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February 2, 2004

A Fire Burning

Lars Widerberg

Prophecy finds its birth in fire. The prophetic dimension is sustained by fire. The prophet brings fire. A prophetic utterance demands a listener to give himself to the fire on the altar. Prophecy brings separation - eternal values are one with the fire, earthly desires cannot share this communion.

"The words of the Lord are pure words; as silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times." Ps 12:6. Apprehending a word from a furnace requires a heart willing to adjust to intense temperatures and pressure. The first requirement of the prophetic realm is a heart which is willing to bear the ferocity of the aliveness of heavenly realities. The fire of the furnace produces a mind perplexed and shattered by the complexity and otherness of the thoughts of God; a mind ready to violate common codes of the self-sustaining structures which defines and defends manageable religion.

Micah, a "minor prophet", had taken the necessary steps into the fire, and he knew the reality of heavenly heat and pursuit, and wrote: " But I am full of strength and skill and courage, inspired by the Eternal, to let Jacob know its crimes, and Israel its sins. Leaders of Jacob, listen to this, you judges over the house of Israel, who spurn at justice and twist equity, who build your Sion up with bloodshed and Jerusalem on crime, judges passing verdicts for a bribe, priests pattering oracles for pay prophets divining for money, and all the while relying on the Eternal." Micah 3:8-11 - Moffatt.

What kind of man dares to go; what kind of inner constitution will carry a man into the presence of men of authority of this world as well as before the revelling, raging mob bringing words with fire? What kind of burden, what kind of inner pressure produces enough bravery to allow a man to reduce himself to mere sacrifice, a burnt offering, an offering by fire? What happens in the secret place, what is wrought in the inner parts of man to for the sake of bringing forth moral stamina corresponding with the words from the furnace of Heaven?

Too many among us dismiss the burning bush as yet another thorn bush devoured by spontaneous combustion. The prophetic mind is occupied with the maintenance of and the operations of the fire of God. A prophet's heart is set on fire, it burns because God speaks. A word purged seven times will bring fire. A word from the Lord reveals what His fire is like.

The main concern of the prophet is the fire itself. Fire is the driving force in his life. The fire on the altar shall be kept burning, it may under no circumstances be quenched -and the prophet is there, brought into office, to keep it burning. This fundamental necessity has taken him into the priestly realm, into the business and ministry of priesthood. A mind set on fire, occupied with the fire, is a mind given to priestliness. A priest cannot allow the fire to fade, to be quenched, to go out. A priest cannot allow the realities of Heaven to fade; the testimony may never fade.

A testimony of the heavenly realities carries the fire of the altar at its core. The fire ignites words - a testimony is not words, a prophecy does not consist of words primarily but is an outburst of heavenly fire. Baptized with fire. Baptized with passion for reality. A prophetic word brings purging. A word from the furnace brings separation. It never leaves the people slumbering with an "All is well". It reveals necessary pursuits of holiness to be made by a righteous people. The fire provokes positively where righteousness is already rooted. The very same fire disqualifies and destroys where unrighteousness has established inroads.

The disposition of the prophetic man is to be defined by the fire itself. It is not generated by sternness - holiness is not harsh, not stirred by lively imagination or a bright intellect, not produced by strange moodiness or altered states of perception. Coming out from the presence, having been at the furnace, having had an opportunity to look into His face - all this, and nothing but this makes a heart burn and sets a mind on fire.

Why is the prophet of the Old Testament times so alive to, so direct and immediate in his approach as to moral issues? Why is he dramatically on target in relation to dealing with malicious practices among his people, even among foreign nations? Why do we suffer from charismatic shallowness regarding sin, regarding evil in general? Why do we suffer from a common charismatic shallowness regarding prophetic negligence in this realm? Baptized with Spirit, but not with fire. Baptized into spiritual pragmatism and religious conformity, but not with the Holy Spirit and His fire.

The fire is gone from the altar. The priest and the prophet are not present and in proper position for its maintenance. There is no passion for heavenly realities. The state of affairs is worse, much worse than when a minor prophet stood up to speak to a nation gone astray. How did he dare to speak? How long do we have to wait for a prophet carrying a burden of that kind again? Is there anybody ready to give himself to the altar? Is there anybody out there ready for that fire?

The European Prophetic College

Overcoming Faith

James Donovan

I am Calling My Bride, My People to a Deeper Walk of Faith.
I am the Lord that Sets the Captives Free, Heal the Sick.
I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, So Walk in Faith.
You have Received Me as Lord and Saviour of your Life.

