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May 1, 2002

The Near Future

Mona McReynolds

Dear folks, These are a few things I feel I have been shown in my spirit that are taking place now and will be in the near future. Being that we are a prophetic community, I share this in hopes that you will "as prophets" or those with prophetic insight judge and respond accordingly....

  1. He is increasing signs and wonders to his servants...because they have need of them as we are moving into a time where He is going to speak to us in that manner more so than he has in the past and will begin to demonstrate His power (and not to entertain people or because His people want Him to, but for His own purposes and His glory) Unfortunately, most of these will be demonstrations and signs of His judgments and righteousness displayed. The FEAR AND AWE of God are going to become manifest and restored to the Body. Also, He has allowed the "counterfeits" for a season from the worldly and occult quarters....but just as the magicians rods (snakes) were eaten by Moses rod, so shall the counterfeit not be able to withstand God's power. They will be swallowed up by God's great glory!

  2. The separation and judgment even in the Body and prophetic community has already begun and the "fur is flying". People's attitudes and true colors are coming up to the surface and are being exposed. The real person and character are being allowed to show through...and this in all of us. There is a difference between someone ministering out of wounds and hurts and in the process of healing and those who are full of bitterness, envy, spite, hatred, deception, rebellion, stubbornness, blindness, etc but try to hide it not only from themselves but God as well. Again, Truth will be criticized as "judgmentalism" and not received for the truth and light that it is.... God is calling for repentance and truth in the inward parts. When God's spirit of justice and burning goes through the land, well, yes it is going to sound like judgmentalism because it will be his assessment and judging of things. The spirit of the Lord is turning up the heat and forcing issues to the surface that we ALL might partake of and receive the "cleansing" that is needed and that He so graciously provides for us. In the scripture they were told to put away all "leaven" from their homes. Leaven as we know represents a cleansing from sin and evil. In the new testament it says that we are to eat the bread of "sincerity and truth"

    1Cr 5:8 Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened [bread] of sincerity and truth.

    Repentance is being called for in every area and a steadfastness and a standing on solid ground receiving the truth in the inward parts and letting the light shine in areas of darkness. We might not like what we see and so maybe a little uncomfortable at times. Want to ask me how I know?:)

  3. Those who have been hidden are now arising and being place in positions of ministry (no matter how small) and established by His own hand. The enemy and counterfeits and "wanna bes" are not happy about this and can read the signs of their impending doom. Therefore they are putting up a fight and attacking in attempts to hold on to their positions. Some have been placed where they are by the Lord but are losing their position because of stubbornness, pride, unfaithfulness, etc. The ride is over and the gravy train is no longer running. (oh maybe for a while but the anointing will dry up and all that will be left is a form) All the recipes have been used up and the various methods they will have to work hard to come up with something new and inventive now to continue to deceive the followers and hold their loyalty. You know what the sad part about that is? He will allow them to do so and continue on in their folly. What a shame. Inside, they know the glory of the Lord has departed but will continue with the charade anyway.

  4. The fortune telling and psychic aspect of spiritual things along with the fleshly demonstrations and showiness of the flesh will continue but will be discerned and dealt with by God Himself through His true prophets and by His Holy Spirit. The scriptures warn us of the great signs and wonders that will be performed by the antichrist so as "to deceive even the elect" if possible. As Annanias and Saphira were dealt with, so will many be. This will be a part of his justice and restoring AWE and a holy FEAR. He will ALLOW some to continue on as before because He has simply given them up to their own lusts to do those things which are not of Him but stem from the flesh. He will allow the wheat and tares to grow together until the time of harvest. In the meantime those with a trained eye and ear will recognize the wheat from the tares and will be able to interpret the things of God correctly and in due season..

  5. There is a "holy hush" coming....the mouths of the prophets will be "closed" or sealed as part of the judgment of God on his people. The "word of the Lord" will be scarce. People will run to and fro seeking a "word from the Lord" and will not find any. God will allow His word to be given at His leading, not at mans and there will personal or private ministry as sincere hearts come before God seeking. Those who continue to prophesy out of their own spirits will be like the Emperor with no clothes on....everyone will see his nakedness and be embarrassed for them. There is a scripture that says a spirit approached the Father and said I will go forth and be a lying spirit in his mouth...and the Lord said...yes, and you will succeed in bringing about the deception. So, God will allow those who want to be deceived to be deceived. His anointing and blessing will rest on those who truly love and serve Him with sincere hearts.

