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May 7, 2002

Letter To a Reluctant Prophet

Chip Brogden

Dear Friend,

It is with a certain fearfulness that I respond to your inquiry, for I am not an authority on such things. I can certainly relate to your reluctance at being identified among the company of the prophets when so many false apostles, prophets, and teachers abound. I wish I could point you in a proper direction, but I can only point you towards the Lord. It is He who selects His messengers, and I have nothing to offer you by way of what to do.

At most, perhaps you can look upon me as an example of what NOT to do, and take some word of counsel from a weak brother who has made many mistakes and endured many failures along the way. Perhaps you too will have to make even the same mistakes in order to learn, yet following my advice could perhaps help you to avoid the unnecessary heartache and cruelty inflicted upon yourself and others when thinking that you are doing God a service.

I would counsel you, first of all, to be a Christian. Do not spend too much time focused on that which is prophetic. Do not come to others as a prophet, but as a child. Let Christ be your obsession, not the prophetic word. For "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." There need not be turmoil in your heart about your calling; it is clear that you are among those that are "the Called, according to His purpose." And what is His purpose? That you be "conformed to the image of His dear Son." That, above all, is your first calling.

Many are eager to wear the Prophet's mantle, but are reluctant to bear the Christian's cross. This cannot be. Given the choice between Christian or Prophet, choose Christian. Serve God as the earthen vessel you are, in the place you find yourself to be. Perhaps the Lord will indeed use you in some prophetic way, but if not then at least you have been faithful with the "one talent" you have been given. God will not give five talents to those who cannot be faithful with one, and will not give ten to those who cannot be faithful with five.

If you are a Christian first you will remember that you should walk softly, with meekness and humility, while esteeming others as better than yourself. Then the prophetic word, when and if it comes, will be seasoned with the appropriate amounts of mercy and grace. Remember that without love you will inevitably become as sounding brass - all judgment. If we cannot or will not stay in Love, God will set out to humble us shamefully before our brothers and sisters that we may know the depths of our hypocrisy and self-righteousness. That is evidence of HIS great love for all of us.

Now, concerning the prophetic word itself. God will give you the "what", but the "when" and the "how" are left up to you. "The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets." You can be right on target with the "what", but if you screw up the "when", and especially the "how", you do yourself and others unnecessary harm.

Jesus says, "Take my yoke upon you (this speaks of RESTRAINT on the way WE want to go) and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly of heart, and you will find rest for your souls." What then? He gives us liberty to speak, but allows us to suffer for speaking out of ourselves. He bids us to be restrained, to take our liberty and give it back to Him, knowing that we can do nothing of ourselves. He does not force us to wear the yoke, but invites us saying "take My yoke." By giving up our freedom, we will receive it again.

No, we cannot just do what Jesus did, because Jesus bore the yoke of His Father at all times. We cast off the yoke so quickly. We are untrustworthy, but He is faithful. Let us not just imitate Him, but let us learn of Him. Let us not only be familiar with His Word, but let us become acquainted with His Ways. It is not enough to memorize what He said, we must take His yoke upon us and walk in tandem with Him.

Since Christ bids us to "learn of ME", beware of those who will try to gain access into your life with an inordinate desire to mentor or shepherd you. We may certainly seek the advice, prayers, and counsel of other mature believers. Even the little children in the Kingdom of God can teach us much. But people can only carry us so far, and there is a certain human pride which results in the teachers trying to form the students into their own image. This will not do. The Anointing, Who is the Christ, will teach you all things. His Spirit will lead you into all Truth. His grace is sufficient. There is no man or woman who can give you anything apart from what you have already in Jesus, for we have been "blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ".

Do you see dear friend, that God is more concerned with the messenger than the message? Do you see that the minister is more important than the ministry? If the messenger is wrong, the message will be wrong too. If the minister is wrong, the ministry will be wrong. And do you see that the Lord of the work is more important than the work of the Lord? Meditate on these things.

There really is no famine of the Word of God. If God is able to find the right vessel the Word will come forth in abundance. Therefore, He takes much time to mold, fashion, train, refine, purge, break down, build up, discipline and create His prophets. Yield to that process. It cannot be rushed, but it may certainly be hindered. We cannot force the Spirit, but we may certainly quench Him.

Ah, your gifts are given to you in a moment's time, but your fruit, your character, YOU, develops over many seasons of God's dealings. Do not be thrilled with your gifts, only observe if you are fruitful in Spirit, bearing much fruit, abounding in love, joy, peace, faithfulness, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, and self-control. You can be sure that there are more gifted people in the world than you, yet the fruit is what will remain when the gifts pass away. Never neglect the place of abiding in Him, and you will remain a fruitful branch in the Vine.

