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January 23, 2002


Hollie L. Moody

I experienced the following vision:

In the vision, I was standing beside the Lord. We were standing on the earth.

"Daughter of My people," the Lord said to me, "what do you see?" He was pointing towards the right of where we were standing.

I looked to the right and saw the sun rising above the horizon.

"I see the sun rising," I replied.

"Daughter of My people," the Lord said, "what do you see?" The Lord was now pointing to the left of where we were standing.

"I see the sun setting," I replied.

"Observe," the Lord said to me.

I watched as a man approached the Lord and I. This man stopped a short distance from the Lord and I. To my amazement, this man appeared almost identical to the Lord.

I looked from the Lord, then to the man. Their resemblance to one another was striking. Upon closer inspection, however, I began to notice small details in the man's appearance which differed from the Lord's appearance. To my eyes, as I continued to look closer and closer first at the Lord then at the man, the differences soon became so obvious that it was clear to me who was the Lord and who was not.

The more aware I became of the differences between this man and the Lord, the further the man seemed to draw away from where the Lord and I were standing. Finally, with a tremendous roar of anger, the man turned completely from the Lord and I.

I watched as wings appeared on the man's back and shoulders. The man flew into the setting sun.

I then became aware of multitudes of people gathered from the direction of the setting sun to the direction of the rising sun. There was no division or spaces between them. They all appeared as one large group of people.

The man with the wings who had flown towards the setting sun began to speak to the multitudes. The words this man used were words found written in the Scriptures. The words sounded like the Lord's, yet I felt something evil and corrupt when the man with wings spoke the words.

Many of the people as they heard the man's voice and listened to his words, began to turn towards the direction of the man. They began to slowly drift towards the man with wings.

In the vision, I had somehow stopped hearing the words the man with wings was uttering. Yet, just the sound of this man's voice sent chills through my body.

I began to somehow "see" this man's words as if they were physical objects. They appeared as small darts and fishhooks. As the words went out to the group of people surrounding this man, the words began to strike them and became deeply embedded in their flesh. These words from the man with wings seemed to be numbing the group of people around the man.

I continued to watch as the appearance of the people gathered around the man with wings began to subtly change. The appearance of the man with wings also began to change. He no longer closely resembled the Lord. He now resembled a devil or a demon.

I saw as demons/devils slipped quietly into the group of people gathered around the man with wings. These demons/devils began to wrap themselves around each person, enslaving them. The people in this group began to perform acts of corruption and wickedness with one another.

"They are defiled," the Lord said to me.

I then heard the Lord (Who was still standing next to me in the vision) begin to speak softly. He was talking so softly it was almost impossible to hear Him unless you were diligently listening for the sound of His voice.

The words I heard the Lord speaking were also from the Word of God, and stirred me to the point where I began to weep in the vision.

"My sheep hear My voice. I know them, and they know Me. I sanctify My sheep through the truth. My word is truth. They who know Me, know truth."

With many other words the Lord continued to speak softly. As He continued to speak, several of the people in the multitude pressed in closer and closer to the Lord to be nearer and nearer to Him, and to hear His words. There was a holy, solemn, intense hush around the Lord. Only the soft sound of His voice was heard.

As the two groups of people began to divide and separate, I became aware that the group around the Lord was facing the rising sun.

I then saw a very large angel appear. He had what appeared to be a piece of chalk in his hand. With the piece of chalk, the angel began to draw a straight line down the middle of the two groups of people; separating them from each other. There were now two very distinct groups of people.

The angel with the piece of chalk now approached the group of people surrounding the Lord. With the same piece of chalk, the angel put the end of the chalk to each person's forehead and pressed lightly. Each person in the group around the Lord now had a small smudge of chalk upon their foreheads.

"Behold, I come quickly," the Lord said. "Let the wicked be wicked. Let the righteous be righteous. There is no middle ground spiritually. I am the first and the last. I am the beginning and the end. Surely, I come quickly, and My reward is with Me."

Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20.)

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody.

Holy Practicality vs Spiritual Zombieland

Mona McReynolds

Dear Ones,

The Spirit of the Lord would say unto not deceived by those who would make themselves to be of more importance or more spiritual than they are. Many of these have listened to the "spirit of error" and so have believed a Lie. Do not look to those or compare yourselves with those who have made an "IMAGE" of themselves as those that should be imitated.

