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January 19, 2002

Harmony and Unity

Jim Rinker

And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles. 44: And all that believed were together, and had all things common; 45: And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need. And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved. Acts 2: 42-47

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore. Ps 133:1-3

I have recently had the opportunity to be on a worship team at a new church I attend. Although I have played guitar for several years this has been the first real time I have actually played and lead worship with other people.

What I have been learning is that it takes time and effort to bring individuals together into unity and harmony. Although I know most of the worship songs they use in worship I am used to playing them differently. I heard them from "another source" played "another way". Same songs, but played differently. This forced me to have to get away from what "I" was used to. The "way" that I was used to playing and the style "I" was used to playing. There was some "identity" that I was forced to give up in order for us to be in harmony and unity, without which there is only an "annoying" noise and confusion.

This process is still molding and shaping and I am sure it will take a few months to get on more solid footing. I am finding that it takes time and effort to come to this place of unity. We have to "listen" to what each of us are doing and "give up" a little to come to that place were the sound it harmonized. Not compromise, for it is the "same song". Rather being "submissive" for the sake of the song itself that it may be a "sweet" song pleasing to the Master.

Funny experience I had this Sunday concerning one aspect of harmony, which is listening, that I will use as an illustration. The musicians have monitors that have all the music piped through them so we can hear what we are playing. The music gets "mixed" through the monitors and we can have more or less of each instrument come through the monitor as we see fit. Now my monitor was not set properly and I could only hear mainly my guitar and the worship leader's guitar but not the keyboardist's.

His guitar went out for some reason on the second song so I had to now lead worship. He sang while I and the keyboardist played. This was of course easier for me since I simply played the songs the way I knew them. But since the keyboard was not coming through my monitor very well I could not hear "how" she was playing the songs. The first song went well. The second song took one of those repetitious cycles and I slowly eased into stop playing and let her continue. When I stopped I realized something. We were playing the same song differently. I could have adapted to her style if I only could have heard her. I am sure the song did not sound quite as good as it was meant to!

The Lord is calling His body into unity and harmony. It will take time, effort, and relinquishing of identity if we wish to be as a beautiful song unto the Lord. Most of all, it will take His love in us which will lead us into fellowship and relationship with one another. We will learn to be submissive and humble towards one another for the sake of "the song". We will also need to hear one another. This will require us to turn down our "monitor" to our voice that we may hear one another better.

The Lord has shown us the "same" songs (same revelation), this is no longer the issue with many of His children. The issue now is to take that "vision" (hearing) that we already have and come into harmony to multiply it. One can chase a thousand away but two ten thousand. The multiplication is not additive when we come together but rather exponential.

One more thing I forgot. There are suppose to be "five" musicians playing but for various reasons we rarely have five. This obviously speaks of five fold ministry. Without all five operating and being present in our midst the song is not "full" and "complete". It cannot accomplish the fulness of it's objective. The five fold "lead" the song. We ALL sing the same song. That song is "maturity". We are lead into it by the five fold ministry. When the five fold ministry is out of harmony it sounds like "confusion" to the rest of the body. When parts are missing the song is simply incomplete.

Some thoughts to consider.

In His Love

Jim Rinker
Reading, Pa.

Step Out

Armando Morales

My child, now is the time to step out.

I have heard your prayers. I have harkened unto your cries. Know that I am with you now and through the time you spend eternity with me. You look to your left and see the need. You look to the right and see broken hearts walking before you. You ask of me "when Lord"?

My child, now is the time to step out.

I have given you authority and a burden for the lost that nobody can take away from you. Walk in the law of faith which is forever established in My Kingdom. I desire to establish My Kingdom in your oikos (immediate surrounding). Will you be obedient and allow the gifts of My Spirit to flow through you?

My child, now is the time to step out.

My plans for you are great my child (Jer. 29:11). Do not be dismayed for what will become of tomorrow. Seek first My kingdom and I will gather together your circumstances to line up with My will. Seek first to meet the needs of your neighbor and I will sustain you. My message is simple. Do not be lead astray by confusion, for I am the God of peace not confusion.

My child, now is the time to step out.

