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September 11, 2004

Arise and Shine!

Peter Sotus

Arise, arise and shine My people for a new day is dawning. The rays of the morning star are shining upon you. It is time for My apostles and prophets to walk the earth again. It is time for My body to be made whole and walk the earth in unity with My love, My power and My authority. Go forth and set the captives free. Rescue your cities and your nations for the time of the great harvest has begun. The nations are crying out to you. Hear their cries! Feel their pain and their sorrow! Allow Me to reach out to them through you. Allow Me to fill you with My love and compassion that you may see what I see and hear the cries I hear. Allow Me to break your heart that you may move with Me and that I may send heaven to earth. Oh how I yearn to touch the nations, to heal the sick, to tend to the hurting and the sorrowful. It is time My people. Rise up! Rise up! The work has begun.

Obscure Armies Arising

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

There is coming a day and an hour when all who seek My face will know Me heart to heart. I will no longer be a Father that is far off, but all will know Me for who I am.

I have purposed a thing from the beginning of time and this thing is about to explode all over the land. Great salvations!

Great armies arising out of obscure places taking up the sword and following after Me. I know who My true soldiers are and they have been in training for quite some time now, and now is the time of their birth.

They shall be birthed from the isolated places. They shall come forth from the unknown regions. They will be an army that others have thrown away.

They will be an army that others have ridiculed and put down. They will be an army that knows what it is to suffer at the hands of the religious ones.

They shall be an army that goes forth with My love, grace, mercy and compassion and they shall bring forth a mighty army of warriors that will not turn back, but they shall go forth into uncharted waters and they shall conquer the regions for Me.

All will see this army and all will know that this army has risen from the ash heap of sorrows to overcome and conquer the enemy on all sides.

Take heed to what the Spirit is saying at this given time, for all My people are being led by My Spirit at this given time.

All must be aware of the calling. All must be in tune to My voice. All must be ready to supersede all that they have ever known, for I truly am going to do a mighty works throughout this land in this end time hour, saith the Father.

Take Back All The Enemy Has Stolen

Musa Opiyo

Awake sons of God. The call has gone forth to war in the heavenlies against the forces of your enemy. Your enemy is not the flesh and blood, but the principalities and powers and rulers of this dark age. Watchmen stand upon those walls and keep watch for the enemy is advancing to plunder the children of God, but I will not allow it says the Lord. I instead say turn the battle at the gates and in reverse, YOU plunder the enemy camp. Take back all the years the locust, the cankerworm and the palmerworm has stolen from you. This is the year to take back what the enemy has stolen. He has no more power except that which you give him.

Fear is one of the greatest weapons he has released in this hour to cripple My army and to render them ineffective, yet arise for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but power, love which casts out all fear and a sound mind. Do not retreat back like the children of Israel did for fear of the giants, but go even as Joshua and Caleb were determined to take back the land that belongs to you, for it is your inheritance says the Lord.

'Faith sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible'

Spirit of Prophetic Praise and Worship

Lillis Boyer

I saw a large winged figure, maybe like a seraphim, hovering over the sanctuary. It had many chiffon like wings that gently moved in time with the beat of the music. It was multi-colored, brilliant, …constantly flashing different colors in different areas, very very beautiful.

As we entered into high praise the colors would become more intense and brilliant. As various believers in sanctuary entered into high praise this Spirit would illuminate that worshipper with a color..not all worshippers in the congregation would be illuminated with the same color.

Some were a brilliant purple, others a different color. Those who were not worshipping were not illuminated. Every so often the creature would open his mouth and exhale a colored incense. I couldn't smell this incense but I felt the Lord tell me that this incense had a lovely fragrance..perhaps only the Father could smell it.

The Lord told me that wherever His people are gathered, engaging in prophetic worship, this beautiful holy seraphim type spirit hovers over them.