The Lord would say unto you...I have given you my WORD that is a light unto your eyes and a straight path for the course of your feet, but you have "itching ears" that want to hear other than what I have already spoken plainly. Therefore, you have been led into deception.

I have ordained order in the heavens and in the earth. Just as day follows night and the sun follows the moon, so I have ordained and created order in your lives as well. I have placed within you a measure of wisdom in all things that pertain to life.

Yes, my children, I do greatly desire your fellowship, your love and a grateful heart. I desire that you talk with me and that we reason together and work out our relationship on an on-going basis. What some would show or present as a "holy life" is not. I do not desire "formulas" or "recipes" that others have concocted for you to eat or drink of. I am not found by copying or manipulating others patterns.

I do not desire "YES men and YES women". I do not desire "robots" as my children. I do not desire "zombies" walking around in MY HOUSE with no life in them...only walking around as though they were alive but are really dead. They are the "walking dead" in that they honor Me with their lips and physical service and programs but their hearts (fellowship and love and communion) are far from Me. These are those who trust in their own works to please me, but I would rather have their hearts and ears and work together with them to bring forth that which would be of more value, fruitful, and lasting. These are those of whom I spoke of that are "poor, blind, and naked" and do not even know it. But if they would turn to me and ask for salve for their eyes, garments for their nakedness, and gold refined by fire, I would give it. Yes, I would gladly give it.

So, I would say unto you this day....know that your entire being, your life, your works are as a service unto me. Your every breath is a fragrant odor unto me especially when you have set your hearts to love Me and follow my leading. I am with you where ever you go, whatever you do, leading you, guiding you so that your works (whatever you put your hand to) will bring Me glory and so let MY LIGHT shine through you to others.

If anyone has a light do they put it under a bushel? Your are MY let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify Me and MY SON. Amen

Sit At My Feet

Fred Kelly

As you sit at My feet says the Lord, and you bow down and worship Me. As you are in My presence drawn close unto Me. I open up the vial of oil, and pour out an anointing upon you, and I pour it on in great abundance, says the Lord. For I desire a people that will be anointed in a great in-depth, a people that sit at My feet and hear My words and absorb all that I am saying unto you. As you're in My presence, My anointing flows out unto you, and you are filled to the point of over flowing. And then as you depart from being close unto Me, but yet not being out of My presence. You carry My presence wherever you go, and the anointing that I am pouring upon you.

For I'm filling you up with My oil says the Lord. For there is a great work for you to do, that lies ahead of you. You shall find the authority and power and the strength that I have imparted unto you, says the Lord. For it is an impartation that shall bring glory unto Me. Because I am forming you and shaping you into that vessel that shall hold this anointing oil that I am pouring into you says God. And you shall use it unto My glory, and you shall use it to touch the hearts of all those that you come in contact with, those that are round about you.

And in this anointing oil you shall find the love of My Father flowing from it, and in this anointing oil you shall find the healing power of the very touch that I have when I touched all round about you, says God. For it is the faith and the presence of My strength and the authority of My name, Jesus, that will set those free. As you allow this anointing oil to touch those round about you says God. The oil that I pour into you is not just for you, but is oil that is to go forth from you.

For I give you commission to carry forth the anointing oil, to touch those round about you, says the Lord. As you sit at My feet, I open the vial, I pour it on you and in you, says God.

His Rain and Reign

Bill Burns

I say to you, My people, sing to the Lord a new song, for this is a new day. Let all of My people who have the breath of the Spirit praise Me, for I am coming to walk among you.

Is it not written that on the Third Day I will come to you upon the earth as the latter and former rain? This is the rain of My presence, it is the rain of My anointing, it is the rain of My glory. This is the rain of My Spirit, which shall establish My reign among My people, and the kingdoms of this world will become Mine, says the Lord.

Many of My people do not expect My presence because they do not perceive My personal presence on the earth. They believe that I am only upon My throne, which is in heaven. Have you never read that I AM the One who holds the seven stars in the right hand of My power and that I walk in the midst of the seven golden lampstands, which are My churches?

I have come to walk among you with power in My right hand, and do you not know that you are the seven stars (messengers) of the Third Day? I have come to establish the Church of the Firstborn in the earth as a forerunner of My kingdom upon the earth.

