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January 18, 2005

The Hand of the Lord

Miles Ford

And the hand of the Lord shall do mighty things as I walk through the land in this season. For the work is great and that which I will establish, I will quickly establish. For I have sent forth angels even sent from my presence that all my counsel and my purpose may be set in place.

And I shall develop and I shall build and I shall train my army and I shall set forth men and women, both, that shall not look to the left nor the right, but they shall be focused on the task at hand.

For my work and the work of the kingdom which must be accomplished shall be accomplished. I will let all men know and see that the very hand of the Lord is moving in this season.

That which the enemy has robbed, that which the enemy has stolen I shall restore in this month of January says the Lord. For I will not leave my sons or my daughters without a witness.

Their light shall shine forth in this day and there shall be a mighty cleansing and my compassion shall go forth in the land and many shall turn to me and I will work a work of the heart says the Lord. I shall change the hearts of men. And they shall turn towards me by the multitudes says the Lord.

For I am raising up even out of the camp of the Lord, those that will march forward and do battle in my name. And they shall not be ashamed says God.

But I will establish their goings and I will go before them and I will make the crooked places straight for them and I shall make rough places smooth and the high places shall be brought low and the valleys shall be exalted in this season says the Lord.

Look up, look up my sons, look up my daughters. For I will do great things and I come quickly and you shall see many signs and wonders, for I come quickly.

I shall bring my people into a new place. Even a place, that they have not been before and they shall worship me from that place. For as I have spoken so shall I bring it to pass and the Words from my mouth shall not be hindered.

I will place in the hand of my key ones even the plan which comes from heaven. And I shall release strategies, in this month and plans that will cause there to be a great shaking and a great awakening amongst my people.

So I say my sons and my daughters. Go forth, conquer, build, develop, work. There shall be many that shall come forth in this month of January, to be released.

I say unto my children release them and move forward. For all I have planned for you and all that I have ordained for you, eyes have not discovered.

I will reveal my secrets unto my servants the prophets. And I will raise up a prophetic voice and I will raise up a prophetic flow, even a prophetic move that shall not be hindered and can not be stopped.

And I will bless and pour out blessings and I will change the raiment, and those who have come out shall move into position and they shall go in to possess the land that I have ordained.

And so I say unto you, look up, look up, for the life that I release in this month of January comes from above. Look up for the life which I impart is imparted from your God.

In this month I shall erase your debt and many shall have their debt paid, for I will provide abundance and I will provide an overflow and as you shall seek me I shall prosper you says the Spirit of God and I will reveal to you secrets even the secrets to my wealth says the Lord.

And there shall arise challenges from the west and out of the west shall come clamor and out of the west shall come a boisterous voice against the children of God but I shall cause it to be silenced and I shall galvanize my people even in that region and they shall stand united and they shall stand as one says the Spirit of God.

For as the stream begins to flow and is dried by the heat of the sun so shall I dry up the flow of all of those that shall stand against my people.

And I walk in their midst to establish them in that hour and my hand will reach forth, and I will rearrange political leadership and I will change even the complexion of cities in that region says the Lord.

For I have set forth my hand and I will visit that land even the land of New Mexico, California and Nevada in the days ahead says the Lord. And I will cause there to be a stirring and a moving upon my people like they have not seen and there shall be a buzz concerning the things of God. There shall be an excitement as they prepare themselves for the harvest that I will release.

And so yes there will be challenges coming from the west but I say unto you, hold fast, stand your ground for the harvest of the Lord shall come quickly and shall be sure.

For in this month I shall release a new anointing upon many and crowns shall be released over them.

There shall be a set of parameters that I will establish with my people and the voice of my leaders and those that I have raised up shall cry forth and one shall cry in one place and in another place another shall
cry and his words shall be exactly as the words cried by the one.

I Have A Plan For You

Glenda Zielinski
You ask for a fresh word, a new word from Me.  Child, I have been speaking to you every day, leading you in the direction that I would have you take. My plans for you are not new ones, they are plans that I have put into place millennia ago.  Nothing that happens with you, dear child, takes Me by surprise.

Sometimes I just have to wait for you to catch up as you become distracted by the noise of your life.  You think I am not speaking, but sometimes it is that you are not hearing!

I treasure the quiet times with you -- listen and you will hear Me speak.

'I have a plan for you,' saith the Lord.

Revival Brings Victory

Sammy Tippit

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? (Psalms 85:6 NIV)

A number of years ago, I heard a pastor say that he would often meet his parishioners on the street and found them looking gloomy and defeated. He would greet them with the typical, "How are you?" Often they responded, "Okay, under the circumstances." The pastor would then immediately ask them, "What are you doing under there? Don't you know that you have been raised with Christ to live in the heavenly places?"

His probing questions were right on target. The Christian life isn't one full of incredibly wonderful circumstances. It's not an escape from the realities of hurt, pain and sorrow. Rather, the Christian life is one that enables you to live in the circumstances, but not allow them to drag you into the depths of despair. As a victorious Christian, you don't have to live under the circumstances. You can live in them, and yet, you have the ability to rise above them.

