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May 13, 2002

The Prophetic Movement In Crisis?

Andrew Strom

The Prophetic movement which began in America in the early 1980's is now twenty years old. It started with a bang (-heard around the world), but in recent years it seems to have become almost a victim of its own success. The worst excesses have occurred in America (-where the money is). I know of situations where high-profile prophetic ministers have demanded guarantees of multiple-thousands of dollars before they will even come and speak at a conference, or they have had it written into their contract that they will stay at a 5-star hotel or even be transported by limo! (I am not joking). Not to mention the plethora of "apostles" who have suddenly sprung up, most of whom used to be happy to be called 'Senior Pastor' but now feel that only the title "Apostle" will do.

I have been forced to conclude in recent times that there is a 'Prophetic Movement' in the world today that is very far removed from the word 'Prophet'. It sells truckloads of books and holds untold conferences, but at the end of the day it is a mealy-mouthed travesty of the word 'Prophetic'. It retains its popularity because it is almost always "positive" and up-lifting. The voice of an Amos or Jeremiah is rarely (if ever) heard in its ranks - let alone a "John the Baptist". It is almost never blunt or confrontational -especially about sin in the church.

There can be no denying that there are gifted men and women on the Prophetic circuit today - no question. They are gifted prophetically, they have a well-developed 'word of knowledge', and they are often talented communicators. (-The flow of jokes and anecdotes is proof of that). But what they lack is the ability to "shake" the church from her slumber. They do not speak as the oracles of God. They do not utterly pierce and challenge and convict. They will go to 80% or sometimes even 90% of the full word of the Lord, but no further. For they instinctively know that that extra 10% is the bit that will get them blacklisted or cut-off or "never invited back". They have learned to prophesy without bringing offense. They have learned to speak of a wonderful 'harvest' without going into detail about the Reformation and revolution and shaking that will accompany it. They have learned to compromise - just a little - just enough. And thus has arisen an entire generation of 'Laodicean' prophets. And the land still starves for the word of the Lord.

It is my sad belief that much that this prophetic movement has built will not survive the massive shaking that lies ahead. No movement will be immune from the sifting and judgement that I believe God has already begun to visit upon His church. For 'judgement begins at the house of God'. Even the prophets themselves will not escape this searchlight.

The tragedy of it all is that we have a Laodicean church today that is in desperate need of a word from the Lord - a cutting, piercing word to bring her to repentance - but she has never heard it. The prophets have failed to speak this word. So God is forced to once again take drastic action, as He has many times in the past. For He cannot live with a lukewarm church.

Some time ago, God gave me an analogy from the story of the children of Israel regarding the 'violent faith' that is necessary to truly take the Promised Land of Revival. He showed me that the twelve spies who went in to spy out the promised land were really just like prophets, who have been shown in the spirit what the Revival of tomorrow will be like - a land "flowing with milk and honey". However, in the end result, ONLY TWO of these spies (or prophets) -Joshua and Caleb - had the violent faith necessary to "take the kingdom by force". The other ten spies, even though they had been shown what was to come, simply did not possess the spiritual 'daring' essential to taking what God had promised. Even though they were truly prophetic (in the sense that they had been shown the land to come), they preached an insipid, compromising word, and all who trusted in them perished in the wilderness. Joshua and Caleb, the 'violent' prophets (and their families) were the only ones from that entire generation who made it through into the promised land.

What this analogy illustrates is something that is vitally important for us to understand also. Primarily, it is that THE KINGDOM MUST BE TAKEN BY FORCE. Mild, insipid, "reasonable" men can never lead the people of God into true Revival. What God really needs is violent, uncompromising warriors to lead His people into war - into taking possession of the land 'by force'. Genuine Revivals have always been the most violent, the most controversial, the most revolutionary spiritual events of their time.

What God has shown me very clearly (and this applies to all ministries who hope to have a part in the coming move of God) is that: It is not "who prophesies wins"; it is not even necessarily "who prays wins"; but rather, it is "WHO DARES WINS". This is the secret to becoming part of the new move of God. For God must have bold, daring warriors to lead His people into the coming battle. "WHO DARES WINS" applies to every would-be Revival ministry. Only those who dare will make it. And it will only be when the new 'warrior apostles' arise that true Revival will begin.