Expect misunderstanding. Expect persecution. Expect ridicule. Expect mistreatment. Expect suffering. Expect rejection. Then, you won't be surprised when it comes. And when it comes, shut your mouth, go to the cross, and die so you can live. Learn to kiss the hands that nail you to the cross, for as you are decreased, He is increased. It is not a better living we need, but a better dying. We cannot reach Pentecost but by way of Passover. There can be no resurrection without a crucifixion. There is no crown without a cross. To live, is Christ: to die is gain.

So if you want to boast, take pride in the things that make you weak, for when you are weak, you are strong - in Him. Be afraid of the praise and acceptance of others, for they are the fertilizer for the self-important and grandiose thoughts that are yours by nature anyway, which spring up in the shallow ground of your carnal mind. Carry about the Death of the Lord so you may have the Life of the Lord. Be ready to suffer with Him, that you may reign with Him.

And now, some practical advice:

As much as possible, stay away from money. Freely you have received, freely give.

Have no part in foolish and unlearned questions, either in the asking of them or in the answering of them. Give up your opinions and go to the cross.

Refuse to promote yourself, "your" word, or "your" ministry. If God gives you something to say, let Him see to the promotion of it.

The loftiest spiritual service will never take away from the most mundane earthly responsibility. Take care of your family, your pet, your lawn, your business, your neighbor. Keep your teeth brushed and your hair combed.

Don't be afraid to make tents. If you want to eat, work.

Be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Before, you would never apologize even when you knew you were wrong. Now, be willing to apologize even when you know you are right.

This is my counsel, dear friend, and perhaps something I have said in this brief letter will bear witness with you. With these words then, I commit you to the care of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is able to complete the work which He has begun in you and see you through to maturity, as you are rooted and grounded in Him, being thoroughly equipped and strengthened by His Might which works in those who have taken up the cross to find power in weakness.

Of course, if I may serve you in any way, I hope you will call on me without hesitation, for

I am your brother,
Chip Brogden

A New Breed Of Prophets

Stephen Hanson

JER 23:16 This is what the LORD Almighty says:

Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.

ISA 30:10 They say to the seers, "See no more visions!"and to the prophets, "Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions.

"The word of the prophets is gaining in strength.

(The Lord showed me a scene that at first seemed to be peaceful, but it continued to bother me. As I watched, I saw containers or jugs that seemed to be filled with water. A heavy liquid was being poured back and forth from jug to jug. Then as I watched, the entire scene before me was filled with this heavy liquid. A stream of insects and debris was in these vessels and this is what made the mixture "heavy" in appearance. All before my eyes was filled with this mixture. A painting brush was painting or obscuring, the scene before me. It was as if everything was "veiled" before me and painted over with this liquid so that I could not see." Then the scene changed and I saw several dollar bills and currency before me. Everything was being packed away and neatly put together in a bundle.)

The Lord then said:

"Many have sought fame and money instead of my word. Many have sought fame instead of coming before Me. Many have compromised my word. Many have taken on the world in their search for fame. There are many that speak "sugary words" unto my people. Their words are seemingly filled with wonderful things; but I tell you that they are filled with the lies and the deceit of the enemy. It is a heavy liquid that obscures their vision. I will blind the eyes of these "prophets." I will make it so they will not see. For they will no longer guide my people."

"I say to pray for my prophets who have been wrong to my word. Pray that they would not speak enticing words. Pray that they would speak the truth. Pray that they would be brought to their knees. I AM bringing a new breed of prophets to my body. They have weathered many winters, and they have been in my fiery furnace many times. They know my truth from being in my presence. They know what it's like to go against the majority. They will not compromise my word, and they will not water it down. They know the need of mercy but they also know the need of truth."

"Oh my prophets, do not withhold the truth. Let my word go out into the fullness that it was intended to. Many will fall from pride at this time, but those who speak the truth will be preserved from it."

Stephen Hanson

In One Accord

Johan Boot

The Lord showed me a city in ruins. Its outer walls were incomplete and none of the houses seemed to be fully complete. Some were actually simply 4 walls with no roof, windows or doors. I saw people in these buildings and realized that the Lord was showing we a picture of His corporate church in a city. At the door of most buildings there was a leader or pastor. They were clothed in special clothes and upon each building was a nice sign for the fellowship or church. People were working on their own buildings and trying to accomplish the ‘Great commission’ on their own. Yet, it struck me that none of them were really ever completing their buildings. There always seemed to be some areas of lack or failure, and therefore these buildings looked rundown and dysfunctional. The layout of the city also seemed to be non-existent. Buildings were built anywhere, and some didn’t have any access to roads and other services such as water and electricity.