There must be a shift of your vision towards My vision for you. Will you lay it down? Along the way I am calling you to take up my yoke for it is light. I am waiting to teach you great things. I want to whisper my words of direction into your ears. Will you open them to hear what the Spirit is saying? Know that I have called you as my sheep to hear My voice.

My child, now is the time to step out.

humbly submitted,

Headless Chickens.

Dave Howe

For the body.

Just after that terrorist attack in the USA this vision came. I now feel its right to publish it.

I saw many headless chickens running around getting into a bigger and bigger mess. Spreading confusion Becoming more confused and lost as they ran from place to place.

Many in the body of Christ are disconnected from their head Jesus Christ, As they run from place to place having no peace in their hearts.

For many will come saying Jesus is here Jesus is there But is not. Many will come in this day saying that they have come in my name But I did not send them.

They are wolves in sheep's clothing - Wolves with doctrines of demons Preaching a gospel other than Christ Leading those that run after them like headless chickens to the slaughter - As sheep without a shepherd with no peace in their hearts.

I would say to such as these - Stop running around For this is deception.

Seek Christ - Yes Get connected with Christ who is your head The Great Shepherd. Seek Christ - Not these wolves dressed in sheep's clothing For these are men who seek to build a kingdom other than Christ's.

For my Word says that in the Last days many will come saying the Christ is here The Christ is there That he is of Christ But Christ is not there. For many in this day are running backwards and forwards like headless chickens after such men that do not know Christ Running into the fires of hell.

For many will say to the Lord Lord Lord we preached in your name We prophesied in your name We cast out demons in your name But I will say to you depart from me you workers of evil I don't know you For you did not care for my sheep but only sought to build your own kingdom.

I say to you Repent Look in my Word Test all things by My Word For My Spirit will show you the way by My Word Show you the way of Christ.

Come Repent For want no man to perish but all to come to repentance and life eternal in Christ.

Yes Seek Christ and not men who love only themselves Who care nothing for my sheep.

Be not like the headless chickens in the vision running from place to place But be settled in Christ. For Christ is our peace Christ is the Way Christ is the Light.

Stay connected to our head Jesus Christ.

Dave Howe
Living Waters Fellowship.
Wellspring Prophetic Min England

The Spirit's Word to the Prophets

Clo DiPilato

A Word from the Lord......

In Jesus Name, let this word come forth with clarity and understanding! Let it be so, In Jesus Name, Amen.

My prophets are stirred up towards my power. My prophets are stirred up to see signs and wonders and miracles. They are stirred up to see visions and to dream dreams and to give themselves to trances out of which I can speak great mysteries to awe and inspire My People.

But I would speak unto you, My Prophets, and My People who hunger for the manifestation of My Glory and My Power if you are not willing to submit yourselves to the processes whereby I bring these things to birth in the Spirit you will end up with sensationalism marked with charlatanism and self-exaltation and theatricism and endless vaunting ambitions rather than the true demonstration of the Spirit in the Power and Authority of the Name of Jesus marked by the Creative and Supernatural imprint of the true Holy Ghost moving in and through you first to the Body of Christ, and then throughout the Earth.

You declare to Me, and you declare to one another that you want to see My moving and My compassion and My deliverance and My healings in the hearts and lives of the people. But are you truly willing to pay the price to be the vessel through which I can bring these things about so that I receive all the Glory, and so that the fruit truly remains? Or are you just interested in the outcome of what it will do for your ministry and your own personal recognition and advancement. Because if you are willing to be used, and you mean business with Me, then I will mean business with you.

I will get you into that place where you have the true compassion for My people. I will get you into the place where you truly discern those who are hungering and thirsting and crying and groaning and travailing after Me and the manifestation of My Sons (though they don't even know they are doing it, but nevertheless I am the judge and discerner of ALL the hearts of the earth). I will take you into that valley where I work compassion into your soul so that it's NOT about you and your own desires but truly about the pure and undefiled compassion and mercy of God . But the place I must take you is into a valley where you must be willing to take the cup of affliction and sorrow and suffering that you must drink from in order that the true word of Resurrection Life, the words of Eternal LIFE can spring forth out of your innermost being to minister to others.