Lillis Boyer

I Have Released My Grace

Marsha Burns

To those who have been in the stone quarry being chiseled and shaped, do not view what is happening to you by the works of the flesh or according to the flesh. If you do that you will find yourself in condemnation. I do not bring condemnation to My people; I bring conviction to which you will answer, "Yes and amen!" Be thankful for the work that is being done in you. Do not allow the enemy to come into this place to make you feel condemned. Rise up in the Spirit and see what I am doing, says the Lord, for I am doing a marvelous work. I am shaping you like you have never been shaped before. When this work is done you will look back and rejoice and dance and give praise to the Lord.

I am bringing you to a new level, a new height. It is not and will not be comfortable. You will feel different and even feel weird, but I have released My grace, My ability in you to do what I have called and chosen for you to do and be. You will come into that new place. I will tell you beforehand what I am going to do. Then, I will do it. And, finally, I will tell you that I have done it. My grace will be abundant.

Found in Him
Sylvia Deall

"and be found in Him" Phil 3.9
"and that I may actually be found and known as in Him" (amplified).

I started praying about being found in Him, founded on Him and felt Him telling me to meditate on what this means.

When we seek Him, we find Him. And when we put on His righteousness at the cross and throw off our own filthy rags, when we count everything else as loss and lay all our own glory aside, when we are crucified with Christ, dead to our own desires and ways, then we are found in Him. And then there is the ongoing pressing in to know Him: to know Him and the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His sufferings, and to be conformed to His death.

We can list all the things we are and have because we are in Him. Scripture after scripture proclaims the riches that are ours as sons of God. Being found in Him places our total identity in all that Jesus is. It means having no identity outside of Him. It is truly "in Him we live and move and have our being".

There are so many shades of meaning in both the Greek word used here, heurisko, and the English translation, and all the various shades add depth to the insight of what it means to be found in Him. We can find Him accidentally almost, come upon Him by chance, without really seeking after Him, because He has been searching for us, and our lives are never the same again. Or we can find Him by deliberately searching Him out. We can press in with our minds to discover Him – we can enquire, think Him through, examine, scrutinise, observe. We can find Him by practice and by experience. We can find Him by seeing Him, and so coming to discover Who He is, and then into a place of understanding Him. So we lay hold of Him with our minds, in our experience, in our hearts and with our spirits.

To be found is to be seen, to be present, to be discovered, recognised, detected. So because we have come to know Him, because we have found Him for ourselves, we have acquired and obtained Him. And so we are in Him. And we can see Him transforming us into His likeness, as He changes us from glory to glory as we behold Him, as we choose to no longer be conformed to the world but to have the mind of Christ. We can see the fruit of the Spirit growing in our lives, the very nature of God becoming our nature.

And then we are founded upon Him, set and grounded on the firm foundation that is Jesus the rock. We are established. And nothing can shake that which is built on such a foundation. Our roots go deep into Him. And as we allow Him to go on building on that foundation, what is built will be of gold, silver and precious stones, not of wood, hay or stubble and so that which God builds will stand, even in fire.

I loved the verb found, defined in terms of metal working, or in the production of glass - it means melted, moulded, shaped, fused, poured. That is so awesome when it is applied to our relationship with Jesus, isn't it? How I want to be melted, moulded, shaped and fused into absolute identity with Him. So there are no boundaries between Him and me, no ability for anyone to distinguish where He and I are separate because all that I am has been consumed and lost in all He is. To be so totally one with Jesus that it really is no longer I who live, but He who lives in me, and only He is visible. How I want Him to be able to pour me out where He will. (So even though this definition of found goes beyond the meaning of the Greek word used in this scripture, isn't it amazing how our God uses the diversity of English to add to our understanding of His Word?)

So, like Paul, I press in to know Him more, that I might be found in Him and that I might live in the fullness of all I am in Him to His glory and honour.

Ephesians 1.3-12


Sammy Tippit

"The Redeemer will come to Zion, to those in Jacob who repent of their sins," declares the LORD.’ (Is. 59:20 NIV) I stood on the verge of suicide. No one would have dared believe it. I had been successful in high school. I was planning to attend Louisiana State University on two scholarships. It seemed as though I was destined for fame and fortune. But I felt that I had lost it all. And I had.

