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June 3, 2002

On the Wind

Jim Grayson

"Ah, My beloved...can you feel the wind on your cheek and hear it's sighing as it passes through the trees? Have you felt that expectancy, as one awaits a storm sure to come? Have you thrilled at the quickening of your heart these last few weeks, knowing your time in the wilderness is nearly through?

Know this: I AM coming to touch you and when I do, My slightest whisper shall be as thunder to you and shall have the same effect. You will move out in My glory and in My power and, most importantly, in My love and will see the Mandate of My Son Jesus, which still stands today, come to pass..."Preach the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and cleanse the leprosy which has crippled and eaten away at My church until She has no power," for power is hers to destroy the works of the enemy and She is to operate in it.

For far too long, My children have listened to others tell them of My Word, rather than learning it for themselves. They have followed blind guides and they both have fallen into the ditch. Here! Take My hand and rise again, I say, and be that glorious Body you were meant to be! Cast away the old wine skins and bring on the new, for I Am doing a new and fresh thing, just as I promised you and there is not one promise I have made to you that will not be fulfilled, no matter what it may be. I AM the Lord God...nothing is to hard for Me. Do not put Me on your level and say I am unable or unwilling to do this. That which I have spoken shall come to pass. Continue in Me, knowing I AM your sufficiency and your grace, remembering that had My hand not been upon you, you would have perished in the wilderness. You made it through because I strengthened you and enabled you to do so. You are who you are because of Me, not because of you. That should make you happy, beloved children, for the pressure has always been on me, not on you as you so often felt.

Walk forth in victory this day. Praise My Name, not because I am filled with pride and ego but because I will inhabit your praises, as I always have, and will be with you. When your mind is on Me, the enemy cannot come close to me. Stray and he is quick to attack you.

Prepare your hearts this last time to receive. Very shortly, I shall touch you and make your dreams and visions a reality. I will do this from unexpected sources and from that point on, your life will never be the same again. Behold, all things are new! Now it's time to move. Have no fear, for I AM with you."

A Freshening Wind
Jim Grayson

Two Thrones

Denise Lagrimas

As I was awakened at 3am I began waiting on the Lord and I went out in the spirit and I saw two thrones in a vision and these thrones were huge except one really wasn't a throne yet looked like one. I saw thousands and thousands of people standing in line waiting to go before the thrones and those who sat upon the thrones. The line seemed endless as they went one by one. When the person first in line would get ready to go before the ones who sat upon the thrones there would be two great angels standing on either side and they would look into the person and speak "Are you ready?" as soon as these words were spoken the persons clothes would turn color, there were only three colors I saw one was white, red, and black. When the person was ready he or she would stand there in white and with every step toward the great white throne they would be covered in red and then they would go off to the right to what was called the mercy seat and when they were not ready their clothes would turn black and they would walk to the left and lament and scream out. This seemed to go on and on and some were happy to be there while others appeared nervous and still others were confident but when they reached the front line all of them became as uncertain as they watched those in front of them.

I was so saddened by the ones that did not go to the right and my tears began to flow, some of them seemed so assured in the line yet they were black. As I inquired of the Lord He said "this is a time that is coming very soon. Many will stand before me and be seen for what they are. They will walk in mercy or in judgment and the choice is theirs. The blackness of their hearts will be revealed and they will be found wanting but those who are ready will receive mercy undeserved but freely given. They will walk covered by the blood of my Son Remember the words of my Son who said 'many will come in that day and say Lord, Lord and I will reveal the truth and they will be told depart from me I never knew you...'"

"The thing that is revealed in my people is not just their love for me but their love for one another. The truth in their hearts will be seen and some hearts are filled with pride, deception, bitterness, and hatred. They say they love me but hate each other and there will be no hatred in my kingdom. You have heard me say love Me with all your heart and love one another as you love yourself, do good to one another and prefer one another. But many have turned and said I need not love them only God will I Love! and this is not so. If you cannot love each other how can I know your love is real for Me?