Now Walk in Faith, Walk Victorious in Me, My Bride.
I am the Lord that Heals the Sick, Depart the Seas.
I am the Lord that Commanded the Dead to Arise.
I said in My Word You shall do Greater feats.

So if You Beleive, Walk in Over coming Faith!!!
I have called You out of Darkness to be My Light.
So stand tall in Me let your Faith produce Miracles.
Walk in Victory this Day, Walk in Faith My People.

I Called You to Walk by Faith, not what natural men see.
But Walk in Overcoming Faith, Speak to the Mountains.
Walk Triumphantly and Possess the Land My People of Faith.
Let Faith Arise and you Shall See My Power, My Anointing.

It is My Spirit that increases Faith, Flow in My Spirit!!!!!!!
Let My Oracles Come Forth Bringing Life, and Deliverance.
Yes this day Walk by Faith not Sight, Stand on My Promises.
Be a Doer of My Word, not Just a Hearer, but a Doer My People.

You Have Authority from Your God, Yes you are Capable in Me.
Yes by Faith you are My Overcomer who sows Overcoming Faith.
I am raising up a Mighty Army of Overcomers to Possess the Land.
Just allow the Faith to Arise this Day and you Shall See Faith Produce!!!

Yes My Faith in Action Will Produce Miracles and Deliverance to Many.
It will cause those Who are Blind to See, That I am the Lord that Produces.
Yes Produce Much Fruit, Much Love and Draw many who doubted Me!
To Arise out of Doubt and Receive Me!!! And Overcoming Faith!!!!!!
This is the Year to Walk in Overcoming Faith, not doubt but Faith.

I am the Lord that Restores Life to My People, I am Restoring Faith!
This is the year to Be Releasers of Life! Walk as Overcomers My People
Walk By Faith and you Shall see Signs and Wonders on the Earth!!!!!
You Shall see Miracles, Many Healed and Delivered as You Walk in Faith!!!

Gateway Missions International
James Donovan

Excellence In Ministry

Denise Lagrimas

We have just stepped from a prophetic season into an apostolic season. The prophetic voice has been declaring for years what God wants and how He wants it. That huge word "IF" has kept us ever checking ourselves. IF my people ... then... IF you obey ...then... IF you seek Me... then... IF you love Me...then..

He is saying no more talk, wake up! Now it is time for the sending. His lost sheep cover the countryside and all the countrysides of the world. We have the food, and they belong to Him, so if we love Him then we must act like Him. We must humble ourselves and pray. We must love the Lord by loving others. We must find Him by seeking Him, and we must FEED His sheep.

It's time for the homeless and the hungry to be fed and clothed and sheltered by the Most High.

The apostolic call on the body of Christ is to go forth and plant (the Word). To reach the lost sheep of all nations. By the planting of churches in every nation the food supply increases, and the sheep then hear their Master's voice and come home.

There is a great responsibility on the overseers and leaders of God's people. We must take notice of those who God has called to go forth and then let them go forth with blessing, for in doing so, the blessing will return to us a double portion. We must make sure those equipped and ready are utilized and do not become stagnant and complacent. If our ministry has been to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, and we still have the same saints week after week, month after month, year after year still in need of equipping... it's TIME to check ourselves!!! Equip the saints and listen for when God tells you it's time to release them, awaken them and send them out. Then prepare your house for blessing as the Kingdom increases at your obedience.

The Doors Are Open: An Apostolic Calling

Yolanda Ballard

I AM calling forth those who are willing to forsake all in the way of comfort, pack their bags, and go where I would have them to go. Yes, I AM calling you forth to speak the oracles of God and to prophesy even to kings. Are you willing to pay the price to have My anointing flow through you freely?

For I have taken you through the purging by the fire of My love in preparation so that I could pour out My glory in waves upon you. Yes, the healing power of My glory. And you will lay hands on the sick and watch them recover.

So many have obeyed My word with no signs following and never gave up that My word is true. And now is the time and the hour that I will use you and mightily, My people. Yes, this is the time and the hour that I will pour out My power and through you.

So step up to the bat, and be yielded and willing, and you will see what I will do. Do not be concerned that you have never done these things before. What if it doesn't work? Well, what if it does? Don't be concerned with the outcome, just do it.

Don't be just a hearer of My word, but a doer of it. Watch and pray that you will be counted worthy of these things that you may lay hands on the sick, set the captives free, raise the dead. I need a clean vessel to move through.

