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March 12, 2004

Rejoice, Expect and Receive

Olivia Long

Begin to act on the many words that I have given you. Do not keep them locked in your heart or in your journal, but take them out, each and every one of them. Lay claim on them for I have given them to you, they are yours, take possession of each one. They are not merely words, they are MY words. Lift each word from the page, they are yours, lay hold and claim them. Know that as you bring to My remembrance My many words and promises, that I have heard your cry. I have not gone back on My word, I cannot for I AM bound by My Word. I have seen every question and I know your frustrations - Know, My Beloved that I have and AM paving the way. The preparations have been well under way but many spiritual battles needed to be won in the heavenlies. Not one dot or tiddle could be missed as I prepared the way. Be sensitive to My direction even to the smallest insignificances, they are 'vital'. I say to you, Do not fear that you will miss ME or MY direction, knowing that I shall bring all to pass I have spoken in your life. That time is nigh, expect!

Expect and Rejoice.... Rejoice Beloved, I say rejoice! See all bondages and chains dropped. See the door fall open under your praise. I say rejoice...rejoice in the midst of your circumstances, rejoice in Who I AM, rejoice in who you are - the sons and daughters of Almighty God. The enemy cannot come to your door in the midst of rejoicing. I say again, rejoice!

Look, look beyond your surroundings. You are looking at what is not happening and you are missing out on the blessings that are happening in your life right now. There are blessings all around you but you are concentrating on what you are not seeing and what is not happening. Look beyond...You are asking for a time but time is in My hands and My timing is perfect. Therefore, rest in ME, rest in My timing see what I AM doing and see the 'present blessings' and be ready for your coming breakthroughs.

I AM that sittith upon the throne, beacons to you My Beloved. You are My vessel in which I work and move through, therefore expect mighty works in your life. Stir up the gifts I have given you for I AM spurring you on ... These are awesome days and I AM an awesome God and awesome things will be done in My Name through you!

My eyes have gone to and fro looking for someone who was willing to put aside all things, you said "here am I." I have prepared you and you have gone through the fire, you have known what it is to be in need and you know the hurts of the outcasts. It is time to exalt those who are humble, lowly and meek for this is the hour of the uncomely parts. The hour for shepherds to become kings and peasants to become priests. As Job, it is time to be raised out of the ashes. I will confuse the mighty while bringing up My own from the most unlikely of places ... They will look upon these and say "no not him, no not her" for they will know from where they have come and yet I will say: "Yes! I have chosen these and only these who have been prepared by ME will stand in the days and months ahead."

This is MY greatest hour... this is YOUR greatest hour. Rejoice and Expect! As you seek My face this day, I AM closer than I have ever been. Even though you might not feel My closeness, I AM there. Be sensitive to "all" that I bring into your life from this moment on and ask My Spirit to reveal "all" that is said and done. The plan that I have for you is now unfolding like a beautiful rose, allow My Spirit to speak to you this day, no word is too small. The day and the hour is upon you. You have come to full term and there is an anxiousness about you which is normal when giving birth, especially at full term. Do not let any anxiousness turn to discouragement, prepare for this new birth ... and wait upon the Lord for it is at this critical moment that you will want to 'push' in your own strength ... but again I say, wait upon the Lord and I will bring it to pass. You have been faithful to My Word and I will be faithful to My promises. I will move quickly ... be ready for Me .... IT WILL BE QUICKLY!!!

Stand firm for the enemy would try to steal the calling I have placed on your life but I have overcome him - he would try to delay the calling but My timing is perfect. It is when you least expect me to move that I will do it.. concentrate on Me, I AM the reason you are called. The calling is not the most important, it is your relationship with ME that is of the utmost importance. I desire that you would see me as One who loves you and desires to do all I say I will do... I no longer want you to speak of Me as the 'can do God' but the 'Am doing God.' Lest you forget My Beloved Who I AM... I AM HE who led a disobedient people out of the wilderness into the land of promise. "How much more will I lead you who are obedient to My instructions?" The time for dismay is over it is time to "Rejoice, Expect and Receive!"

My Witness On the Earth

Carla Rickard

You have been seeing the signs and the wonders and you have asked what does it mean? Look deep into your heart where I have put My Spirit in you. He will lead you into all Truth. I have displayed for you Many Witnesses in the Stars, and in the Earth of the Times and Seasons.