I have created each one every man woman child and all in existence upon the earth and my Love was poured out that each would drink from the cup of life. I have never poured a cup of hatred, disobedience or compromise and asked you to drink it. I have only asked that you love like I love. What you see is what all creation will see either the sentence of judgment or the mercy seat of forgiveness.

You must begin to cry out for the mercy of God to fall upon all and I will hear as I said if My people would humble themselves and pray and seek my face then I will hear from heaven and heal their land. It is time for the healing of the land. Cry out ! Cry Out I say for time is slipping away and the day draws near when it will be too late. Darkness has already come upon the land but fear not for I am the light and My light will be your guide in the days ahead but you must humble yourself and pray then I will lift you up."

Then I awoke with a sense of desire to love more than I thought I could.

Beloved saints of God let us be certain our hearts are pure before the Lord and that we are walking in Love withholding nothing for it will all be seen as we stand before our Lord and savior. He will separate the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares. What truly separates us is our love.. For they will know we are Christians by our love....

Be encouraged for if we are truly saved our hearts will reveal it.

What Ever Happened To "GO and PREACH"?

By J. Conrad Lampan

Some time ago I heard Luis Palau in London preaching a sermon entitled “What part of the great commission you did not understand?”

As I was going today through several emails from news lists and reading announcements in some magazines and online for different kinds of conferences and meetings with the most varied themes, one thought hit my mind:

What in the world happened to the simple, plain, old fashioned “GO and PREACH”?

In these days we are using technologies and resources that were unknown even a few years ago and also we have become experts in the use of words such as “releasing into ministry” “activating ministries” “pulling down strongholds” “spiritual mapping” and we are holding conferences and meetings were we receive a personalized prophetic word, then we are released into the perfect ministry, and the gifts inside us are activated. Then we go back to our place rejoicing for all the time of harp and bowl we had, and ready to birth the new thing that God is bringing, and . . . now what?

What ever happened to “GO and “PREACH”

Please do not take me wrong I am not criticizing any of those efforts aforementioned, in fact I myself have been the speaker at many such a conference, but I think we need to understand that all the while we are enjoying ourselves there are millions that are going heads on into hell without even realizing how they got there.

My question is what happens after we enjoy a “powerful” conference on whatever theme we choose? How many people are saved or touched and have their lives changed as a result of our attending those meetings? Praise God for all the meetings, gatherings, conventions and conferences we can attend these days, and praise God for the blessing of gathering together with our brothers and sisters and for the manifestations of God that we can enjoy there.

However, if we do not make a difference in our neighborhood, if our city remains unchanged then it does not matter how well we have spiritually mapped the city, or how many stronghold we proclaim to bring down, and how many gifts we have activated, or how many prophecies we have uttered in the Lord’s name, the question still remains:

What ever happened to “Go and PREACH”?

It is interesting to ask another question, What did the disciples do when Jesus gave them the great commission? What happened immediately after? They did not have any option of discussing the issue or get some better explanation from Jesus because Jesus told them what to do and left! He was taken up to heaven. Then they waited in obedience in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came, and when they were baptized with fire they went out and preached.

If this is not happening with us then there is something that is disconnected somewhere. We receive the “fire” and then what? Do we go out and put our city upside down? We receive the anointing, and what’s next? Do we go around healing the sick? We receive the gifts of the Spirit, and then what? Do we use the gift of mercy to reach out those in need?

It is time that we the church, the body of Christ begin to use what she receives, it is high time that we go out and put that which we have received in action like Peter “Gold and silver I do not have, but what I have I give you . . .”

We speak, and teach about miracles and the miraculous and are always eager to move in the supernatural and the spectacular, and that is good because we believe in a God that performs miracles, but we must remember that everything should point people to Jesus.

Formula for a miracle: Put Jesus where the need is and miracles will happen.

