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April 6, 2004

A Day Of Deeper Consecration

Yolanda Ballard

Rest your weary head upon My brow and draw close, My little lambs, for I come to lead you by streams of living water where I will reveal My grace and truth to you to prepare you for what is ahead. Let go and allow Me to be King of all kings and Lord of all lords to you. Let Me have total control of all that concerns you, and rest in My faithfulness to provide all your needs. Seek Me and worship Me in the beauty of holiness for this is the day for new beginnings. Let the past melt away.

Forgive all who have offended you, and bless them with My peace. Yes, bless them that they may know Me and My ways. For when you forgive, you release them from the snare of the evil one, and you commit them into My care. And bless them that they may know of My saving grace that I AM their Savior and their Lord and that I came that they may have life abundantly.

Now, My children, I want you to receive My blessing of peace and prosperity. Receive My healing power that you may be whole. And step aside that I may live My life through you. Yes, let Me show you how you should live where you can have joy unspeakable and be full of My glory. For I AM ready to ascend on high to pull down the strongholds of the evil one. For you have remained faithful to worship Me enabling Me to be first in your lives. This gives Me great power to overcome the evil one over your home and communities and yes, over your state and nation. For when you praise Me, you crush the evil one under your feet, and allow him to be My footstool, for we are one and we work together when you obey Me and My will.

I can do nothing to overcome the evil one without you being by My side for you are My bride, and forevermore we shall be together. But now is time of great warfare, and there will be great loss for those who try to make it on their own. You cannot have great faith without relationship with Me. Yes, I have defeated the evil one at the cross, and it is finished. We have the victory by faith, but you must apply this to your life. Be sanctified unto Me. Walk in My holiness and obedience to My will. Worship Me as a way of life. Love Me, My holy ones, by loving the brethren. Die to your flesh, and allow My resurrection power to flow out, and My love will surely repel the evil one.

For this is the day of salvation, and the choice is yours to make. I came to save your whole man, and make My life a reality to you every day. Without My love you are nothing. Without My Spirit you have no life. Without My breath, life will end, so draw near, for there is no life outside of the Vine, so consecrate yourselves unto Me this day. No turning back for this is the time to reap the harvest, and a bumper crop indeed!

So rejoice and be glad for I give you the victory. Don't look in the natural, but continue to press in and believe, and I will keep My promise to you if you remain faithful to the end. Keep covered with the armor of light. Stay behind your shield of faith, and wield your sword against the evil one, and I will continue to bless you with the grace and the strength that you need. Stay united and continue to march in taking back what is yours as a mighty army. You are My bride, and I love you, says your King.

I Am With You

Bill Burns

You are coming out of a time of revelation of new beginnings and entering into a time of birthing of those things which I have spoken. Fear not, My children, and let not your heart abide in heaviness, for though trials and tribulations come upon the earth know absolutely that I am with you and I am for you and I will never leave you nor forsake you. I have come to lead you through the Valley of Despair. I will lead you out of hopelessness and will give you hope. I have come to be one with you so that you may know Me in a fresh way. I will reveal Myself to you not only as King of kings but I will come to you in intimacy and be your Friend and strengthen you for that which lies ahead.

I will reveal to you the mysteries of this world and the mysteries of your own life, the things that transpire that you do not understand or have reckoning of, for I know your heart more than you know your own heart. I call you to a place of trust today. If you know that you can trust Me, you will trust Me with your heart. If you heart condemns you, I am greater than your heart and the condemnation that has been heaped upon you, says the Lord.

I tell you that you will reckon and understand and see before you the place of turning, for this is a turning point, a place in which you will turn from that which has hindered you. You will have opportunities that will bring the grace to turn now from the path you have been on, from the bondage and mindsets, for it is the time for turning around and lining up with divine purpose.

Faith Tabernacle


Marsha Burns

Beloved, I want to bring you to a level of trust that you have not known, for if you have not learned to trust Me with your very life, you will certainly view those around you with suspicion. But, haven't I said that all things work together for good to those who love Me, to those who are the called according to My purpose? Then, why do you fear what man might do to you? Why do you fear being taken advantage of? Relax, and release your suspicions, and put your life in My hands and allow Me to be your refuge, your fortress, and your high tower, for I am your place of strength and protection. I will certainly show you places of danger and pitfalls if you will only trust Me to do so.

Faith Tabernacle

Give Yourself To Me

"The burning in your heart, the yearning that you have for Me is the same yearning I have for you--yes, My own heart burns with a fire for you, My little one. For I am very jealous of your love and devotion. I would not have you give it to another for I made you for Myself, to love me and worship Me, as I pour My love into your heart and life.

