mercy once again. Return to the Lord your God that you might glorify Me in the day of your visitation. I will dwell once again among My people and tabernacle in the midst of My church. I will take away her reproach and restore her glorious heritage in the midst of the nations.

Set your hearts and your minds to seek My face. I am doing a new work in this hour, a work of My Spirit. Do not look to the former things or consider the things of old. For this is a new thing that you have not known or seen before. I am taking you a way you have not gone before. I am building My church, even a holy sanctuary for the ark of My presence and My holy articles. I am building a temple without the hands of men but by My Spirit. Open your hearts to Me and I will lead you in the way I have made. I am bringing forth My people in newness of life, even in My resurrection life and power that I might appear in My glory.

Make ready for this day of My coming. Set the trumpet to your lips and sound an alarm in My holy hill. Call My people apart. Set a fast and call a solemn assembly. Gather My people and sanctify the congregation. Let none be exempt. Take with you words and return to the Lord your God. Let My servants weep before Me and pray for My mercy and I will regard your prayers that My church would be raised up from her desolations. It is the set time of the Lord, the day of restoration. It is time for My church to arise out of her prostration, to come forth, even the manifestation of My sons and My daughters. Return to the Lord your God and I will heal you, I will deliver you and raise you up once again to live in My sight, a mighty host. Seek My face and I will surely come unto you.

Gather Together

Ras Robinson

Gather together before the storm hits. If you are alert and observant you can see the storm clouds gathering. Things will get darker soon. Have not my words come to pass in recent days concerning the storms and turbulence. I do not change and my word will not return to me void. The storm is not the issue though. Gathering is the issue. And I will use storms to accomplish my purposes in gathering my children. There is purpose in all of this and I am going to share some of it with you now. I am about to release a new level of living for my children on the earth. You will soon have opportunity to ďcome up hereĒ and live at a higher level than you have known. It is ready to happen. What I need is your undivided attention. Meditate on my word and seek me with all of your heart. Do not forsake the assembling of the saints together. You are going to need each other in critical ways in the days ahead. Connect. Tie the knots of the net. Get involved. Commit to togetherness, to corporateness. You will find both safety and sustenance there. So listen for my voice. I will be giving more and more specific instructions. Be still and quiet before me. Expect. You will not be disappointed. I am your God and you are my chosen one. Do not be afraid. Gather together before the storm hits.

Acts 1:4-6 ďAnd gathering them together, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for what the Father had promised, "Which," He said, "you heard of from Me; 5for John baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now." 6And so when they had come together, they were asking Him, saying, "Lord, is it at this time You are restoring the kingdom to Israel?"

Favor, Authority, Honor, and Appreciation

Undrai & Bridget Fizer

Maturing apostolic/prophetic ministers must first understand this life process in order to be effective in their administration. (personally effective in themselves, thoughts, and apostolic attitude)

Favor can be on your life from the Spirit of God, an anointed "attraction," if you will. There can be a "aura" of anointing in you. It will create an atmosphere of relationships toward you. You will gain an access into the hearts and conversations of others. The door of opportunity will suddenly be opened towards you.

However, you must be careful. Favor does not mean that you have "arrived" in anointing or character. You can still be dealing with "sin or incompleteness," and still have favor. Pride is the downfall for people with favor. You may have favor without wisdom, and find yourself speaking "out of turn." Favor does not mean you are ready to fulfill your apostolic mandate. You still must be accountable to seasoned, mature, ministry. Favor is a good thing, but it must be handled rightly and with maturity. Favor is not the ministry.

Favor doesn't mean you have arrived!

Your authority comes with godly impartation and your maturity with handling favor (and pride, at that particular level. It does not mean that you will not have to handle it again at another level.) It comes when you have to the ability to impart and release the life of God into others. You will have developed the ability to walk comfortably in your life's destiny. You have gained a voice to speak. You know your limitations and your boundaries. You understand your place in the Body. You are not a duplicate of another man's process and experiences. You know the word of God within you and how to help others achieve it. You may receive confirmation, but you are not a seeker of confirmation only. You have the ability to "see" the confirmation. You know what God has said, even if others do not see it in you. But as you continue in the journey, the Spirit will find you, and expose God's authority in you to others. You have realized that anyone can be in charge, but God's power is in those who carry His mantle.

It does not matter who you are or your gender. His authority is His seal of approval of your ministry and life administration. He knows that you are secure in Him and His word for your life. When others will not approve you according to their "preconceived standards" or "criteria," the Spirit will approve you because He has watched you master the season of favor.

Authority in the Father enables you to submit more passionately to Him, not without Him. Authority does not release you from submission. It identifies you with submission. You are the "bondslave" of the Father. The marks of His apostleship are embedded within your flesh.

And your mind.

Honor comes when this quality is recognized. But you will not have to seek it. You will not have to "market" yourself for it. Honor is a quality that may be given to you in the quiet confines of home. Or, on the street. It will not always be given in public. Honor is a mature quality. Some people honor to get. This is flattery with a motive to manipulate. Do not compromise your life for flattery. Flattery is politics. Do not compromise your life for political gain. Do not compromise your anointing to "rub shoulders" with a master speaker. Honor is a mature quality. Honor comes to those who have died to personal glory (a hard death to die). Honor comes with time and patience. It comes through the seasons of rejection and abuse. It comes from the quiet places of the Spirit, when God will say, "I am honored to know you." Do not desire flattery above true honor.

Honor is a mature quality.

Appreciation comes when your work and toil is recognized within another. When your sons and daughters in the gospel are trusted and recognized by their faith and pursuit of God, the Spirit will release a season of appreciation towards you. Your labor will be remembered as your fruit displays itself in their blessings towards God. Appreciation is when your life speaks for itself. It comes when your fruits are recognized by God, Himself. God seeks and recognizes that you do "good work." He trusts your work (because He knows that it's Him doing it, and "you know" that it's Him doing it). Your work will follow you, no matter what city, state, or country it may be in. It will follow you.

The kingdom is based on favor, authority, honor, and appreciation. The things must be mastered by life and seasons of change. It must be mastered in times of victory and times of defeat. It must be mastered in times of abundance and times of want.

Continue the journey. Explore the vision.

We will talk again...

Undrai & Bridget Fizer

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