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November 9, 2004

Blessed Is He Who Does Not Give Into the Beast

Stephen Hanson

There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name. This calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints who obey God´s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.  Rev. 14: 11-12

(At the beginning of this prophetic word, I looked overhead and noticed that there were three ravens that flew overhead.  Each time I noticed them, and heard the flap of their wings as they soared above me and went off into the distance beyond the school that I live nearby. I believe that each of these ravens symbolizes the forces of evil as they have begun their onslaught in the heavenly places.)

“I say that the era that many of you are living in is an era that specifies the end of all things.  Look at the events that are around you, and tell Me, those of you who think otherwise.  This is a time when many will look to other forms of religion.  This is a time when many will fall from the faith.  This is a time when it calls for deep faith and endurance.   Behold…. evil encircles round about you.  The forces of evil plan to unleash all of their fury.  This time marks the beginning of these onslaughts.  But remember that He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.  You were born for such a time as this, and you will be seen through these times.  These things will mark the season that you are entering into, and they will follow you the next few years.  Remember that I´ve told you that that figure would arise who exalts himself.  He will arise and will make himself known during the summer of 2006.  The number that speaks of him also corresponds with that time frame.  Remember those numbers, for they speak of June 6, 2006.  But I will not leave you comfortless.  Blessed is he who does not give into the beast, but follows my spirit in these days. “

Stephen Hanson

Four Corners Prayer Vision

Mary Lloyd

    Praying I saw a large, heavy, fine-woven sheet holding up a body of water above a body of people. At the four corners were demonic spirits, which were preventing the body of water from being released. I was praying for the church.

     I was  only able to see two demons, one of which was "respectability" and the other was "acceptability". Respectability was dressed in a dark suit that tore to shreds as the wind blew all over it. The other was glistening white sugar which washed off with water as I prayed.

     I felt I had to ask angels to suspend this sheet while I prayed some more. Bear with me, I realize that might sound unlikely but I cannot describe it any other way. It was as though the vision was not something to be prayed into being for the present time, but for the future, so what I saw next was to come, but not imminent.

     As the two demons were removed, I saw that the water was able to flood into the congregation. I was aware that it was cold water, and would be a shock. But it was bringing with it some healing and some cold and well needed truths that the congregation could not live without.

      As I watched I saw that the leadership were all underneath the sheet. I called to them and they came out one by one, all but two of them who refused and who hid. I made my way around to the other side of the sheet and saw there was an exit, that an opening was left for them, though I didn't see them leave.

      Something that struck me was that I was not able to see the two demons holding the other corners of the sheet. It was as though, if I had been able to see them and pray against them, the water would have been brought down prematurely and suffocated people underneath the sheet.

        I know now that the sheet represents a cover of false authority  which prevents the flood of God's blessing from coming down into the people. The leadership were reluctant to come out from underneath it, and all the time it was suspended it covered the congregation, so that they were under it, and subject to its rule.

        The sheet was tightly woven, such that the body of water stayed suspended inside it, except for a very fine and sparse spray that occasionally burst through: not enough to damp the face, nor even enough to moisten the lips.

Stand For Truth

Eric Lewis

 There have been so many false things, and lies fed to us about what the apostolic calling, and the prophetic calling is. I am sorely pressed in my spirit to keep it real simple, and sweet. I do believe in the giftings that God gives for the edifying of the Church(1 cor 14 4)God is God, and is able to annoint as he wills, but the annointing HAS to be different now then it was at the start of The Lord's church! The original apostles, were responsible for the establishment of the Church. There was no church before the death and resurrection of Christ, so that was their responsibilty, calling and serving. It was intended for the edifying of the body, and not themselves, as we see now. If the annointing were the same we would still be able to write scripture,and establish the church because the inspiration and calling would be the same. Since we have The Bible as the ONLY INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD, that annointing would not be necessary. The Apostles established that foundation. Much like when we get to heaven, the spiritual giftings will not be necessary, because we will be perfect, as He is perfect. We can move on from the foundation, because Christ has already established it, through the original Apostles.

The same with the "prophetic". Come on, think about it. With all of the "thus sayeth the Lord"s, why would we need scripture, or walking by faith, or trusting in the Lord? I think that if it wasn't "popular" to be that kind of "prophet" or "Apostle", we wouldnt see them. If people with these type of "annointings" were being persecuted in the west, would we still be hearing from them? Then, there are the ones who only want to seek after a "word"! We only want the thrills, and goosebumps, and emotionalism. Is this what the early apostles and prophets did? sought after? Walked around saying "thus says the Lord", or did they through the power, annointing,and abiding in the power, strength, and discernment of the indwelling Holy Spirit, teach, and expounded on scripture. If the apostles set the foundation for the church,  How we should be? Shouldn't we be setting our affections on the things they did, then we ought to do the things they did, using our bible as our blueprints?

It seems that the modern church has become a huge market place selling their wares, and a huge sooth saying market. Is it any suprise that these type of Churches (housing these false prophets and false apostles) are so very popular and becoming even more popular. Is it of any suprise that these are the same types of churches saying that if you are poor, and sick that you are outside of God's will for your life? Is it of any suprise, that these are also the same type of churches, that seek only to become larger and larger, equating size and seats and materials as being successful and Godly? Is it any suprise that we are using these types of Churches, and Church statistics for patterning Church plants, and Church models, and not the Bible, and the original Apostles? Is it also of any suprise, that Christ says, that in the last days, that the love(agape...not philio)of "many shall wax cold", and that if those days were not shortened, not even the VERY elect, shall be able to stand?

