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June 5, 2004

These Are The Days

Brenda Seth

I sense the Lord saying to us that these are times when we need to stay close to Him, because gross darkness is covering the earth.  These are the days when lines are being drawn in the sand.  And we must be close to Him. We must walk in His ways, because as the darkness gets darker, the Light will shine much brighter.  Those who know their God shall be mighty and do exploits.  

These are not days to fear, but days to draw near and be full of His Spirit. We have been prepared for such a time as this.  And I sense that the Lord is groaning for the world, for His compassion for them is great.  And the day of grace is still here.  He needs us to do exploits in these days, so that as many as will receive Him will become sons of God.

Contend With the Enemy:
You Are On The Winning Side

Musa Opiyo

Stand and declare My promises before the face of your enemy. For you shall stand boldly before your adversaries and demand a recompense of all that was stolen, yes, even that which the locust, cankerworm and palmerworm consumed.

You shall contend against the demonic forces and you shall subdue your enemies because I have given you the victories. It is imperative to understand that your enemy is not your brother or sister, that one who does not agree with your views or one whom you do not see eye to eye with.

Remember, My children, that your war is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of this world. To your natural eyes you fight an unseen battle, yet in the Spirit you are waging fiercely against the enemy of your souls.

Fear not the enemy's empty roar, for it is merely his way of intimidation to drive you back and to prevent you from moving foward into My plan and purpose for you.

You are a city set on a hill that is shining My Glory throughout the whole earth. You are those who are victorious and who will not back down at the threats of the enemy.

I have place you strategically where you are and equipped you with sufficient tools with which to do My work faithfully.

You are not where you are by chance or accident, but I the Lord have led the course of events in your life according to My purposes to refine you and to prepare you for what is ahead.

Don't give up now. You have come this far and have won many victories to take a second glance back.

The past is the past, and I have made a way for you to go through unhindered but your eyes must be focused upon Me so that your faith is focused and steadfast. Remain planted in My word and in prayer.

Call those things that were not as though they were. My Word carries creative power to turn an obstacle into a stepping stone over the stumblings and into My way.

Arise, fearless warriors. Go forth equipped with My Word and the strategies which I shall show you. I have given you the victory.

Accept it, take it and declare it says the Lord.

Musa Opiyo

The Arrival of the Bride

Shirley Lise

Rest in Me. Put your trust in Me. I am moving in your circumstance. I am lining things up with My will and purpose. Do not think that I have left you out, that I have not positioned you strategically. I have, and now is the time for My End-time plan to move forward. The End-time plan includes outreach to the nations, outreach to your own community and abroad. It includes whole households coming into order in this day.

You will see how I uncover My plan. I am raising up nobodies to do the work of evangelism. I am raising up those of no reputation to be on frontlines. How would I do this you ask? I have My hidden ones, Josephs, who have been wrongly accused and sent to the dungeon who are coming out of hiding. And yes, I am opening a whole new vista, a panoramic view of what I call My church. And I am birthing forth a revelation into the hearts of men, men of no relevance in the system of today's church.

I am shaking the pedestals of men and soon they will come crashing down. I am igniting a holy passion for the truth in the hearts of those who are open to the revelation. Some have said the church is sleeping. Others have implied that it is dead, but I tell you, My church is on the rise. It will rise up out of the dust and come to life, for I shall fill it with breath and life. So do not mistake what you see for what is real. Much of what you see stems from the heart of man and not God. What you see is a reproduction of the real, a counterfeit.

Do you think I would use one man out of multitudes to lead the way? Do you think that I need men to facilitate what I am doing? My ways are high above the ways of men and cannot be contained in the doctrines and teachings of men. They cannot be twisted and made to fit man's agenda.

I am at work throughout the Earth raising up the least expected from places least expected, those who have not been tainted by the religious systems of men. I am raising up My apostles and prophets, My End-time army that shall infiltrate the Earth and take it by surprise. Those least expected will be ushered forward into places of prominence. With them will come kingdom authority, not that which you see in religious circles, but from above, for I am releasing My authority into the lives of multitudes who have come through the trials and have been refined as pure gold. I am releasing power from on high into the lives of those who have disentangled themselves from the religious systems of men and who have enthroned Me in their hearts and lives.

The world has yet to see the true church arise, but in this day, it will be awakened by the arrival of the Bride of Christ. I am raising up a Bride who is spotless and the whole Earth shall marvel at her beauty, for she will not resemble anything the world has ever seen.

Picture this, the trumpet blast, and the whole Earth put on alert to the arrival of the Bride, prepared and ready for her Bridegroom...

This is the picture I leave with you.

A Cleansing Sword

Bill Hernandez

Return, oh peoples of the Earth, and see the Glory of your King.

For I am coming with a cleansing sword to cut away all that ails you and distracts you.

Rejoice, oh barren ones, for you are heavy with child and are about to give birth.

I am coming, says the Holy One, to winnow away the chaff and establish you as pure before My throne.

Take up the crown of love and power and authority and deliver them that have no voice and them who are poor of spirit and free them.