These are the times of disintegration on the earth. Old things are passing away! BEHOLD! I make them new. Those things that were common, those things which have been ingrained as truth and rightness in your societies is crumbling. I tear them down. But I will not leave it desolate. I am building up the Temple. I am raising up My Fatherís Kingdom on earth. The treasure hidden in the field will be seen soon. The Pearl of Great Price will soon be available for all to see. Do you understand what I have said?

Old institution are failing. Old thoughts and methods no longer bring desires results. My shock and awe will leave you at the foot of My Cross forever praising Me for the Work I accomplish in the earth.

Fear Not! As the old passes away, I have already laid the foundation for the new to spring forth like the tender leaves on the tree as summer nears. All things appear at the same time. Pray for discernment as these are the times of great reward for My People Whom I know by Name for they have not remained unfaithful. I will make you rulers over much. Those who have assumed they will rule and reign with me but have not allowed me to humble them before the Father as I was humbled at the hands of men, will not share in My Reward, but will be cast out. I have said, have no other Godís before Me. The time is now! Turn away from your idols you have raised up in your own hearts and return to ME, your first love and DO the works I have first said.

I have left My Witness on the earth. He testifies of Me, the heavens have testimony of Me. Whose report will you believe?

Possess the Land

James Donovan

This is the time and season for My people to arise and flow in My annointing, My authority and My boldness. It is time to release My truths and expose the enemy and his strategies. So arise My soldiers put on the full armour of God and go forth and claim ground, push back the darkness and claim this is the year of Breakthrough!!!!!!

I have called you out of darkness to go forth and shine for Me!!!! My servants, My ministers of truth proclaim this is the year of triumph and victory, you are more than conquers in Me!!!! Awake and go forth let the river of God flow from your mouthgate. Let My oracles of truth spill out and touch lives and bring healing and deliverance to many. Yes there are many people that need to be reached in this day and time.

I am preparing for the harvest of many souls. I have prepared the hearts of My warriors to go forth and be used of Me in this time. My Spirit is blowing over the Nations!!!!!!!!! I am calling My army to go into battle and break down the strongholds of the enemy. To speak forth words of Life to many. It is time to draw nigh to Me and resist the enemy and walk in humility and be doers of My word not hearers only My servants.

So go forth in Victory, doubt not, I have called you for a purpose to go and proclaim My truths and set the captives free in this hour, this day, and this time is ordained of Me. I have destined that none shall perish so go forth and be My ambassaders of truth. Shake off every lie of the enemy and walk as My soldier, with boldness and authority to proclaim the truth, walk in My annointing, and My Spirit!!!!!!!!!! You shall see walls of resistance come down , you shall see light, where there was darkness. Yes you shall see newness of life, where there was death and bondages in My people. You shall dance and rejoice and praise Me as My annointing brings breakthrough in this year this season of victory and harvest in Me the King of Kings!!!

Gateway Missions International
James Donovan

Repentance to Glory

Yolanda Ballard


Come into that secret place for that is where you will truly find Me and abide with Me, and I will commune with you and speak to you My plans of how you will defeat the enemy. Many have been trying and scheming, not realizing that the only way that you can defeat the foe is by staying close by My side and resting in My faithfulness to set you free. Realizing that you can do nothing without Me gives you great strength for when you are weak, I AM made strong in you.

For I have come to take over the battle and to free you up so that you can relax and rest and worship Me unceasingly. For this is truly the day of the latter rain outpouring, and I AM preparing My bride like never before. Many have felt that their time of ministry was over, but believe Me, it has just begun. For I will take you higher in My power as I strengthen you by My Spirit. I entrust to you My royal robe, My scepter, My authority, and I put upon your brow My crown for I come to bless you with the anointing and power of the King...... yes, a kingly anointing of an apostle.

For I have made you all kings and priests, but now I AM calling you higher into the place of power and authority and might. You know who I AM talking to, those who do not go for the title but the humility of a meek and humble servant. For those who are great are those who are called to serve others, those who are called to edify others, and cause others to excel in their giftings.

Yes, a true apostle is one who does not lord over others. They might oversee the work being done, but they will not in any form draw attention to themselves. One who walks in the apostle's doctrine is one who patterns themselves after the lordship of Christ. If you have the gift and calling, My authority will be upon you and will be recognized by those sensitive to My Spirit.

