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February 19, 2002

A Call of Intimacy to My Bride

Brenda Dowdin

Hi Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

Today I have felt the over whelming presence of His love in my life. He so much wants us to be in this place of intimacy with him. To abide in His presence. Days are coming and upon us that we will need this "place of intimacy", to make it through. What is this "place of intimacy"? Is it not living from one obedience to the next. Is it not walking out simple obedience that floods us towards His loving arms. Is obedience not simply walking out your faith? We make it so hard, and all He is asking us to do is walk out what He asks of us. I am so in love with my savior. He is so kind and good to me. He loves each of us so much, let Him embrace you today with His loving arms.

Let Him kiss you with the kisses of His mouth. As you embrace the trials that are sent your way you are embracing the Master. As you step into them and ask the Lord, How can I learn and embrace this trial, He will show you. It is then that you are loving the Lord, it is then that an intimate exchange takes place. It is then that you are really growing and learning His ways. In the natural we look at the trial, and all we see is pain. In spiritual reality these trials push us towards the Lord, we simply have only Him to hold on to. Yes, I want to tell you He is right there for you, even today I see the oppression that tries to hit on Monday. Many of you may feel sad or blue, but the Lord is beckoning you and He says, "Come, come into my presence. I want to love your hurts away. Today is the day, come forth and no longer let the enemy shove you in a cave. Come forth, as I called Lazarus out. It is your day, the day I have made for you, that I could enjoy my creation. I say come forth. I desire to share my heart with you!" Come forth and lean your head on the masters chest, listen to His heart beating, it beats for you, it beats for the Nations. It beats for the people, Come forth, I hear Him calling you forth.......

Be blessed my brothers and sisters,
Brenda Dowdin/Sutter Buttes Aglow President

The Heart of a Psalmist

Yolanda Ballard

A psalmist of today would be one whose heart is after the heart of God. He would be one who delights to be in the presence of God and even longs to be. It would be his chief joy. He would be one who finds the time and the place to be alone with Him and has an intimate relationship with Him. He would find the time just to be quiet and still with Him and even basks in His presence.

A psalmist of today, and also a worship leader, would be one who knows the voice of the Lord and spends much time communicating with Him. Because he has spent much time with Him, the Holy Spirit flows through him freely. He gets much practice playing his instruments and singing to Him because he has made worshipping God a way of life not just something he prepares to do to come before a congregation to lead others into worship. Because he is one who truly worships the Lord, others are led into the throne room of God freely because there is an anointing of praise and worship upon him.

Because he is a man of integrity and he takes his calling seriously, the enemy of God has no place in his life; therefore, there is no hindrances in his ministry. He has set the priorities in his life right according to the perfect will of the Lord. There is divine order in his life in every area and in his relationships with his elders, peers, family members, employers, and also in his marriage. He is one who is meek and teachable, submissive, and has a sweet spirit, and is sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He only seeks to bring glory to the Father and strives not to bring it to himself. He is very careful not to fall into the sins of pride, rebellion, materialism, vanity, complacency, or worldly living. He lives to serve the Lord in his calling and in his daily life. This is not just a profession or an occupation for him but it is his heart's desire to worship the Lord.

He knows the balance of intercession and worship, warfare and praise, and can discern the leading of the Holy Spirit in these areas. He knows the importance and power that lies in praise and worship. He is not out to entertain others but has the heart to lead others into high praise and worship of the Father. He seeks only to please the Father and never gives into fear of man. He is not completely dictated by a time schedule but knows when it is the Father's heart to spend more time with His children. He knows that unity in the brethren and intimacy with the Father are of number one importance in worship.

There is much mature fruit of the Spirit displayed in his life and also the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Word of the Lord flows freely through him both during his daily life and also when he leads worship. The song of the Lord also flows freely through him. He has both skill in the natural art of music and also moves prophetically in voice and in playing his instruments. He is gifted both ways. He doesn't trust solely in his natural talent but allows the Holy Spirit to flow freely. No man can be perfect, but a true psalmist knows the importance of setting a good example and preserving his testimony as a Christian. He can also be transparent and can share when he has fallen short. He is one who can be easily related to. He doesn't pressure others to conform to his convictions but abundantly shares grace to those who need the encouragement to overcome. He edifies others by his behavior, his speech, and his actions. He truly lives a life of faith totally dependent upon the Lord for strength daily. He is one who is humble and seeks to lift others up.