As I spoke to you before in St. Luke's (my church--when others prayed for me and I fell under the power of God), I will say again -- I want ALL of you, not just a part. I yearn for ALL of your heart, mind and soul. I give you ALL of Myself. All I have done--My suffering, My sacrifice, My death; yes, even My life now is ALL for you. I hold nothing back from you, my dear one. And I long for you to give me all of yourself and hold nothing back from Me.

Oh, how I long to pour all my blessings upon you and for all to see how I love you!"


I Cherish You

Dorothea Montague

My beloved people....

Indeed you are beloved in My sight. I cherish each of you in My heart. My desire is that you come to a new beginning in your walk with Me. My desire is that you listen carefully to My words of direction for each of you which will bring you onto the new path which I shall stretch before you.

O, My children, the storm clouds are gathering in the sky, strong winds are beginning to blow and soon a full scale storm shall erupt, which shall be felt throughout the entire world. Out of the storm shall come much destruction for there shall be wars and famine and pestilences and earthquakes as foretold by the prophets of old. Many of you are of the belief, "It won't come near me" but, I tell you, My children, these disasters shall occur in every part of the world. Even you who have known much affluence shall encounter these tribulations.

You have a choice, My beloved, to either go your merry way, uncaring about My words of warning or you can receive all the words of direction I shall give you and put them into being in your lives. Above all, you need to be in remembrance that I have all things under control, on earth and in heaven and that My plan for My people shall be accomplished, even in the midst of times of disaster.

O, My children, you can either choose to seek My direction on how to prepare to meet the storms headlong or you can ignore the approaching storm clouds and bring future suffering upon yourselves.

I love you, My people, and I yearn to provide protection for you but I require that you be willing to follow My direction for you. Begin to record the names of those around you who are poor in this world's goods, those who are elderly and sick in body and cannot make preparation on their own and begin to gather food and clothing for the time when they shall be in need. Gather together with other Christians in your midst and share the guidance which I have given to each of you. Some of you will prefer to prepare on your own and others will choose involvement in a group effort in making preparation..

I urge you, My children, not to procrastinate in your efforts to prepare. The clouds are about to break into great storms and you could find yourselves too late in following My directions. Sources of food could be emptied overnight and you would not know where to turn.

Again, I tell you, My beloved, seek My precious promises, found in My Word....

Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His mercy, to deliver their souls in death, and to keep them alive in famine. (Psalm 33:8,9)

My promises are true and even to those of My people who choose not to prepare I shall surely keep you alive in famine and safe from pestilences and protect you in the midst of wars, even as I shall do for those who are obedient to My direction.

I am calling you, My precious ones, calling you to sit at My feet to receive the direction I have for each of you and then to go and do.

I am calling you, My children, to speak My salvation to all who cross your path. I am coming soon and then it shall be forever too late to reach them for Me.

I am calling you, My people, to walk in the healing anointing I have given you, to pray for all whom you meet, with disease and infirmity in their bodies and see My hand of healing touch them.

I am calling you, My beloved, to be in obedience to all I have spoken to you and to prepare in the spiritual realm and in the physical realm to go through the storms with Me.

You Have Turned The Corner

Susan Cummings

You have turned the corner.

You have not only changed, but have now begun to walk in a new direction. You cannot look back, as there is nothing behind you that is familiar.

The old has now changed, and the former can no longer be viewed from where you are.

The only place is forward. For the new surroundings and challenges have not yet been experienced by you, and have no bearing on your memories or emotions, so you cannot judge by the former methods.

You must now leave the judgements to Me, and trust Me in this new direction.

For I caused the shift, and I am well able to bring you on further into this new level. I know the plans that I have for you, child. Walk in them.

Now that you have changed directions, you must learn to use the new tools and the vision that I have placed within you. For it is for this cause and destiny that you are now here and moving.

So, begin to dig deep, and let out what I have placed within you. I know what you need, and where you are headed, and just what you will be doing.

Your family has turned the corner.

There is nothing that affects you that does not affect your family also.

Remain focused, and alert. For I am guiding each of you into the plans for which you all have been prepared.

There is no detail that I have missed or have forgotten, concerning you.

I am right on time. Do not look by the outward circumstances, but look within at the Promises that I have already told you and planted within your heart. My Word is True.

It will be as I have said.

Nothing can stop my plans for your family, except you. Your choices can delay, divert, and abort My Purposes for you, if you choose.

Continue on in Me. Walk forth with the directions that I have given to you. You will understand more, as you walk with Me.

Your Nation has turned the corner.

