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October 21, 2004

For All But Particularly For America

Elton Williamson

Worship, Praise, Adoration, I have called you to My Throne room, into My presence so that I may prepare you for the days ahead.  I have sent My Word throughout the land and I have spoken to your Spirit over and over in preceding days.  Listen to My cry in this hour for it shall be your salvation in a time of need.  There are dark forces, sent from the pit and ready for battle in the coming days.  My people, do not any longer languish in the thoughts of this world for it is not a stable place.  It is not a place that you can cling to in a time of distress.  The shaking of the foundations of mankind is at hand.

Now is the time to seek Me as never before.  Now is your day of revelation.  Now is the time to bury yourself in the hidden places of My heart and My grace.  The shining face of the enemy blinds many in this day.  Many are content to sit where their heart is untroubled and their mind unswayed.  Your land is in the throws of distress and many look to faithless places for peace and safety.  I am your Rock.  I am your place of peace and rest.

My Church has been called to a place of steadfastness but is wavering, trying to find it´s way in a place that has grown unknown to her.  I have called you to be separate.  I have called you to stand up and be counted.  I have paid the price so that you may be victorious in this time of darkness.  Trust in Me and watch My hand move over your land.  Stand complacent in this time of testing and feel the sting and pain of your indecision, the sense of loss and the emptiness of your Spirit.  I am the God of all; I am the God of today, not just the God of the past.  You must seek Me and follow after Me in ever increasing ways.  You must know the heart and mind of My Father so that you can stand against the vileness of the enemy that is being poured across your land.  I am your strength.  I desire to continue to bring favor to your land but I must see the turning of your heart, the righteousness of your desires and the steadfastness of your determination.  There is a battle raging for your land.  There is warfare boiling under the surface that looks peaceful.  There are many with flattering words but with hearts that have been surrendered to the enemy.

This is not a day to be looking back.  This is not a day to be content.  This is not a day to be seeking the mind of man but a day to be laid before Me in reverence, listening to My still small voice thundering in your Spirit—Stand up!  Prepare the way!  Know that I am GOD!  Trust Me!  I have given you the tools of victory but they are of no use if you stand back from the fray and wait for another to take your place.  I have appointed your place for this hour.  Seek Me for your place on the wall and you shall hear from Me and I will direct your path in this hour.  Rise up with a righteous anger and face the challenge of the enemy for your redemption is in Me, not in those that the enemy parades before you.

I come quickly as a breath of wind, are you looking for Me?  I am the giver of Life and I will reach out to your land as you surrender her future to Me.  My spirit is ever drawing, always seeking and looking for the turning from the self-centered desires that have overcome your land.  I have placed My Word in your midst and you wandered from it.  Turn in unity to Me and know that I will lift you from the mire and set you in a place of inner peace, a place of usefulness and kinship.  Do not cry out to Me in woeful distress when you have chosen your own ways.  I am steadfast and you can seek Me for every detail of your life and land.  Hearken to My voice for these are trying times.

These Are the Days of Great Light

Jeremy Lopez

These are the days of great light, says the Lord. Where darkness, even gross darkness has covered the land, but I am raising up a body of light bearers that shall pierce the darkness and cover the earth like a mighty rushing river. For I am strategically positioning My people to take hold of their sphere of influence and establish a foundation of My word, says the Lord. For I am cutting away the pollution that has dammed up the streams of living water in My people and I am releasing many rivers to flow out of a people that shall bring healing to the nations, says the Lord. For I am pushing My people to cross over the boundaries that they have set up in their imagination; that says, "we have never been this way before." Arise, My people, arise, for the time of the bride to remove the veil has come.

Freedom From Remembrances

Loleen Denney

I am cleansing all away to make new. All of the old hurts and remembrances that have held a stronghold and made you a captive I am cleansing away.

Soon old feelings and hurts will not hold you, lead you, or guide you. I will make you free so you may walk this new season unencumbered. I need you free from all that has held you back so you may walk forward in new power.

You have said, "I forgive and forgive but I can't stop remembering." I tell you some things go so deep that without My interference you cannot stop remembering.

I am walking through the chambers of your mind and heart removing all thoughts, feelings, and remembrances that hold you captive. I am unlocking those chains and saying to the captives, "BE FREE!"

