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August 9, 2001

Economic Shaking

Martin Fell

A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine... Revelation Ch 6 v 6b

The time is coming says the Lord, and is near at hand when the economic and financial structures of the world will be shaken to the core. My patience is wearing thin towards those who do not love justice and mercy, but who grow rich through exploitation and manipulation. Disaster will follow disaster and nations will plot together to try and avert what is happening but there will be no stopping it.

However it is my kindness that is bringing this about because I will release millions of hearts from the love of money. This will mark the final death blow to that foul spirit mammon who wreaks havoc in the personal lives and families of those in his grip.

I am telling you this in advance as a warning and encouragement to you. The standard of living of those in the western world will fall dramatically. But do not fear, your focus is to be on storing up treasure in Heaven. If you trust in me I will provide for the needs of you and your family. For those whose hearts are to seek the Kingdom of God first I will release economic resources, not for yourselves but to sow into the Kingdom. Your peace and your joy during this time of upheaval will be a great witness to those around you.

'Do not damage the oil and the wine' The 'oil' and the 'wine' represent the work of the Holy Spirit, no economic disaster can hinder the work of the Spirit. In fact in coincidence with the economic disaster there will be an unprecedented outpouring of my Holy Spirit, especially upon the western Church. Economic hardship will prepare you for this because your hearts will be humble and unhindered by the love of the world. In measure in these last few years you have already received the oil and the wine, but this has been but a foretaste of what is coming. The 'wine' represents a renewal of first love, a passionate love for Christ, healing for the body of Christ and the intoxicating joy of my presence. The 'oil' represents an anointing for works of service, mercy and compassion and to walk in the power of Jesus, works of miracles and healing. Be prepared!

Please weigh this word in your hearts

Martin Fell

Hour of Desperation

by Yolanda Ballard

These are desperate hours for the presence of the Lord. This is the time and the hour for the manifest presence of the Lord to come forth, but we must be ready.

Eye has not seen before the great wonders that the Lord will perform. Through the grace and mercy of the Lord blind eyes will be opened, the dead will rise up and take their place in the army of the Lord. Complacency, apathy, and lethargy are being cast out once and for all.

Yes, captives are being set free this very hour.....those who have been held bound by the enemy. I say to you "Rise up!". Take your place in the army of the Lord. Cast off anything that would try to hold you back from taking your promised land.

Yes, I have given you My word and My power over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means can harm you. Cry out! Cry out, My people! Do not settle for less than all that I have for you. I have come to set you free but you must be open and teachable and willing to let go of your bondages and worldly deceptions.

I have come to set you free of religiousity and idolatry. Are you willing to even admit that you might have a problem in these areas? Why do you completely justify your areas of bondage? Why do you put up a wall against My truth? Don't you know that My truth will set you free, but you must be willing to embrace it.

For I love you, My people, but you are not where you need to be, and there is a great urgency in My spirit that you must be set free, once and for all! Do not put up for less than the best. Humble yourself before My mighty throne of grace, and I will lift you up. I will remove your scales of deception off from your eyes if you are truly willing. Let go of your pride I beseech you.

Be still and know that I am God and that I am in total control of all of your circumstances. I am allowing them to deal with you and to bring things in your life to the surface....things that are holding you back. So I warn you that there is no time to waste.

There is an urgency in My spirit that you must come out of the unclean thing....the temple of religiousity and idols. If all are not ready to go forth, separate yourself. Cut your cords and go on with Me for I will bless you with My presence.

I will bring you your breakthrough. I will completely set you free that you may truly worship Me! This is the time and the hour for freedom. I am calling forth hearts of desperation for My intimate presence and for the burning and purifying of My love. Open up completely and I will cleanse you, says your God.

Embracing God's Provision

Undrai Fizer

The provisions of the Lord during times of transition are in His delight and desire. We do not control what and how He provides for us during the times of "stretching" and molding (which are really times of increase).

However, we must guard our hearts and motives during these times. We must guard against the spirit of personal control. We can become tired of God's provision, which in fact, may meet every need, but because we are not in control of the income and outcome, we may grow "bored" and weary. We can become tired of God's timing and ways of providing.

