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September 3, 2002

Desperate For the Cup

Clyde Flanagan


I saw the Lord sitting on His throne. There were many in crowns sitting on smaller thrones around Him. There was a basin of clear water sitting before him.

He took what looked like a cup and dipped it in the basin, filling the cup. He then said,

"Once again it is time to see." And He gave the cup to an Angel standing to His left.

The angel went down to the earth and entered a church. One by one the angel went to individuals, men and women, leaders and followers, and offered the cup of water asking a single question, "Do you want this?"


It was at this point that I noticed the clothing of the individuals. I noticed that their clothing was what was worn about 40 years ago. It was then that I knew in the spirit that I had been taken back in time to 40 years ago.

Each person answered that they did indeed want the cup that was offered. When they answered that they did want it the angel said, "It will cost you $10,000 dollars."

The price wasn't the same for each person. The angel seemed to know what amounted to everything the individual owned and then used this amount.


Once the price was attached to the cup-- each person studied the cup in a way they had not when it was first offered. Each then gave their apology with things like, "Well, I'd like to have it, but no glass of water is worth all that. If you are willing to give it to me I'd like to have it, but not if it is going to cost me anything.


At this I was back in the presence of the Lord. The scene was again being played out with the Lord dipping a cup in a basin before him. I suddenly knew in the spirit that I was not in a past time, at this point, but in the present.


This time, after giving the angel the cup the Lord spoke to the angel and said, "This time, before I send you to my Church, explain the meaning."

At this the angel spoke to me and said, "Son of man, every generation of the Church has been offered this cup. With the exception of the 1st generation, none has been willing to pay the price. They see it as a dessert after a meal that they would like to have, but don't really need-- if the cost is too high."


At once I remembered the scripture about the pearl of great price, and the treasure found in a field. Then the angel spoke again and said,

"Behold the ones that will receive the cup and the blessing it brings..."

At this I saw men and women crawling out of a desert parched and panting. When the angel offered the cup to each they began to beg and plead for it. When the angel gave each the price, regardless of what it was, they each answered the same, "YES, ANY PRICE, I MUST HAVE IT!!!"


All at once the event of every desperate person who met Jesus in the Bible was passed before me as if all-at-once. The woman who grabbed the hem of his garment, the man whose daughter was on the verge of death. The lame, the blind, and the dumb. All too desperate to care about the cost.

Then I was back before the Lord. "Go now," he said. And the angel once again departed to the earth and His Church. At once I thought of my own heart as I beheld the cup. I began to repent that my heart was not desperate for it when I first saw it. Make us desperate Lord! I want to be ready. I want to be desperate.'s time to be desperate.

Forwarded by the Diggers
Great South Land Ministries

God Is Not an American

David Letro

We say, God bless America. And wherewith has God blessed us? In wealth and prosperity? To live in the best houses. Attend the best churches. Join the best clubs. Attend the best events. Drive the best cars, 2 and 3 of them also. To wear the best clothes. To eat at the best restaurants. To shop at the best stores. To have the biggest and most advanced idol and one in every room of the house. And the “blessings” are so much that we must take the best vacations, stay at the best hotels, just to get the best rest from the abundance of all things. And all the while people everywhere, all over the world are going to hell...

Do you hear their cries? How terrible is the sound!

The church in America has been given the wealth and prosperity talent. We have built our million dollar churches, supported a ministry that fares sumptuously everyday, not mentioning our own lifestyles. Imagine if all this was spent on furthering the gospel around the world. Would Jesus have already been back? Be not deceived, saints, we will give an account to Him as pertains to our use, misuse, and abuse of the talent. He is coming back to receive from us with usury. (Luke 19).

We say God bless America. And wherewith has God blessed us? With freedom? I thank God for the freedom we have here. But what have we done with it as a church? Has it become a snare to us? Freedom to serve God or freedom to serve Him not. Freedom to pick up the cross and daily follow Him, or the freedom to lay it down and follow the world. Freedom to worship and serve the creature. Freedom to mingle with the world and freedom to learn its ways. (Ps.106.35).

