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August 6, 2001

The Coming Moves of God

Johan Boot in Cape Town, South Africa

The Lord led me to a high mountain. The path was very steep and it took a while to reach the top of the mountain. As we walked up the mountain the Lord started to speak to me. "I am busy bringing forth a new generation of believers in the earth. I have restored many different aspects of the faith in the past 100 years, but the time is now that I will do a mighty work in the church itself. There has been a great restoration of truth, yet My body has not really seen the power of that truth. The time is now that I am birthing the faith in hearts of My people to take hold of the things that I have laid up for the church. I am preparing a generation which will come forth like a mighty cloud in the earth." At that time we reached the top of the mountain.

"Look over to the east." As I looked to the east I saw an eagle flying high up in the clouds. It was dawn and the sun has just broken through. "This is the rising of the spirit of Elijah. It is a new day. In the past decade I have restored the prophetic anointing in the church, but it was not in the spirit of Elijah. Elijah will come forth to bring restoration and liberty. Elijah was a liberator. Today I am raising up a generation that will be free from the basic principles of this world. In the spirit of Elijah the church will be set free from the spirit of Jezebel and power of the Baal. This will only come forth through the message of the cross. Elijah did not love his own life, therefore I could use him to bring forth life out of death. You will not have the power over death, unless you understand the power of the cross."

"Look to the north", the Lord said. As I looked to the north I saw a cloud appearing in the sky. This cloud increased in size and became a raging storm. Then it started to rain. "This is the rain of My word. Many have been waiting and praying for the rain of My Spirit, yet at this time I am releasing the rain of My word. The water of the word will wash My people and will set them apart from the rest of the world. It is a time of refreshing - yet the refreshing of My word. I have prepared My body for this rain, yet many will not receive the cleansing of My word. I am releasing a new word in the earth. It will break forth as a new sword in the earth. Many will ask what this new word and flow is, and they will not receive it because of the cleansing that it will bring forth. But know this, that I am preparing a spotless bride, and that I am jealous for her. I will not allow the lukewarmness in the church to continue for much longer. I have begun to weigh the word in the church, and I have found it too light. I many places it will look as if things are falling apart, yet know that I have raised the standard of My word. Those who will be willing to receive the washing of the word will be purified and be released in the spirit of Elijah. But those who will harden their hearts and turn their ears to their own messages and gospel, will become even more deceived. Many will fall away, while others will only be saved through shakings that are coming. "Today I am bringing back the message and the power of the cross. Life can only come forth through death. In these last days you will not be able to follow Me, if you have not denied yourself and picked up your cross. To those who overcome, I will give the power and spirit of Elijah. This will be the new generation."

Then I saw a bright light breaking forth through the clouds. This light became brighter and brighter, until I became completely blinded by it. This light penetrated every part of My being and it felt as if I have become completely consumed by the light. "This is the light of My glory which is coming. Those who will embrace the washing of the word and the message and power of the cross, will receive the light of My glory. I am going to raise up a standard of light, revelation and glory that will surpass everything which the church has seen. This glory of My presence will not be the "feel good" type that the church has come to expect, but it will be the presence of the King of Glory. In the past I have drawn My bride with My love and grace. She has enjoyed the fellowship of My presence, yet I am preparing her to share in the fellowship of My sufferings. To those who will rise up in the spirit of Elijah, I will give the glory of My presence. The church will become united with Me in death to the world and the things thereof, and will then arise in the life which cannot be taken from her. At that time she will walk in union with Me, and then she will truly become spotless and without blemish because she has become united with Me in death and life. Then My authority will be her authority and My power will be her power. Then the glory of the King of kings will be seen in the church. This release of My presence in the earth will be marked by holiness that will bring the fear of the Lord in the church. I will reveal Myself as the King of kings and Lord of lords."

Then I saw a great wind of fire coming from the south. This wind of fire started as a small cloud of fire, but as the wind of God started to blown, the fire spread to the ends of the earth. "This is the fire of power and persecution. In the last days the evil in this world will become unbearable, and I will give mankind over to their sinful lusts and evil desires. Yet I will release My body in the spirit of Elijah to proclaim the power of the cross. The spirit of the antichrist will be released in the earth and persecution will spread like wildfire. Christians will be mocked and ridiculed, persecuted and put to death. Yet My power will become a witness that no one will be able to withstand. Signs in the heavens and earth will witness of My power in the church. I will again give My body the power of life, with signs and wonders which the world has not seen since the early church."