Bring in My lost ones and I will bring you to rivers of living waters and springs of joy.

A time is coming when I will no longer allow compromise in this area of love.

I will no longer allow conditions to be placed on who receives what and when they receive it.

I will no longer allow compromise and I will no longer tolerate distinctions, for this is sin in My eyes.

Embrace hope and joy and peace of heart by embracing all I send you and make no choices of this one or that one, but choose them I send.

Make no distinctions, but embrace equality.

Choose the unlikely to succeed. Choose the irregular and unseemly. Choose the unattractive. Choose them who would use you and tax your resources.

Choose whom I have died for, for these are My children, every one of them.

Make a name for yourselves by crowning the unblessed with love and acceptance.

Choose the hard road and I will make it easy on your souls.

Choose the easy road and you will find hardship with little joy.

Choose the difficult ones and I will pour out of My sanctuary miracles and signs and wonders.

Be famous in sacrifice.

Be famous in lovingkindness.

Choose My way.
Choose Me and be like Me.

Be little saviors of the lost and broken and destitute. Be a light to them. Be honored in your giving to souls.

Embrace the lost ones. Bring them in to the party. Fill your sanctuaries with the sick and heal them and love them and bless them.

Do this and I will fill your coffers to overflowing with more to give.

Do this and you will have many workers and ministers of joy and you will have many friends.

Bring in your lost friends, the poor, the destitute, the hurting, the fearful, the mourning, and make them your friends.

I am coming with a sword to them who deny My way of love and I will prune and prune away all that is not of Me.

And when brokenness is complete, I will raise them up to join the first wave of love.

Great consternation is coming and confusion.

How sad many will be who don't understand what I've always desired.

I have desired the unlikely and unseemly to be honored and loved and built up.

I have desired a heart of compassion and not self-seeking ways.

I have desired a mother's heart for all that would take up My sons and daughters and love them into the Kingdom.

Partake then of this great banquet. This is the great feast and the great party. This is the Groom's celebration and all are invited.

Do not disinvite and do not bar any who wish to enter, but extend a hand and even beg them to come in to the wedding feast.

Do not filter out anyone who wishes to come in. But let all partake who wish it. Let all partake who desire it.

Put away your designs to build My church and take up My design.

My design is love for all - young and old, men and women, every race, every creed, every nation.

My design is an open door policy. Let My people in and don't limit yourselves to this person or that, but let all in.

Invite all in and trust Me. Trust My wisdom. Sacrifice is wisdom.

Being last is wisdom. Being used is wisdom. Being hurt is wisdom. Being mocked is wisdom. Being Me to the world is wisdom. Filter out none.

Filter out selfish designs and let in joy and love and healing for yourselves.

Here is Revival: Revival of love and tenderness and respect and long suffering.

Here is Revival: Revival of My ways and Revival of Who I am.

Be then instruments of My love. Be my hands and heart and feet. Be My body and be united as one to do what I did and to be who I was and still am.

I haven't changed.

Follow My example and give all that you have.

Give your time, your money, and your resources to the lost.

Give from the abundance of Heaven placed in your stewardship.

Be wise stewards and follow My example.

Give of the riches available to you.

Keep giving and I will be the supplier.

Give and it shall be given to you to give away more. Reach into your bag and spread love generously.

From: Seven Thunders

Tell My People

Lisa Stephenson

Tell my people, to avoid in this hour, those who come to puff up flesh, for it is a deterrent against the work in progress. I will handle the hearts of these, for many do so in thanksgiving, as unto Me, yet  in their lack of truth yet, having eyes they see not, & having ears they hear not, for in doing so, the effect unseen in the natural is demoralization of my body. I have blinders prepared for you, if you will come unto Me, for perfect placement of these to guard your vision as you serve in this hour. It must be so, for if one "jot" or "tittle" is misaligned, and does not pierce through to foundation, creating "seamless unity," the entire structure will be faulty, and unsound. Worship Me in the beauty of My Holiness, this is your refreshment & vitality, for endurance in the task before you.

Be aware, that in your weakness, I AM strong, fear not, I am your rearguard. Many of the "transporters" of "building" materials, are not Mine, beware, security must be elevated within the camp, because of those walking into the field and directly approaching the "construction site." These have slaughtered the "deliverers" of "building materials" who were originally positioned & employed for this particular "job." They are identified as those who creep into "houses" & lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning & never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. I will employ those whose hearts wholeheartedly & diligently seek Me, to refill these positions. This great slaughtering & deception has occurred because of the cleansing & overhauling taking place on the "wall" as new tempered mortar is applied to fill the "gaps & holes," & My gatekeepers & watchmen are positioned for the last hour call.

I am going to cause those who have filled My storehouses to be distinctly known among you as Givers unto I AM, for the building of My Kingdom. All will know who these are, for I have spoken it. Many have not given, therefore the entire assembly has lain in lack. I am going to empty the storehouses of wealth, that my purpose be "funded" & My sheep be fattened, for many have been starved, some even unto death & many now walk in malnutrition. Be sober & vigilant my children in this last hour. Submit yourselves unto Me & bring the sacrifices of praise, broken hearts & contrite spirits unto Me. Watch & pray, Be still & know that I AM. I will send "building inspectors" ahead, receive these as you receive Me. I AM on my way.