I AM calling the body to repentance of robing Me of the glory. All glory goes to the King of kings and Lord of lords, and you are the vessel I choose to move through. But you must be a pure vessel. Why give the enemy the right to rob you of My glory being upon you? For isn't that what you truly desire is to have My power flow through you to heal the sick, raise the dead, free those from captivity? But you can't have that if you allow a mixture of mammon to penetrate your lives. For I AM grieved with those who sell what I freely give. What gives you the right to do this? Don't you know that you limit the full scope of your calling and giftings by doing this?

If you think you are touching lives now that there is mixture, much more when you are free! For the gifts I don't take back, but you limit the power flowing through them by your lack of sanctification. Yes, you are to be set aside as a sacrifice that is pure and holy before Me. I call you this day to repentance. Accept this gift by humbling yourself before Me with a heart that is open and teachable.

This is an important aspect of your ministry. Do not continue to rob My people. I don't even desire to prosper My people so that they can pay to be taught My word. What is the calling of the five-fold minister, but to equip the saints for their ministry to reach the lost?

Separate yourself from the world and its ways. My kingdom is not about business, but it is about Me. I AM calling the faithful this day to pour out a kingly anointing upon them that they may walk in the apostle's doctrine and to walk in power and authority. And just because I call you to be meek and humble doesn't mean that you are weak, but powerful to the pulling down of strongholds. This day I AM gathering My bride that they may overcome the snare of the enemy and to rise up in My power and might.

Cast off all deception. It is your choice whether to believe the Truth or a lie for My Spirit is your guide. I have promised you freedom, and only by walking in the balance of grace and truth is this possible. So rise up, mighty warriors. Put on My robes of Glory, My crown of righteousness, and march on for you are the redeemed, says your King.


Dorothea Montague

My beloved people, prepare, prepare to receive all I have in store for you as I pour out My Spirit in these end time days. Yes, I am pouring out My Spirit in great measure on all who are Mine and have dedicated their lives unto Me. But, does My Word not say that I shall pour out My Spirit upon ALL flesh...upon every heart the world over. As I do this many of the worst sinners will repent and begin to seek Me. As I accomplish this I shall need you, My beloved people, to draw them into My kingdom. I am pouring out My power upon each of you so that you will go forth under My anointing to guide the people unto Me. Multitudes will come into My kingdom in these last days. Does My Word not say....

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)

Indeed, I am sending forth an army of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who will reach out to all the peoples of the world so that everyone will have the opportunity either to accept or reject Me as their Lord and Savior.

The pouring out of My Spirit has only just begun and shall accelerate as each new day dawns. I tell you, it will change the world and the peoples thereof. Indeed, it will be a time of shaking when everything that can be shaken shall be shaken but out of the shaking much good shall come. It will usher in a time of signs and wonders and miracles.

God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders, with various miracles and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to His own will. (Heb. 2:4)

My loved ones, as each of you responds to My call to go into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature I shall make opportunities for you to touch lives wherever you go. Each of you shall exhibit wonders and miracles wherever you shall minister. Each of you shall receive Gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to My will. My words shall pour forth from your lips with such power that all who hear shall be drawn to Me. Through you I shall manifest such miracles of healing, as has never yet been seen. Know that through your fervent prayers the destiny of nations can be changed and peace shall previal. O, yes, as prophesied by the prophets of old, wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilences and earthquakes shall be prevalent the world over but your faithful prayers can change the course of these destructive events. Be mindful of My Scriptures for have I not


He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions. (Psa. 107:20)

Beloved, My love is poured out in great measure upon each of you which shall result in your having a great love for all with whom you come in contact. You will grieve for the pain and sickness in their bodies, you will sorrow for them as they seem to have nowhere to turn in their trials. You will begin to pray with all who have sickness in their bodies and see healing take place. As you speak to them of what I have provided for them you shall witness them asking you to pray for them. I shall provide for all in need as you pray for them. You shall see all dissension in churches go as you pray for them, and peace shall prevail.

My precious ones, even though your prayers have reached me for many years and I have answered them according to My will, the time has now come when the power of My Spirit shall descend upon you and the answer to many of your prayers shall be instant.

Be Strong and Courageous

Mary Clark

Be strong and courageous, for I am surely with you. I am with you, and I will hold you secure in Me.