On the whole this man, who is a true psalmist, is both a delight for the Lord to be with and also the brethren. He is one you can see Jesus in because he has practiced living the crucified life and allowing the Holy Spirit to live through him. He has found a true balance in his life, one who patterns his life after Jesus who is full of grace and truth. This man is no novice but has been prepared by God for his ministry through many trials and hardships. He has learned to be content in all situations and knows the importance of not complaining, being critical, or rebellious in any way. He knows the importance and also practices keeping watch at all times and not allowing the enemy access to his life through willful sin.

So you can see, there is much more involved in being a psalmist than just being skilled in voice and in playing an instrument well. Everything that he is and does effects his ministry. What is in his heart comes out of his mouth. This calling is something he can't pretend to have. He is one who is truly called by the Lord and is anointed by God to move in this gifting. He cannot just be trained to take this position.

King David is the greatest example of a true psalmist to follow after. It was his heart's desire to worship the Lord even as a small child. Psalms flowed through him naturally his whole life as he sang to the Lord. Because he spent much time with the Lord, the Holy Spirit trained him and gave him talent and skill in music. He received much practice because he longed to draw away from others to be alone with God. Therefore when he was with others who were troubled, his gifting flowed with the fruit of love, peace, joy and healing. He ministered greatly to those who were around him in deliverance.

True praise will break the yoke and bring the breakthrough that is needed individually, corporately, and even will pull down strongholds in the heavenlies. There is so much power in praise in worship and there is an awesome responsibility upon the psalmist and also a great joy to behold this calling. One whose heart is truly after the heart of God is a true psalmist.

Losing Your Life

Jim Grayson

If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give it up for me, you will find it. Matthew 10:39 (NLT)

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. We all know the Word says so many positive things about faith, healing, miracles and so on but we don't see much of it. I've wondered for many years what the key is to seeing God move in our lives. Two things keep standing out...we need to abide in Him and completely die to ourselves if we want the Christ life to be evident in us. I've shared this with a couple of brothers recently and one urged me to pass it on. He said it had "immediacy". I'll leave it to you to decide. One thing I do believe is this is getting close to where we need to be to truly walk in the Spirit.

To me, in spite of my currently, and temporarily, declining health, I am happier than I have ever been and at least a part of it is because I no longer have a personal agenda. I have no personal goals. I aspire to nothing apart from Him. I can do all things, from being a door keeper to walking on water. Whatever He wants, I want. My love and devotion for Him are not based on circumstances, or at least I don't want them to be. My self worth is the same. I am nothing to the world but to our Lord, I am the apple of His eye, just as all His kids. I AM WORTH DYING FOR. Now, I have to ask myself: Is HE worth dying for and my answer is to run to my place of crucifixion.

Once when Jesus was speaking the lads, He said, "Greater love has no man than He lay down His life for His friends." The Lord has shown me that a lot of people, believe it or not, would die for their Lord but there is another greater love, too, one which is, at times, more difficult and that is this: Greater love has no man than he give up the right to his life for his friends. This is taking up the cross daily and following him. This is preferring others over me. This is the Jesus walk and I pray with all my heart to walk it, too, so that others may not see me but our blessed Lord Jesus in me. I truly feel that if this were not possible for me to attain by His Grace, I'd rather not continue living. It's the single most important thing in my be crucified with Christ and be conformed to Him in my death. If I can do that, and He assures me that I, and you, are on the right path, my life will be worth living.

To lose one's life only to find it is to realize the great unspeakable joy of spending and being spent, of knowing life is not about me or what I want but rather, about our Lord's will for my life and in my laying down my own rights in preference of His, thereby following the example of our Lord and laying my life down for my brothers and sisters, both the right to it and my literal life, it need be.

The Lord showed me a couple of years ago that how much, or little, I follow the Lord will have a direct effect on those around me. How much I am willing to die, or unwilling to die, also affects others. If Jim dies to himself so that Jesus may be seen in him then others will take notice, not only that but others will be touched, sometimes miraculously, by this life I hope to live in Christ Jesus, our blessed Lord. It also directly affects the presence of healing and miracles. I have come to believe the reason we don't see more of this is because there is a certain point we must reach, the "abiding in Him" point, where He can actually trust us with that kind of power. To be able to speak to the mountain and see it moves requires a level of death few of us have ever seen or experienced.