1Ki 22:22 And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade [him], and prevail also: go forth, and do so.

1Ki 22:23 Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee.

2Ch 18:21 And he said, I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And [the LORD] said, Thou shalt entice [him], and thou shalt also prevail: go out, and do [even] so.

2Ch 18:22 Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil against thee.

These are just some of the coming events that I have seen and heard in my spirit so wanted to share with you to see if this confirms anything you may have received.


God's grace and peace be with you.
Mona McReynolds

Word of Promise

Linda Carper

O my people have you waited so long that you would now turn away from me. Have you for so long awaited the promise that "Once more I will pour out my Spirit upon you, your sons and your daughters? Would you turn away at this time in despair, just when the time has come that you have long waited for?

I know it has been hard. I know you have struggled, wondering "How long O Lord, will you leave us here forever." You have said many times the Lord has brought us into a dry and barren land and there is no water. There is no life and there is on vegetation.

But, I the Lord would say to you look again! Open your eyes unto the harvest, for it is white, it is ripe and they are coming, the lost, the wounded, the outcast, they are coming. They are coming and there will not be enough room. You will surely have to expand your boarder to the right and to the left.

Yes you have wondered if you really heard me in days past. You have said many times, many times, "How long O Lord, will you forget me forever?" And I would say, open your eye, for NOW is the time. NOW is the time to lead my people into worship. Take them into my presence, into the holy of Holies.

But as I began to bless you, remember from which you have come. Remember how I have led you and do not turn to the left or the right. Do not rely on the old garments, for I will surely give you a new garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Suddenly, I will turn your mourning into dancing and you will put off your sackcloth and My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. This is that, which I spoke of to the Prophet Joel (3:18), And it will come to pass in that day that the mountains shall drip with new wine. The hills shall flow with milk, and all the brooks of Judah shall be flooded with water;

Let Him Have It

Paula Sellars

The Lord would say to you, "why are you carrying that burden when you dont have to?" Its heavy and tiring and He says He wants to carry it for you, but you need to let Him have it. The thing is you are so use to carrying it you almost dont notice anymore how heavy it is. He wants to lift it and carry it for you. Ask Him for help if you have trouble letting it go, and as you let it go, as He lifts it you will find a place of peace and rest. For we don't always see the whole picture, but if we are carrying these burdens we won't hear Him singing His love song to us, we wont hear His knocking when He comes to your door. For He would remind you that His burden is light.


Jane Larsen

But Sihon king of Heshbon refused to let us pass through. For the Lord your God had made his spirit stubborn and his heart obstinate in order to give him into your hands, as he has now done. Deut 2:30

There are no obstacles on the path that I have placed you, only victories. Do not look at the size of what hinders you, look at me, Almighty God. In your hand I have placed a sword, in your mouth is my word, in front of you is Victory. Your feet are shod with peace, your helmet is of salvation. I supply all that you need to conquer what lies ahead.

Go from strength to strength. It is not your strength that is needed, for I give you mine in your time of need, your time of warring, your time of marching forward. While others fall around you, march on. When others hold back, march on. When others try to stop you, march on, for I have placed you on this path and I will direct you in all your ways.

Do not grow weary, do not look away. Before you is the crown, before you is the victory, before you is the Kingdom. I have set your feet on safe ground, I have made a way in the wilderness, a path in the desert, an oasis from the heat. I will sustain you. I will be with you all the way.

I know what stands in the path in front of you. I walked there before you. I ensured you would be safe. I prepared you for such a time as this, and supplied all you would need to see you through. Angels guard you, my word empowers you, the enemy will flee from you. Do not stop along the way nor be distracted by what you see. Victory is mine.