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.

Words, Words, Words

Cheri Henderson

A prophetic word here, a prophetic word there -
nebulous, fluffy, generic.
If I hear one more "word" without substance,
I'm afraid that I surely will vomit.

Either the prophets aren't hearing completely
or perhaps they're not prophets at all;
or perhaps they don't speak words with substance
for fear they'll offend (or be wrong???)

Or tainted by mammon, the word is corrupted,
as prophets speak out "for the profit".
Merchandising the anointing, they line their own pockets -
could this mockery even stir God to vomit?

There's a scripture that talks about "substance",
as we hear flesh-filled prophecies galore
and confirmations about what the future holds -
"Faith is the substance of things hoped for . . ."

Faith in the One who's already in the future,
who with accuracy and substance does speak.
If the prophets are carnal, we can trust all He says
for His Word is the lamp to our feet.

Cheri Henderson

Get Ready To Move

Mona McReynolds

I really sense in my spirit that God is getting ready to "break camp" and that we need to be watching the cloud by day.. We need to be ready to move. Have your spiritual weapons and preparations ready for His next move.

I also feel an "attack" is coming through the ranks and that we need to be ready to stand girded with truth in our mouths and spirits, and all the other armor on. Lift up your shields of faith and stand in the territory and land which God has given you victory in and defend it by His power and love. Stand strong in your faith and do not be "tossed about" by vain philosophies or by winds and waves of doctrine but let your heart be established in the truth and by grace and faith in our risen Lord's completed work.

Now is a time for discernment and keeping our eyes fixed on God and hearing specific orders and instructions. Having our spirits and hearts poised, if you will, toward heaven with our hands on the hilt of our swords ready to intercede...sort of like what Nehemiah and others did when rebuilding the walls with their weapons by their sides surrounded by daily threats from the enemy.

Also, before God led Joshua into battle with Israel, all the generation of males born out in the wilderness during that 40 years had to be circumcised at Gilgal! There had to come that separation unto God marked by a blood sacrifice as a sign of their covenant between them and God. Everyone in all generations have to come to God through the shed blood of Christ and that means our children and loved ones. They cannot ride in to the promise land on our spiritual coat tails. The pain of circumcision of our hearts from sin must be endured and felt in the identification process with the sacrificed Lamb. This calls us to the remembering of what Christ did for all of us by the shedding of His blood....He rolled away our reproach and reconciled us to the Father to fulfill the blood covenant with God. Cleansing the camp from sin and rolling the reproach off at Gilgal was a prerequisite before battle. There were days of healing before entering into the promised land but they did get healed and entered into the land of promise!. God is performing a holy rite of spiritual circumcision (a separation of holiness unto the Lord) and a rolling of the reproach off of His Body before this next battle and entering into the promised land folks. We enter in under the blood stained banner of Christ who is our Champion and Joshua!

Father, I pray for forgiveness, healing and grace for the Body. As we enter into the days ahead, please grant us discernment of Your will, grace to be prepared and obedient hearts, and the power and ability to follow you where ever You lead. Grant us courage, wisdom, and unity to be what You are calling us to be at this point in time. Lord, have mercy and hear our prayers! In Jesus's Name Amen.

Respectfully submitted,
Your fellow servant -

Mona McReynolds

Elijah Rising

Bill Burns

This is that spoken by the prophets. These are those days that were prophesied of in days gone by. This is the hour of the coming forth of the Elijah's of this generation. I am calling them forth, and they will come forth. And, you might say, "Why?" I say to you, because it is written, and the scriptures cannot be broken. It has been prophesied to those who have ears to hear, and they shall surely give themselves to My purposes according to the desires of their hearts. I am calling forth a company, a group, a remnant people who will simply believe that which has been written about them, and they will rise up in the power of the Spirit to be prepared so that they can go forth and prepare the way of the Lord and call forth a people prepared in this generation for My return. I speak to you today to encourage you to come forth and leave that which is behind.

