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August 1, 2002

Watch, Wait and Listen for My Guidance

Mary Clark

In a vision, I was in an old-time general store. The floors were wooden. The door that leads into the store was standing wide open, and as I looked out, I could see a wooden walkway leading down a grassy area. There was a big, black bear at the foot of the walkway. I did not venture out the door. In the next scene, I could see the disabled bear, lying on his side on the grass next to the walkway. Why did You show this to me, Lord?


I want to explain something to My children about the days that lie ahead. I want to let you know that the devil has devised a clever scheme to woo you off the track that leads to your Beloved. But your God has foreseen his plan, and I am revealing it to My children. Be watchful. Wait on Me before you make a move in the days to come. I want you to know that one who waits on the Beloved does not wait in vain. No! It is a wise thing to wait on your God, and follow His leading.

It is an incredible thing to Me that one such as he would think that he could get away with this plan, knowing that I am all-powerful and all-knowing. But he never gives up, beloved. He is most persistent. That is why I want you to be on your guard, wait, and listen for My direction. My direction will enable you to escape the snares that he has devised against you.

I have seen in My children a reticent behavior in these days. This behavior holds a certain amount of fear. Do not be fearful, beloved. Trust in Me. My grace is sufficient to move you along in great comfort and ease into that place of My choosing. But I do want you to be on your guard. Be on your guard and trust in the Holy One to remove those snares.

So I am asking you to trust in Me, and know that I foresee all that he plans, and I am quite able to steer you clear of his advances. But you must wait on Me, beloved, and follow My lead in the future. This is imperative. It is imperative that you spend time in My presence, calling on Me to lead and guide you.

This is the hour when the Beloved has taken a solid stand on behalf of His chosen. The enemy has a plan. He has a clever plan that he devised in the hope of getting you off track. But know this: One who does not act hastily is acting with great wisdom. Because I am certainly able to remove those obstacles, and show you the proof, if you will but watch and wait for Me to perform. These are the words for today, beloved: watch and wait, and listen for My guidance.

Marianna, Florida

I am God. How can I forget?

Jim Grayson

"In truth I tell you, he who believes in me shall do the signs and wonders that I do, and greater, for I am going to the Father." John 14:12

"Some of you think I have forgotten about you. You know this is true. Your heart has all but given up on the promises I have whispered to your heart, oh, so long ago but I whisper again, precious one, My promises are true and will come to pass. The passage of time means nothing to Me but everything to you and with that passage of time, your heart begins to fail for in your mind, in your limited understanding, the passage of time makes the vision grow dim, the promises fade until you begin to listen to the enemy of your soul as he says, "It was all in your head. God didn't speak to you. You missed it." You have a choice to make, My can listen to him or ignore him and believe Me. The choice is yours.

I say to you this day, buckle on your armor that has sagged, straighten your helmet and sharpen your sword for the promise I gave you is as alive as it ever was. It was alive before I made the foundations of the earth and it is as alive as when I first whispered it to you. The passage of time means nothing. Get that straight. You have allowed the vision to fade because you have set out your own time schedule, which has nothing to do with Mine, and have simply given up because I didn't act when you felt I should. I ask you, My child, when did I ever act when man thought I should? I am a God of last minute moves. I can make it happen in an instant. Never forget that.

And I say to you further, think with the mind of Christ which is in each of you, My children. The Mind of Christ enables you to do something extraordinary. It enables you to think like Me. Why else do you think I imparted that most precious of gifts upon you? It has nothing to do with making you "be good" but everything to do with walking in victory. You will never defeat the enemy if you continue to think along practical terms. As soon as you turn from My way of thinking, he has you but when you think like Me, you rise up and take command of your life, as I want you to do. Defeat should never be in the vocabulary of the child of the Most High King! Never say die! I wouldn't say it, so neither should you. You have no right to say such things.

Now, rise up, take your wings and fly. Have I not called you to be eagles? Now is the time to fly, My beloved, and to prepare for the return of your King of Kings. The marriage supper table is set. It awaits the Bride. You are a part of the Bride and will do your part in seeing Her be prepared. I made you to walk in the miraculous. Do not let anyone deny you your right to be free, no matter who it is. Listen to Me only, read My Word. I am fully able to teach you My ways without someone poisoning your thoughts with dead traditions and the ways of men, none of which I have ordained. Follow Me, for I will never let you down.

Continue now. Buck up. Stand and face Me. Never let Me see your back. I am with you and I am in you and victory is yours. Your promise is just that...a promise, one to soon be fulfilled. Trust in Me and lean not to your own understanding, as the ways of men have taught you to do. Think like Me. You have that gift. Use it, beloved of My heart, and that which I promised, no matter how long ago it was, will come true! I am the God of all things, of all anything too hard for Me? I am the healer of men, the savior of souls, the raiser of the dead...behold, I AM!

Trust in Me and I will bring it to can I forget?