Then there was a trumpet call in the heavens. It was a call to the church to prepare for the end-time harvest. I saw how the leaders of the churches assembled in the center of the city. They all came together to hear what the trumpet call meant. The members from the different congregations also came. The Lord was calling those in leadership to lay down their lives, so that He could do a new and complete work in the church.

"Unless the shepherds come together to work as a body in the restoration of My house, this city will never see My fullness come upon it. I am calling those whom I gifted and called to start building My kingdom instead of their own ministries. Because of selfish ambition, pride and strife, My corporate anointing and call upon cities and nations cannot be released."

Then I saw how the Lord led each of the pastors to submit their lives before Him. Each one had to lay down their beautiful robes, jewels and crowns, as these were signs of their authority and gifting. "I am calling My servants to submit and surrender the gifts and callings that I gave them. There is coming a double portion anointing upon the church in the last days. It will be the corporate anointing of the fivefold ministry. I will clothe them with even more splendor and power than before, yet it shall not be tainted by the markings of this world."

As each leader laid down their crowns and robes, he suddenly became a step in a staircase leading into the sky. As the last leader submitted himself to the Lord, the final step in the staircase was formed, and a door appeared above it. On the door was an inscription: "In One Accord". Then there was another trumpet call, and the door above the staircase was opened. As it opened the wind of the Spirit of God started to blow into the city. As the Spirit of the Lord blew through the city the eyes of the people were opened and they could see the real state of their city. Many started to cry and weep, and everyone called out to the Lord to heal their city by His power and presence. The wind continued to blow until the time of cleansing in the hearts of the people was reached. Everyone received a new and deeper understanding of the purposes of the kingdom of God.

Then the staircase with the door above it disappeared. The pastors were back in the square in the center of the city. Yet, they looked different. Each one of them was clothed in blue workman’s clothes. Instead of jewels and specials robes each one carried a toolbox with specialized tools. They then started to restore the city. But it was clear that they were working as a team under divine guidance and authority. None of them continued to work on just their own building. It was clear that although many were assigned to certain areas of building work, their function and particular skill was more important than the location where they worked. Each one seemed to be content to see the city restored and completed according to a divine plan and design. There were architects, town planners, engineers, inspectors and building supervisors. As a result of the combined and united effort by all the workers, the city was quickly changing. Because there was an overall design, critical services such as roads and drainage, and the city walls with its watchtowers received special attention. In a short space of time everyone in the city started to rejoice. They became extremely happy to see a full spectrum of services available to them. People recognized that the Lord came to restore His church and likewise build His kingdom.

"Today I am restoring the fullness of the fivefold ministry to My body. I am destroying control and manipulation, and My servants will truly be men of My kingdom, instead of their own ministries. Unless My servants will allow the work of the cross to touch and transform their lives, in order for Me to do a deeper work, I will not be able to use them in these last days. Today I am calling My people to humble themselves, surrender their crowns, turn from their wicked ways and seek My ways and purposes."

Betrayal Will Come

Ras Robinson

It is not a matter of if you will someday be betrayed. But rather you are to know that betrayal is part of the fleshly and worldly condition. Betrayal brings a feeling like unto sickness in the stomach. You feel abandoned and cut off from the one(s) you love. You are experiencing grieving and suffering of the heart. There is no where to turn but to me. I am on the only one who can understand and help. Betrayal of one by another is going to happen. But it should not be so with you. Instead I have instructed to lay your life down for your friends. You are to walk in the integrity of the heart that I give. And no matter how many times you are betrayed in this world I say unto you that you are not to return evil with evil but rather to forgive over and over again. You cannot stop loving just because someone hurts you. Now is the day to forgive and walk free. You can choose to bring your hurt to me. You can choose to not be offended. My compassion is covering you now. Grace has been extended to you. Betrayal will come.

Matthew 26:21 And as they were eating, He said, "Truly I say to you that one of you will betray Me.

Matthew 26:46 Arise, let us be going; behold, the one who betrays Me is at hand!

Invite the Holy Spirit

Ken Ginett

I was praying for the whole church in USA. In the midst of prayer, I received a strong impression that the Lord was saying that the church at large was not moving in power because He, Holy Spirit, was grieved. It was interesting that in the article, these two paragraphs mention "the reputation of the Holy Spirit" and "those who oppose the Spirit".

In USA, we have many churches, even major denominations, who although they preach the Bible, deny what it says about the Holy Spirit. There doctrine rejects miracles and giftings of the Holy Spirit as non-existent in these modern times. That certainly must grieve Holy Spirit and have an effect accordingly on the whole national church.