So watch your heart attitudes and your motives, and be willing to step aside and let Me take over. And yes, you are to be a nameless and faceless generation, a bride with boots on, one that will only promote My Son and His name. Proclaim the victory for this is the time.

Lift up the King of Glory! Rest assured that He can handle any situation of hindrance that the enemy will try to bring your way. Just step out. All things will work out for good when you put forth My kingdom and righteousness.

So count the cost this day to see if you are willing to forsake all to follow the King in wherever He takes you. Count the cost to see if you will put Christ first above your agenda and even reputation. Are you willing to look foolish to have My glory flow through you?

Do you call yourself prophetic people? Then examine the lives of the true prophets of old and the price they paid to be used. Even King David as he danced through the streets with all his might.

Even Stephen dying at the hands of the mob seeing My glory and knowing he was a good and faithful servant. Forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Are you willing to even die to have My glory.

For these are the last days, and I promised you greater works, but it comes with the great price of forsaking all for the Kingdom. Yes, a great price indeed, but I guarantee you that these days you will be blessed beyond measure for I will prosper you enough to take care of others.

I will move through you in glory, and give you your heart's desire to see Me more intimately. Yes, your quiet times will intensify with the power of revelation and discernment. And you will have My wisdom manifest in all areas of your life.

You will know the snares of the fowler, and you will avoid them. You will know My thoughts for you have the mind of Christ with no hindrances. And, yes, you will move with My heart of compassion and travail.

In your quiet times I will roar through you for My people Israel and for those I gave My life for, and you will see the multitudes set free. For this is the day of the latter rain outpouring. Yes, the third day of My glory, and I AM calling you. So be ready!

Testing In This Season of Divine Promotion

John Paul Jackson

The testing of our spiritual life is very different from the type of tests we usually experience in our lives. In school, we know when we are being tested: the teacher hands us a sheet of paper, tells us to pull out a No. 2 pencil, and gives us a specific amount of time to complete the test. We dread the test, but we know when we're in the midst of it.

But God's method of testing is completely different. In the heat of His test, God rarely says to us, "By the way, this is a test." He doesn't usually inform us ahead of time of what He is wanting to measure in us: He just does it.

"The Lord is in His holy temple," the Bible says in Psalm 11:4. "The Lord's throne is in Heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men." Or, as Al Pacino put it in The Recruit: "Everything is a test!"

Relishing the Testing

In 2004, many of us will go through tests that are more important than we realize. The Apostle Peter called these tests "fiery trials," and beseeched us to stand fast in the face of them.

"Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ's sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy," he wrote in 1 Peter 4:12-13.

"By Him, actions are weighted," Scripture adds in 1 Samuel 2:3.

We are called to stand firm and relish God's testing. In Hebrews 12:1-2, we are instructed to run the race of faith:

"Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

Killing Private Predators Before Killing Giants

A season of divine promotion is upon us. God is lifting people through the spiritual ranks, giving them an opportunity to serve Him at a higher level than ever before.

Such promotion takes testing: God wants to ensure that His children can handle the responsibilities He intends to give us. Private victories are the foundation which allows us to stand under the weight of public victories.

Before David could kill Goliath in front of Israel's army, he had to kill predators in private. "Your servant has killed both lion and bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he has defied the armies of the living God," David said in 1 Samuel 17:36. David's private victories had filled him so full of faith that anything seemed possible with God.

We will pass these fiery trials by running the race faithfully. We must not accept undue honor, glory, gold, or prestige, but remain humble. If we take the risks God has for us to take, keeping our eyes completely on Him, we will finish the race well.

A Deeper Spiritual Level

This year, take time every day to pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you those issues that might disqualify you from walking into the fullness of your purpose. This is absolutely vital to your spiritual health.

God is bringing the Church into a season of visitation, and those with clean hands and pure hearts will see Him, as Jesus promised in the Sermon on the Mount.

This year, you can enter a deeper spiritual level than you have ever experienced before. You need only to keep your eyes focused fully on the Master, humbly submitting to all He requires of you.

Don't let anything stop you from fulfilling your spiritual destiny this year. Perhaps the "small" issue in our life today that we are tempted to ignore will become the very door that opens to our destiny.

by John Paul Jackson

Open the Door

Ras Robinson

Let me in. I have been standing at your door and knocking. Can you not hear me? Open the door, fling wide the gates that I may visit you in all My glory. Do not be afraid. I am the God of grace and mercy. But get your house in order for I am coming for a visit. You and I will sit down together and have sweet fellowship. Stop the fast pace. Block the noises. Make quiet your heart. Let me in.