Do you want My power so badly that you will let Me lay My hand upon you in trouble and sorrow and affliction to teach you how to cry out to Me in desperation until You receive an answer from Me so that your Faith is based in the reality of knowing I am a God that truly hears the heart's cry and truly answers prayer? Compassion will be birthed in the womb of identification. My true prophets who are weilding My true power and My true authority will not only see the needs, but they will feel the feeling because I am going to walk My prophets through the problems, through the valley of tears, through the testings and trials and afflictions, through the fires right out the other side where there is the true manifestation and realization of the Gospel of the Kingdom......a Gospel marked NOT by the sensational, but by the Supernatural, a Gospel of healing, and deliverance and restoration and provision and stabilization.

As far as My prophets are concerned, I am laying the axe to the root of the tree, and the root of purpose is being uncovered, and the source of desire is being discovered, and the very hard word of the Lord to My Servants the Prophets is that it is time to count the cost for those things which you are so earnestly praying and desiring at this time. From prophet to prophet, the cup is being passed and some will be willing to drink, but others will shrink back in fear because they have never been truly called or ordained to the holy calling but only presumptuously took upon themselves the title and roll of prophet. There will be a struggle to hold onto any semblance of anointing and ministry, but where the manifestation of My Kingdom comes in its fullness they will be seen as the clouds without rain and they will simply drift off the scene of what I am doing and where I am placing My heavenly spotlight to draw people to the brightness of MY rising within the lives of those who are sold out and truly committed to My end-time purposes in the earth.

Unto those who are willing to drink of the cup that I am passing to you in order that I might use you in the demonstration and power of My Spirit in this last day, I say unto you that My Grace will be sufficient, and My portion to you will be that you will not just draw prophetically from the storehouse of knowledge I've placed within My prophets, but you will draw out of My very heart the word of the Lord because My promise unto those who will commit themselves to the purposes of birthing My true compassion within the lives and hearts of a truly prophetic ministry and a truly prophetic people is that I will be in an intimate and close communion with You constantly as you seek to know Me in My fullness and in My power in the very midst of your learning to access My true supernatural and delivering power in all its aspects. You will walk in a fellowship and a closeness with Me that your heart has cried and longed for. You will go places in the Spirit that you have longed to go, and you will see things in the Spirit you have longed to see, but mostly the manifestation of My presence in your lives will be such as you have never known because I will not take you into this valley I am asking you to go through except that I send the Comforter with you. The Comforter shall be with you, and He shall sustain you, and He shall be your keeper while I work the deep and foundational work of preparing you to be My vessels of power and demonstration so that the Gospel of the Kingdom can be preached in all the world for a witness.

Oh, my precious ones who are My prophets. If you understand My heart toward you, and that the suffering is for a moment, and a very fleeting thing you will willingly yeild yourself to My processes. But you must make the decision for I will not force My process and My purpose on anyone who is not truly willing to pay the price. I ask you now to look at the life of My Son, Jesus, the Captain of your salvation who was made perfect through Sufferings, and see the end result of His life and His ministry. See how He is now seated at the right hand of majesty and power in the heavenlies truly redeemed out of all His sufferings, and truly the very expression of My power and My glory with a Name highly exalted in all of heaven and all of earth. But He is not without a burden. His burden and desire is to bring Many Sons into glory.

The invitation of the Spirit is that the prophets might step up into the calling and manifestation of Sonship. It is a high calling, and it is a holy calling, but more than that it is a tender calling and if you will feel My heart, and truly hear My voice, you will not deny My request that you take this cup of suffering I am passing to you....even as your elder brother, Jesus, the firstborn among Many brethren took the cup, and drank from it, trusting that as I was faithful to Him, even so shall I be faithful unto You.

Thus saith the Lord.