Because of sin in my life, I was about to throw away everything - a bright future, a good education, and my own self-respect. I felt trapped -hopeless. “How could I have messed up so badly?’ I wondered. I was ashamed of my behavior. But I didn´t know what to do. It seemed as though I had no place to turn. That´s why I stood on that hill overlooking the lake that day, contemplating suicide.

But God had a different plan for my life. Just a couple of months later, I heard a man preach about Jesus. He was from a completely different background than me. His mother gave him away when he was just a few months old. He was passed from one family to another. He didn´t have the great educational opportunities that I had. He didn´t have a good family like I had. He didn´t have a promising future like I had. But he had something that I knew nothing about. He had peace in his heart and purpose in his life -and he said that it came from a personal relationship with Jesus.

That night, something transpired that would change my life forever. It took place deep within my heart. I prayed and invited Christ to come into my life. I asked Jesus to change me and make me new on the inside. I walked into that church one person and walked out a completely different one. My life would never be the same.

All that I had lost through my sin and folly was now redeemed. I no longer lived hopelessly, but rather I lived with a keen sense of destiny. I had purpose. I understood what the great hymn writer meant when he penned the words, “I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.’ The Redeemer had captured my heart. Everything that I lost, he restored. All that I destroyed, he renewed. He brought life out of death; victory out of defeat; and joy out of despair. In short, my lost life was redeemed.

One of the prophetic names given to Jesus was that of Redeemer. Isaiah spoke of a “Redeemer’ who would come to Zion. Jesus fulfilled that promise 2000 years ago. He paid the ultimate price to buy back what had been lost. He shed His own blood. Oh, the wonder of it all - that God would love you and me so very much that He would purchase us by His own blood.

He is the Redeemer. If you feel lost, He will find you. If you feel like you ´ve really messed up your life, He´ll restore it. If you´ve been blinded by your own sin and self-will, He will open your eyes to see. He´s the Redeemer. And His name is Jesus. Trust Him today.

Supernatural Provision

Gerdi Marais

This is the season for the supernatural. I have been present in every season, but this supernatural season will go forth with a great display of My power as My promises are being fulfilled.

Great force, great power. Where My promises and presence have been with you in the past I will now overtake you with My blessings in great force. Like a powerful wave of the sea will My glory flow and the knowledge of the Lord that will cover the earth.

You have walked through the desert and the temptations where real, but you have prevailed against the enemy and I will sweep over you (with this great wave of glory) and overtake you and you will see blessing come from every corner and even the desert will start to blossom, because you are there and because of great favor and blessing on your life.

Every need will be met and every thirst be quenched. I am your Provider. Great glory, great truth, great prosperity, great healings.  I am the God of the great.  This is the season of multiplication. You will have bigger rooms, but that won't even be enough to contain what I am about to do.

I am God and you will know that I have spoken.

The Curse of Self-righteousness

A. W. Tozer

Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 3:13-14

Self-righteousness is terrible among God's people. If we feel that we are what we ought to be, then we will remain what we are. We will not look for any change or improvement in our lives. This will quite naturally lead us to judge everyone by what we are. This is the judgment of which we must be careful. To judge others by ourselves is to create havoc in the local assembly.

Self-righteousness also leads to complacency. Complacency is a great sin.... Some have the attitude, "Lord, I'm satisfied with my spiritual condition. I hope one of these days You will come, I will be taken up to meet You in the air and I will rule over five cities." These people cannot rule over their own houses and families, but they expect to rule over five cities. They pray spottily and sparsely, rarely attending prayer meeting, but they read their Bibles and expect to go zooming off into the blue yonder and join the Lord in the triumph of the victorious saints.  Rut, Rot or Revival: The Condition of the Church, 10-11.

"Lord, keep me from the curse of self-righteousness. Show me my sin and need for continued growth. If revival is to come, it needs to start with me, and it won't start unless I'm constantly reminded of my need. Amen."

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