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May 7, 2004

The Refiner's Fire

Aquilla Adams

I come to you today as the Refiner's Fire, to refine your nature and image to conform to Mine. I do not speak of the old nature, that which is dead and passed away and has been crucified with Christ, but I speak of My nature in you to walk in My holiness and righteouness.

I come also as a fire to ignite the flames of your heart into a more passionate pursuit of Me. For their has been much lukewarmness among My Bride because she has been distracted and ensnared by the cares of this world, yet I come to burn away the wood, hay and stubble and that which remains, to refine and process.

You are My Beloved Living Stones whom I have fit together to form the house of God. None of you is more important than the other, for you are all working for the purpose of the furthering of My Kingdom.

Come now as willing sacrifices and lay yourself before Me. I AM the Alpha and the Omega, and yea, I know your beginning from the end. I know where you have come from and where you are going.

Listen with the ears of My Spirit to My direction as I will lead you forth in the direction you are to take in My righteousness.

Be Ready for Power

Geoff Pick

I AM stirring up enemies of the world's system. The powers over your nation shall be shaken and dislodged. The god's of mammon and greed will be destroyed, as their kingdom proves empty and futile.

Only those who trust in ME shall know my peace and joy. Others will be unsettled and unable to rest.

I AM coming in power forcefully upon the earth and my people will see my hand at work for them magnified and exalted as I come to fix the mess.

In speaking out boldly I AM will release My power, at the direction of MY trusted servants. Be ready to command the power that I AM clothing you with.

Be ready to declare MY salvation to neighbours and friends with whom you speak and expect the moment of salvation to come quickly.

I AM redefining the boundaries, rewriting the "rule book". The now season is upon you, when those things that have seemed to take ages to occur will suddenly take place.

Be ready and walk close beside me, this is not a moment to hold back or sit back, but to strike out and capture the lost ground.

The joy of my Gospel will be known again, not the boring Gospel or the irrelevant Gospel, but the Living Word imparting life, health, wealth, wisdom and healing … breaking the hold of sin and releasing the captive souls… bringing the lost into the walls of salvation and life.

Forgive and be forgiven and know the fragrant love of MY forgiveness as never before…

"FREE… FREE!… FREE !!! "

Enjoying the life within and seeing the power of MY kingship extended across the earth.

For the Nation of America

Elton Williamson

Listen for the sound of My voice is very clear.  It is going forth and it is declaring that which I have spoken from the beginning, it is once again establishing that which is revealed in My Word.  I am seeking those that will stand for Me in these days.  I am looking for those that will not take a road of safety nor declare to man what is pleasant to the ear so that they may not be looked on as a fool.  I am the Beginning and the End, It is I who shall be lifted up and it is I, The Lord God who shall be named above all other names.  I call today for My people, those that have My name imprinted on the heart and not just on the tongue.

I call you into a place of worship and adoration and a place where I am glorified.  I will call you into account for your stand among the nations.  I will require of My people an accounting of every word that proceeds from you, those that have been for Me and those that have been inclined or slanted to other gods so that you might not be seen as a separated people.  Do not be deceived in your whitewashed activities for I know your heart and I know your desire to heap glory upon yourself, I know of the desire that comes from the soul and not from your spirit.

The falling away is at hand and many that are seen as rocks shall be broken into pebbles, they shall be scattered as the stones of the seashore.  I shall not be placed on the shelf with other gods and I shall not continue to hold My hand from sweeping away that which offends Me.  I have spoken to your hearts and you have known My voice and yet many have tried to glean a portion of stature from the enemy of their spirit.  I have no need of those that fall into compromise in these days for they shall draw away many that are young of spirit and short of truth.

The changing and easily influenced heart shall be revealed just as surely as the sun rises in the heavens.  Those that scorn Me and those that claim only a part of the truth that I am shall be cut off.  I am building a foundation of the righteous in the last days and I shall build it with rocks that have no cracks.  It shall hold fast in the winds of the day.  I have called you into a place of worship and a place of praise before me.  I have not stepped back or even to the side so that another may receive that worship or that praise.

It is I that created you and it is I that put the song of praise in your heart and in your spirit.  You shall not entreat another to become complacent in the lifting up of My Name for I alone am Holy.  As you listen to other than My voice your spirit shall become a drifting and absorbing sponge, falling ever farther into the crevice of the enemy.  Stand firm on My word.  Stand firm on My truth.  Stand firm on the rock that I am.  Listen for there is a tearing down of My voice that is trying to be heard in the subtleties of your mind.  Stand righteous and you shall see Me.  Stand up and be the one that I have called you to be.  Be not as the reed that blows in the wind, bending with every breeze that washes across the earth.  Your correctness is in Me and not the hearts of man.  Be not caught up with those that desire to be counted with the standards of the day.  I shall give you strength to stand as you determine in your spirit to not waiver.  Storms shall rage around you and many shall scoff and point with pious attitudes, deriding you for your firmness in Me.  I call you to be My people, to worship Me, to honor Me, to glorify Me and to proclaim in this day that I am the I AM.  Stand firm so that I may bless you in the midst of the storm.