Psalm 24:7 Lift up your heads, O gates, and be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in!

Even The Rough Places Are Sources Of Blessing

Susan Cummings

Child, even the roughest of places is the source of blessing, if you will see Me in them. I am always with you, and everywhere you go, is in My Purposes for you. So, look closer, and see the true purpose for why you are here.

Not everything is at it seems to you. I do all things well, and I know just how to weave all things together for you, so that you will both grow through this, but benefit and prosper. Nothing is ever without a reason. I wonít always tell you why, but I will be with you, and share the process with you. For I have already walked it for you, before you ever arrived here.

So, I know what you will encounter, what will happen to you, how you will react, and what the result will be. So, trust Me. The chafing and rubbing you are feeling is only the polishing and positioning I am giving you. My Light is shining clearer through you than ever, because you have been responding to Me, along the way. Donít stop now.

Donít worry about the darkness, the roughness of the path, and the unclearness of the vision, just keep going. I am working it out as you take the next steps in obedience to Me.

I AM a continual source of Blessing for you, for out of Me, comes rivers of LIVING WATER to refresh you along the way.

My Grace is a Fountain that never runs dry, or becomes stale. I AM always fresh and new for you. So, drink deeply of Me, and partake of Me, and feed upon Me daily. I will sustain you and nourish you for the Journey.

-Susan Cummings

To Those Who Are Truly Mine

Jeanne Kruchowski

You are about to feel more and more like a stranger in this world, very separate from mainstream "Christianity" and very out of place. For the imperfect is being swallowed up by the perfect until that day dawns and shines so brightly on My return for you.

As a betrothed one is being prepared for her beloved groom, so I am preparing you. To rule and reign with Me in the Spirit, which is completely different from ruling in this world. For My Kingdom is not of this world, if it were I would have been recognized for who I am, but I was not.

So know the aloneness you feel, which will only increase in this world, is bringing you closer and closer to Me. That is why so much feels so foreign to you now, it is as if you walked into a different room. And indeed you have.

For My Name shall once again be complete and My Redeemed will know that which they have longed to know, who I am and who they are.

I shall accomplish this mighty work and you shall stand in awe and wonder at how I have changed you!! Indeed, I am the ONLY ONE who can change you!

You shall be spotless before Me and out of you shall flow rivers of Living Water, that none should go thirsty and all should be fed who seek Me.

And I shall re-unite the divided Kingdom that was divided when Eve was deceived for what she desired to know shall be wiped away as I destroy evil and the knowledge of it is no longer desired. My children shall not think of evil, but shall think of Me, of My goodness and love and My mercy. No more shall slander against Me exist, for I shall destroy the one who does it.

All that has been destroyed shall be restored, that which was lost, gained. The knowledge of Me and My ways.

All molecular structures shall be redeemed. Atoms shall be restored according to My Perfect Name. My Name and My Law shall be known, for they are not burdensome to those who know Me.

This is My divine Plan, to restore that which was lost in Adam, your thinking abilities, your spirit-man shall once again walk with Me in full understanding. The Truth that was lost is being restored!

The Wind of Heaven - The Breath of God

Patsy Shelton

Everything is changing. The world is changing, and My church is changing. The hearts of My people are changing. There is extreme change in the atmosphere. The tide has turned, and everything has changed.

Oh no My people don't yet fathom the degree and the depth of the changes both in the natural and in the spirit, but it has all changed. I have rearranged everything to flow in My time frame, and in My Way. I am raising up a church, and it has been birthed in the earth through the hearts of those that have laid down their lives, and the brilliance and the glory of it will be astounding. It looks nothing like the previous church. There is death coming to the old, and incredible life coming to the new. The old church will be a mausoleum; even tombs for those that have chosen to remain in the old, and not come into the new. They are not willing to let go of the old ways, and be refreshed and renewed by this new move of My Spirit.

Tell My people that a wind is about to blow. A wind that they have not experienced before. This wind will carry them far above, and way beyond their wildest expectations. There is nothing in history to compare to what I am about to do in the earth. Oh yes, there have been great movements in the past, but they will not hold a light to what is about to begin to happen in the earth, in My church, and in the lives of My people.