Lisa Stephenson
Daughters of Destiny

My Glory Is Coming

Musa Opiyo

The clouds (heavens) are parting and My Glory shall once again cover the land. It shall fall as the former and the latter rain to redeem My people and bring deliverance to the captives. My Glory knows no boundaries and so shall move in whosoever shall open their hearts and recieve from My throne. Angels are being dispatched to deliver answers to long awaited prayers, for I have heard the fervent prayers of My Hungry People for a revival.

Yet with the promise of rain comes also the opposition from the armies of hell for they fear My Glory and what it shall do to their efforts. Yet I call you My people to stand strong in praise and worship and continue to lift your voices in prayer for the harvest, for it is indeed ripe.

For breakthrough shall not arrive without a fight, but you are those whom I have trained to war according to the Spirit. Let your faith rise and let hope rest on the fact that I have given you the victory. Though it may seem that the enemy prevails for a time, yet know that I am merely setting him up for his own downfall. This is the time to arise and sing praises upon Zion's hill. This is the time that you shall see breakthrough come to your land and people. Yet it is also a time of great war and opposition, yet I have set your feet upon solid ground, upon the Rock you shall stand.

Go forth, break into song and rejoice, for you are victorious, says the Lord

Musa Opiyo

The Way of Brokenness

Jasminka Diehl

God is Love and He is teaching us about Himself through the experiential knowledge, therefore we learn and practice through our mistakes and tests, we grow into maturity through our hardships - we are learning the true art of LOVE! For we have a promise from Him that one day we will know (Him) as we are known ...

So we persist, though our flesh gets tired, though our human nature wants to give up, knowing that all things work for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

It is the Ultimate Test of Love we will all be tested with. We know all the do's and dont's, we know all the right things to do, but until it becomes applicable experience in our lives we are not able to walk in it. Gospel of the Kingdom is all about LOVE, and in the beginning we all stumble through the pain and rejection, hurts and misunderstandings.

Only by desiring God and His character within us more then anything else in our lives can we truly humble ourselves under His mighty hand, and allow Him to use anything He pleases to accomplish His character traits within us.

Humility is hardest in the matters of the heart, for it strips away completely and makes us naked and vulnerable in another person's eyes... But if we truly are after the PERFECTION that God can and will perform within us, than it is the MUST ... (Strip away everything from us Lord, so that all that remains is Christ and only Christ) ...

If we have made a decision to really follow Christ, He will teach us HOW to love with His kind of love ... Granted, it gets very hard and painful, and sometimes we are downright stubborn in closing off of our hearts to more of the pain and rejection ... Loving someone that rejects us hurts all the more ...

Sometimes we want to end relationships because our hearts cannot stand pain and brokenness any more, but God is NOT letting us go ... His love in our hearts is here to stay, and we are learning to walk in it.

We have preconceived ideas of what we could do, or what God wants us to do, but we need to realize that God IS God and allow Him to lead us the way He wants to, because it IS the best ... even if it doesn't align with our "visible" truth ... His Truth supersedes ours every time ...

Brokenness is very difficult place to be ... we find it at the foot of the cross ... But as we behold His brokenness, ours gets taken care off...

When we truly learn to love we will continue to reach out to others no matter their lack of love - it is the way of Ultimate Love, Christ himself ... Reaching out when we are rejected, dying to the flesh is not easy, but the reward is great - that one day we will become as He is ...

We are not mere human beings any more, we are UNIQUE and we are determined to be Christ like, we are bold and we are strong, for it is not us anymore, but Christ living in us. And we cannot give up what we cherish ...

So, when we love we love forever with the love of God ... For human love is not good enough and it is the kind that always fails. God's kind never does, but it keeps loving and giving and reaching out FOREVER!!!

Even if never gets anything in return ... That kind of love is our only option ...

This is the way of brokenness, and God uses it to bring to the surface those hidden things within us, so they can be dealt with, and we can minister that love to others by being completely whole and free, allowing Holy Spirit to flow through our humility and brokenness, and becoming Christ-like in every aspect of our lives.

Nothing can stop true Love ... Love keeps loving even when love is not loved ...

A Voice Instead of An Echo

A. W. Tozer

But Peter and John answered and said to them, "Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard." --Acts 4:19-20

To escape the snare of artificiality it is necessary that a man enjoy a satisfying personal experience with God. He must be totally committed to Christ and deeply anointed with the Holy Spirit. Further, he must be delivered from the fear of man. The focus of his attention must be God and not men. He must let everything dear to him ride out on each sermon. He must so preach as to jeopardize his future, his ministry, even his life itself. He must make God responsible for the consequences and speak as one who will not have long to speak before he is called to judgment. Then the people will know they are hearing a voice instead of a mere echo.  God Tells the Man Who Cares, 133-134.

"Lord, I'm going to sit quietly before You this morning and make sure these challenges are indeed the expression of my heart today. Amen."

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