In days of old, men walked seeking after the heart of the living God in a way that is not understood by men today. Men walked according to My promises. My promises were just and true then, just as they are today. But know this, beloved: You have the better covenant. You have a covenant of great purity. The purity lies in My shed blood on your behalf. The purity lies in My accomplishment for you.

My heart is to move you forward. I want you to know this with a certainty. I want you to cling to this truth with all of your heart. I am with you. Be strong! Be courageous. I am on your side, just as I was on the side of your forefathers. I am on your side, and I will see you arrive safely into your inheritance of glory. I will see you arrive into that place of wonder in Me.

What is this place like? What must you expect? I tell you, beloved, the fruit in this place is beyond your expectation. The soil in this land is rich for planting, and yields a high crop.

So do not despair when the enemy tells you that this territory is filled with giants. Do not despair! For I am with you, holding you secure, and this territory belongs to the Lord God Almighty and His chosen, and every where you place your foot belongs to you, beloved. It belongs to you, for I have spoken My heart on this matter, and My truth remains. My truth lives forever.

I am calling for My children to come forward into formation. I have prepared this formation for you to apprehend the enemy and his cohorts. This is the hour when truth will arise in your hearts in a spectacular way. So get your hearts ready to enter the promised inheritance. Get ready to MOVE, beloved. I want you ready to move Ė NOW!!!

My Precious Jewels

Bill Burns

Do you understand that you, My people, are My precious jewels? I have hidden you away in My treasure chest for such a time as this. Now I bring you forth into the glory of My light that will be reflected through you and shine forth from you to touch those who are lost and dying and hurting. The light in you will show them the path that is before them that has been hidden in darkness from them. You will be a living stone, a testimony of My kingdom. It is written that the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" It is for this reason that I give unto you the light and make you My jewels that will show forth the radiance of the resurrected life. You too will say, "Come; come and let me show you the way into the kingdom and resurrection life; let me show you the King that I serve.


Jordan's Descent

Robin Paisley

Oh the sweet, sweet fragrance found at the feet of our King, the aroma is of an ancient dwelling, time and place that no earthly scent could ever replace.

All of a sudden I began to hear the sound of a mighty river rushing through the nail holes of our Master's feet, a deep, deep river about to explode! I then saw a vision of many men and woman who have found rest at the feet of our Lord and their tears have been stored in the nail holes creating a deep reservoir of water, a well of tears. I then heard the voice of the King echo with much force, a holy violence to release the tears for the healing of many peoples and many nations! All at once there was a shaking in the heavens as two very large angels appeared carrying the cross of Jesus and their banners read Abundance. There was such a holy reverence, a sudden hush in the heavens as they placed it gently beside our Lord. There stood the cross, the old rugged cross where our dear Savior suffered and died and here He stood again, this time kneeling.

I began to hear a cry unlike any cry I have ever heard before, that resounded through out the heavens and the earth, causing many mountains to shake and rivers to flow, it was the cry from the very heart of Jesus. His tears began to pour out for His children everywhere, such love emanated from His being, thick like honey creating a tear, a Holy dividing and the cross opened up like an old ancient door. The warmth that illuminated from the cross drew me in, drew me much closer into the Father's heart than I have ever been before. I could hear His heartbeat like the sound of a beating drum, with precise rhythm and denotation. Inside the cross I could see many scrolls neatly shelved in the order of deliverance and empty spots marked 'delivered' 'executed' and 'bestowed.' Each of the scrolls was tied with different colored cords and each marked with a title of inheritance. I then saw Jesus take a scroll marked 'Judgment' and cross out its name, He then placed it on a shelf where it was instantly consumed. I saw the Father's hand tremble as He again touched the scrolls marked with doom, I could feel His heart aching for all of us and I was immediately beckoned to pray more, to cry out in repentance. Jesus then took out a scroll marked 'Jordan' and gave it to the angels who opened it long, opened it wide. And as the stretching of the scroll began I could a hear a shout, a trumpets blast of thunder resonating through out the heavens, 'The Jordan, The Jordan, the descent of Jordan has begun!" Just then a mighty rushing river of tears began to pour forth from the nail-scarred feet of our Master that opened up the heavens. This river of tears began to pour out over all the peoples, over all the nations; through out the byways and the highways, the healing river of tears began to cover the earth.

