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August 31, 2001

The Power of the Ideal

Timothy Glendenning

Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. Joel 2:28

We dream our dreams and see our visions, but how can we make them come true? The only answer is, to get beyond ourselves. Selfishness is the greatest enemy of idealism. We see the different views of human life in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The first is the view illustrated by the thieves who stripped the unhappy traveler and left him naked and bleeding by the road. Its jungle-philosophy is briefly this: "What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine, if I can get it." An outworn creed, you say? but it still has a great hold upon our world, a world which seems a struggle for the survival of the fittest. And the second view is that of the Priest and the Levite, who passed by on the other side: the legal view: "What is mine is mine, and what is yours is yours, if you can keep it." The Jews of Jesus' day had outgrown the robber-theory of life, but they had not yet escaped from the purely legal. And so He taught them the great Christian ideal, the Good Samaritan's view of life: "What is yours is yours, and what is mine is yours, if you need it." Sacrifice and service---these are the keynotes to His teaching.

And also to His example. when our Lord took our flesh upon Him He emptied Himself of ever power He might have used, every art or artifice that might have helped His cause, and He trusted simply to a dream. What was His dream? In the first place, He declared that this world of ours, this sinning, foolish world, may be saved and redeemed. He dreamt that: and it was His only weapon in winning His Kingdom. That is why He lived: that is why He died. It is fashionable nowdays just to call it a dream and be done with it. Well may we call it only an impractical dream, as we think of murder, the drunkenness and lust, the war and the passions of the nations, the degrading temptations that stand unreproved. A redeemed world! What a foolish dream for the twenty first century, and yet that dream must sit uncrushable in the heart of Christ's true Church. It is what every idealist is dreaming nowadays. He thinks, for instance, that new social measures will do it, Acts of Parliament, and social reconstructions. These are all good dreams so far as they go, but we know that in Jesus it is only as the world's heart is redeemed from sin and vice, that the new world will ever come.

Our Lord dreamed also another dream---that our frail lives, with their petty tragic passions and their stains and their unholy follies, may be made perfect, may be made like God's! That is what He dreamed; and if we can only arm ourselves with this dream we shall be irresistible.

When Jesus is going to wash His disciples' feet at the Last Supper, it is said that He does this action knowing that ' He came from God and went to God.' What words are these! ' He came from God and went to God '---are not the dream and the vision there, the God behind Him and the God before?

Here is the strength of this great prophecy; the thing it prophesies is already on the earth. It shines supremely in Jesus. It shines is many an exalted soul.

In Christ, Timothy,

Little Churches Reaching Out To the World

J. Conrad Lampan


Do you ever feel like you are so small, that you would never have revival? What can my little church do? You sometimes get discouraged because you believed that God would move in you church, and in your city, but you do not seem to see it happen? God has promised you an outpouring of His Spirit, and you believed Him, but so many bad things happened ever since that you are just wondering if that was God's word after all? Do you ever nest the thought that "well after all I have to be realistic, and that revival will probably come only to big churches, that have the means, etc. etc."?


If our realistic view is anything short of what the Bible says, then we have to refocus: we might be looking the wrong way.

In Revelation 3:8 the Lord is speaking to the church in Philadelphia, and He says two things that stand out in the whole message: "Thou hast little strength" and "I have set an open door before you"

Do not focus on your "little strength", but put your eyes on the "open door". The Lord is telling you little church: I am the One who opens and no one shuts. Lift your eyes from your strength which is none, and look up to the One who Himself is the door: He who is the door has put Himself in front of you !!!


Some time ago Jerry Gaffney shared the testimony of the little church in Seattle, WA that acted big because of the Holy Spirit's anointing: that church of "little strength" reached out to thousands, and is still reaching out. Kirkland Assembly, the church of "little strength" just looked at the opened door and walked through into a realm of blessing that lied right ahead, just past the gates: miracles and wonders and salvations, the Name of Jesus being raised upon the city.