There are times and seasons for all men, and for each nation. Each has a destiny, and a given charge to fulfill.

But each can choose to go their own way if they choose to. That is the freedom of Will that I have lovingly given to each of my creations. But, each will also reap what they choose.

Your nation has chosen, and will experience much sorrow over their choices.

For the testimony of your country is not Holy or as a Light of Truth to the nations.

I am not the true God of corporate America. They have made themselves as gods and as free thinkers and as their own light.

The Truth is what they decide it will be. My Word does not change, nor is it alterable by men. Men have chosen to make it into what they want. But that does not change it at all.

The reaping has already begun to compile and the fruits of their choices will compound and become very dark, as they receive that which they have embraced.

Much upheaval and confusion and chaos will be seen as men come to the brink of their delusions and the repercussions will be costly.

There is no clear Standard of Truth visible in your land, as the church has not risen up to stand or to seek Me on behalf of your land.

They only care for their comfort and pleasures.

But that is about to change. The comforts and pleasures will not satisfy anymore, nor will they be readily available as before.

For I Am confronting the materialism and apathy of My People.

I am confronting the pride of men in this land. There will be no glory or pleasure in this new season and new direction. It will be a sober time, and a time of searching.

It will be as My Word has stated, that men would run to and fro looking for the Truth and not finding it, as they never wanted it or embraced it at first.

But chose to disregard Me and go after their hearts pleasures.

So they will have what they want, but it will be devoid of Me.

The corner has finally come, but what will men do, as they come face to face with Me?

-Susan Cummings

Let Us Draw Together

Marcy Kotyk

Your desire to spend time with Me is wonderful. I know your mind is busy, but believe, and know that I am able to speak to you over that noise. I am God, and My desire is to commune with you. Do you see? Your willing heart and desire is what I seek.

I love you and there are times when I will say to you sweet loving things. I always feel them towards you. There are times when I give you stern correction and direction -- but that is always within My embrace.

Be at peace, and know that I am God. This time with Me is water to your soul. It refreshes and renews. I delight in you. My Holy Spirit is sent to comfort you, and to lead you. My will be done. Blessings to you My child. I have placed my river of life within you.

In Christ

Timothy Glendenning

Eph. 1:10.---'All things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth; even in him.'

God's great purpose of unity is to be effected 'in Christ. . . . even in him' Bring all separated things within the influence of Christ, whose work it is to 'draw all men unto' Him, and they become inspired with life, and pervaded by new and inconceivable strength; and in the power of the common possession they are brought into happy and harmonious fellowship. The isolated members are filled with the energy of the Holy Spirit, and by the strength of that pervasive influence they become one. Christ creates unanimity by first of all creating magnanimity; He fills the individual member with His own Spirit, and so makes all the members of one mind. He gathereth together in one all things in Himself. Let us look at some of the scattered things which find their unity in Him.

Look at our personal self. Here is a divided kingdom. It is full of sundered members and powers which often plunge the being into a state of civic insurrection, member fighting against member in dire hostility. There is distraction and division where there ought to be harmony. There is conscience, there is will, there is imagination, there is desire, there is all the varied agency of passion. And then there are the outer powers---all the means of expression by which we are endowed, the gift of speech, the language of gesture, and all the many agencies by which thought is conveyed from one to another. Then there are the senses, and along with these the hungers and thirsts and cravings of the flesh. All these many and varied capacities are often waging warfare in the life, and producing the discord of revolt.

All these things must be gathered together in one in Christ. The coming of the King into the riven being is the secret of unity. Before the conductor comes to lead the orchestra every member of the band appears to do as he likes. One instrument proclaims one note, and another another, and there is discord and confusion. But when the conductor appears, the individual wills of the members are subdued to his own, and the one will controls the host. And when the Lord Christ comes into man's being, when every instrument has been playing for itself without any cooperation with the rest, and has produced jarring discords and pains, the strength of His own controlling purpose restrains the individual rioting, and brings the disorderly orchestra into fellowship and harmony. But the illustration is imperfect and inadequate: when Christ comes into the life He not only controls, He pervades the instrumentalists! His Spirit enters the conscience and Christianizes it; it enters the will and Christianizes it; it Christianizes the emotions, the affections, the senses, and Christianizes even the flesh. The Lord Christ cannot dwell in human bodies without the very bodies themselves being sanctified. 'Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?' And so when He comes into the life distraction gives place to unity, discord becomes harmony, and the once alien powers kneel together round a common head. he gathered 'together in one all things in Christ.'