Indeed, set your goal for the high calling, and forget those things which are behind. You will not be those who desire to please men, but you will desire to honor Me and give Me glory. I will anoint those who have hearts of the nature and character of Elijah, and I will send you forth and speak through you. My word shall be established in the earth, which shall come under the anointing of My glory. For, I say, I am coming for a people. You are that people. Rise up now and believe. Cast off the spirit of Jezebel. Cast her down and break free from her hold. Leave her curses behind and walk out in the light and the glory of My kingdom by which you shall be transformed, motivated, and inspired by My Spirit, says the Lord.

Faith Tabernacle

The Glorious Church

Dominique Trumbo

I stretched my hands over a laminated map of the world, and I began to intercede--calling on God to deliver all nations of the world. As I continued petitioning, I sensed through the Holy Spirit, numerous large and small regions where God is preparing to pour out His Glory. Immediately, I knew that, "church as usual" is on it's last breath! And, what is now descending out of the Heavens is a new system of "Government and Administration," that represents the "Kingdom Order of God."

Throughout the history of the Church, God has always had to deal with some type of impropriety from His people (e.g., religious formalities, traditionalism, people having a "form of godliness" [2 Timothy 3:5], etc.). What is very interesting is the fact that we have now entered a New Millennium (i.e., the Year 2000 and beyond), and the same stubborn spirits remain in existence; but all of that is about to change. Why? Because according to theologians and the scriptures, every new millennium would always represent an "all-new move and flow of God": new governments, scripts, cast of people--(including those He chose to accomplish His plan, etc.), geography, demographics, etc.

Nonetheless, there is a resurgence of ANOINTING and POWER stirring in the atmosphere; God is raising up a New Nation of people of every race, creed, and color

God would say unto you that, "...This is the time that 'church as usual programs;' in particular, the ones that do not give any honor or Glory to God--be nonexistent." If the church is to align itself with divine Kingdom Order, it is most imperative that it operate under the Government and Administration of God, move in the realms of the Holy Spirit, rather than the realms of tradition and man-cococted policies. Anyone who remains stubborn and refuses to disengage from the past [Isaiah 43:18], will shortly become a victim of spiritual dehydration. In the end, his or her actions will cause them to dry up and perish.

God has shifted gears, and if we are to enter and experience this all-new Glory that God is now pouring out on the Earth, we must lift our hands in "total" surrender to Him. The "lifting of hands," conveys that we are in agreement with His will and ways.

Pastor Dominique Trumbo

The Valley Of Jehoshaphat

Hollie L. Moody

Joel 3:- "I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land... Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision..."

I experienced the following vision:

I was on the ground, standing beneath tall trees looking outwards and downwards into a valley. The Lord was standing next to me. The sides of the valley were rocks. The valley itself was barren and desolate. Clouds had obscured the sun so that the valley was in shadows. I saw multitudes of people trudging between two mountain passes and downwards into this valley. As the people came into the valley, they paused. The dimness of the valley seemed to be confusing and frightening to them. The people behind those who had paused continued to come into the valley, forcing those who had paused to walk further into the valley.

I saw what appeared to be a heavy fog swirling in the midst of the people coming into the valley. At first, the fog was only around the ankles of the people. Gradually, however, the fog began to swirl upwards towards the faces of the people. This further confused and frightened the people, and they began to turn around in circles as if trying to comprehend where they were and what was happening.

I saw what appeared to be heavy sacks on the backs of many of the people. Others, had what appeared to be thorns poking into their heads.

"What are these sacks and thorns?" I asked the Lord.

"The sacks represent burdens and trials that many of My children are presently enduring, " the Lord explained to me. "These trials are coming against many of My children with no surcease. Their health, families, congregations, finances, marriages, and relationships are under severe attack.

"The thorns represent mental distress.This mental distress is causing many of My children to feel the pangs of rejection, loneliness and despair.

"As the trials and mental distress manifest themselves, many of My children are being afflicted physically with aches in their backs and with piercing or persistent headaches."

"What is the purpose behind the trials and mental distress?" I asked the Lord.

"To learn obedience, and to be perfected, through suffering," the Lord replied.