Clo DiPilato

Rise Up, Warriors

Marsha Burns

Have you heard the sound of the trumpet blast? Do you hear the cry for war? Rise up, warriors, run to the battle, for the time of victory is at hand. I will not send you into the fray without a promise. Behold, I will cause your vision to be like that of an eagle, and your hearing will equal the tiger's. I will give you the courage of a lion, and you will go forth with a mighty roar. Strengthen your resolve, for it is time to even the score. This is no time to retreat in fear and defeat, for I will cause you to overcome all the powers of darkness and the work of the enemy, and you will triumph and praise the name of the Lord.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

Prodigals Return

Denise Lagrimas

There is a call going out across the land. The voice of God is speaking to His creation. If we will just stop and listen we will hear the cry of the Lord calling to His own. I have heard Him calling in that still small voice saying "return to me", "return to me". There is almost a desperation in His voice and urgency of sort. I sense in the spirit this call has gone out to all the prodigals. Many have walked away for various reasons, many have stopped their ears so they did not have to hear the Lord crying over their disobedience and hardened hearts but this time there is no hiding from the Lord God, who will cause all to hear Him. Everywhere we turn the voice of the Lord is there. In the night while we sleep... He still calls out to them. "Return". In the days amidst lifes pressures and woes He cries out to them "Return"! I sense that in these last days we will see a return of the prodigals in record numbers. I see many sons, daughters, and pastors and leaders who have walked away coming back. They will flock to the saints saying "I want to come home!! I need to get back to the place I belong. Show me the way home for I have sinned against heaven and want to be right again!" I sense the Lord is also preparing us as a body to receive these lost and wounded and those who have squandered their inheritance with the best we can offer. With the best robe and a great celebration preferring one another and exhibiting true love. He is asking us to receive them with honor and not judgement, nor jealousy. God will rejoice over their arrival and pour out his forgiveness as well as his blessings. The greatest of gifts to us is unmerited forgiveness, we don't deserve it yet He gives it...How much more should we receive the prodigal with forgiveness and restore him to where he belongs. Somewhere something went wrong and we must make it right.

He who feeds on ashes, a deceived heart has turned him away that he cannot deliver his soul, nor say I hold a lie in my right hand. Remember these for you are my servant I have formed you, you are my servant and shall not be forgotten. I have blotted out as a thick cloud your sins and transgressions Return to me for I have redeemed you, Sing oh you heavens for the Lord has done it! Shout all the earth break forth in singing Oh mountains for the Lord has redeemed His own and glorified himself in Israel. Isaiah 44:21

Those who have held the lie of the enemy for so long will hear the voice of our God and they will be like a child and drop the lie and come running home....We must be ready to receive them with joy and thanksgiving. Many of us know or have a prodigal in our family or fellowship and many of us have ministered through much weeping and tears always walking away saying "Oh God when will they come home?" God is saying "They are coming home NOW!! Your labor and tears have not gone unnoticed nor has the Word you poured out in tears gone out in vain for it has accomplished what it was sent out to do. I will cause the ears of the distant ones to hear me in the wind, in the rain, in the raging storms as well as in the quiet of the night. I will call them back to Me and you will see them coming and you will see the scattering of those who held them bound..............Prepare your house with singing and dancing, prepare a Kings table, for the lost have been found and they are seen far off in the distance as they make their way home. Receive them with a joyful heart for once they were dead but now are alive again."

Beloved I offer this as an encouragement for all of us who have been praying and crying out for our loved ones to come home. God is faithful and desires them even more than we do. Lets be diligent in our prayers for them to have attentive ears and open hearts. Be blessed in Jesus name