This is the season of the firstborn sons of this present age. In this season the sons of obedience shall receive their inheritance, and it shall be a double portion. There will come an increase in spiritual gifts and material blessings in this year and beyond.

The firstborn of this age shall establish Zion, the spiritual habitation, in which My glory is made manifest. Rejoice, My people, for the time has come. Again, I say rejoice, for I shall walk among you. I shall touch you with the right hand of My power, and you shall be restored and elevated so that you will bear witness to My presence. I say, cast off every restraint and pursue the knowledge of the Lord in this hour of visitation. Ask, and it shall be given; seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door of the morning of this Day shall be opened!

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

Only Believe

Kristin Reeg

Run My child, run the race with perseverance. The path before you has been made clear. Know that I go before you and have prepared the way. I am the voice behind you telling you to turn to the right or the left. Listen for My voice, for I will counsel you and instruct you in the way you should go. I have not left you, but am right beside you.

Come to Me expectant. Come to Me expecting change. Come to Me expecting My blessings. Can you come into My presence and not be changed? Come into My presence seeking My face and see if I will not then extend My hand. Did I not say to seek first the Kingdom and all these things shall be added unto you? Did I not promise to fulfill all your needs according to My riches and glory? Am I a man that I should lie?

I created the heavens and the earth. I created all that is within the earth. I created you in your mother's womb. I breathed life into you. Why would you believe that I would not care for you? I desire to give you great and glorious gifts ~ spiritually and naturally. I know your heart. I know what you desire. Am I so cruel to make you go without ~ even the basic necessities of life? No. I take care of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air ~ which are living things that I have not breathed My Spirit into. How much more will I take care of you, My child, whom I have given My Spirit to? Walk in faith. Don't allow doubt to creep in, but stand and confess My word. For My word is truth. Know the truth and the truth will set you free. Know My word and confess My word and it will set you free from the doubt and discouragement that plagues you.

Ask Me for a greater measure of faith. Surely, I will give it for I delight when My children choose to trust Me. For it is in your willingness to step out in faith and trust Me that I am able to be glorified in your life. I am calling you today to believe. All things are possible to him who believes. Only believe, child, believe. Believe that My promises are yes and amen. Believe that you have whatever you ask when you ask according to My will. Believe that I will supply all your needs. Believe that your heart's desire to see My Spirit manifested in your life powerfully will be granted.

Be aware, My child, that belief has its price. There is a high cost involved in stepping out in faith and being confident that I am a God that can make things that are not as if they already were. Many will think you are foolish for believing because it has not yet manifested. Many will come against you and try to discourage you from having hope in My promises. Fear will want to rise up in you. Their words will cause you to question Me and you will doubt if you have truly heard My voice. Child, I say to you this day if the words spoken to you do not produce faith, hope, or love ~ reject them and do not allow the devil the gain a foothold. I tell you these things to warn you so that you may be better equipped for that which I am calling you to. It's time to move to the next level. It's time to move up to the next rock that is higher than you. I am your strength and through Me all things are possible. Only believe.

What is it that you have need of? Come to Me and ask and see if I will not grant it to you. For I am the Giver of all Good gifts. And I delight in giving you gifts. I delight in surprising you and blessing you. This stems from My love for you. I have always loved you, My child, and with each day My love for you increases. Trust Me. My love never fails, and My love will cast out your fear. Open your heart to receive My love

I fall down, but I get up!

Though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again. Proverbs 24:16

I asked the Lord how many times must I go around this mountain? How many times must miss the lesson and cause myself more pain? (In regards to a present issue that I'm having difficulty allowing the Lord to work out in me.)

After a little while I saw a runner running and all of sudden he tripped and cut his knee. I saw the blood begin to sprinkle out. I saw the runner lift his head and reach out for the hand that was offering help. The hand touched the wound and it was healed and the runner began again.

As we run this race, we must realize that at times we will stumble, we might even fall. Sometimes we're running on sand, sometimes asphalt, sometimes rocks. Many factors play into the amount of pain or stumble or fall will cause us, however one thing remains the same. The hand that is reaching out to help us and to heal us. It is the hand of our Friend, our Savior, our Redeemer.