We have to develop the patience of the Lord and the capacity to receive the provisions of God fully, at all times. The children of Israel became tired of the ways of God in the wilderness. They became tired of His timing and what He provided. They became "choicey" in the matter. They did not deliver themselves from Egypt. God heard their continual groans to be free. But, they did not pass the test in the wilderness. They began to embrace the p rovision of the previous place and despise the journey into a blessed destiny. They began to think of what they left behind instead of what God was preparing for them. They began to enjoy the provisions of 400 or more years of slavery, than the 40 (it was supposed to be shorter) years of prophetic revolution, and freedom to the Most High. Amazing!

Miracles to foolish men are waste of time. Provision for an ungrateful man is the enablement of the slothful. It increases His slothfulness of living. God will not increase our slothfulness, or ways to become more independent from Him.

Let us not become tired of the Lord's provision, or His ways to provide because we feel "that we can do something more exciting with His provisions." The transition of seasons for prophetic people (individuals who are living and speaking out of the heart of the Father and His kingdom) is a major one in the realms of thinking, emotions, and relationships. It is the season of releasing more and more of yourself to the Father's ways and means. It is a season of anointed dying....

We cannot put a time clock on the Father's promises. We cannot "buy" His word. We must wait and continually expect it. We must also be flexible in the Father's Hands to develop us to receive His promise, which in fact, is already in us. He draws the promise out of the word He spoke within us. The promise is embedded within our lives. It's already at work in us. He pulls the promise out of us when it is finished. He pulls out the desires of our heart, which must become His desires first. When we desire what He desires, at the expense of our independence and control, He will then withdraw the finished product that we have been carrying along the whole time. Isn't God incredible!

So, if we continue to agree and worship God during this time, we will release the promise, which would have become visible to us in our praise to Him.

Undrai & Bridget Fizer

The New Wine Is Coming

Stephen Hanson

JOEL 2:24 The threshing floors will be filled with grain; the vats will overflow with new wine and oil.

JOEL 3:18 "In that day the mountains will drip new wine,and the hills will flow with milk; all the ravines of Judah will run with water. A fountain will flow out of the LORD's house and will water the valley of acacias.
AM 9:13 "The days are coming," declares the LORD,"when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills.

"Out of the fire of my presence I have a people that are being led by my destiny. They will not walk in the ways of this world. They will not be persuaded by man. For they have been in my presence. They will speak what I have them to speak. Their words will change the flavor of the places that they go to. They will exhibit my rod and my iron. They are equipped with my arsenal. They will wage war with the enemy and they will bring him down. They are a people who will move forward in my name. They have come out of the wilderness. They will come out of their places of safety. They are my army. The enemy will be defeated. He will see his demise and he will flee. I will come....I come forth in the latter rain and I will spread forth my Spirit. And my Spirit will fall like it has never fallen before. From the east and the west and from the north and south it will fall. Even little children will be moved by my Spirit in these days. As in days of old when they were set apart, so will it be at this time. The wind blows, and no man knows where the wind comes from, but you will see the evidence of these things. Surely, this generation will see these things. Surely, this generation will see the manifestation of my glory. Entire cities will come to hear my word spoken. My Spirit is at work.....My Spirit is at work."

"While it is true that there will be a falling away, there are some who have fallen into various traps and deceptions in this hour, but I have kept the finest wine until this last hour. And this wine will be poured forth unto all who would receive it. Drink of it. Taste it, for it is the new wine of the covenant. It will strengthen you, my army. It will sustain you in your battles. It will be given. Many have longed to see these things, and they will come to pass. They will come to pass."

"Thus would say the Spirit of the Lord. The Lord of the new covenant."

Stephen Hanson

The Bride Wears Army Boots

By Jim Goll

Some time ago, I was granted to have an interactive vision where I was shown a beautifully dressed bride. She was regal in her appearance. As I gazed at this picture, the Holy Spirit whispered to me to approach the bride. As I did this I could sense the presence of holiness and the fear of God all around her.