Denise Lagrimas

From Apostolic to the Ancient of Days

Tim and Theresa Early

In this moment of present truth restoration, there lies the significant importance of proper recognition of what the Person and Presence of the Lord is restoring. For in many instances, people would hear the cry of the Spirit for Restoration in Acts 3:21, but would not necessarily recognize the delicately emerging process of that which the Father is restoring unto his people... {Please check out all three "R" words in Acts 3:19, 21, Repentance, Refreshing, and Restoration}. In other words, we would shout "The Apostles are Coming, The Apostles are Coming!" But in all honesty, we may have easily lacked considerable levels of discernment and proper recognition as to who they are, along with the need of understanding what and why they have been given for in the corporate body. With this in mind, we may have easily resorted to a position of gift magnification, excluding the real purpose of apostles being sent {apostello} in the earth {with prophets} to set the tone and pace for the body of Christ to enter into corporate destiny, something which is far greater in character and scope than the limited positions and mentalities of securing our weekly church services. Unfortunately, in some circles of influence, we too often view the work of the ministry through our own insignificance, insecurity, and low self esteem, finding worth and value in being called present truth apostolic and prophetic, when in all honesty we are riding on the bandwagon by associating ourselves with this fresh outpour, without the genuine characterization and fruit that the true apostolic and prophetic dimension is producing. Further on, while traveling the nation {s} I would notice among some a sudden interest in being defined through the apostolic and prophetic, finding it rather difficult to believe that there is life in Christ {Christ the Head and Christ the Body} beyond the dimensions of the apostolic and prophetic.

In this we have made a current trend out of the apostolic and prophetic dimension, not seeing the continuity of God's eternal purposes from the dateless pass unto now; thus, defining the future through restored ministry gifts with the notion that the last thing on God's agenda is apostles and prophets, period! Here, we are not fully embracing the momentum of the Spirit to take us farther into new thresholds of the unlimited glory of the Lord. For in this lies the deeper aspects and dealings of the Father, far greater than gifting. For this principle is supported by the passage of scripture in Ephesians 1:13-14, as we see the earnest of the Spirit as a pledge, a foretaste of something much more profound than speaking in other tongues. Here, it is the engagement ring before the wedding, or the down payment before settling on your new house. Here, the Father is referring us to the Ancient Paths of Jeremiah 6:16, and Micah 5:2, from sonship to fatherhood, into the riches of his glory, far exceeding Charismatic and prophetic experiences. Here, Wisdom {Proverbs 9:1-6} is building the house with Seven Pillars {Isaiah 11:2 - the Seven Spirits or Seven-fold fulness of the Branch Man}, even the place which Abram saw from afar having foundations {2 Timothy 2:19}, whose builder {Matthew 16:18} and maker is God {Hebrews 11:10}. Here, we are moving pass the banqueting table into the Kings Chamber, from David's Tabernacle to Solomon's Temple, from Passover to Tabernacles, from Conception to Perfection, from the Cross to the Throne. For in all of our in-part experiences, the Spirit of the living God cries "FULNESS," Ephesians 3:18-19, that the saints would comprehend with others what is the breadth, width, depth, and height {The Most Holy Place} of Christ, the Fulness of God, the Preeminent One {Colossians 1:16-18}, Jesus Christ the highest order in the church at all times. No, not Jesus the babe, or the youth, but the Full Grown Man, the oil from the beard of Aaron {Psalms 133:1-3}, Jesus, the Apostle and High Priest of our profession...Hebrews 3:1...

Yes beloved, as the apostolic and prophetic dimension is bringing new meaning to the universal and local church, we must not lose focus {foresight and insight} as to where the Spirit of the Lord is taking us into. There is more that awaits you and me than being termed or labeled as apostolic {prophetic}. There is much more that we are to make manifest in the earth {Romans 8:19-27} as we let go of the new bundles and truck loads of carnal teachings which pride ourselves as being apostolic and prophetic, with a limited view to mere church meetings, excluding the bigger picture that the apostolic and prophetic is still, the in-part realm, even though it has a higher intended purpose. For if we make the same mistake as our forefathers did in the 50's and 60's, highlighting the Charismatic Movement as the greatest thing on earth since ice water, we will again magnify certain spiritual experiences, turning the present wave of the glory of God into a monument, without the ongoing rhythm of the Spirit to take us further into new patterns and positions of the Spirit for a whole new corporate destiny.

Like many things across the board, we have become corporate in one area, and have become a corpse in another. We cheerful exclaim that we are apostolic with a prophetic vision, but the spiritual order of that local and translocal ministry suggest we are actually something else. We say we are present truth, but in some cases it is nothing more than being an entry level Charismatic or Pentecostal in experience.

Though this is a fresh new season for the global church to function in the new degrees that the Spirit is restoring among us, it is not the time to say, "Ah, the Apostolic {and Prophetic}! What more can you ask for?"