And the anointing is increasing in increments it is building. For if I released the glory, and the power that I have in store for this hour, even the physical body would not be able to bear it. So, little by little, I am increasing the anointing. And it will culminate into wondrous miracles, wondrous signs and wonders. And as the velocity of this wind increases, and as it begins to flow through the souls of My people, there will be awe in the earth, and awe in the hearts of My people. The impossible and the miraculous will no longer be the exception, but they will become the norm. No longer a miracle here and a miracle there, but hours and days filled with the miraculous and the supernatural And this will extend to every area of the lives of My people, as this wind and this increase of the anointing takes them into the supernatural life that I have provided from them.

Many have felt it, and many have sensed it but now it will begin to manifest, and with each manifestation increase. Many have seen into the realm of the spirit, and many have even nearly touched the reality of it, but it has eluded My people until this time. No longer will they have to long and wait for this great wind to blow. For as I live, saith the Lord God, the time is now and the day is now, and the hour has come. This wind is the breath of their God, and I am going to breathe and cause a wind to blow from heaven that has never been released upon the earth, nor upon My people.

There have been seasons of preparation for those...that will allow Me to manifest My presence through them in this magnificent new way. Seasons of heartbreak, seasons of discouragement, seasons of disillusionment, seasons of crying out, When Oh God, When will we see your presence in the earth? Seasons of longing, and seasons of waiting. I tell you, saith the Lord your God, the season of waiting is over, and the season of longing is over. That which I have shown many glimpses of, and those that have sensed that something big was about to happen now it will no longer be a dream or a vision, but it will be a reality.

How will it be manifested? Through yielded vessels, even those that have been carriers of this vision. Even those that through intercession, weeping and crying before My Throne have made a way for things to be on earth as they are in heaven...

The velocity of the wind is increasing, and this generation will see the fullness of My power and My glory. I will with hold it no longer, for this is the appointed time, and this is the designated day, and this is the very hour of a move of My Spirit that man has not beheld afore this time.

Can you feel the breeze beginning to rush through your soul? Can you hear the sound of the wind gaining momentum? If you can, then you will be carried away, and caught up in a wind that cannot be seen with the natural eye. But, as this wind blows you will see where it has been, and you will see where it is going and you will become a part of this wind. The wind of My Spirit is being released from heaven, breathed by a living God, and everything is about to change, and all things rearranged, saith the Holy One of Israel.

Patsy Shelton

A Desperate Situation, A Victorious God

Olivia Long

So many of My Beloved ones have been in a desperate situation and time. You have been made to taste the mire and the desperation that many of My own and those that I AM calling are living in and have lived in for much of their lives. You have felt the desire to give up and you have experienced the feeling of going under. Oh, My sweet Beloved servant, you have tasted what many are living under and through this, I have equipped you to minister to those, the downcast. Just as Jesus took on the sins of the world, so you, My Beloved, have tasted and taken on desperation. But hear your Lord, just as you have experienced the desperation you will experience My deliverance of this desperate situation and place. This is your testimony!

My Beloved, I have called you but because of this desperate situation and time, many question My call upon your lives. Have I forgotten you? Would I forget My Son? No... You are a joint heir, therefore I cannot forget you. Be strong and very courageous. You Will possess the land and all it's riches. Satan is defeated and you shall take back all he has stolen from you. You are the victor through My Son. The I AM has declared it and you will stand victorious.

My Beloved, if you could see the whole picture, as I do, you would see My hand IS working IN your situation. Soon, very soon you will see what I AM accomplishing in the Spiritual realm and you will say, AHA, AHA, My God was in this situation. KNOW that you are very precious to ME and I will never allow one thing to touch your life without My hand being in it. Nothing, I say nothing, will pass through your life without My knowing. You are in the palm of My hand. I hold you as a delicate bird who I have placed in My loving arm where you are safe and secure. I hold you in one hand while feeding you with the other, cupped in My hand, safe and secure. Nothing will touch you because I have placed My seal upon you and you are secure. The enemy will try to pluck at your feathers but he cannot harm you because you are MINE! I have been feeding you from My hand, I will take care of you and understanding will come.

You must look to your source, your Redeemer, the One Who loves you and cares. "In the twinkling of an eye, I will move on your behalf. In the fullness of time, I will move." I have much in store for your life and I have not forsaken you or forgotten My promises to you. Draw closer to Me for I AM moving in a mighty way and I will not delay. Stand close to ME, stand on My Word for I will not fail you. Do not lean on man, do not lean on the world, do not lean on your own understanding - and you will see through the eyes of your God who loves you far above your own understanding. Wait on the LORD and I will give you the desires of your heart and you will see A DESPERATE SITUATION turned around by A VICTORIOUS GOD!!!