Then to my surprise, another word came to me. "What do you think she has on her feet? What type of shoes is she wearing?" I just had no answer that seemed to fit. So slowly and humbly I approached the "bride" in this vision. I cautiously lifted the hem of her garment and was shocked at what I saw! Yes, the bride wore army boots!

As I pondered on this, it seemed very fitting! In the book of Ephesians, we are called the "bride of Christ", but we are also called the Army of God. Yes, these boots are made for walking - and that's just what they will do! One of these days this warring bride is gonna walk and tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing will in any means harms us.

There is victory in the cross of Jesus. But we are called to enforce the victory of Calvary! Let's enter into the beauty realm of God as the Bride of Christ. But also remember that according to Romans 16:20, "May soon the God of peace crush Satan under your feet." Yes and amen. It's to put your boots on!

Jim Goll
Ministry To The Nations

On being an Oracle of God ....Candle Holders of Truth

Shelleymae Bartlett

Recently the Lord brought me to a Passage of Scripture on being an oracle of God. This is something He had said to me before when sharing with me years ago about Moses delivering folks out of Egypt and leading them to the Promised Land. I remember thinking how small I was but knew how Big He was. I remember saying to the Lord, "If you think you can and want to use me, I wont say to you, 'Here...use my brother Aaron...'"

However this time I felt a deep hunger and desire to understand what it truly means to be an Oracle of God.

I have come to an understanding that taking people into the "Promised Land" is bringing them into the Promises of God.

As I was asking the Lord what it meant to be an Oracle of God He gave me a "moving picture" back in time, if you will.
Jesus was talking to the Pharisees and He said to them...
"If you were of My Father then you would love Me."
But not because, "Hey man I am JEE sus, the Son of God...,"
But because "I am another person".

You know that most people think that someone who is loving, kind, patient, etc ... is showing True Fruit. However the Lord has shown me that True Fruit only comes from abiding in, (staying vitally connected in relationship with Him The TRUE VINE). It is when you are in a situation when you normally wouldn't be able to show fruit, that because you are remaining in Him, in laying your life down for another person... It is in that moment, when yielded for Him to move by the Spirit through us, that TRUE FRUIT is born. The Word says you will know them by their Fruit. Do you want to know what TRUE FRUIT looks like, smells like, tastes like? For if once you have tasted the "REAL THING" then truly there will be no mistaken from what is real and what is a counterfeit. Oh Taste and see that the LORD is good!!!

On being an Oracle of God
Candle Holders of Truth
(A Prophetic Song)

Jesus was talking to the Pharisees
He said if you were of My Father, then you would Love Me.
Not because I am Jesus the Son of God
But because I'm your neighbor... I'm one of who you are...
I'm you brother, your sister, your family, your friend
oh won't you think twice before you do it again...
For if you do it unto these then you've done it unto Me
from whom you think is important to whom you think is the least.
See, Righteousness is what Righteous does
The Fruit of the Spirit from abiding in My Love
And I AM Love, I Am Love.... I Am Love.

Its not by power or might, but only by My Spirit
I'm knocking at your hearts door can anybody hear it
I've come to release you...I've come to set you free
I've come to win you back again and take you Home with Me

See Loves the only answer... Loves the only key
Loves the only Way that you could come Home with Me

I've paid the price for you, now won't you do it for others
for all of those around you are your potential sisters and brothers
They are seeking the Truth, needing to be set free
but they're blinded by the darkness, for the only Truth is in Me

So won't you be My Lights that Shine... My Candle Holders of Truth
For when My Love Shines out of you, others can know Me too
I Am Love, I Am Love... I Am Love
Through you, let them know My Love

Love to you from a Candle Holder of Truth,
Won't you join me? {:o)
Humbly submitted and written by
(\O/)o Shelleymae Bartlett