Turn to the sphere of the home. How frequently home is a divided kingdom, its members severed by deep gulfs, living in a spirit of unlovely isolation. There are many things in home life to create division. There are differences in body. Some members of the family are physically strong and others are physically weak. One member has nerves like steel, while another has nerves like the tender strings of a violin. One is comparatively coarse-grained and is untroubled by trifling shocks; another is finely organized and trembles sensitively like an Arab steed. Where there are these differences in bodily constitution there is abundant scope for misunderstanding and strife. And then there are differences in temperament. One member is of bilious temperament, and is possessed by strong passions. Another is lymphatic; life is heavy and flabby, and all its movements, vital, mental and volitional, are sleepy and sluggish. Another member is nervous and therefore irritable, alert and superfine in mind and body. A fourth is of the sanguine temperament, active and ardent, full of impulse, but perhaps lacking in tenacity. Where these differences of temperament prevail there is grave matter for the creation of alienation and division. Then there are differences in gifts. One member of the family has mechanical aptitudes and is little disposed to study; another has no taste for practical workmanship, he immures himself in books. A third member of the family is artistic and gives herself to music or to art, while a fourth has nothing of the artistic sense and is absorbed in purely domestic concerns. Here again the differences may make for cleavage.

The members of a family are like sundered units; how can they be gathered together?' All things must be 'gathered together in one in Christ. The different members of the family must be Christ-ruled and Christ-pervaded. The temperament must be Christianized; the gifts must be sanctified, and in this common spirit the uniting fellowship will be found. Not that all individualities will be erased, and that many lives will be as indistinctive as so many billiard balls! When the Lord comes into the life the individualities are not suppressed; they are illumined and glorified. Christ is the Head of the family; scattered members find their communion in Him. The miracle is being worked every day; the comming of the Lord into the home and the possession by each of its members of the Spirit of Christ converts the home into heaven.

It is not propriety nor outward perfectness by which we may know the Christian home first of all. It is the Christian spirit rather, the spirit of humility, the spirit of forgiveness, the spirit of readiness to be reconciled; it is the spirit of the self-effacingness and all-lovingness of the cross. The Fifity-first Psalm, the Beatitudes of Jesus, the Master's prayer on the cross, these are all tokens of that mind which ought to distinguish the Christian home.

It is the same if we turn to another sphere and contemplate the divisions of society. How great and deep are the dividing gulfs! There are social divisions separating men into rich and poor, into employers and employed. There are the gulfs created by culture, dividing society into literate and the illiterate, the mentally dark and the mentally illumined. And there are the ecclesiastical gulfs separating men into sect and sect, and often placing them in fierce and relentless antagonism.

How shall all these scattered members become one, and cooperate in smooth and progressive fellowship? They can only be gathered together in one in Christ. Nothing else can fashion the unity. Legislation may arrange just relationships, but it can never create the spirit of love. Legislation may create juxtaposition; it is never creative of fellowship. And material forces may coerce, but they cannot inspire. And if these united and hostile members are to become one, the unifying minister must pervade the temper and the spirit, and the communion must be accomplished in the secret place. It is even so with the divided sects; we shall become one 'in Christ,' not in the expression of common dogmas, not in the utterance of precisely similar creeds, and still less in the common observations of similar cerimonies, but in devotion to a Person, in living fellowship and communion with the Christ.

But the unity is to be larger than the things 'on earth .' it is to be inclusive of the things 'which are in heaven and which are on earth.' We are to be all one in Christ! The pilgrim of time, toiling along the stony ways of earth, is one with the dweller in the unseen who contemplates his Master face to face! The Christian on this side the river, and the Christian who has crossed, are one. They drink at the same fountain, they commune with the same Lord, they draw their inspiration from the same Head. Death makes no division here. This is a beautiful and inspiring evangel, which takes away many of the pangs of bereavement, and leaves the blessedness of the deepest communion untouched and undisturbed.

In Christ. timothy.

Our Lord Comes

Prayer: Our First Responsibility

A. W. Tozer

I rise before the dawning of the morning, and cry for help; I hope in Your word. My eyes are awake through the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word. -Psalm 119:147-148

Briefly, the way to escape religion as a front is to make it a fount. See to it that we pray more than we preach and we will never preach ourselves out. Stay with God in the secret place longer than we are with men in the public place and the fountain of our wisdom will never dry up. Keep our hearts open to the inflowing Spirit and we will not become exhausted by the outflow. Cultivate the acquaintance of God more than the friendship of men and we will always have abundance of bread to give to the hungry.

Our first responsibility is not to the public but to God and our own souls. God Tells the Man Who Cares, 115-116.

"Lord, why does our first responsibility so easily get crowded out? Quiet me today that this first thing might get the time and attention it deserves. Amen."

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