Ministry Structures

By Bob Long


In February of this year, while I was attending Barbara Wentrobles conference in Dallas the Lord began to speak to me very clearly. There were many of us at the altar or at least in the area and it was one of those wonderful "blow out "prophetic meetings we all love so much. My friend Sam Brassfield was just lost in prophetic anointing and unction and was releasing songs and words from the Lord over many of the leaders and ministry team. Not too long before Sam got started, Barbara had looked over at me and asked me if I had anything prophetic to release. At that moment I didn’t really have much stirring in me but not too much later, as I looked at the many hundreds of people crowded at the front and how full the conference room was, something dramatic went off in me. I began to be keenly aware of the intense spiritual hunger and stirred spiritual passion that permeated the room. Barbara’s conference had about 800 people present and most of the ( like our own Rally Call conferences) people gathered there were leaders and intercessors. It was as if suddenly I could feel the hunger….feel the need for MORE… feel the need for the freedom expressed and experienced here to be available in allllllllll the geographical regions represented by these hungry and passionate people. In the blink of an eye I could hear the sound of all the intercession that had gone forth in so many of these lives. I could hear the heartfelt sighing and sobbing over their own cities. I could hear them groaning in frustration over the LACK of freedom in the prophetic, over the lack of acceptance of the apostolic, over the limitations upon the worship, and over the domination of man made structures and programs in the church in their region. I could hear them before the Lord saying "why cant it be in my home church like it is here?" I could hear the sound, feel the passionate anguish of intercessors pouring their hearts out before the Lord over these issues. My own deep emotion and burden over these issues begin to rise up inside as the Holy Spirit continued to release this revelation within me.

Suddenly …… the Spirit of the Lord spoke these words to me in the midst of what I have just described. "There are existing structures (ministries and churches) that at this moment look very prosperous and successful that have been and are now resisting Me by resisting the restoration truths that I have been releasing to My Church. Twelve months from now many of those structures will no longer exist and twelve months from now others of them will no longer be prospering or appearing successful. There are ALSO structures that do not even exist right now that will not only exist 12 months from now but will be established ( stable) and advancing in restoration and reformation truth. Their fruit and their prosperity will be obvious to all and it WILL be of Me. There are also existing structures that are following Me and flowing in obedience to the restoration and reformation truths I have been releasing yet they appear weak, insignificant and impoverished. 12 months from now many of those structures will be fruitful, influential and prosperous"

I THEN was made to understand that this that is going to come about is in direct response to an inner process and an outer statement among the people of God. The Lord simply said to me in that moment…. " My people have gone from only "sighing" (simple frustration) before Me about mans control in the Church to "sobbing" (travail and desperation) before Me. NOW I am in the process of answering their cry for reformation and liberation in My House. There is NOW a "shouting" that shall come forth from My people…the shout like the shout before the walls of Jericho, the shout like the shout of the Gideon company….the shout of declaration and deliverance. My people are now moving on from sighing, even from sobbing and now they shall release the shout of authority and vengeance (deliverance!!) against the demonic forces that have empowered and sustained the government of Saul within THE Church AND they shall release the shout of declaration of the will of God ….a two fold release"

Please refer to: Exodus 2:23, Judges 2:18, Ezekiel 9 and Proverbs 29:2 regarding the Sigh

Please refer to: Exodus 3:9, Psalm 6:8 regarding the Sob

Please refer to: Joshua 6 and Judges 2 regarding the Shout

Saints, this is the hour, this is the time….it IS time to AWAKE, ARISE, ADVANCE and PURSUE !! Pursue Gods will in your ministry and in His Church as never before! Pursue the enemy….advance on him…..engage him and take back the realms he has trespassed in! Watch and pray as we see God bring sovereign shifting and restructuring in the land.

Bob Long
From Trumpet Call Bulletin

We Were Brethren

George Davis

I tell you most assuredly that we shall never see the true dynamic of God without a return to true servanthood. And furthermore that we shall never see true servanthood until we are saved-made whole-healed of the mental madness caused by the false logic of ecclesiastical hierarchism. Until we know the therapy of the cross. It is crystal clear as we look back over church history that there has never been a substantial move of God that sprang out of the institutional church. Except as God would move those with hearing ears and willing hearts out of the status quo to strip them of the befouled logic of hierarchism and bring them as brothers and sisters to a place of equality at the foot of the cross.