J. Conrad Lampan

Walk in Holiness, Walk in Fear

Jacquelyn Morrison

I have been calling you to myself by wooing you in my tender love toward you. I have been calling you to holiness. Yes, I am your Father. Yes, I am your dad. Yes, I am your papa. Yes, I am your friend. Yes, I am all who you need and want me to be. But, I must also be who I am. I am Holy. I am a Holy God. Your Father is Holy, your friend is holy, your daddy is holy, your love is holy and my desire for you is that you walk in holiness, as I am holy.

You have misunderstood my tender love toward you, for as I wooed you and proved myself for you, you saw me through your eyes. But now I say -look again, for I am a God that is also to be feared. Your Father, your friend, your daddy is to be feared. Yet I say, fear not, for when you know my great love toward you, my love will cast out the fear that grips you and causes your to run from me instead of toward me. When you see and recognize how much a great God is own your side to love you, you will reverence me and let me be yours as I desire.

My plans for you have been established from the beginning. Your life has been in my hands from the beginning. I held the reins. I held the way of your being. Now I say come. With meekness come. In faith come, believing me to be the same Father, the same dad, the same friend the same love, but yet great and awesome and requiring holiness of you and for you to walk in the fear of me.

Fear me that you will not continue to think I accept any attitude you want to hold onto and not abhor. Fear me that you will know I will not tolerate sin in your life any longer as you say you are mine and that I am yours. Fear me that the very way I have ordained for you to come into my presence will be reverenced and honored as a pure and holy way. Cast off the cares of this world, cast off the lust and pleasures that are only for a season and remember who I am. Cast off the murmuring and complaining before I give you what you want as I did my children in the wilderness when they murmured and complained about the way I was taking them to know me. Know that I am taking you into the place of knowing my love and knowing that I am your Father who loves you. Know that I will not let you fail because my will for you is the plan I have established for you from the beginning and there is no failure in it. Rest in me. Rest in knowing I am mighty and glorious and that I am the power at work in your life. Rest in knowing that no weapon can be used against you without my will. Allow me to bring your faith forward that you will take my word and speak my word in your behalf and that you will rest in faith because you have my word. My word is sure; the word has already been spoken. I am holy. I want a holy people. I want people that will fear me and love me and I want people who will give me themselves. Trust me and rely upon me for it is sure, I am your God. I am your Father. I am your daddy. I am your papa. I am your friend. I am your love and you are my children. Be not afraid, for lo I am with you, even to the end of the age.

Allow God to Become a "Person" in You!

Undrai and Bridget Fizer

Allow God to become a Person within you.

Allow God to have His full Personality within you. Give Him His freedoms and power of creativity. He is very "comfortable" to walk with when we allow Him to be Himself. As we grow deeper in our lives of ministry (not just the performance of ministry), we will find God wanting more and more space (even though we may have thought we gave it to Him). One thing about God, He always can find "space" and emptiness in things we consider "full" already!

Our sensitivity in the Spirit will become more and more mature when God is given His freedoms to explore our lives. We will be able to hear in the Spirit, the maturity and depths of God. We will also be able to "move around" and accept "sudden shifts" more comfortably, even though it's still "inconvenient" sometimes.

The more freedom He has to form your natural lives, careers, plans, and relationships, the more anointed (favored, with authority given to you from His Hand) you will become. The more "sure" your words and faith will become. Your words will not fall to the ground. Your words will create a "birthing place" in the lives those who hear you, and they will receive the fullness of destiny in the Lord.

Stirrings of the Lord follow those who allow God to be a Person and not a relic of history in their lives. When God is a "relic," we begin to analyze "living words," thus causing the "living" to become the "dead" and unbelievable. But when God is a Person to us, we begin to hear His emotions and feel His personality when we study the Word. The Word becomes Flesh and not just a historical assignment. When His Word is Flesh, we can "hear" and "feel" Him speak and move. When we "only" know the "Hebrew/Greek" content, we get an awesome historical value, but can lose the "movings" of His Intentions and His Emotions. (In no way am I saying not to study the Hebrew/Greek terminology of the Bible. It is very helpful. I have those study helps as well.)