I have seen some mighty things in my spirit man over the last year or so. Some I can talk about and some have not yet been released to share with others, primarily because He has not yet completely revealed them to me or I have not yet completely been able to receive it or understand it. It took me many years to even be able to fully accept that my past is just that...past...gone, forgiven and then, praise God, forgotten. It took me a long time to learn that He IS faithful and just to forgive me when I stumble, of which I have been prone. It also took me a long time to fully accept that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, that our Lord would, for whatever reason known only to Him, stoop to use even me to touch and change the lives of others, even if it involves the realm of the miraculous. I have a destiny of touching others, changing lives and lovingly bringing correction to the Body of Christ. As He has presented it to me, if I can imagine it, it can be done. NOTHING will be impossible for Him to do through me, or any of you, in the future. My whole life, my ups and downs, my stumblings, my victories and failures, my highest mountain peaks and my deepest desolation has all been geared to bring me to the place I will inhabit for a while before my time on earth is through and I finally, joyfully lay down my life for my Lord Jesus and for the sake of the Gospel. I won't personally experience the fullness of His Presence in our precious young people, those age thirty and younger, but I will see the seeds planted and growing and they will see by the example of my life, and the lives of many others like you, that there IS a God in Zion Who loves His kids with a love no one can comprehend, and that being so, is more than willing to move Heaven and earth in their behalf. The "greater works" will be seen in us, beloved, and then the young folks will see that it IS possible to walk in the realm of miracles, and will follow the trail we have blazed with the laying down of our lives. THAT, my friends, is what it's all about.

I believe there are words here which have, if nothing else, confirmed the whisperings in your heart (don't you just LOVE the sound off His voice and the sweetness of His Presence?). We WILL go far, beloved of God, not because we are faithful or passionate for His Presence but simply because He is the Great I AM and will enable us to do so. All will come from His Hand alone and the sky is NOT the limit, for there are no limits.

In comparison to time past, we have but a little time to prepare the Bride for the return of the Groom. She has been asleep, lazy, complacent and powerless for centuries but She has awakened and is moving again, this time away from the organized religion which nearly strangled her to death with the bonds of man-made denominations. Beloved, there are no denominations ordained by God, otherwise He would have to be a God of confusion. There can only be one church, just as the Word says. There cannot be unity where we have erected the walls of man's denominations and his doctrines of demons. Have you ever thought what Jesus might say to us about our many denominations? One merely needs to have even a little of the Mind of Christ to know what His answer would be.

I pray we all press on deeper and deeper into the things of God. We do live in extraordinary times, my friends, and it will become more and more evident as time goes on. We WILL do all things through He Who gives us strength, and soon.

Thank you so much for your prayers for me. They touch me deeply. You know you have my heart.
Till then...
The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come."
Strength and Honor,
Hail the Lamb!

You Are What The Fire Has Made You

by Undrai Fizer

The Spirit is not only calling our minds into the Presence of God, but He is also calling our bodies (and presence) into the Living Word. God is "testing" our present circumstances, and seeking to cause our whole environment to agree with His purpose and catch on to His Will.

We are feeling the pressure of decision and the realignment of our wills becoming fused within the Father. It is at the point, now, that our lives must become "one with the Fire and the Heat of the Lord" in order to not only receive revelation, but to teach and impart it. The Revelation of the Lord will "pull your bodies" into the Heat of the Word. It will draw you into a place of maturing, anointing, and release.