As the fog crept steadily upwards, I found that it was becoming more and more difficult to view what was transpiring within the valley.

I noticed that the Lord was standing next to me. "Climb to the top of the tree in order to better view what is transpiring in the valley," the Lord instructed me. Somewhat surprised (since I am not a tree climber), I climbed to the very top of the tree I was standing beneath.

When I reached the top of the tree, I had to hold on tightly because it was extremely windy and the top of the tree was swaying wildly in the breeze. I saw that the Lord was with me even at the top of this tree.

"Behold the valley!" the Lord spoke to me again.

As I looked down into the valley once again, my perceptions of the scene unfolding beneath me had broadened as a result of the elevation where I was now situated. The people were still turning around and around almost frantically to try to see where they were and what was happening. This made the valley appear to be as an ocean, with waves undulating. The fog continued to swirl between the people and throughout the valley.

"Behold!" the Lord spoke once again.

I began to hear a loud roar as of a mighty wind. I glanced around to see which direction the sound of the wind was coming from. The frightened, startled cries of the people in the valley drew my gaze back down to the valley. I saw that the entire valley was beginning to tremble and shake. As the trembling and shaking intensified, many of the people began to fall to their knees or onto their faces, wailing and crying out to God to have mercy on them, and to spare them.

Suddenly, the valley floor burst open. I then heard as the Lord cried out to the people in the valley to come out of the valley. Some of the people in the valley began to scramble up the rocks encircling the valley, attempting to obey the voice of the Lord. Some of the people stood still in the valley, shaking their heads and staring up at the rocks they would have to climb up and over to exit the valley. They remained in the valley.

I saw the sacks fall from the backs of those who were fleeing from the valley. The thorns that had been in their heads also disappeared.

I then saw a swarm of what appeared to be frogs, lizards, salamanders, etc., come streaming up from a crater that had appeared when the valley floor burst open. I was repulsed by the sight. To my surprised astonishment, however, the group of people remaining in the valley cried out in excited awe at the appearance of the swarm of creatures.

"They do not see these creatures as you are seeing them," the Lord explained to me. "You see them as the demonic spirits they truly are. The people in the valley see them through a spirit of deception. They perceive these demonic spirits to be angels, agents from Me, sent from Me to instruct them and reveal hidden truths and mysteries to them. They know not that they are in the process of being deceived. I have chosen their deception."

"Why, Lord?" I asked, shocked by His words.

"When I called, they did not answer," The Lord replied. "When I gave them instructions, they disregarded or set aside My instructions. They looked to man, and not to Me. They refused to hear My voice. Therefore, I will cause them to hear the lies of demonic spirits as if it were My voice speaking to them. I will choose their delusions," the Lord repeated again.

"For what purpose, Lord?" I asked.

"To prepare for that which must be," the Lord replied.

"And what is that?" I asked the Lord.

"For the revealing of those who are of Me," the Lord replied, "and those who are not of Me.

"This has been a time of great intensity in the heavens and on the earth, and in men's hearts. Many have felt the shaking. Many have seen the separation that is occurring. What is seen with the eye, is but a small fragment of that which is being done in the spirit.

"I am shaking. I am separating. I am sifting. I am refining. Much of this, I am doing away from the eyes of others. Much of this process, is an individual process. It has also, for the most part, been a process I have been performing in isolation and in silence.

"In the moments of silence, I have been speaking quietly to those who had ears attuned to hear My voice. They could not hear me in the midst of multitudes. They could not hear me over the voices of others. I called them to come aside to be apart for a time with Me, and they obeyed and made the necessary sacrifices.

"I purged and prepared them during this time to speak only what they heard from Me, and to speak only when I instructed them to speak. They have been prepared, and are now fully prepared, to stand unflinchingly in the face of the spiritual deception and times of delusion being unleashed by the enemy of My children.

"Behold, My child!" the Lord said to me.

I looked where the Lord was pointing. I saw a great multitude of people from every nation and of every nationality gathering in the valley. They were coming from the north and the south, from the east and from the west. I watched as they began to join hands with each other.