Answer, For ALL that He IS and for ALL that HE DOES! {Philippians 3:10}

If we would take just a moment to discover that the eternal purposes of God are not limited to gifting, church government, nor the present highlight {and for some, the fame}of being acknowledged as apostles and prophets, we would see that these expressions of his grace and glory are in no wise the end of the story, but a powerful part of a beautiful and glorious unfolding of the Lord's doing beyond the confines of church as we know it, pouring over into the social streams of life that will radically effect the way we live on earth. For as we have often taught in our Global School of Ministries, the kingdom is not a part of the church, but the church is a part of the kingdom. If we are going to radiantly reveal the purposes of God in the earth, knowing Him and making Him known {Daniel 11:32}, we must take on a new corporate dynamic realizing that the apostolic and prophetic dimension is not the end, but a powerful doorway into the habitation of God, which Isaiah the prophet refers to as "The Lord that inhabits Eternity..." Isaiah 57:15...In this deeper expression and meaning, the church is moving from the universal presence of the Father {30 - fold}, the manifest presence of the Lord {60 - fold}, into the eternal presence of God {100 - fold}. Here, eternity enters into our time, giving substance and tangibility to the purposes of God, regardless of our age, health, or personal circumstance. Here, it is the Wisdom of the Ages, the High and Lofty One that inhabits eternity, bringing into manifestation the already decreed will of the Father, the finished work of the cross, or, the done deal. Here, in our Kairos moment of time, the Father is doing a new thing within us, as we discover that the things we don't hear are more real than what we do hear. The things that we don't see are more real than the things we do see. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18; 5:1-8

It is Jacob at Beth'el {Many assemblies are called by the church chartered name Bethel, without the accent mark highlighting the Beth and the EL, no real revelation of the EL in the Beth, or the House {Beth} of the EL}, for Jacob discovers that the place where he is, is the House of God and the Gate of Heaven - Genesis 28:17...Meaning, the church is not the ultimate thing God is accomplishing in the earth. Bethel {Not Babel, smile!}, is the revelation of something deeper the Lord is revealing and establishing in the earth, something bigger than church as we know it. Bethel is the portal into the eternal glory of God, far exceeding the limited and carnal concepts of many church goers. Bethel is the gate of heaven, the 12 important levels of the kingdom as discovered in the names of the 12 sons of Jacob or Israel {From Ruben, behold the Son, to Benjamin - the Son of the Right Hand}. This is Jacob's ladder, the angels ascending and descending , Jesus the Door to the sheepfold, the Shepherd to the Sheep, the realm of the Spirit where we find rest for our souls, greener pastures and new thresholds... John 10:1-4; Psalms 23:2. This is the place {Bethel} where Jacob begins his transformation , {Read also Genesis 32:1-2, the place of the Ma-ha-na-im, the Lord's host} and verses 24-30, the wrestling encounter, name change, nature change, a limp of a walk, but a new destiny that awaits us. Meaning, our appointed gatherings of church as we so often define, must take on a whole new paradigm, a shift in the Spirit in order to accommodate in the corporate anointing, a deeper depth of the Spirit than ever before. We must be willing {and obedient} to launch forwardly into something that may challenge our limited notion and view of church, as Bethel had become a revelation to Jacob. We must not hesitate to change our minds to the staggering realization that the Lord is the KING of Glory, and that as we lift up our Heads O ye Gates, and to be lifted up ye everlasting doors, the KING of Glory SHALL come in. Psalms 24:7-10...We must press for the Mark of the Prize, and not settle for passing moments. We must become built into an attitude of the eternal, with our life based on the principles of the kingdom {Hebrews 12:27-28; Isaiah 33:6 - the Stabilizing influence of the Kingdom, that which shall not pass away}, and not by the fleeting moments of the core values of this world system and the frivolous carnal thinking of many...1st John 2:15-17; Hebrew 12:16-17; 1st Corinthians 3:1-5; 6:13;

For the moment I am reminded of an old 1970's television series called Kung Fu, whereas Grasshopper once asked his physically blind master how is it that he {his master} could hear in the woods and fields the movements and motion of a small living thing. The master replied, O Grasshopper, how is it that you cannot hear?