Releasing the Kingdom

by Pam Durden

The Church Needs Discernment

Perhaps one of the greatest needs in the church of Jesus Christ today is the need for discernment. Not the gift of discerning of spirits (I Cor. 12), but the discernment that knows the holy from the profane, the voice of the Shepherd from the voice of the wolf, the Kingdom of God from the usurpation of man. The purpose of this article is to create an atmosphere for that discernment to be formed in the reader, for discernment comes through (revelation) knowledge that is coupled with experience. The manifestation of God's kingdom can only come if HIS principles are set in motion in our hearts, homes, churches and communities. And although some of the author's statements may seem poignant, it is with the intent that the people of God be set free to be all that God has called us to be. That calling, to be the mature man of Eph. 4:13, standing in the measure that is the fullness of Christ.

A Mature Approach to Dominion, and Rule

Our maturity level has much to do with how we view things. A three-year-old child sees money as a toy, while an older child understands that money buys toys. A fourteen-year-old may realize that someone has to work for the money he spends, but a thirty-year-old understands what it means to labor, and that money is necessary for the security of his family. The church has approached dominion and government in much the same way. Unfortunately, the opinions and methods that we formed while spiritually immature have not been easy to change. Let us begin at the beginning, in Genesis, to find the purpose and origin of the principles of the kingdom of God.

In Gen. 1:26-28 we read how God made man (Strongs 120 – "Adam"), to rule over the creation. Note that he created "Adam" or mankind, both male and female, and in verse 26, God said "Let them have dominion." The word translated as dominion, Strong's 7287, is "radah-" and means to rule, to have dominion, to dominate, to tread down; to have dominion, to rule, to subjugate; to cause to dominate. The word subdue, (3533 – kabash), means to subject, to force, to keep under, to make subservient. Mankind, male and female, was created for the purpose of ruling and reigning. Just as God's nature is to have dominion – He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords – He put that same ability into mankind when He created them in His image. After the fall, however, the Woman of Gen. 2:23 became Eve, and the original order of God was brought into a fallen state where man ruled over man (Gen. 3:16).

In Genesis we see man placed in a sphere of dominion, as a representative of the Supreme Authority, God Almighty. Although the first Adam failed to fulfill God's complete desire at that time, the Last Adam, Jesus (1 Cor.15: 45), triumphed to restore true authority in righteousness. Once again God established a government, a sphere of dominion, called the Kingdom of God. To govern means to direct, and control, to regulate; to influence; to restrain; to keep in due subjection. Jesus said in Matt. 28:18, "All Power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." Power (1849 – exousia) means delegated influence or authority. It is the power of rule and of government.

What Does God's Government look like?

Once again as representatives of Christ on the earth, Christians must give expression to the kingdom of God. Regarding the kingdom of God Jesus stated in Luke 17:20-21 that the kingdom "is within you". Kingdom (932 – basileia) is royal power, kingship, rule, not to be confused with an actual (geographical) kingdom, but rather the right or authority to rule over a kingdom. Webster's 1828 Dictionary says that a kingdom is government; rule; supreme administration. God's kingdom or government is first established in the heart of the individual. He both relates to us and governs us on a personal level first. As God sets up his government in us, he resides is our spirit as king. From there, he begins to transform and renew our soul (mind, will and emotions) so that our soul becomes a servant for the King. He is able to direct, guide and restrain our will, our intellect and our emotions for his purposes. Our body then becomes a slave to do whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to do. Thus is God's kingdom established in our "earth".

Government is by the Consent of the Governed

The first principle of God's government is established in John 1:12, which says, "But as many as received him gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:" Received is defined as "to take a thing offered or sent; to accept". How amazing that an all-powerful God constrains his power to the human will. To receive involves a choice, a decision, a consent. So we see perhaps the highest order of God's governmental principles, which is, government is by the consent of the governed. Just as Adam was created to have dominion, so he was created to choose.

God's Kingdom Operates in Measures

All that God is, is contained within his kingdom. The King then releases his own attributes and authority, in measure, to those who are part of his kingdom.
Rom. 12:3 – measure of faith
Eph. 4:7 – grace given according to the measure of the gift of Christ.
Eph. 4:16 – the Body works together according to the effectual working of the measure in every part.
2 Cor. 10:13-16 – Paul wrote about the measure of rule that he obtained in the Corinthian church because he had birthed and mentored them.