Any true Spirit outpouring must be preceded by such a striping or repentance. Such was the case at the Azusa St. outpouring in 1906. There is much to be learned from the events that lead up to what was undoubtedly, to date, the greatest Spirit awakening in American history, and also what marked its demise. Below are some excerpts taken from "Another Wave Rolls In" written by Frank Bartlemen, an eyewitness who experienced firsthand the glorious freedom and power that follows such a stripping.

"...We had no pope or hierarchy. We were brethren. We had no human program; the Lord Himself was leading. We had no priest class, nor priest craft. These things have come in later, with the apostatizing of the movement. We did not even have a platform or pulpit in the beginning. All were on a level. The ministers were servants, according to the true meaning of the word. We did not honor men for their advantage in means or education, but rather for their God-given gifts. He set the members in the Body.

"The services ran almost continuously. Seeking souls could be found under the power almost any hour of the night or day. The place was never closed nor empty. The people came to meet God...He was always there. Hence a continuous meeting. The meeting did not depend on the human leader. God's presence became more and more wonderful. In that old building, with its low rafters and bare floors, God took strong men and women to pieces, and put them together again, for His glory. It was a tremendous overhauling process. Pride and self-assertion, self-importance and self-esteem could not survive there. The religious ego preached its own funeral sermon quickly.

"No subjects or sermons were announced ahead of time, and no special speakers for such an hour. No one knew what might be coming, what God would do. All was spontaneous, ordered of the Spirit. We wanted to hear from God, through whomever He might speak. We had no respect of persons. The rich and educated were the same as the poor and ignorant, and found a much harder death to die. We only recognized God. All were equal. No flesh might glory in His presence. He could not use the self-opinionated. Those were Holy Ghost meetings, led of the Lord. It had to start in poor surroundings, to keep out the selfish, human element. All came down in humility together at His feet. They all looked alike and had all things in common, in that sense at least. The rafters were low, the tall must come down. By the time they got to Azusa they were humbled, ready for the blessing. The fodder was thus placed for the lambs, not for giraffes. All could reach it.

"We were delivered right there from ecclesiastical hierarchism and abuse. We wanted God. When we first reached the meeting, we avoided as much as possible human contact and greeting. We wanted to meet God first. We got our head under some bench in the corner in prayer, and met men only in the Spirit, knowing them after the flesh' no more.

"All obeyed God, in meekness and humility. In honor we preferred one another. The Lord was liable to burst through anyone. We prayed for this continually. Someone would finally get up anointed for the message. It might be from the back seat or from the front. It made no difference..."(Emphasis mine)

You will note here that Mr. Bartlemen saw the resurgence of the "priest class, priest craft, hierarchy to be responsible for the apostatizing of the movement. Considering the glory of their former state he said "We were brethren who had no human program; the Lord Himself was leading." Can you hear the tones of grief and longing in his voice-a longing for family? "We were brethren." The power came when they were stripped of hierarchy and were ALL brought to the same level, humbled at the foot of the cross. However they were left with powerless form when someone thought to institute once again the errors of the past. A careful study of history will reveal that wherever God finds such a company of servants and brethren He grants to them.

When they obeyed our Lord's teaching "It shall NOT be so among you" they were blessed. Dear fellow Christian, "we were brethren!" O that we could be so again!

O Father deliver us from the insanity that occurs when we believe ourselves to be above our brothers and sisters. Restore to us sound minds and hearts that can love with no thought of control. That our minds would not dwell on how we might subjugate others, but upon how we may serve them-That we could truly fulfill our divine mandate of loving one another. That it might be said of us as it was of our brothers and sisters in the first and second centuries "O how they love one another." O Father make our collective lives such a wonder to the watching world! Father reveal to us "Your Holy servant Jesus," that we might gather around Him. Overwhelm our fear of the cross with a spirit-wrought passion for your glory! May we be enabled to say with your Holy servant Jesus "Father, glorify Your name." That we with all confidence could say as did Paul "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory, which shall be revealed in us." (Romans 8:18) We ask these things in the name of Your Holy Servant Jesus.