Now beloved, is there life after the apostolic {and Prophetic}?

Yes there is!

Does this mean we are to abandon the present dimensions of the apostolic {and prophetic} for something deeper in the Spirit?

No! Rather, we are to discern that in our Kairos time, there are some present truth developments which must take place, something we are to fulfill in our time and generation. We are to apprehend and to grasp the valuable and transforming truths for our time, as we make way for a new pattern and development of the Spirit for the next level of the saints in corporate destiny. We must never get stuck on gifting at the exclusion of the Father's good pleasure for mankind, for there is a bigger picture involved. Meaning, the saints across the earth are echoing out fresh new meaning to these words, "Global, Totality, Purpose, Destiny, Kingdom, Dominion, & Fulness!" {Yet, these are not mere words, but vitally important experiences indeed}

For after we have prophesied correctly, learned all of the important techniques on becoming a prophet, training extensively in militant Christianity with a warriors passion to engage the enemy, developed all of the fundamentals on becoming a bible based church, and have answered the unofficial questionnaire to estimate whether or not we have met the conditions and criteria to associate and qualify with the most prolific and most recognized authorities of the apostolic and prophetic dimension, then what's next?

A reinstatement or renewal of the old Charismatic wineskin? No!
A justification of treating the apostolic like a country club, members only? No!
A need to be recognized as a pioneer of the apostolic and prophetic wave? No!
A co-dependency of certain spiritual experiences to validate our existence? No!

What is necessary for the corporate body to enter into the Ancient of Days, is not another lesson on how to harness the illuminating gifts of God, but to return to the Principal Thing {Proverbs 4:7} - Wisdom. For in all of the trends, fads, and styles of the world and church, what shall last forever, prophesy? No, Tongues? No! But, through the Person of the Lord {Love on Wheels}- 1 Corinthians 13 and Ephesians 3:19, the Love of Christ shall past all mere knowledge, filling us with HIS Fulness. In the Wisdom of God and the Administration of the Ages, you can never get enough wisdom, you can never have too much wisdom. But again, knowledge without the nature and person of Wisdom {Christ the Wisdom of God - 1st Corinthians 1:24}is a puffed up thing. Many centers of learning are banking on right knowledge, but beloved, let continue to acknowledge Wisdom the Principal Thing, and our lives shall become as an interwoven tapestry, a conduit, a venue and vehicle of expression; bringing to life the Wisdom of the Ages in every sphere of our life. For the greatest movements up ahead shall not be marked by how gifted we are, or how anointed we really think we are. Rather, the Ancient Paths of Jeremiah 6:16, shall answer all of life's challenging questions, with a view from the hidden realm to put to rest our souls from the anguish and frustration therein, so that in all truth, we can live again! Ah! There is life after an apostolic or prophetic conference! There is a divine conferral of the Wisdom of God and the Ancient Paths beyond the initial experience of receiving a prophetic word! There is more to come beloved!

After all, the law of circularity simply says, "We come from the Father, and shall return unto Him." We are becoming who we really are, who we have always been in Him. For in all truth, our place did not begin in the outer court, but from within the holy of holies. For Isaiah 33:6 says that "Wisdom and Knowledge shall be the Stability of our times..." We are pursuing daily to live from a hidden dimension that shall swallow up all other dimensions, including Charismatic, Dogmatic, and being Schismatic. Ecclesiastically, whatever we have found our worth, value, and esteem in, is nothing to be compared to the Wisdom of the Ages, the Eternal Judgments of God, His thoughts, Passions, and Purposes for all times. In this beloved, shall a people arise that shall manifest HIM in all that HE IS as Christ becomes ALL in ALL...All of the operations and administrations of the Spirit is simply taking us into something wonderful, something everlasting. Enjoy the ride beloved! Isaiah 58:14 For true destiny is not alone a what, but WHOM - HIM!

We love you!

Tim and Theresa Early
FAP International

For 2002 and Beyond

Jane Jones

When I was seeking the Lord for this year this is what I believe He has spoken to me.