The Word that you receive from the Lord "will and must" pull you into the Fire. You can have no prophetic experience until you have been pulled into the Fire of the Lord. You will not have clarity of vision, or walk in full agreement with others who have "been consumed" unless, you too, have walked in the Presence of the Lord. You will find yourself being confirmed in some things, and yet miss the full revelation and power of God's destiny in your life. (Without going through the Fire you will always find yourself "near, but yet, "so very, very, far from Purpose)

The Fire will give you the courage and the confidence to walk in a "God Idea." The Process you may be trying to avoid is actually the one that will get you to the blessing of the Idea. Your body must stand the "force of impact" as you walk in this new place that will burn away all options of the flesh and the past mindset. You must have the Spirit to walk in the newness of a God Idea and revelation. God's word must take you past your comfort zones and familiar "excuses." (The silent way we tell ourselves that something is "right" when it's really "wrong")

Your accuracy in prophetic impartation comes from the experience you have received by walking in God's ordained process. How do you know it's ordained, you say? You will know it because the Word that was imparted into you will begin to come alive and the past mindset of excuses and faithlessness will be a thing of the past. You will not be able to strive in the realm of excuses anymore. You will suddenly find the challenges of God to be an "attractive" adventure of some sort. You will hear and discern a fullness in God that is "hidden in a place" where some individuals will never seek out or experience.

You will have discovered the Vision and Maturity of the Father. You will be in "tune" with Him and His Movements and you will speak and live from this Place. His Life will be like an open book, and those who have not been consumed by this experience will think "you have lost your mind" (or say you're "rather different") because you see Him and Who He is! You know Him and have laid hold to a part of Him.

This Fire of Prophetic Experience will give you the courage to walk in the midst of the Word that was spoken. You cannot properly discern the Spirit in His fullness until you "are made a disciple within the Fire." You cannot create some sort of "safety net" to protect you from the Fire. (This shows that you may be willing, but are not yet confident.) You see, willing vessels "must still be burned" in the Presence of the Lord. This will take you from being willing, to "submitted."

The flesh must be consumed by the Word that was spoken in your life. This is not easy, believe me. Your mind must be made up and your faith must be unshakable in what God said. You must be fully persuaded to walk out the power of purpose. Boldness in Spirit comes from what you actively believe. When you reach this point, your fears will not override the action needed to get the job done. Christ' joy before Him caused Him to endure the cross. Your joy must cause you to endure a cross as well. You must endure shame, nakedness, and spiritual (even natural) rejection. You must also survive your own methods of "rejecting your past mindset," and keep your new mind focused on what you must become.

Are you avoiding a process that is attached to a Word spoken to you?

What Have You Chosen?

Your assignment within a prophetic function will be tested by the many choices that must be made in your life. You cannot have an assignment without being tested in the realm of choice. Choices have caused many of those who have participated in the prophetic office, whether in a leadership or assistant's role, to be discouraged and faint-hearted. What some people fail to realize is that God's destiny is not bound by time, money, and people. His Word is progressive and passionate.

He will connect to every facet of living. He is not caught up in the formulas that we have studied and identified Him with. He is "searching" the depths of our lives and viewpoints to see the source from which we live and move. His word discerns our thoughts, motives, and personality. He compels us to make choices every day on the direction we are called to live in.

God is about "being in your business" and "reading your mail." He is not bound to the realm of fellowship times and calendars for the year. He has shown Himself as a force to be reckoned with. He is manifesting His plans within us. His Word is the cause of doors being opened, or being closed, to us! His Word that was sown within our lives must be looked at and believed.

Christ always compelled people to choose. He never made it an "easy choice," which is having a choice without options. He made you choose when there were other things available. He caused them to choose when another opportunity was presenting itself at the same time. He wanted to prove the faith and trust of the hearer.

If you are going to move with Christ, you must develop the power of choice. You must be matured by the Hand of God. You are not matured by being away from His Hand. You cannot mature your own self. You will only form another opinion based on past fears and present apprehensions. You must be able to see, hear, and appreciate God's will for your lives. Look inside and think back to words that have been spoken to you. Usually, His prophetic word will be the one that causes you to "close your eyes, shake your head, and look at your present time."

The Kingdom releases a challenge at the times when other things are going on in your life. He will speak when other things are yet "speaking." His Spirit inside of you will cause you (if you are truly seeking to walk in destiny) to listen for Him beyond the noise of life and "unpurposed" opportunities. He wants to see if you have the courage to choose Life beyond the present audience of the soul. Can you hear Him? Or better yet, "will" you hear Him?

He has us to choose when we are still empty. He wants to be the Source of our direction. It's not easy to walk with God when other things are fulfilling your taste for adventure. It's hard to move with Him when you are looking somewhere else. God will only be "where He is." He will not allow you to place Him where He is not purposed!