No longer will the remembrances hold pain, no longer will the details play over and over in torment. All will fade in clarity and become as a faint dream.

I have so many things to be accomplished, you can no longer afford to waste energy thinking of the past. I choose this day to set you free --be willing to be set free and I will make you free indeed.

Clean Up Your House

Ras Robinson

Clean up your house. Put it in order. I am coming for a visit and I would like nothing in your house that will hinder our fellowship together. Go throughout and remove the offenses. Forgive those who have wronged you. I am bringing more blessings with me for you and your household. Hinder Me not. Now, take the time and effort to thoroughly wash and scrub everything until it is like new. Eliminate everything that is not from Me. Cleanse your hands. Wash your garments and change them until they are fresh like new. I say unto you today, I am coming soon. Clean up your house.

James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Wonderful Counselor

Sammy Tippit

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6 NIV)

The tragic events of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001 have left a deep and lasting scar on the psyche of the American people. Not long after those terrible events, I had a very important decision to make. I called one of the members of the Board of Directors of our ministry to discuss it with him. I needed godly counsel.

My friend and colleague gave me wise counsel. He didn't tell me what I should do. Rather, he said, "Sammy, people aren't thinking straight today. We're consumed with fear. Whatever you do, don't let your decision be made on the basis of fear." I thought about his words. They were so true and so wise.

We're often faced with situations and problems that are too difficult for us to know what to do or how to react. In those times, we need counsel from someone wiser than we are. We need wisdom that comes from on high. The good news is that one of the names given to our Lord and Savior is "Wonderful Counselor." He's not a counselor - not even just a good counselor. He's "Wonderful Counselor."

First, Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah hundreds of years before His birth. The prophet said that a "child would be born" and "a son given." That seems ordinary enough, unless you read the rest of the statement. There are two sets of "couplet" names for this "child" and "son" - "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace." The child is the "Mighty God and Everlasting Father." He's the "Prince of Peace" and "Wonderful Counselor." There's never been a counselor like Jesus, because there's never been a person like Jesus. He's the most unique human being to ever walk the face of this planet. He was all God and all man. He was the Son of God and the Son of Man. He was the God/man.

When we begin to comprehend who He is, we're amazed that He's full of counsel because He knows all things. And He knows all things because He created all things. Nothing came into existence without Him. It's then that we understand that He's the Counselor. The incredible truth is that as we go to Him for His counsel, we discover that His wisdom is no ordinary insight. His wisdom is beyond comprehension. It's full of wonder and awe. That's why He's called "Wonderful Counselor."

My friend was right. Fear can cloud your thinking. But so can anger, insecurity, lust and a host of other emotions. That's why we all need someone we can trust to give us good counsel. And - hallelujah! Those who know Jesus as Lord and Savior have One who is much greater than a good counselor. We have the One who is "Wonderful Counselor."

If your mind has been clouded by fear or anxiety, then get to know the One who is called "Wonderful Counselor." His counsel is always good. It's perfect because He's perfect. Trust in Him. He'll never let you down.

The Passion for Publicity

A. W. Tozer

For neither at any time did we use flattering words, as you know, nor a cloak for covetousness-God is witness. Nor did we seek glory from men, either from you or from others, when we might have made demands as apostles of Christ. --1 Thessalonians 2:5-6

If this is a fairly accurate view of things, what can we say then when Christian men vie with one another for place and position? What can we answer when we see them hungrily seeking for praise and honor? How can we excuse that passion for publicity which is so glaringly evident among Christian leaders? What about political ambition in Church circles? What about the fevered palm that is stretched out for more and bigger "love offerings"? What about the shameless egotism among Christians? How can we explain the gross man-worship that habitually blows up one and another popular leader to the size of a colossus? What about the obsequious hand kissing of moneyed men by those purporting to be sound preachers of the gospel?

There is only one answer to these questions; it is simply that in these manifestations we see the world and nothing but the world. No passionate profession of love for 'souls' can change evil into good. These are the very sins that crucified Jesus.  The Pursuit of Man, 126.

"Deliver me, O God, from this insidious trap. Give me a humble spirit, willing to serve You faithfully, however obscure might be my service. Amen."

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