"Do not fear. I am with you always. I am coming soon and My reward is with Me. Today is a day to seek Me like never before. It is a time to let go of the things of this world and press into knowing Me. Unless you do, you will find it very difficult in the times that lay ahead."

Word received by Johan Boot on 27 July 2001

As posted on AfricaProphecy

The Spitting Cobra

William C. Yount

I saw in the Spirit a snake being released from the kingdom of darkness with an assignment to strike at the head of the Body of Christ. This snake was a "spiritual" SPITTING COBRA whose ability enables it to aim and spit its blinding venom with extreme accuracy into the eyes of its victim. I saw it in its poised striking position as it focused on the eyes of the Body of Christ.


I sense the eyes represented those in leadership that are used strongly in the prophetic that is gifted to see and give vision to the rest of the Body of Christ. The hellish purpose was to destroy the eyesight and the heavenly vision that the Prophets were receiving. This serpent knew too well the scripture that "Without a Vision, the People Perish." One strike and the eyes would become permanently damaged.

I sense the Lord saying, "Many of my chosen prophets are even now being mesmerized by just the appearance of this snake. For this snake has a deceitful beauty that appeals to the eyes that prohibit the eyes from blinking. Little does the Body of Christ realize that their momentary staring at their unknown enemy is about to become their downfall."


I sensed this "SPITTING COBRA" represented a great serpent of "LUST" that had not yet been taken out of the arsenal bag of Satan that was reserved for this last hour. It was like it was the enemy's last deadliest missile that would be launched against the head of the church. It would be a real "Spit in the Face of God" whose image he sees in us. He was going for the "Apple of God's Eye" in this final hour. This serpent represented the "Lust of the Eyes" resulting in the "Lust of the Flesh", especially in the area of sexual impurity to turn its eyes inward to satisfy its own lusts and become blinded to the needs of others and God's vision to reach the world.


In closing I saw God's remedy to thwart this last deadly assault.

I heard the Lord say, "My Body this hour must be anointed with fresh oil, starting from the crown of their head to the soles of its feet!

The head of My Body must be covered in this "day of battle. The eyes must be anointed with heavenly eye salve." This holy anointing can only come as the whole Body begins to pray and lift up their head. (leadership) I then saw the arms of the Body being raised up, lifting up its head (leadership) and the arms lifted up the hands to cover the eyes momentarily releasing an anointing upon the head and a fresh eye salve upon the eyes. It was as though these hands were covering and hiding the prophets for a season to refocus from the distraction of the enemy. During this time the Prophets seemingly in hiding-- began to regroup and come together with clearer vision and were able to communicate vision to the head (Apostles and other leadership.) The head was finally becoming of one mind and one accord! (Look out Devil!)


This anointing then kept flowing down from the head all over the Body even down to its little toes! And then I saw the most extra-ordinary thing happen. A command was given from Heaven to the head of the Body of Christ - "Crush Satan Under Your Feet!"

This command went straight down through the Body of Christ. As the foot heard the command, even the little toe received it. The foot stepped on that serpent, but it was using only its little toe - crushing the enemy! And with its minute toe-nail, it severed the head off of that snake!



Filtered Truth

Erin Cochran

Last week I had a vision of gardeners tending their garden. It was hot and dry and they seemed frantic to keep everything alive so they were portioning out what water they had to give.

They were carrying a small metal bucket and using a cup to pour water on each plant. Some plants got more than others. But all the plants were still withering and dying, the edges of their leaves turning brown, their fruit small and scarce.

And this is what the Lord told me. He said they were leaders in the church and they knew that each plant had to be watered according to its own need so they were trying to portion out what they had at hand to give. But all they had was what was contained within this small bucket and that it was water that was changed and filtered by man. These were leaders placed in authority by man.

He said the true leaders would draw water from His container, one that is as endless as all the oceans and that His water was full of life and not filtered in any way. They would always have enough water to inundate their crops so that they would never die in a drought. He said He had built a levy around their fields so that they would never die in a flood either.

And He said that when true leaders harvested their crop they did so with all tenderness and care so as not to bruise the fruit so that all parts of it might provide sustenance to the body and no part of it should be cut out. They also weren't to let any fruit lie untouched in a bin but spread everything out on the table so that nothing would be wasted because through him they would have an endless harvest and none would go hungry but all would be fed and grow.

This is what I understand from this vision and word . . . The water is His word, pure and simple, straight from his mouth, filled with understanding that comes by the Holy Spirit. And the fruit is His people and their giftings.

That true leaders use only the Word and not an interpretation from man and that they have an inner well springing up and pouring forth for all eternity. Their cup "runneth over".