Our little church in Fairborn, OH, believed what God had promised and acted upon them: this church of "little strength" reached out and people had been saved even in far distant countries like Nigeria or Romania! People have come to meetings with their need and they went back home healed, and transformed. Churches around the world have been affected by this little church. Spirit Song Church, the church of "little strength" took hold of the open door and did not let it close, in spite of the struggles, in spite of times when things seemed to go so wrong that any "realistic" view would just suggest to close down. And people are blessed, all around the world: we have received testimonies of people who received a miracle even when we prayed for them over the internet! People who probably we will never meet -at least not on this world- have been touch by this church of "little strength"

First Presbiteryan in Malpas, Wales. The pastor told me one day: "when we started seeking the face of God we ended up with only 8 people" Can you my friend relate to that? I surely can. They kept moving, in spite of the troubles, and in spite of the "nonsense" of it all, because they believe God was behind the promises looking to their fulfillment. This church of "little strength" is blessing many people around the world, pastors from many places are coming to receive that "something" which nobody can explain well, that "something new" the Holy Spirit is bringing which is causing people to turn to Jesus everywhere. Miracles, refreshing, restoration of ministries, people and churches are renewed.

I cannot speak here of all the churches of "little strength" that by the Grace of God I was able to visit all around the world; I only mentioned a few just to use their testimonies to encourage you, pastors and people of "little strength" Do not give up! There is a door set open right in front of your eyes. I have heard many a time lately the same statement from many pastors: "we started seeking God's face and everything seemed to start crumbling down" . Do not be afraid, keep going: the door is in front of you.

Sometimes I look back to Argentina when I was still in Bible College: to be evangelical was a shame; the average church had some 30 people, with many having less than that; to preach the gospel was probably the hardest of hardships, but many churches of "little strength" kept going, crying -many tears were shed on the way- but as the Bible says "He will go crying as he takes the seed...but he will come back with rejoicing bringing in the harvest" Argentina is enjoying the blessing that was prayed in through many tears, and some people with a life time of prayer for revival did not even see it in their lifetime, but they surely have their crowns.

J. Conrad Lampan

Planting the Presence of Jesus in our Cities

The Second Call Ministries

Watchmen of the Morning

Marsha Burns

Following is the conclusion and summary of my presentation to the Where Eagles Gather 2001 conference:

We, the Prophetic Community, are the Watchmen of the Morning, to see, hear, report and blow the trumpet to warn the people.

Internationally we can expect a great shaking in America and world-wide chaos, possibly on the brink of the Ezekiel war, beginning in the Middle East.

There will be a great outpouring of the Spirit which will produce both judgment on the unrighteous and vindication and blessing to those who are truly serving God. We will experience His goodness AND severity.

Nationally we have already seen a great decline in the Stock Market and the new leadership that could usher in one-world government and the end-time events.

Regionally this is a time of separation, of coming out of Babylon and Egypt. God is raising up remnant groups whose hearts are sold out to Him and without religious tradition or man's doctrine. God's elect are being moved into kingdom positions and prepared and equipped for the times ahead.

God is establishing Warriors of the Morning in three categories: Prophets, Prophetic Psalmists, and Prophetic Intercessors who will work in unity of the Spirit as watchmen. He is teaching our hands to war and tear down strongholds to usher in the final harvest.

The foundations are being laid spiritually for cities of refuge where God's people can live in a spiritual and physical atmosphere provided by the Lord Himself.

What are the Eagles saying: (main themes)

God is calling the Bride to return to intimacy to seek His face.

He is preparing the Bride.

The temple (church, body, bride) is being purged.

A spotless church will manifest shortly.

There is a separation of wheat from tares, thistles and briars; goats from lambs; truth/error

God has sent His refining fire to bring purity and holiness.

God is restoring the Church, building His true church.

God is bring His own into their kingdom positions and establishing divine connections

The Church is giving birth to the gatekeepers of the morning watch.

God is calling intercessors to battle and saying, "Rise Up!"

Awaken, watchmen, gatekeepers, intercessors; God is training your hands to war.

Take the land! Reclaim the land! Possess the land!

The desolate places shall bring forth fruit; the desert will bloom.

The kingdoms of the world are becoming the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ.

Entire cities will return to the Lord when enemy strongholds are brought down.

There will be new avenues open for evangelism to bring in a GREAT harvest!