And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: (Matthew 3:16)

The name Jordan in Heb.Yarden, "the descender;" Arab. Nahr-esh-Sheriah, "the watering-place"

Gathering of Eagles


Gertrude Jensen

Hope; I bless you with it today. Your spirit longs for Me and I shall fill it. My Spirit comes to you this day in a way as never before, even greater than in the upper room. Open your heart to Me, invite Me to come as Your Lord and Savior. I will answer that prayer beyond what you can imagine.

Lay down those things that keep you from Me. You believe that without them you cannot live. Let Me show you life in My Spirit! Such peace, such joy, all for you, rest in Me those of you who are heavy burdened, comfort is within Me for those of you who grieve.

I am the I AM and I have called you. You are as important to Me as Abraham. You are a Sara waiting for the blessing of life, in spite of how things seem. I bless you. I lay My Hand on you. I wash the scales from your eyes and I open your ears. Stand up and walk in My Name. I have come that you might live.

So rejoice--get on your knees and open your hearts to Me that I might bless you! So be it.

Who Is Your Allegiance To?

Jeanne Kruchowski

Whom do you owe your allegiance to?

I am very troubled at those who pledge their "allegiance" to a country, a flag, a party, a man.

These are those who will follow the evil leaders of the coming days, standing for a traditional belief rather than accept that the only allegience you owe is to Me.

Countries change, flags change, parties change and men change, but I the Lord of Heaven and Earth DO NOT CHANGE! I change not.

So beware, lest you fall into the trap of the evil one and "pledge" your allegiance to anything or anyone but Me, the Creator, HaShem, the High and Holy One, who created everything that exists.

That which you see before you is all from Me, there is no other god but Me.

If you pray to a man will he save you? If you pray to a party will they save you?

If you pray to a flag will it save you? If you pray to a country will it save you?

ONLY I CAN SAVE YOU, because in Me is Life, Life overflowing and abundant. Creative life.

That which no god or evil one can give you!


Jeanne Kruchowski

Love For the Brethren Olivia Long Love for the brethren... You know you have passed from death unto life if you truly possess it.

Do you truly possess it or are you full of yourselves wanting to have your own way?

Love for the brethren, for My sake!! "By this shall men know that you are My disciples if you love one another."

I cannot make it any clearer than this and to take it a step further the consequences are equally clear that though you speak with the tongues of angels, have the knowledge of all mysteries, walk in miracles having zeal for the truth ... yet... if you do not have love for the brethren you are as sounding brass or tinkling cymbals.

You may make a great noise in the quest for truth BUT IN MY SIGHT - your faith is dead !!!!

The I AM has given you truth and that truth is that the brethren are to dwell together in peace and harmony.

You are NOT to bear grudges in your own heart against any of your fellow brethren!!

You are NOT to retaliate with words spoken against them to others!!!

You ARE to love them as you love yourselves and to provide for their needs whenever it is in your power to do so for how can you have My love in you when you refuse to help your needy brother?

If you truly love ME, then you will love the brethren, it's as simple as that.

I am about to usher in My Glory but do not be deceived My beloved, I WILL have love amongst the brethren.

I say again, I WILL ABIDE NOT the contentions, discord and schisms in your hearts!

I WILL ABIDE NOT your pride, jealousy or control over others!

I WILL ABIDE NOT the unrighteous judgment that works from your own flesh!

You must learn to resolve differences without harboring bitterness, resentment or anger.

For those who have spoken out against their brethren, I SHALL EXECUTE JUSTICE!!!!

Your mouth speaks forth blessings and cursings. For those who have spoken against any of your brethren to others, REPENT NOW for by your words you shall see My justice and I WILL EXECUTE JUSTICE!!!!

I am a Holy God, a God of Righteousness and Justice. I employ you now to seek righteousness in every area of your walk.

Ask forgiveness and repent now for words spoken against any of your brethren and seek restitution where it is possible.

If My words are not heeded, you WILL see My Divine Justice!

To those of you who have been maligned by your brethren, let it go, do not try to fix it!

I Am your defender, therefore do not try to fix that which is MY responsibility.

I alone shall lift you up, I and I alone.... No one, I say it again, No one can stop the destiny that I have for those who truly follow Me in every way.

Olivia Long

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