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October 24, 2002

Scattering & Spewing

Paulette Conti


I saw a large dandelion seed in the Lord's hand and heard the word scattering. The Lord says "Just as a child will blow upon this seed, so I am going to blow a fresh wind upon my people and scatter. Some will not go far. They will land in fertile places and instantly take root and begin to produce, but others will be blown about for a season. They may land and spend some time at one place or another but they have a distance to go and the wind will come again and move them. Do not despair, for out of this scattering will come many."


I saw a large dormant volcano and heard the voice of the Lord saying: "This is My church. There has been much activity inside but to the outside world it appears to be dormant. But the shaking is coming and the church will be dormant no more. Just as the fire and lava spew forth and light up the sky and attract much attention, just as they burn up all the old and lay down new ground, the church is going to spew forth! The time of dormancy, the time of preparation, is over. It is time for great and mighty works and sings and wonders to be displayed. It is time to erupt out of complacency with fervent zeal and take the land."

The Deception of Significance

Johann Boot

Today much of My church runs for a counterfeit prize and a false high calling. Today there is a spirit of significance in the church. This spirit deceives the church into believing that in order to be the salt of the earth she needs to be significant in the eyes of the world. I have never needed significant people or people in high places to further My purposes. The prize of the church is to be united with Me in My suffering, power and purpose even becoming conformed to My likeness and death.

Many will become deceived through the working of the spirit of significance and the enemy will cause great harm to many. Yet the root of the spirit of significance is pride. Much of what My church does is based upon pride and the desire to be better than others. I have not called you to run a race of significance, but a race of obedience. Obedience will lead you to the cross and much suffering, yet it will produce life and liberty in many. Pride and the search of significance despise the cross. I was despised for your sake. I was rejected and murdered for your sake. Your shame and guilt I have carried upon Me. Will you not deny yourselves in the same way, pick up your cross and follow Me.

Many of you are trying to follow Me with false robes of pride, carrying manmade crowns and proclaiming Ďanother gospelí. But at this time I will resist the proud and give grace to the humble. I will withdraw My Spirit from the proud and will give the grace of My power and gifts to the humble. Those who will stiffen their necks and resist the voice of My Spirit I will bring low, but those who will humble themselves before Me, repent of their sin, turn from their wicked ways and pray, I will lift up. Only through love and humility can My kingdom be established. Any other foundation will crumble when the wind of My Spirit starts to blow.

You have prayed that I must come and dwell in your midst. You have asked Me to come and heal your land. You have cried out for My hand to move in your lives. Then why do you turn to the arm of flesh? Why do you so easily look to your own strength and ability to bring about this change. Do you not understand that My kingdom will be built by My Spirit? Do you not know that true transformation will come when I come into your midst? You do not need greater speakers, more money or better organization.

You need Me. You need Me to come. You need My presence. Today you need to hear My voice, humble yourselves and repent, and I will come and heal your land. What I will do in this nation, I will do through those who believe they cannot. I will move through those who are despised and rejected. I will move through those who have become united with Me in My shame, suffering and cross. Where is your humility? Where is your love?

Wean and Be Weaned

Marsha Burns

I had a mini vision of a mother dog weaning her pups, and as they came to suckle she would kick them away, bite at them and protect herself from their desire to nurse. The behavior of the mother was rejection towards her offspring, and the pups were bewildered by her sudden change in attitude. They did not understand that they had come to an age where they could no longer feed from her breasts, but would have to become independent and feed themselves. This was necessary to their survival and maturity. Then, I heard the Lord say that in like manner He is causing us to wean and be weaned from all that would keep us from the season of maturity that we are now entering, and at times it will feel like we are either rejecting those whom we have nurtured, or we are being rejected by those who have nurtured us; it will be a two-edged sword. This process is a necessary prerequisite to moving forward in His kingdom purposes. There is an open heaven above us, and we are being released into greater spiritual freedom and revelation than we have ever known, but we must confront and deal with everything that hinders our liberty before we will be emancipated.

There is indeed an open heaven above you; the doors are wide open, and I am calling you to come up here. There are things I want to show you. There are mysteries of My kingdom to be revealed to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. What is keeping you, beloved? Is it not the issues of life that hold you back? I tell you that there are fears, worries and concerns that keep you earthbound. There are petty issues and jealousies that keep you anchored. Be done with carnal thinking and self-interest, for there are great and mighty wonders to be seen. Do quickly what needs to be done to release yourself from the cares of the world, and be released into greater spiritual awareness than you ever thought possible.

Faith Tabernacle

Let It Be

Laurie Stone

I am moving into your homes. My darling children, fear not what it is that I am doing. For you are about to encounter the awakening that I have been telling you of. Things in the natural are about to heat up -worsen. Do not fear for you are under the covering of the One True God. Fear not little ones. I will not allow the wolves to penetrate the gates that I have put around you. Fear not little ones, for I am in control.

Little ones, you are to walk according to My directions. I am coming to you more in dreams than ever before. For you are walking in the realm of Spirit and I will show things that need prayer. Fear not for I do not show these things to bring you discomfort. For "I come" bringing things to you for you to intercede on concerning the kingdom.