Anyone see anything else I'm missing?

blessings, Erin

Dread Warriors

Bill Burns

I call you dread warriors, warriors who the enemy dreads, for the ground that you walk on the enemy shall give up if you will but believe for a moment that I can empower you and cause you to walk in authority and cause you to walk in power and the fullness of My Spirit. Is it not written that I give you power over every enemy? I tell you to walk upon the serpents and the snakes of this land, for they are evil spirits that have been loosed from the pits of hell. But, My people shall prevail, for it is written that the gates of hell shall not prevail against My church. I have already written in My word, and the scriptures cannot be broken. I say victory is assured, for I am the Lord of victory, and I am bringing you forth in power even now. I am teaching your fingers how to make war, and I am equipping you and causing you to know how to walk in the fullness of My armor, and the enemy is already beginning to dread you. I call you dread warriors even in this very moment, and I say, do not forget who you are. You shall go forth and trample the enemy. I say, blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the war drums, for I am bringing forth the power of My kingdom now upon My people, and you shall take the land, and the land shall submit to you, for it is My land says the Lord.

A Healing Wave

Luz Cintrón

I see a healing movement of the Spirit of God upon the church at this hour. The finger of God is moving the waters, and the waters are His people. You are to be stirred by confrontation into a greater measure of a release in His Spirit.

He has longed to bring healing into the hearts of those called by His Name and this hour brings the beginning of it. This is the hour of binding wounds, and cleansing those wounds infected and untreated. This is the hour of the manifestation of all that is infected and in need.

The Lord rules in the midst of His enemies with a rod of iron. Even contention and strife and offense yield to Him. He grabs their strength like a bow in His hand and bends them and make them abased and defeated in their own conspiracies. The Lord grabs them like a bow and make them shoot forth His purposes towards His elected.

The fruit of their work will worship the Lord. For the Lord He is a faithful God and He has sworn that nothing will be allowed to separate His chosen ones from His love. Offense, strife and contention they seek to destroy, but the Lord stands to destroy them utterly and forever for they have been thorns on the sides of the Body for affliction and shame, but no more.

The Lord has said His healing is to be released through His body at this hour.

Come forth vessels in which He has placed the anointing for peacemaking, come forth and tend His flock! Seek the silent one and heal the worm that eats their thoughts and dries their heart. Look out for the isolated and bring them home, gather together, bring close, restoration is coming! Close the gap and cause His anointing overflow.

Call upon the hills, the many hills, sound the voice of calling like a trumpet! Come and be healed, draw near and be made whole. Buy without money, invest yourselves in the Lord today and acquire without money the treasures in Him.

Challenge the Lord you faithful ones, challenge Him in faithfulness. For He stand eager to listen. Come draw near and let your wound be cleansed. You who feel blind cry out, and He will open the windows of your eyes unto eternity. All of you who trust in His name and hope in His love, humble your hearts, and keep not your flesh from the fire on the altar, surrender it to the cross. He will give you eagle wings for the ashes of the surrendered hearts. Come and gather, the Shepherd calls.

See the Beauty Of Holiness upon His bride as she leans on His shoulder. Who is this one who shines in the brightness of His presence? Who is this one? Wasn't it said of her, poor and destitute? Wasn't she the one pushed and pressed on every side? Was not this, the one rebellious from the womb of her mother?

Great is the love of the One who loves you and His love upon you is a banner of sheltering compassion. Your old ways are nowhere to be found anymore. He has become your way and your glory in the midst of trouble and great suffering. His glory has been birthed through mercy and compassion. His love has changed you.

He is extending His very nature unto you, touch the scepter of grace and live. Give freely what is freely offered to you.

Your servant in His love;
Luz Cintrón
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Let us be glad and rejoice,
and give honour to Him: for
the marriage of the Lamb is come
and His wife hath made herself ready
...Revelation 19:7

Experiencing Time

Doug Patterson

This is a time to prepare for waves of blessing to come. Set your heart in motion. Capture the time so that every event throughout the day as it is experienced is brought into My Throne Room. How precious is your time. You cannot run ahead of yourself and capture it in a net nor should you meditate and reflect back on how to relive what has already passed you by. For time is experienced as you presently encounter the Living God. Floating down the River of Life you are experiencing the motion of time.

Prepare to take action for I am coupling you together with brothers and sisters who truly love each other. With the spirit of humility and grace encourage each other, pray for each other, and support each other. It is time to share the good news that the family of God has room for everyone. Remember a heart of integrity will catapult the gifts and fruits of the Spirit to a new level. Yes, a new level of delight, of peace and of joy. Your words will be filled with My power.