It is a year to press in, push through, a year to dedicate ourselves to holiness and purity. There is a strong call to holiness and this is for our protection in the things that are to come. We need to be slippery to the enemy to have no foothold for him to have access. Compromise with the world will cause us not to receive the fullness of all the Lord wants to impart and do through His church this year.

Two scriptures came to me strongly for this year

Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go. "This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.(NKJ) JOSHUA 1:7-9

We need to be filled with the word, speak the word, believe the word, to stand strong in our inheritance and to know what is ours and the power of the authority the Lord has given us. I believe the Lord gave this scripture because we are going to face things in this world where we are going to have to be strong and to walk without fear. I keep hearing the phrase "fear not" We are going to have opportunities to walk in fear because sometimes it will seem like the world has gone mad, been turned upside down. We need to anchor ourselves strongly into God and stand strong on the foundation of His Word. To see things from a heavenly prospective.

Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. (NKJ) DANIEL 11:32

Those who know their God who dwell in the secret place, who have staked their claim there, will do great things, signs, wonders, miracles will be done and God will be glorified in those who have surrendered totally to His will and purpose.

It is the hour to operate out of that secret place to be intimate with the Father, to know His heart and will. It is a time to learn how to fellowship with the Holy Spirit to not just use Him as a means to the anointing, but to be up close and personal with Him. From fellowship will flow greater wisdom and understanding of the ways of God. This is no time to compromise with the world, to fence sit, to wait and see. It is a time to press in with all of our being into God. It is a time for sacrifice of humbling ourselves before His mighty hand. We need to learn instant obedience to His word it could mean the difference between victory and defeat, life and death. There is going to be greater outpourings than we can ever imagine and to receive the fullness of that and not just a trickle we must be sold out for Him in every area of our lives.

God is separating to Himself those who are sold out to Him, those willing to lay down their lives and seek His kingdom, His way of doing things. Those who hearts yearn and cry out to know Him better will come to a greater place of intimacy and revelation than they have ever known before. We will see the young child, the youth, the grandmother, those who have prayed and cried out in secret and whose heart is to see God glorified and not seek anything for themselves used in a mighty way. These are like the ones in Daniel "who know their God" Those who have set themselves up as great will fall and be humbled before His mighty hand, these will be "corrupted through flattery"

These are the days of Elijah. God's prophets will walk in greater intimacy with Him. They will proclaim with more power and authority His words they hear in His presence, that 'secret place' the throne room of the God. I believe there are going to be times for those whose heart is for Him and who have sort him above all things when they are going to be taken into His presence to receive His wisdom. More third heaven experiences than ever before.

There are glorious things ahead for the church - but they come with a price. Holiness, purity, humility, time spent in His presence shutting out the things of the world until they become meaningless as compared to what He has for us and who He is in our lives.

2002 reads the same backwards as forwards - this is the way we have to see every situation, from the Lord's prospective no matter how we look at it, it must be according to His word and His will, I feel very strongly that we cannot compromise in any area this year.

Jane Jones

Forwarded by

Outpost Of Outcasts

Ras and Bev Robinson

I see an outpost of outcasts. Get ready to be an outcast. Get ready for living outside the camp. Get used to rejection. Rejection will follow you all the days of your life since you are committed to walking in obedience after me. There are places to go and things to do. No one else can do this that I am placing upon you. And the more you identify with my ways and me the more rejections you will experience. People will not understand you. They will doubt your integrity, intent and intellect. You are becoming a breed apart. This will be your lot. But do not fear because I am well familiar with rejection. I know what it means to be an outcast from people I love. In trying to do good, I am rejected. And rejections deeply hurt the heart. Tears and anguish over what you have been called to do may and probably will become commonplace. But I will never abandon you nor will I ever be far away. I am completely identified with you. We have an eternal covenant between you and me. These hard times are going to be your best time. But there is a cost. I see an outpost of outcasts.

The one who listens to you listens to Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me; and he who rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me. Luke 10:16

Ras and Bev Robinson, Pastors
Fullness in Christ Church
Fullness in Christ Ministries

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