Calling From the Deep

Ras Robinson

I am calling from the deep unto you. It is important that you seek Me in this very hour. Come close to My face. The hour is at hand wherein I am raising up My anointed ones for the final quest. Many waters are falling around you. The breakers are rolling in. The waves are ceaseless. But in all this that is occurring in this very moment, I can calling unto you. Deep does indeed call unto deep and I am calling unto the spirit with you. Discern the times my child. Quieten your spirit. Duck into the cleft of the Rock and you will find Me there waiting. I am calling from the deep unto you.

Psalm 42:7 Deep calls to deep at the sound of Thy waterfalls; all Thy breakers and Thy waves have rolled over me.

Romans 8:26 And in the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

Bread of Life

Marsha Burns

I am the living Bread, says the Lord, and you also must become broken bread and spilled out wine to impart the sweetness of your communion with Me. Yet, you tend to want to keep yourself protected and in a state of preservation instead of freely sharing the revelation and hope within you. This is because in times past you have innocently cast your pearls before swine, and they have turned and trampled you. But, I tell you the truth, they did not reject you; they rejected Me. Do not recoil and retreat in self-protection and isolation; rather take the time to develop a more acute discernment of the nature of those you might share with. Hold yourself in reserve until you find a hungry heart and a thirsty soul and then share the bread of life and pour the wine in abundance.

Faith Tabernacle

I Have Called Out A People

Bill Hardaway

I have sought and called out a people who will deliver My love to a dying world. Be ready to be springs of living waters. I am about to pour My great love through you to those who have been lost and discarded.

Be ready. Listen to My call, for I am sending you among the world to transform with My love and power. Nothing shall hinder the plans for those who have been called and chosen by Me. The fallen one shall watch helplessly as I perform all that I have promised through those whom I have promised.

Great shall be the power and glory that I am about to pour out upon this earth. I shall truly pour out My Spirit on all flesh. Greatly shall I move upon My earth. Greatly shall I move on and through your life. Greatly shall you know the full extent of My love and plans for your life.

The Afflictions of the Gospel

Olufunso J.Omidiran

Be not therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God. 2Tim.2:8

The Gospel of Christ must be well understood. It means "Good News or Glad Tidings". It is the news of hope, joy and peace to the world. The news, however remains the same, no matter what the world is turning to. The hopeless, the rejected, the condemned and the wounded are not abandoned by God. No matter how far somebody has gone from God, there is hope and God is calling all 'Prodigal Sons' back home (Luk.15: 11-32). It is clear that God does not want anyone to perish, He is most willing to save all sinners (Joh.3:16; Eze.33: 11).

This is the good news that will forever revolutionize the whole world: Christ came to save us all by going through afflictions on the cross. The good news of salvation was founded upon the passion of Christ, even the afflictions He went through. Christ brought victory to us all in spite of our unworthiness. In order to do the will of God, He suffered. He as a man learnt obedience through suffering. In other words, He is an example to us both in suffering and in victory.


Afflictions are militating against the survival, propagation and the advancement of Christ's gospel on earth. Men's hearts could be so darkened that they vehemently resist the gospel. In fact there are nations where it is an offence to preach Christ. Satan is very clever: he has so much seduced and deceived the nations to reject the true Lord and Saviour. Even nations which started out Christian nations are the most potent tools the adversary uses to establish corruption. Those who hate Christianity are further strengthened because the Gospel has been misrepresented by the supposed Christian nations as well as the modern day preachers

Besides, serious aggressions are being launched daily against the spread of the true Gospel of Christ. They see it as a threat to their vain philosophies and false religions. Satan is the chief antagonist whenever the Gospel of Christ is being resisted or opposed.


"Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all" Psa.34: 19

This is the solemn truth, when somebody has been called into the Gospel ministry, he is not immune against possible afflictions. There are some afflictions that are attendant to obedience. For instance, subsequent upon Paul's acceptance of the call into Christ's ministry, he became an enemy to many: it was confrontation on every side- both from the Jews and the Gentiles. Moreover, after he got a clear leading from the Holy Spirit to go to Macedonia, he fell into a big trouble! (Acts 16).

The only way he could have avoided the affliction was to compromise or retreat from the way of obedience. Hence, he would have become a transgressor before the Lord who called him. But he chose to please God. What will your own choice be?

The Trumpet Is Sounding

Jana Alcorn

The trumpet is sounding and my people are responding, says the Lord! There is a fresh fire falling to inflame My people with holy desire for all that concerns My heart for this hour!  My Body is anointed for this purpose and I am ready to receive, says the Lord!

The Spirit of the Lord has commanded flames upon the heads of My disciples as signs to the nations! Many will see this, but it will not distract My servants, for they are focused on Me and upon Me alone! I will give great demonstration to My servants, and they will continue to move forward. Many will stand in awe of the signs and the miracles, but My servants will humbly worship Me as they continue to move in My Spirit, says the Lord, not being drawn to the spectacular, but keeping their focus upon Me, for I am Jesus and I will sign the Church with My very own Name!

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