Go forward as an army abiding in the presence of your God; knowing who you are, experiencing the presence, the joy and the timing of the Lord. The world must see that we are one; that we have one goal, one heart, and one purpose. It's HARVEST TIME!

Prophets - Does the Church have a duty to support them? A discussion Document

Alison Papenfus

The Lord is busy restoring to his church the ministry gifts of Eph 4.11-12; unless I am mistaken, within 5 years we will see restorational churches with groups of local prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists - operating under apostolic leadership. We will see some powerful ministries in these groups - some will continue in secular employment, some will be in part time ministry while tent making, others will be called to full time ministry. In every congregation of 200 there are likely to be 10 people who are in full time ministry.

So the inevitable question has to be asked. How are we to support them? In congregations of 200 we can barely afford one Pastoral Couple - now I am saying there will be 10 full time people? Where is the money to come from!

This is not a new problem. I wonder how the early church coped? In Acts 15 Silas is sent from Jerusalem to Antioch - presumably the Jerusalem church supported him while he was working for them - but Silas decided to stay at Antioch. We know from Acts 13 that there was already a group of prophets and teachers there - and it seems unlikely that all of them were being fully supported by the church - how did these people support themselves? There were itinerant prophets like Agabus - how were they supported? We need to find answers for our modern Agabus's and Silas' - these guys are a resource for the church, and somehow we need to provide for them. We know that Paul made tents when he was not actively immersed in ministry - but that was seldom. The rest of the time ... the workman is worthy of his hire.

I want to suggest that there are three interlinked principles which churches need to look at

  1. A Workman is worthy of his hire A workman is the guy who comes around and does a few days work. We pay him for the work he does, and wave him goodbye when he has finished it. In exactly the same way, churches need to pay full time ministers (from their own congregation or someone else's) for the work done in the congregation - and that's all. Congregations are not required to pay a full time salary to a person they only need part time. How much prophetic ministry does a church need? That's how much you pay the prophet for. No more - no less.

  2. Prophets should itinerate - but there is a limit to the amount of itinerant work there is for prophets. And another difficulty here - itinerant ministry generally requires people to preach. Not all prophets preach well - in fact, some of those I know who preach BADLY (really 'oh no, ouch!' badly!!) have the most reliable and insightful prophetic words! I support prophetic teams in itinerant ministry so that each person can exercise their real gifts - but if we are going this way we are back to the situation that we need to support the prophet financially, and the bigger the team the smaller the slice each team member receives. So itinerant ministry is not going to be the answer for everyone.

  3. Partnerships between prophets and businesses/projects who need and value prophetic input. Now I need to say right away - we are not talking about the sort of situation where the prophet is required to come to prayers every Tuesday morning and prophesy over the owner (at great length!) and all the employees. (There may be some who would agree to this, I would not even consider accepting such an appointment!) Rather, I am suggesting a formal arrangement between the business or project's management and the prophet whereby the business agrees to provide regular financial support while the prophet agrees to pray and pass on to the business what the Lord says to him.

There need to be some escape hatches - the prophet must be free to withdraw if the Lord tells him to - that is the nature of prophetic ministry - we only have one master; the business must be free to withdraw if the partnership does not work for them. There needs to be a review period agreed up front - and the level of support needs to be put on the table. But if all that is in place then I believe there is a possibility for a partnership that can enable those in business (and a host of other projects) to maximise the blessing of God on what they are doing.

Personal Experience I have my own business, and for years had taken the attitude that if God has something to say about the business he can speak to me direct! After all I'm prophetic - why shouldn't he speak to me? I have acted as prophetic advisor to others - but had a very supercilious attitude to it in my own business. Then in January the Lord convicted me of arrogance in this attitude. I established a relationship with a South African prophet - after some very frank discussion - and it's working well. When the review period comes up we will talk it through, and I look forward to strengthening it in the New Year.

Conclusion If we really believe in restoration it's time to put our money where our mouths are. Local churches simply are not going to be able to support additional ministry. Nor do they need those ministries on a full time basis. But the world needs them desperately. Lost people in every nation on earth need to come face to face with the reality of the living God - and since they dont come to church let the ministers come the workplace! Those of us in business are poised to play an important role in liberating the word of God amongst our employees, in making it possible for people God has called to take on full time ministry AND in fulfilling the prophetic word which says that "the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous" As the prophets begin to speak into our businesses that wealth is going to flow in the direction of those who will re-channel it into the kingdom of God.

Good word? Let's do it!

Alison Papenfus

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