"Though hand join in hand," the Lord said, "yet they will be destroyed. Their counsel will not stand or prosper."

I was confused by the words the Lord had just uttered. "What do You mean, Lord?" I asked.

"It is enough," the Lord replied. "Let this suffice which I have revealed up to this point.

"It is determined by Me to gather all nations together to rain upon them My anger and judgment. I will also judge My children. I will judge between those who are truly Mine, and between those who say they are Mine, but hold also to the doctrines of devils. They have turned away back from Me. They have not sought Me, but have sought the words of others who say they know Me or have heard from Me, but have not.

"Behold the multitudes in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, child!" the Lord cried out to me. His arm swept the valley scene before our eyes. "This is a time of decisions. As these decisions are being reached, it is a time of confusion and darkness for many.

"Those who seek Me, will be hid from the day of My wrath. They will go forth before that great and terrible day with My Spirit and anointing upon them. I will empower and anoint them to preach My word, to heal those who are wounded in spirit and broken in heart, to preach deliverance to those who are captive to sin, to restore sight to those who are spiritually blind, to set free those who are bound by memories of rejection. This is now the time to perform and to proclaim the salvation of the Lord!"

Stand In Your Callings Or Lose Them

Suzin McNeill

The LORD said, it is time to dig in with an urgency as never before. Those who are called must stand in their callings or lose them. Those who are commissioned must stand for their orders ready to serve. Those who have wandered around a bit must come back to The WORD and prepare themselves for both battle and holiness. It is simply time to dig in and this is all within a quickened timing.

Stepping Down In Service Step down from your high places and come unto Me. You have fashioned much by the works of your own hands and I can not bless them. You have struggled for anointing and sweat in workings and ministries of your own self. Will you lay down your accolades of accomplishments and your résumé's of self works to stand in the holy place? I see your talents and callings clearly and I am not impressed at all with your outreaches and full temples.

I call you to My house standing in only My name yet, you stand up proudly and proclaim your own names in your own ministries. Do you really seek Me as my servants or do you simply ask Me to bless the self works of your own creation. Shall I be impressed with all that you have done in My name for your own self proclamations, and self promotions? Come down from your high places of pride and self accomplishments. You have rallied a pastor's club, a prophet's club, a teachers club, an evangelists club and you are well known for it. What about your daily service unto Me? What can you say of seeking My will for you daily and doing it?

You reverence holidays more than holy days. Holy days are when My people simply do what I speak unto them with their heart in obedience. Step down from your platforms of recognition and prove yourselves before Me. Do that which I commission daily. I would have you reach to the homeless and the widows and the hurting. I would have you give to those who have not. I would have you support My own prophets and teachers that they would have both time and rest to come unto Me and to give freely in My services. The highest call is that of a servant.

Did My Son proclaim His works and speak boastfully of the anointing? Did He reach forth to all in need? My son sought only one thing while He walked and that alone was My will. When do you set aside all to spend time with Me? I hear the answers of twice a year, weekly, and on vacation. In the days ahead you will survive only by hearing My daily will and doing it. I am calling today for your consecration and complete dedication to doing nothing but My expressed will.

What, you say you are giving to the poor, and feeding the hungry already, then, I say hear Me and go further than your programs. You be the servant unto My will. You go and do that which I speak to you daily and then your accomplishments will be recorded in both heaven and earth.

The beauty of Israel is slain upon your high places: how are the mighty fallen. You become the servant of My will and I will set you to tear down that which offends and keeps My Presence from filling My temples. Oh Israel, My will is not too hard for thee. My will sets you free from dead services. My will frees from your father's stale traditions. Come unto Me wholly and stand in the testing of My will against your own will, and you will see the dryness of your services spring forth into LIFE. Lose your life and find it again in My service. Consecrate unto Me in service. Your callings are not just your jobs. You are called as a holy people of My own heart says, The LORD. You are called to serve only My will. As My son JESUS walked and simply said come and follow Me, I call you now, saying serve only ME by seeking My will and doing it.

Hebrews 12:1-6

Deuteronomy 33:29

2 Samuel 22:34-37

Ezekiel 6:1-9

Ephesians 6:12


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