from "Arch Madness" by
"In Search of a City"

Received From: joyuslion
To: Storm-Harvest Ministries

The Remnant

Glenn H. Jackson

Let us hear the words of the Father:

"THERE SHALL BE A REMNANT WHOSE ENTIRE LIVES ARE CONTINUALLY CAST UPON ME" ...."As much as this last generation in the "world" shall be a generation of those whose "faith" is in their own ability to survive and prosper in the earth so shall it be in My spotless and glorious Church, that all those who truly love Me shall gain a continually deeper revelation of the Cross. While on one hand those who follow after the "flesh" glory in their "self-accomplishment" even many who attempt to do "My works" in "My Name", on the other hand there shall be a "remnant" whose entire lives are continually cast upon Me and while one group becomes "submerged" in great darkness, the other shall "bask" in My glorious light and they shall be pure vessels of My love and life to a darkened world.


Many of those whom I have called to positions of delegated authority have forsaken My Word for the approval of men and they cherish "self-esteem, thinking that in some way they themselves can accomplish My work. But truly I say to you, My works can only be accomplished by those who are "wholly" in Christ, those wholly given to Me, spirit, soul and body. These words which I have spoken shall become evident as wave after wave of My Spirit is poured forth upon "all" flesh. Watch closely the lives of those that I shall point out to you and you shall see time after time that I shall "permit" them to be afflicted in the very areas they have forsaken dependence upon Me, and in each case they will be brought to one of two choices: to either repent in great "sorrow" for their "idolatry" (self-desire), and thus become partakers of My mercy and grace, that they might walk in their remaining time on the earth "in" My never-ending love for them, or they shall perish as if they never existed and I shall make them a "sign and wonder" to all those of My people who would dare to bow their knee to Satan - having "discarded" the glorious revelation of the "true" Christian life which even now grows continually in the hearts of all those who truly love Me. Indeed they shall "rue" the day that they set aside My Word - a rebellious action confirmed through their failure to receive those whom I sent to them - My holy apostles and prophets!"....

"I SHALL MAKE THE GLORIOUS CONNECTIONS NECESSARY IN ORDER FOR THE FULLNESS OF MY WILL TO UNFOLD IN THIS THE THIRD DAY" ...."There needs to be a "recognition" by those in My five- fold ministry (that is, the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, who are at this time walking out in the "forefront" of My Church) of those whom I have raised up in this last hour - a "last" wave of the five-fold ministry to lead My people home. And indeed I shall make the "glorious connections" necessary in order for the "fullness" of My Will to unfold in this the Third Day if they continually humble themselves before Me in My presence. But truly I say to you there are some of My servants who even now have taken it upon themselves to exalt their "position" over My will, and thus they, to a certain degree, believe that they have "arrived" and their eyes are darkened and they are not able to see and understand that there is yet one more specially chosen and called group of My bondservants and handmaidens to come forth before the "catching away" of My Church. All those who truly love Me with a whole heart, know and understand that the point of "true arrival" comes only when the fullness of their task is done and they stand before Me at the end of their "time on earth"....


...."As one truly believes on the precious Sacrifice and Resurrection of My Dear Son they become the "righteousness of God" in My sight, but it is only as they "abide" in the "Anointed One and His Anointing" that they shall have the assurance in their heart that "every" word they speak and "every" action they take is the product of a "righteousness-consciousness" abiding within them - a position which assures that everything they say and do releases the anointing (force) of righteousness. Truly I say to you, in this last hour I am raising up a group who shall minister absolute truth in the fullness of conviction and, as they go forth with My "compassion" burning in their heart the yoke-destroying, burden-removing power abiding within them shall be continually released upon all who cross their path. And "miracles" such as the earth has never seen before shall manifest to a continually greater degree and Satan and his forces shall experience a "terror" that I have reserved for them until this time. For is it not written, "Behold, the tempest of the Lord! Wrath has gone forth, a sweeping (raging) tempest; it will burst on the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of the Lord will not turn back until He has performed and until He has accomplished the intent of His heart; in the latter days you will understand this"?


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