I speak WORDS OF LIFE AND LOVE to you this day! LIVING WORDS and they shall not come back to me void. If you ask for bread, I will not give you a stone. Speak encouragement to others and encouragement comes to you! Sow into them and reap the harvest! As you have given, continue to give...your harvest is coming. As you have sowed out of each need, you will reap taking care of each need.

Beloved, KNOW that your pleas and your cries have touched My heart. I have heard each cry of give Me a sign, of when, of where or why? Know that MY plan is perfect and I have had to work out the details that could only be accomplished by ME, your Father and your God. Details that could not possibly be seen by the human eye or the human mind. Beloved, I will not allow you to fall. I will not allow your life to get out of My plans, no-one can stop it, not man nor any demon from hell. My plan is perfect! Your finances, each need, each commitment, each responsibility is in My hands and I have the way to meet them all. I will not delay for I have the timetable and plan in My hands. Do not give in to unbelief, stand steady in each word spoken and given to you. When discouragement comes take authority over it in My Name and speak the word ..."It is Written!" Take courage, My Beloved, My eyes have never been taken off you - My hand is ever upon you and know that if all else fails in the world, that My Word will never fail...

Take heed in the little things I AM doing and that are happening in your life. It is through the little things that the mighty plans come forth. It is still through that still small voice that I speak. It is a little thing yet it is a mighty powerful thing! Listen to that still small voice for I have mighty things to say to you. These little things will fit together to make a powerful impact on your life and ministry. Some of you would say "I don't have a ministry" but My Beloved, yes you do!

Beloved, I have called you to a life separate from the world. A life the world, or even other believers, do not understand. They will not or cannot understand what I AM doing in your life but it will we be a sign to all when it is manifested!!!! It will amaze all who see and hear of it... It will amaze those close to you... They will say "How did this happen and come about?" Those who know ME will say "It can only be the Lord." YOU WILL SAY "It can only be the Lord. He took My Desperate situation and turned it into a victorious situation. All the Glory belongs to My Lord and My God for it was a desperate situation." Many will hear this testimony and KNOW that I AM GOD. Many will turn their lives of desperation over to ME for I AM a Victorious God.

You Are My Heart

Carla Rickard

I love you with a jealous love. I love you with a passion and compassion. I AM your Father. Who has done this thing? Who has hurt your heart? Who has abused your love? Return to me for I will heal your heart. Do not runaway from the One Who Loves you and will completely heal the pain. Listen closely as I speak softly in your ear " It has come to pass" I have faith in you my sweet one. You are as tender as the limbs on the branch as they birth forth new life. Will I allow anyone to cause you harm? I AM your Father and all good things come from Me to you.

Show me who has tormented you with the lies I am angry at you. Show me and I will show you My tenderness toward you. I will show you how far from Truth are these lies.

I always remember you. For I never sleep and all the day and night I consider you, I meditate on how much you have grown; how much you are looking more and more like your Brother. I have told your Brother these things that have hurt you and He will bring the healing balm quickly to you. He knows those very things you have experienced. Yes, He came quickly and told me of all you are going through. Donít go it alone and donít blame yourself. You are growing up and there are many pangs that come with it. You have just learned a lesson that everyone who says they are your sister and your brother are not of a right spirit, you are learning that there are those who would sneak in the back door who are not in My Family at all! These are thieves and I AM not a thief.

I am proud of you, you are My very own. I see how you purpose in your heart to act just like Me! You love those who persecute you, you desire to show Mercy in every situation. Oh how you are precious in my sight! For that I will give you nations for your inheritance.

Donít fret about those who have hurt you. They are already judged by the words they have spoken. Forgive them for your sake. Release them to Me. I will take care of it. I will take care of your family. I will take care of your church. I canít do anything though until you put it down in My capable hands. They donít understand you and your love for Me. But I tell you a truth, I desire compassion not sacrifice and in that I say to you My Daughter, Well done, Enter into the Rest of your Father. Enter in to the Presence of Your King. I exalt over you with singing for you have brought great Joy to My Heart because you have allowed your heart to be tender.

You are a risk taker. You have risked all that was precious in your own sight to chase after Me. Today I let you catch Me! I will give you the Desire of your heart. Come let Me pour out My Love into your aching heart. Soon there will be Joy for your sorrow is shared by Your Brother. He has wept with you. And He is rejoicing with you! Come, receive your Reward. I AM your Reward.

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