Allow God to become a Person in you. Then, the true Word of the Father will be spoken from your lives and you will not be afraid when He "expresses" Himself "personally." Some people think "differently" about certain people in whom God "lives freely," and who speak "fluidly" about God and His Mind as though they have gone "too far" with the Word.

But no, some of these people have just allowed the Word to become "Flesh," or alive with a living personality within them. That is how the enemy is defeated. He "recognizes" the anointed personality of Christ. He "sees" Christ by hearing you not only speak the written Word, but "emulating and imitating" the Living Word. The Word becomes Flesh. Pages become "Skin" with an active personality.

That is what the enemy sees and fears. So let God become "A Person with a personality" on the inside of you.

Don't let Him be a "shy person."

Let Him create new things in you....

Your Friend,

It Is Not Your Kingdom That You Are Building

Stephen Hanson

By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds. [11] For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. [12] If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, [13] his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man's work. [14] If what he has built survives, he will receive his reward. [15] If it is burned up, he will suffer loss; he himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames 1CO 3:10.

(The Lord showed me the foundation of a wall that was laid. It was all of stone and was fitted into place. There were perhaps 3-4 tiers of this foundation that had been laid. I then saw a man who was walking on it. He came to the edge of it and there were steps going up from the foundation where it was being built. He began to go up the steps and seemed to be very proud of his achievement. He pranced upward from tier to tier upon this staircase of stone. He then came to where the top of it had been built. A huge fist and then a hammer, came down upon the entire walls and foundation and crushed it to the ground. There was nothing left as this hammer made blow after blow upon it.)

"This man is indicative of those who have begun new ministries. You think that it is a proud achievement of what you have done. You think by your hands alone you have done this. I tell you that I am the Master Builder. You have made your ministries into idols. They have not been built for you to be honored by men. The building is nothing. The builders are nothing. It is only what you have built upon that matters. It is only the stone that is set at the bottom of this building that matters. During this season you will see many ministries rise and fall. See to it that you have built very carefully. Surely, I will take down the high towers. The sound of the collapse of many of these buildings will be heard. For it is only to be my kingdom and not your own."

Stephen Hanson

My Heart Is Crying For You

Elizabeth Horne

My beloved, My heart is crying for you. I understand your confusion, hesitation, & excitement with the new things your shepherds are doing with you. Come back to your first love & worship Me with your heart, like you used to. Your shepherds are seducing you with gentle words & they excite you with caresses of their own. They have taken My plans for you & turned them slowly into their own agenda. You are My bride, not theirs! Open your eyes My love & see through their shiny white garnments. There is darkness underneath those garnments. My true love, I wait for you. Our time together is soon. Come away from your seductive & misleading shepherds to Me now. I will reclaim My remnant bride when these seductive shepherds & their followers leave her in an unknown place to die. My bride has a strong determined spirit & a repentant heart. She loves Me as I love her. Come back to Me, My love.

---There are pastors today who are seductively pulling their congregation along into "new" forms of worship & "new" revelations that God has not given them. They, & their followers, worship God with their lips,but not their hearts. Their lives show it, if true believers dare check. They band together as a brotherhood to stand as a wall against those that confront them & condemn their actions. It grieves Jesus' heart that shepherds He appointed for the care of His bride, have taken her for themselves.

Obeying Him,
Elizabeth Horne

Time For Purity and Holiness

Ras Robinson

Now is the time for purity and holiness like never before. I know you have not looked forward to this call of mine. But it is your destiny. You will find that when I have called you a vessel of honor that I meant it. You have bought from me gold tried in the fire of your sufferings and trials. So now the time is here. It is time to get up and move out. You have your instructions and your vision is clear. All that is lacking is the getting up and moving out. Pack light for this next leg of the journey. Remove all burdens and hindrances. Deal with any attachments that will cause you to turn around and look back. I am calling you to a higher road. This road with be both narrow and steep. As you rise higher the road will become even narrower. It will even be treacherous. But oh the view and the vision of my kingdom and of my provisions. You will be able to see my plan so clearly now. Now is the time for purity and holiness like never before.

The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence. 2 Samuel 22:3 (KJV)

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