A Passionless People

Sammy Tippit

When there's no prayer then there's no power in our lives. When there's no spiritual power within us, then we will not know the passion of Christ for others. Samuel Chapman once said, "There is no power like that of availing prayer. It turns ordinary mortals into men of power. It brings fire, it brings rain, it brings life, it brings God."

Mr. Chapman was right. When God comes and visits His people, we begin to feel what's on His heart. And what is on God's heart? The Bible says, "When He saw the crowds He had compassion on them." The heart of Jesus breaks for the multitudes who are without a shepherd in life. When God comes in power to our churches and our personal lives we will begin to feel the very passion of Christ for a lost and dying world.

A group of Christian friends from Eastern Europe were visiting the United States recently. They attended a recent major Christian conference where I was speaking. I was a little nervous because I didn't know how they would respond to an American style worship service. Consequently, I became very aware of our style of worship. As I listened to the other speakers and I participated in the worship, I realized that there were two major differences in our worship and their style of worship. There was much laughter in response to the speakers of the conference, and that was good. Joy comes to our hearts when there is a freedom of spirit.

However, there was one thing missing at the conference that is often present in their worship - weeping. North American Christians are good at telling jokes, but terrible at weeping for souls. We know how to laugh, but have forgotten how to cry. Somehow, in the midst of our Christian work, we've lost our passion, especially our passion for souls. Consequently, we stand in need of revival.

How long has it been since you wept over the eternal destiny of people?

Go and Make Disciples

Doug Morrell

We are not called to save souls, but to disciple them; it is God's work to save and sanctify (Mth. 28:19, 20). As His disciples, we are to disciple disciples until Christ Jesus is formed in them (Gal. 4:19). Though making disciples is not an option, the conditions of discipleship can never be forced. Jesus always began His call to the deeper life with "if."

  • if you forgive (Mth. 6:14)
  • if you have faith (Mth. 17:20)
  • if you want to enter life (Mth. 19:17)
  • if you want to be perfect (Mth. 19:21)
  • if you believe (Mth. 21:22)
  • if you hold anything against anyone (Mark 11:25)
  • if you have not been trustworthy (Luke 16:11)
  • if you knew me (John 8:19)
  • if you hold to my teaching (John 8:31)
  • if you love one another (John 13:35)
  • if you love me (John 14:15)
  • if you do what I command (John 15:14)
  • if you do not wake up (Rev. 3:3)

All of us are "under construction" until God's Word is not simply something we know, but who we are. Our work in the lives of others is not finished until Christ is completely and permanently developed in them.

Grow in grace and truth,
doug morrell

A fellow servant in the work of the Kingdom.

Christian Outfitters - Live Christ Deliberately!

Come To the Mountain

Ras Robinson

My presence is always on my summit. Come to the mountain. But when you arrive I want you to come to the summit of my mountain. For it is there that I will dwell with you in the last days. I have prepared a mountain just for you. There I will display my face to you. When you come into my presence you come into my face or in the presence of my face. When you consider the face you know that all the five senses are located in the face. I can see you and you can see me. You can hear me and I can hear you. Your smell is in my nostrils and I make my aroma evident to you. I touch you and you touch me. Your taste is precious to me and my taste delights your taste buds. I want you to know me fully even as I fully know you. My summit can be experienced each and every day. This is my desire. This is what I want. I want to spend every day with you on my summit. In the beginning it was to be so. But that did not last long enough for me. Now I want to complete my original plan with you in mind. I want you here beside me. My presence is always on my summit.

Exodus 33:14-15 “And He said, "My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest." Then he said to Him, "If Thy presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here.”

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.”

Pray Down Heaven

Jane Larsen

Do not grow weary in doing good. Do not tire, do not give up. Stand with your face set to Me as flint with your feet anchored in My word. I am food for your soul, I will sustain you. Pray down Heaven. Call upon Me. At all times and in all things, call upon My name.

When you are weary, call Me. When you are weak, call Me. I am the one you must call. In the face of battle, call upon Me. I am your fortress, your shelter in the storm. In all things and at all times call upon Me. There is power in My name. There is victory and it is found in Me, I am the deliverer. Do not grow faint, do not think your prayers are returning unanswered for I am in that place with you. I am hearing. I am listening. I am moving, though now you may not perceive it, I am moving. Be still and see what I do when you call upon Me.

Lay all your cares at My feet, for I am strong. Give the load to Me, make your requests known. I am your God who hears. I am your God who moves. Do not stop, do not have fear, do not tremble for I am at your side, I will not let you be harmed.

This is the time to pray down Heaven. I call you to persist. I call you to endure, for there is a prize, and I hold it ready for you. In all things give thanks, in all times have joy -- for I am with you. Let Me release you from suffering. Let Me move amongst you with fire and power. Let Me lead you. Do not look at the desert, do not look at the waves, do not look at the size of the cave you may be in but look to the bigness of Me. Call upon Me.

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