I often meet people who really love the Lord. They're genuine children of God. Yet, they're defeated. They've been robbed of the joy that God intended in Christian living. They stand in desperate need of revival in their lives. The Psalmist wrote, "Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?"

The Christian life isn't a hopeless one. God stands ready to revive His people. He's ready to give us victory. Revival and victory are intertwined. Revival is God making Himself known to His people. When God visits His people, the end result is extraordinary rejoicing. It's a time in which His people will rejoice because God has granted them victory. Too many of us have given up hope. But we don't need to. God is still on His throne. He's more than able to revive His people-more than able to revive your heart.

Del Fehsenfeld, Jr. had a burden for revival in America during the 1970s. He attempted to bring the message of revival to churches throughout the country. Although Del passed away several years ago, his ministry continues today. In fact, the work is called Life Action Ministries and is perhaps the largest organization calling for spiritual renewal in America. Mr. Fehsenfeld once said, "As long as God is on His throne, revival is as possible as the sun rising tomorrow morning."

It's true. Revival is possible. Thus, victory in your life is possible. You don't have to live under the circumstances. You can live victoriously in them-no matter how terrible they may seem because God is still on His throne. He's the source of our victory. He's the one who revives the faint hearted. Determine in your heart to seek God today. Ask Him to revive your heart. Set your face towards heave. He'll revive you and give you victory no matter what the circumstances.

I Am Moving You On

Shirley Lise

Restore relationships, I will restore what has been lost and broken. I will repair the breech and restore unto you everything that has been under siege by the enemy.

Evangelize. Bring in a great catch. I am throwing the nets out to sea, sending out those whom I would use in the least likely places.

You ask about the marketplace, about the community, the highways and byways. You ask about the plan that I would use. Can you see that I have earmarked you, strategically placed you to be a light and a conduit of My blessing? You will see more.

You will see how I transfer skills from one to another, how I rearrange things so that you function in full tilt according to My purpose and good pleasure.

You will see what I have in store for you, how I am building you, progressing, moving things forward in your favor and on your behalf. You will watch Me take you to new heights, remove those things that are an offense, and create an atmosphere of love and camaraderie.

No, I have not left you on the wayside, away from all the action. I am adjusting things to suit your needs, to glean those things of importance.

I am moving you on, onto higher ground in My Spirit, into greater authority. I am transferring wealth into your hands. I will remove the obstacles, and lay a firm foundation. You will see Me build upon it. You will not be tossed to and fro, but will firmly be placed on track.

Treasure untold is being released to you, joy unspeakable, great grace, health, and strength. I will pour out My blessing in your midst. Your children shall be healed, set free. I will bring you into the full realm of My blessing.

The Pruning

Jane Larsen                          

You are safe from the ways of the world as My pruning is taking place. See, I have hemmed you in, to the front and the side, and you are safe with Me.  A great work is being done, a cutting back and a cutting away. The old ways will be removed, all that is not needed for your walk with Me will be thrown aside, and room will be made for new growth.  See, My hands are gentle and My touch is light.  I stand by your side as the old is removed, and I cover the scars with love and patience until they are no more.

The walls will come down.  When you stand renewed and complete, the walls will come tumbling down and you will walk forward in strength and might and power.  I will lead you through the fields, I will guide your steps over the mountains, and I will light your way along the path you will walk.  I will be your guiding light and My truth shall follow you, cover you, as you walk the righteous walk, free from all that held you back, from all that choked you, from all that tried to destroy you.

For now you are in a quiet place and a work is being done, a slow and a thorough work as I prepare you for your walk.  There is nothing that will be pruned that you will miss, nothing that you will want, for I am restoring and replacing and filling you with the Gifts of My Spirit, with love and patience and understanding, with wisdom that you will share and carry with you.  I take away the weight and the burdens with My loving hands and ease away your pains.  A new day is dawning and it is the day that you will walk forward unencumbered.

Sit With Me

Inez Brinkley

Come close, child.  Don't let distance, time, or space separate us.  You busily go about doing things, but the best thing you lack.  Come, sit quietly at My feet and fellowship with Me.  Serving Me is only as important as being with Me.  You cannot serve if you do not follow.  

I have so much to show you, so much to give to you.  I desire to give good gifts, but you, My child, are your worst hindrance.  Sit quietly and rest in Me.  See, I can be Father, Friend, and Savior all at the same time.  Walk in My Spirit and test My Word and see if I don't place an open Heaven above you.  And under My open Heaven, you will ask what you wish and it will be granted.  Yes, you have found favor with Me, for you and I share the same heart.  It beats as one.  

But do not let the world keep you from the best part of life, and that is being in My embrace, allowing My love to wash over you like the ocean waves.  Come child, sit with Me.  For I will teach you all things and show you all the wonders of the world.

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