We have to make so many choices in this prophetic realm. We must allow His Spirit to sift and cut away "tolerable distractions." God does not replace His Perfect Word to you with a "tolerable distraction." He wants us to move in His Design. His Will has consequences attached to them. The natural life has connected itself to our needs and to our significance. It has attached itself as a scheduler to the assignments of our lives. God's word always causes consequences with the natural connections within our lives. We must choose to move in the realm of the Spirit, then it cause the natural realm to be subject to what God's realm inside of us desires.

You cannot have a life of the kingdom without choices. You cannot have the power to choose without having an opposing "choice" present as well, Opportunity is the enemy of Purpose. Opportunity that dictates the activation of God's design in your life will become a subtle enemy and a "sweet demon in the time of trouble." It will become a source that keeps you from the True Source. It will befriend your family, life, and your relationships. But it will move you from the Presence of God's Word that was spoken within your life, into some sort of "provisional, holding tank."

You will constantly feel the "knot" in the chest and in the throat as you choose to walk along and become what life has given you. You will move along and feel the "pressure" of God's Hand in your body as you choose to live and function as though He has not impressed another level within your existence. You cannot give a schedule to the convictions of the Spirit. You cannot say to yourself "give me a certain number of days" and this conviction will be over. But, you have a choice to think whatever you want in the matter.

The maturity of the prophetic is made in the realm of your ability to choose. It shows you what you truly believe and trust in.

Because you can't follow what you do not trust.

Many blessings to you from DominionONLINE!
Undrai and Bridget Fizer
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Kristin Reeg

Why are My people acting as if they are defeated? Do they not know that I am the God of all creation? Do they not know that I am the maker of heaven and earth? Do that not know that with a word from Me all things may change?

My children, look to Me for I am the author and the finisher of your faith. I AM the great I AM. I have promised to fulfill all your needs according to My riches and glory. You have heard Me tell you that it is coming. Your release from this storm is coming. Children, it IS coming. Do not give up hope now. Do not give up right before your breakthrough. The enemy wants to come and steal your faith, but I say to you let your faith arise. Stand on My word. Confess My word. The more you confess My word the stronger your faith becomes. Ask Me to help your unbelief. Am I so cruel that I would give a stone when you asked for bread? No, you then though you are evil would not do that to your children. Why do you believe that I would do that to you whom I sent My Son to die for?

The battle continues to rage and what I ask of you, My children is to stand on My word. Stand firm with the belt of Truth buckled around your waist. My word is Truth. My Truth sets you free. I am the Truth. I am the Way. I am the Life. Your freedom is found in following My way. Stand firm. Stand tall. Use the authority that I have given you in Jesus name. Use it and release My power and authority into the earth. The day is coming. Your storm is ending. And great will be your reward, you who have withstood the testing of the raging fire. I have purified you. I have cleansed you. And the day is coming when all will know that you are a vessel of honor. You are a vessel to be used for noble purposes. Come, lift up your eyes to the heavens. Look to My face and not to the circumstances around you. Look to Me, for peace and joy are found in one place
- My face.

Kristin Reeg

Wounded Warriors Vision

Candi Gurney

I saw before me a vast desert terrain. Void of all vegetation, just sand, mildly rolling hills of sand. As I looked I saw people in all directions (360 degrees) walking toward what I knew was a church, which the Lord called a hospital.

The people were mostly individuals walking. All of these people were terribly physically wounded. Some on crutches, even one crutch, limping; some with white gauze bandages wrapped around their heads with blood stains on them; others with make shift casts/splints on their limbs. Arms in slings with bloodstains. The countenance was down-trodden among them all. Once in awhile I could see two together where one had come alongside another with an arm slung around the other, helping him/her to walk as best they could to the destination.

The Lord said that these were the wounded warriors in the Kingdom of God. Not the unsaved, but the warriors, the saints that have been in battle. They are wounded deeply from being in the trenches. He said that they are coming to the hospital to be ministered to, to be healed, to be made ready to go back into the battle.

He said that He is raising up these hospital churches all over in these, the latter days. There shall be an increase in these churches. They shall draw the wounded warriors. He shall send them to be refreshed, revived, renewed; then resent for rich are the harvesting fields, and mighty is the battle of this time, like no other.

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