Freedom to worship the Hollywood stars, the favorite sports heroes, the talk show hosts, television personalities.

The world is our field to harvest. The freedom we have is to spread the gospel while the door of opportunity is still open in freedom. What have we done with the freedom talent? Jesus is coming back and we will give Him an account of what was His.

We say God bless America. And wherewith has God blessed us? With time? What have we done with our time? Used it with freedom to pray and seek God. Time to study the Word while its still day. Time to sit in His presence unhindered and without fear. The days are evil so are we redeeming the time? (Eph.5:16). Passing the time of sojourning here in fear. (I Pet.1:17). Have we used the time to amass wealth for the lusts of our flesh and lusts of our eyes and to further our pride in life? Or time used to prepare, to plant, to build. To watch and wait. To seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Or time spent mingling with the world and learning its ways (Jer.10:2). Time spent enjoying the pleasures of Hollywood for a season rather than choosing to suffer ridicule with the people of God. We will give account of what we have done with the time talent. Jesus is coming back.

God is not an American. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts (Is.55:8). There is none like unto Thee, O Lord. (Jer.10:6).

But we desire a god like unto us. That feels like us. Has our likes and dislikes. Our feelings and emotions. For Him to side in with us. Conform to us. An American God.

We are a called out people. A peculiar people, a chosen priesthood, a holy nation. Called out to show forth the praises of Him Who has called us out. Where there is no Jew or Greek, American or European or Middle Eastern (Col.3:11). We are strangers and pilgrims here, seeking a country where God is not ashamed to be called our God. For we have here not a continuing city, but seek one to come, whose builder and maker is God (Heb.11 & 13).

We as Christians are to pray for the leaders, obey the laws, living holy lives in their sight. To show them the world to come.

Be not deceived, saints. This is not a Christian nation. It is a religiously free nation. The same laws that allow the true believers, us, to worship our Heavenly Father, the same laws allow them to worship their father, the devil. We are home here to every false god and false religion under the sun. We, as Israel, mingled with these religions, learned their ways, adapted their doctrines and serve aspects of their gods. We have made gods to our own specifications. (Jer.10; Is.44)

Oh saints, can you see the world is ours? And we of all peoples on earth have a hope of eternal life. The world is our field. We here in America have the ability to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all mankind, everywhere. This nation was founded upon rebellion and murder. This nation cannot return to the God we know seeing this nation never knew Him. The spirits of rebellion and murder still rule this nation. And more wicked spirits have entered in. Our warfare is not carnal. We do not war after the flesh. (II Cor.10:4). Our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but with principalities, powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph.6). We are soldiers of Jesus Christ, not to be entangled with the affairs of this life (II Tim.2:3). The gospel is our message of the hour. Not to kill, steal and destroy. If our enemy

Saints, let us live in such a way as to bring glory to Jesus Christ, our God, Who have all men, everywhere, in all countries, to be saved. The elect will hear what the Spirit is saying. The Bride will make herself ready to meet the Bridegroom. Without spot, wrinkle or any such thing, separated from the world and its ways.

Who is like our God? Can you see He is not an American? Have you been worshipping the wrong god, one made by man’s hands? Let us repent and ask God to reveal Himself as He really is. Let us go on to serve the Lord. The peace of God shall guard our minds and hearts in Jesus Christ.

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, I love this country. I pray for its leaders. I strive to use the freedom, time, wealth and prosperity to further the gospel from this place. I know no boundaries. I know no borders. Hell is no respecter of persons. I grieve when I hear what we want to do to other nations. But it is our lot. God has everything in His control and plan and purpose. We must be about the Father’s business, seeking and saving that which is lost.

I dreamed a dream. President Bush and Saddam Hussein were little children, but President Bush was bigger. Saddam hit Bush on the arm. Bush did nothing. Saddam hit him again in the arm. This time Bush got a little upset. Saddam hit him in the arm a third time. And behind Saddam was one like unto the Son of Man. And I knew that America was being drawn over there. It is in the plans and purposes of God. We have only a little daylight left. Many will long for the light as they stumble in the dark.