I love My children and I want My people to walk in the fullness that I have called them to walk in. Do not lay back down! Ask Me to open up the heavens when you pray and you will see the hand of God move because you have done your best and that is to pray.

Allow the intercession to consume you for you are being transformed as you intercede for your family, the church. Stand still and be left behind for now is the time to do what is told of you. Pray children of the chosen, and see what love comes to you from your faithfulness to the One that gives you breath.

I am pleased with you and am calling you higher. Let it be.

The Choice Has Been Made

Laurie Stone

I am preparing warriors to fight in the fight that I have called and ordained them to fight in. Fear not little ones for you will know which one you are fighting very soon.

I am in control and do not allow any tolerance for evil. You will begin seeing the body of Christ falling away from their posts. Many are chosen but few answer the call. Know this, you are not going to be hindered any longer. You must keep your eyes on the things above.

You are not above any man. Let the Love of God flow through the vessels that I create and you will see the desire of your heart unfold glory in your lives.

Continue to obey My will and you will see greater things come upon the body. Feel free to express your thoughts to Me. I am always available to those that want My voice within them. You are My intimate ones and you have overcome the trials of deliberate transgressions against you. Now it is time for Me to raise the dead and show My awesome Love to My people in ways they have never experienced before.

Letting light into the world through broken vessels is what I love to do. Change is imminent. Change is come.

Battered and Beaten

Olivia Long

Many of My Faithful Ones are feeling overwhelmed, over-run, battered and beaten down. You have felt betrayed, bound, abused, mocked and humiliated even by ones closest to you. You feel that nothing "is" as I have said it would be for you have followed My instructions and it seems as though all of Hell is dancing over you.

You chose the road less traveled and found a road saddled with briars, with the deepest valleys and with the steepest mountains. You chose a road filled with every kind of obstacle and potential hazard. You have asked yourself, why did you choose this road? Because you knew that ultimately you would have a "life of value", BY MY HAND, one of growth and deep meaning. A road ultimately giving you physical, emotional and spiritual strength. A road that will lead countless numbers into My harvest.

My Beloved, the greatest victories come in the darkest and loneliest moments. If you reach out and grab hold of your Savior's hand after being mocked, battered, betrayed and beaten down, you have victory. You might not see this as much of a victory, but in it, you are more than a conqueror.

You have been engaged in a frustrating struggle. Christian success which many of your fellow believers see, does not confirm with your life. Have you accumulated wealth and blessings? Names -Who's connected with whom? Those who have not received their healings, "AS YET", are often mistreated to the exclusion of the brethren. As "Job's Counselors", accusing or assuming wrong doing or a lack of faith on your part. Even if you utter the words that you are still ill, they say it's an insult to ME. - OR - if you don't experience ME in the way that they do, you are ignored and you are found at fault. Making people feel unwelcome, in their tightly knit little circles. People who see themselves as "purified and correct." Pride and Prejudice hiding behind the mask of justification. Thus, many of you are feeling as though you have no personal worth. They are as a thorn in your side, but leave them to Me, My Beloved.

I HAVE PROMISED TO NEVER LEAVE OR FORSAKE MY FAITHFUL ONES, NO MATTER WHO ELSE DOES. As I foiled satan's plan of destroying My Son, I will foil his plan of destroying My Faithful Ones. You will see every promise that I made to you come to pass. I have a timetable and calendar for every nation and I also have one for you. I know your comings and your goings, your rising up and sitting down. You have gone through disappointments, devastations and life changing seasons, but with each of these I have been there with you. I have been with you each time you have been in anguish and I have grieved with you. WE ARE CONNECTED!!!

YOU ARE CONNECTED TO ME !!!! I have held every single tear that you have shed, softly in my hands and I have been anxiously awaiting the chance to respond and intervene on your behalf. You feel helpless and frustrated, you have felt burned out and empty with the craving and searching for the passion which was once between us which seems unreachable now. I have good news for you. There are unfulfilled promises, awaiting MY activation, written on your timetable, along with My gifts and calllings that are irrevocable, all by My Sovereignty. I CAN AND I WILL INTERVENE TO RESTORE YOU, BY MY POWER. HEARKEN YOUR EAR TO ME, FOR YOUR DIVINE DESTINY IS ABOUT TO COME ALIVE.

You are never far from MY thoughts and My "suddenlies" are upon you. There remains one final shaking for any who need to make the necessary course correction. Pray, that they heed My call !!!

Olivia Long
Faithbuilders Ministries
Cuero, TX

I Have Made a Way

Marsha Burns

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Beloved, you are looking to see Me and seeking to know Me, and I have made a way for you to draw near through the purity of your own heart. The fires of purification are burning to make clean your inward parts, to separate the precious from the vile, to free you from all corrupt desire, sin and guilt. The fire is hot and will burn all that is temporary and of the flesh and will bring freedom from all that is false. You will be blameless and innocent as I bring a separation from that which defiles. Those whose desires, affection, and passion are set on Me will behold Me face to face and hear My voice. And, there will be no mixture of flesh and Spirit; you will walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the desires of the flesh. But, you must yield to the fire; yield to the conviction of your heart to offer up all that is unholy to be burned with fervent heat as a sweet savor to your God.

Faith Tabernacle

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