To stand for truth, in these days is not easy. what God has for you to say,(especially when it is not what is popular,) is not easy.

But, in much the same way Christ says what reward do we have when we only love the seemingly loveable, what good is it, when you say things only because it is what the people want to hear? Did the old testament prophets, or the apostles minister in this way? Christ says that he is the door. We, as Christians have that part down, I tell you!! But, He also says..Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.(matt 7:14)We go through the door, which is only the beginning of salvation. Once there, we dont stay on the narrow way, which is His way, His will...narrow.We do His work, His minisrty our way.

 Our way and our will is very wide. We forget to depend on Him for direction, every step of the way..(In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy 3:6) ahhhh, there is so much that needs to be said..but it is 2am, and I am In closing, prayer..real prayer, not just us telling Him what we want (dont we hate when our kids only come to us when they want something?)but letting Him move us from our ways, to His. Prayer is not a force as some would say, but it brings us to a place where God wants us to hear Him, and wants us to learn John 3:30.

Respectfully submitted for your prayful consideration,

Rev. eric

Join Together

Jane Larsen

Come, let us work together.  Each of you has different gifts and different callings.  Do not pull away from others, but join with them, so the Body of Christ can work in full accord.  Help each other and guide each other.  Work in unity and with love, so those who do not know or follow Me can see the power of the Living God.  

Let there be no discord amongst you, no words of anger, no impatience, as this will give the enemy a foothold, and a foothold will become a stronghold.  Do you not know that his intention is to pull apart the Body of Christ?  Do you not know yet that he will plant seeds of anger, impatience, vanity and pride, and these will become weeds to kill and choke?  

Do not let the sun set on your anger but be filled with love and forgiveness.  In all things, do everything with love.  I am love, I love, I freely give; give also and share with those who are hungry. Love those who are cold and bring them into the warmth.  Work together so there is light, and that light will dispel any darkness.  Join together, bring your gifts and callings under one shelter, the shelter of My name where all who call upon Me are welcome.  I do not recall the past; I will not remember. When I forgive, I forget.  Together I call you to work.

My Body

Betty Taylor

Listen My children. You are My body, and I am your Head. I have formed you for Myself. I love you and My heart yearns to see you function as I designed you to function.

Each member of My body is necessary to accomplish all of My purpose in the earth. I have chosen to limit Myself to what I can accomplish through you. And you have the power to limit what I accomplish.

Love one another. The world will never understand My Love until it experiences your love. Forgive one another. My forgiveness is reflected in your forgiveness. Encourage one another. Your spiritual health depends on the spiritual health of the whole body.

Help one another. Lift up those who fall down. Lovingly correct a member who disobeys My Word. When they have repented, restore them to fellowship. Where there is brokenness, speak kindness to bind up the wound.  When My body functions as I designed it to function, the world will know that I AM Who I say I AM.

Teresa Seputis

Let Offense Take No Root In You

Child of Mine, I want to break the power of offense in your life, for offense is the greatest enemy of unity and love.  Offense prevents you from truly loving one another, it makes My little ones unable to bear one another up in My love.

Offense comes when you focus on yourself instead of focusing on Me. It comes when you try to protect your own self-worth instead of receiving your sense of value from Me.  Child, you are of such great value to Me. There is no need for you to become offended, no matter what man may say to you.  There is no need to be offended when someone treats you of lesser value.  Their words and their actions cannot change your value in Me, it will remain great.

Take your example from My Son, Who did not speak in His defense when falsely accused.  He was not offended when publicans and sinners sought Him out. He never acted in offense, even when people lied about Him and spoke wrongly of Him and misquoted Him.  That is because He know Who He was in Me. He knew that another's words or opinion about Him had no power to decrease His true worth.  My Son did not allow Himself to be defined by the words or actions of others, He was defined solely by what I had to say of Him.  And because of this, He was not easily offended.

I want you to be like Him.  I am asking you to lay down self and lay down any rights to offense that you think you have.  I am asking you to stop perceiving your value based on how others treat you or based on what they say about you. Instead take your value based on who I define you to be.  Then you will be secure in My love and you will not be easily offended.

Never allow offense to cause division in your midst.  Become the peace maker and strive for unity in My body.  Begin to treat others as though you prefer them over yourself, show them that they are of value and worth in My kingdom.  When they say or do something that is hurtful or annoying, do not allow offense to take root.  Instead, commit the offense into My hands and choose to love the offender.

I have commanded My children to love one another. It is so much easier to do this when you do not allow offense to take root in your heart.  So come to Me and ask me to break the power of offense off of your life.  I will surely do this for you if you ask.  And I will empower you to love your brethren and to live in unity with them, that My name might be glorified in your midst.

This Is No Time To Waver

Ras Robinson

It takes little effort to turn back when trouble comes. I tell you today, stand stead in your post. The enemy of your soul will tempt you more yet. But you are aware already of his schemes and thus you must not fall into them. He wants you to give in to weakness and despair so that you will fall away in your dark hour. In this way he places a black mark against the name of Jesus for the way you handle your crisis. This is the time to show the strength of the Lord through your life, not the weakness of your flesh. This is no time to waver.

2 Timothy 4:5 Stand steady, and don't be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Bring others to Christ. Leave nothing undone that you ought to do.

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