The word measure is the Greek word "metron", Strongs' 3358, and the Greek word "metreo", Strongs' 3354. It means an instrument for measuring, a limited portion, or measure, or to give out by measure (to measure or to mete out).

Some might interpret this to mean that we are sovereignly limited to whatever measure of faith, grace or gifting that God chooses to mete out to us. But Jesus talked about measures (still metron) in another dimension. Luke 6:38 talks about giving and receiving measures. The principle is that we have measures (some parables likened it to seeds) that we can choose to give out, and that those same portions will return to us in multiplicity. The church usually relegates this principle only to finances, but read the context of the statement. Luke 6:36-38 talks about mercy, judgements, condemnations, and forgiveness. Read also Matt. 7:2, and Mark 4:22 – 26. Restating the principle, What you choose to release your "metron" into, that is what is both returned and facilitated. We can facilitate good things like abundance, forgiveness, and mercy, or bad things like condemnation and greed. Like Adam in the garden, we choose how we mete out our authority.

That Which We Serve, We Empower

Romans 6:12-13 tells us that we can either yield ourselves as instruments of unrighteousness or of righteousness, it is our choice. In verse 16, Paul explains even further that "to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey…". The Living Bible states it quite directly, "Don't you realize that you choose your own master?" Let us clarify the meaning of the words that are used in this passage. The Greek word translated as "yield" is defined as placing a person or thing at one's disposal; metaphorically, to bring into one's fellowship or intimacy; to stand beside, to stand by or near, to be at hand, to be present; to stand by to help. So to yield yourself, your authority, and your measure to another includes supporting, helping, fellowshipping and facilitating what that person is doing. The word 'obey" means to submit and to listen and give heed to another's counsel. Remember that Paul spoke of this in terms of both the unrighteous and the righteous "master".

First as individuals, we must consider carefully what we empower or serve in our own lives. That choice will determine the level or the measure of God's authority operating through us. If we want authority in our prayer lives, in our homes, on our jobs, in our ministries, and in our communities, we must allow the government of God to operate in our lives. Sin returns more sin, and righteousness, more righteousness.

Now, as a maturing church that walks in integrity and discernment, who or what we measure our portion of the kingdom into, is critical. We must become accountable regarding those whom we empower and support. We empower individuals, ministries, and organizations by yielding our measure to them, through our time, our money, our presence, our prayers, our support, and our listening. What we choose to yield our metron to, we empower with our agreement, and with our favor. So we facilitate their buildings, their public exposure, their projects, their doctrines, their teachings and finally their impact upon the church at large and upon the world.

A New Day

Hosea 6:1-3 "1 Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. 2 After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight. 3 Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth." (KJV)

A new day is upon us, the time of the Third Day feast of Tabernacles, where we live in the Holy of Holies and become the presence of God in the earth. There, we must walk in the realm of covenant, and in fullness of purpose, as the mature body that God created us to be. The principle of covenant is foreshadowed in Gen. 1 & 2 when God said, let every seed produce after its own kind, as a semblance of what was to come. Adam looked for one that was like him with whom to covenant, and to reproduce. Now we as individuals who are governed by God, seek those who carry a corresponding seed of present truth to empower and to form a union. As we meld together as mature sons of God, every measure will be released and every joint will supply. A company that knows no barriers will arise as the voice of God, kingdom representatives who a royal priesthood and a holy nation. A face-to-face (Exodus 33:11) assembly who understands that a covenant partnership involves communion and intimacy both with God and with one another. It is in the Holy Place that the Lord said; I will commune with you between the wings of the cherubim. (Exodus 25:20 & 22) The third day church is people who, with hearing hearts, yield themselves as the will of God in the earth, and become the manifestation of the prayer of Jesus in Matthew 6:10, Thy will be done in earth as it is already done in heaven.

Pastor Pam Durden

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