There will be a greater dimension of the Glory of God manifest.

Expect increased angelic activity.

This is the year of favor AND of righteous judgment.

Israel will experience increased terrorism and violence and is headed for nuclear war.

Come into Rest - the Battle belongs to the Lord!


You ask, "God, why am I not prospering?" And, you say, "Lord, I give as you commanded." But, I say to you that you only give what pleases you to give and not what pleases Me. You give that which is no longer of use to you. There is no sacrifice in what you release. Your sacrifices cost you nothing. What I desire that you place on My altar, says the Lord, is your own selfishness and your disregard for others. For, I see your attitudes and motivations, that you use My beloved children as mere commodities to accomplish your own desires.

I see the frustration of your soul. You believed that I called you into this kingdom position for such a times as this. But, you had preconceived ideas, and when the task became more difficult than you had envisioned, you began to lose heart. I say to you, do NOT give up. I have indeed called you to this position, and I will teach you to persevere. You are a symbol of hope for the future, and I will use you to bring hope to this generation and to re-establish a righteous and firm foundation.

I see several people who the enemy has attacked relentlessly. You have come to the brink of giving up several times and then made further resolve to go on. You have suffered a major confidence crisis, and the enemy has whispered in your ear that you are, it started out as a whisper and then he YELLED it at you! But, I tell you he is a liar. I have called you and chosen you and have positioned you in the middle of a territory that is hard to keep possession of, but today I call you "Shammah" and tell you that you will astonish those who come against you with the courage you display in standing your ground. And.the enemy will retreat!

I see some of you floating in mid-air, seemingly not attached to a place of purpose, and not knowing your kingdom position or God's plan. It is as though you are waiting in the wings, waiting for God to call you out and establish you. But, I tell you that He is waiting for you to decide what you are willing to do. You have been afraid to step out and make a mistake or move in the wrong direction, and that has put you into a double-minded position. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, and you have become sick at heart and have nearly lost hope. The Lord says to you, do not give up or get weary. Don't be afraid to take a bold step of faith in the direction that your heart, your spirit, has been pulling you.

Faith Tabernacle

Kremmling, CO 80459

Perspective on Suffering

Robert Yssennagger

My attitude toward the present discomfort in my life due to cancer is totally determined by my very keen sense of being a part of Christís Body and of my connectedness and identification with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

The evidence that God has called me to this relationship and spiritual position in Christ is strictly in the supernatural realm. I remember some 42 years ago while being on a bicycle path in Holland in the midst of summer, that suddenly a bright light shone in my face and I received a clear interpretation of the Scripture passage I was just meditating on. This marked the beginning of Godís direct intervention in my life as He gave me faith, a word of knowledge, a super sensitivity to peopleís inner life and a pastorís heart for the weak and the suffering.

I am very much aware that I died to self with Christ, was raised up with Him was seated in Him in the heavenly places and live the supernatural life thru Him, not only legally or positionally, but thanks to God, very much experientially.

It is this clear sense of the Holy Spiritís working in me and this very God-given position that give me my identity in Christ, so that I not only know that I am a child of God, but moreover that I have been called to share in the sufferings of Christ with boldness by the provisions of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, Who is strong in me when I am weak.

Suffering is experienced universally on this planet earth, but ďin ChristĒ our suffering is put on His account. It does not matter whether a child of God suffers Ēfor the Gospelís sakeĒ or because of sickness, war, abuse or a loss; we suffer as a Christian and because of this position, we share then in the sufferings of Christ.

The experience of the discomforts of the cancer in my body is both a test from God and a work of glory to God.

They are a test so that my faith by my attitude may be revealed to be genuine as I entrust myself many times every day and every night in Godís hands.

They are a work of glory to God as I by His enabling grace expect to exalt Jesus in my body, whether by my life or by my death.

I pray and strive by the working of the Holy Spirit that I will not disappoint God and put myself to shame, but on the contrary, that I will pass this final exam, be an overcomer and then may share in Christís glory and be an inspiration and an example to you all.

I am so privileged! God is so good! His loving kindness is everlasting and His faithfulness is to all generations!