Friend, whatever valley you're running through - keep running! Don't give up now! So you've fallen - it's only the devil who's shouting out you - "You've fallen and you can't get up." No pit is too deep, no valley too low, no ocean too wide that the hand of Jesus won't be able to reach you.

Runner, get up and keep pressing on. Forget what is behind you. Strain toward what is ahead of you. Press on toward the goal that the Lord has called you to. Don't focus on your shortcomings. Focus on Jesus and Him manifesting Himself in your life.

Come on, run with me! Together we can weather any fall. We can weather any stumble. We're in this race together. Together we can keep the pace. We're not in this race alone, though sometimes it feels like it. If you'll look around you'll see the multitudes of runners all running toward the same finish line - the line of bringing glory and honor to Jesus Christ. Put your running shoes back on - this race ain't over until God says it's over!

Pressing on,


Teresa Seputis

Child, you ask me to anoint you but you are looking for the anointing to preceed the commissioning and the calling. Child don't you realize that I anoint you in what you are already doing. I do not anoint you before you have need of it but when it is time to use that anointing in the ministry I have given to you.

You look to this area and that area and you say, "Oh Lord, I wish I had that anointing!" Child, look to the areas where I have gifted you, where I have called you to serve Me and to further My kingdom. Do you not realize that is the area where the anointing will come. I supply what is needed to do the job I have called you to do. I do not anoint you for another's work nor do I equip you for that which I have not called you to do. Instaed, start doing the work I have commissioned you to, and the anointing will be present for you.

Be faithful to serve Me in the areas where I have called you, and you will see My anointing increase upon you. Have you not read where Stephen was commissioned as deacon, and then he was greatly anointed with evangelism and signs and wonders? Have you not read where Peter was already preaching the gospel before the healings began? Have you not read where Paul was already on the mission field before he was given the power and anointing to go with the message I put on his lips?

Child, I will back up My commission with My power. If you are doing with Me what I am doing, you will see My anointing upon you. For I have called you to be highly effective in Me. I will teach you. I will train you. I will raise you up and I will fully equip you for that which I call you to.

The Holy Spirit, Who resides within you, He is the anointing. It is not an impersonal force that I impart, it is My presence moving through you. The anointing is the person of the Holy Spirit. So if you want My anointing, then My Spirit must have control of you. The more you give yourself to Me, the more I will give Myself to you and the more the manifestation of My anointing in your life will increase.

His Presence Radiates His Glory!

June Anne Garber

If you but permit/allow Me, I will drain that which is natural from you, that that which is supernatural will fill you, and in doing so you will learn, to trust Me more completely. For it is not by might (natural), not by power (natural), but by My Spirit (supernatural), saith the Lord.

Think not unkindly of that which you go through and endure, for behold, supernaturally I will sustain and supernaturally I will uphold and supernaturally I will bring forth. Yes, I will bring forth to fruition, My purpose in your life, that My light, My love, and My salvation which is made available for all to receive. Yes, and I will even bring forth that which you know not of, for it is still in My heart but purposed for you to witness, to bring to the world that which I desire.

The brightness of My Glory and Presence is multiple and diverse, that all, yes, all may be used and filled purposefully here in the earth, in all the ways that minister to others, drawing them to the fulfilling of all of their needs. Therefore, as you seek and look on My Glory and experience My Presence - it does appear in varied colors because it is ever diverse yet always the same, appearing as one thing to one and ministering thus, yet to another, appearing as a different facet of that same and only Glory.

I am all encompassing and hold all things in My hand. The multiplicity and multiple facets of My Glory appear and they radiate My Presence. For it is My Presence that you desire and seek in your heart. So, continue to seek Me, continue to seek My face, continue to desire My presence -for in the seeking, you will find, and I will be found of you as you seek Me with all of your heart

Living Sacrifice

Marsha Burns

I am ready to pour out My glory and anointing in a greater measure than you have experienced. I want to manifest Myself among My people and walk among your sacrifice. I cannot do that until you present yourselves a living sacrifice unto Me. I call for total dedication and consecration. But, this cannot happen as long as you are offended with one another. I want to heal your wounds of rejection and resentment, for I have come indeed to bind up the broken hearted. Give Me your wounded heart and your ravaged soul, and let Me bring healing and restoration. Forgive those who have hurt you, and bring down the walls of protection that have isolated you from them and Me. I am your place of healing, restoration and protection. Come to Me.

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

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