Even the "full gospel" churches who readily invite the Holy Spirit might have less than a pure motive. Let's face it, there is cause to rejoice when God touches us, but we need a broader perspective than just the thrilling experience.

According to John 16, Holy Spirit comes to convict and to glorify Jesus, (not us). Matt 3:11 says that fire is part of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Not many of us pray for fire. Even if we do, will we actually accept it when it comes. We sing "send your revival fire" but have we even thought about receiving it? Fire is a major part of revival based on what is seen in many parts of the world. If we refuse to receive the fire, is that any different than those who refuse to receive prophecy or tongues? That too must grieve Him.

Thrills are nice but when the early church exploded by the thousands, there was a "sense of awe" (Acts 2:43) and even "great fear" (Acts 5:5 & 11). Have we invited Holy Spirit to come and bring a sense of awe and even great fear. There is much in scripture about "fear of the Lord", but not much in the churches.

If the church at large would invite Holy Spirit to just come and "kill us", no agenda on our part, just His agenda, He would come! If we are open to His conviction, open to His fire, if we really want Him to change us, if we really want to repent and have Him burn away all that we hold on to so dearly, He would come! We would have revival throughout the church that would change our whole society.

It does happen in spots and many flock to those churches to experience what God is doing there. God is saying that those are just examples. He is showing us loud and clear and is again saying: "go and do the same" (Lu 10:37).

Ken Ginett
Excerpted from a submission to The Diggers

True Revival


Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great. Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip (Psa. 18:35, 36).

One of the greatest revivals of the modern era is the Welsh revival. It began in the years 1904 and 1905. There occurred in it, such a stir of the Spirit, that not only all of England soon became aware of the event, but so also was most of the Christian world. A few years had passed when a reporter from a well-known British paper went to Wales to investigate these happenings. By the time he got there in 1909 the number of souls being saved had declined dramatically. Of course, there was a very good reason! Practically everyone there was already saved.

Knowing there must be a story, something that he could write on, yet not satisfied with what he had thus far uncovered, the reporter set out to find the leader of the revival, who incidentally, also happened to be the same man credited with being the initiator of this move of God that had broken out about five years since. Surely, this would be an easy task! Yet, in regards to his whereabouts, wherever he went, and who-ever he asked, the answer was much the same. “We do not know.” But this was not the only strange feature common to this revival. Wherever he went he found similar answers to questions like, “When is the next meeting?” Or, “Where will it take place?” No set times for meetings! And no designated meeting place! What could this mean? He was told. “We meet anywhere, and anytime, day or night.” Even at midnight or in the early hours of the morning. There are revival gathering in almost every home. And as to Evan Roberts, the “leader,” the answer was always the same. No one knew his whereabouts. The reporter remarked, he had never seen a revival like this one. But he was determined to find Roberts.

One day he was told that he - Evan Roberts - could be found in a small chapel. So he set off, to find the man considered the leader of this strange move of God. The meeting he came upon was not what he expected. Indeed! It was rather chaotic. A mother breast-feeding her baby, others running in and out of the meeting without set times for dismissal, another mother trying to comfort a crying child, in short, to his eye, the place was a mess. And yet, there was an inexplicable and unique element in the atmosphere of this gathering. “Where is Evan Roberts?” asked the reporter. “Fourth man in the third row,” came the answer. Another answered, Mrs. Penn-Lewis, a co-worker with brother Roberts, is also present. He took a seat, and waited.

All were silent as they sat in the pews. Every so often one would rise to call a hymn, or another would rise to read a few verses from Scripture. Sometimes the silence would continue for what seemed an hour or two. Other times, one would stand and confess sin. It was difficult for him to grasp the significance of these events. No one seemed to be in charge. And yet! Even in the midst of an outward display of confusion, there appeared in the face of each, an inward order and understanding. The countenance of each had the features of a peace and enjoyment.

So what is TRUE REVIVAL? Getting to know God, and enjoying His presence in the process! And the features of the revival in Wales bore these unique characteristics. Furthermore! It should be noted, these are the same characteristics that have been manifest in other revivals. To the old man, they are the inexplicable aspects of souls being brought nearer to God; to the outward man, they create uneasiness and confusion. To the inward man, they mean life and growth of spirit; a development - an enlargement - only the new man can experience and enjoy. The Psalmist described it as “the deep calling to the deep” (Psa. 42:7). It is the very God revealing the depths of Himself to the depths of our inner being. Is there any doubt! This alone, is TRUE REVIVAL.

One catechism accurately states, “the chief end of man is to know God, and enjoy Him forever.” How True.

Submitted by Well Of Oath
No Name came with it.

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