Authority and Contention

Jay Atkinson

Many have told me that I have a problem with authority when actually they mean that I have a problem with their authority as if they have the power to Lord it over me. I am a product of the sixties, I don't mean sex, drugs and rock and roll, well maybe a little rock and roll but what I am speaking about is peace, love and questioning authority. I had found that there are two types of authority, the type that would want to control and dominate you and the type that would give you freedom. Many prophets, especially newer ones, do not really speak from the Lord. Because of their newfound giftedness, they think that their spirit is the Lord's spirit and whatever they say or think is inspired. Same with some prophets who have even been around for a while. What it really means is fleshly pride and they have not yet turned it over. It takes a humble spirit and servant mentality to really speak thus saith the Lord in that as we decrease, He increases.

Anyway, I am impressed by the discussion of the clutter, which prompted my desire to speak up. Also the mention of the new world order being spoken out against elsewhere and the mention of liberality to the poor and that one confessed of being too conservative. These are things that the Lord must teach us before we can ever come to the point of restoring the temple made without hands and coming to the point where we are restored to the purity of the early church. It is a glorious and exciting time for those involved but I must mention that we are to take heed that no one deceives us. There is a spirit of contention now that is much greater than we have ever faced in the Body of Christ, one that disguises itself as being among us. The Lord is teaching us new things; He is bringing us to the point of a great change that will turn the world right side up. We are patiently awaiting the transfer of wealth to the righteous but the fact is that we are not ready. The spirit of mammon rules supreme in the party of the rich, Christians still vote against the poor to lower their taxes, justice, liberality and mercy is still considered evil, the architects of the new world order are voted in because they ride upon Babylon and tell us what we want to hear. The worst prophets after their own heart tell us that God anoints these politicians; national pride replaces the kingdom of God. Mammon worshipping Christians have brought shame upon the church but they are too wrapped up in their own materialism and wishful thinking to realize it.

Yes, the church is in the midst of an apostasy, which is nothing less than the abandoning of the faith once cherished. There may be one body but the revelation mentions that there are seven stars and stars are falling from heaven. I believe that it is our job to restore them to their proper place. These stars, or churches, are with us today, they have not been replaced as another comes; they are all here until Jesus comes.

What is happening now is that the church is going through purging, sifting, a judgment. This contention will seek to hold on to the false authority that has brought the apostasy. What of those that are on the wrong side of the controversies? We are told to "strengthen what remains," remembering the words "Come out of her My People." These are God's people held captive but we do not throw stones at them, we are to love them and woo them by our own love for each other and get on to kingdom business. Jesus has a plan, we just need to listen and be obedient and He will reveal it to us.

Certain prophets that think that I am arrogant and self-righteous for thinking this way sincerely hurt me. The fact is that it is their own arrogance but all resentment must be put behind us, as well as delusion and false authority. No more contention, no more jealousy and back-biting and insults. God is love and to know Him is to love those around us. Jesus will be replacing false authority with His authority of love and humility and ones that will defer to each other as in the Lord. It is not too late, repentance and holiness is needed in all of us. To go on with business as usual is to be left behind in the race of endurance. Love is not a request, it is a commandment. Humility is not a suggestion, it is necessary. Unity is not just a platitude, it is what will bring Jesus back for us.


Salvation Apart from Obedience

A. W. Tozer

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. --Ephesians 2:10

Therefore, I must be frank in my feeling that a notable heresy has come into being throughout our evangelical Christian circles--the widely accepted concept that we humans can choose to accept Christ only because we need Him as Savior and we have the right to postpone our obedience to Him as Lord as long as we want to!...

I think the following is a fair statement of what I was taught in my early Christian experience and it certainly needs a lot of modifying and a great many qualifiers to save us from being in error.

"We are saved by accepting Christ as our Savior; we are sanctified by accepting Christ as our Lord; we may do the first without doing the second!"

The truth is that salvation apart from obedience is unknown in the sacred Scriptures. Peter makes it plain that we are "chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit for obedience" (1 Peter 1:2). I Call It Heresy, 1-2.

"Lord, as I rejoice in the free gift of salvation, by grace through faith, remind me regularly that it is a salvation unto good works, that we're saved to serve. Amen."


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