Let’s pray to be in the shadow of the Almighty, where no one can pluck us out of His hand. The Bride is watching and waiting.

And only the Bride says, Come Lord Jesus.

david letro

Who Is the Giver of Your Gifts?

Stephen Hanson

EPH 4:7 But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it. [8] This is why it says: "When he ascended on high, he led captives in his train and gave gifts to men."

EPH 2:19 Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household, [20] built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. [21] In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. [22] And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

"Where is the church headed and where has it been going? Over the last few months and year, new plateaus have been reached. New alliances have been formed. New alliances have been formed between apostles and prophets. Strategic plans have been made for cities. Strategic plans have been made for regions. My church is being built upon the foundation of my apostles and prophets. But with this new wave of apostolic and prophetic strategy, what has happened to the Chief Cornerstone? Are we looking at the building, or are we looking at who formed the building?"

"Prophets, remember who gives you the words that you speak. Apostles, remember who formed these strategic plans within you. You are building as a master builder would but oftentimes, you are forgetting the Master. Remember as always, that I am the only HEAD of the church. While there may be many appointed leaders in your churches and in your councils, they have not always been set into place by Me. I have called you all to live at peace with each other. You are not to prefer one above the other. You are not to prefer apostles over prophets. You are not to prefer prophets over pastors. Each have their place, and each have their function. Apostles, you are not the head over your fellow prophets, but you are to work side-by-side as a team. You are to effectively work together. For you are both gifted in certain areas and you are both lacking in certain areas. Find out what each of you brings to the table. While you are both gifted in certain areas, you do not hold the only "key" to that door. You may ask your fellow prophet or apostle how the key turns at times. You may learn from each other. You may even learn from each other even in the areas that you are an expert in. In the final analysis, I hold the answers to these questions."

"So, use your gifts accordingly as I have called you to, but they are not "exclusively" your own. And finally, remember that I am the giver of the gifts. I am the giver of your ascension gifts, and I set each man and woman where I want them to be."

Stephen Hanson

Examine Your Hearts

Yolanda Ballard

Examine your hearts, My holy ones, to see if you are truly in the faith or are just walking in what you want to do or say. Reach out and know that I am God and that I am able to wash away the impurities that hinder you from coming into the fullness that I have called you to. What is standing in your way? What is the hindrance that you face each day? Cast them down and break the bondage.

Cry out for the grace that you need to break the addictions and to break away from the false securities, all those things that have kept you bound. Cry out for truth and for purity for many have accepted a form of doctrine that borderlines heresy, and many have misconceptions concerning My word. Open your heart and be teachable, and I will set you free. Don't allow pride to keep you from receiving all that I have for you. Humble yourself before Me, and I will lift you up, for this is the day of jubilee, of the later rain outpouring, and you must be ready so that I can use you in the fullest capacity.

Walk with Me, My holy ones, and do not give into your own agenda. Seek Me and allow Me to live My life through you, for there is no time to waste on the frivolties of vanity and empty living without My presence. Examine your heart to see if you are walking in all I've called you to. No holding back for it is later than you think. Put Me first in all things. Trust in Me that I will keep My word to you for I am a faithful God, and I want to see you come into the fullness. Open your hearts and I will fill it with grace and truth so that you can be a light unto others. Examine your heart to see if you are truly in the faith for this is the day of salvation and the choice is yours.

Assume your responcibility as a watchman for My people Israel. Watch and pray that you will not be held accountable for the apathy and complacency that many face. Cry out that I will pour out My grace and open the eyes of the lost, those I gave the life of My Son for. For this life is not your own. You were bought with the price of the blood of the Lamb. Be living sacrifices that I may pour My glory out through you. Be yielded and I will do greater works through you to open the eyes of those held captive. Let My light and My love flow through you to touch those who are hurting. For they need Me and just don't know it. They are deceived and filled with the lies of the enemy saying that they can make it on their own. Their god is their independence and their own belly.

So be sensitive to My leading. Be sensitive to My Spirit, and I will show you those to minister to. For I have divine appointments set for you, but you must be open to them. Wait upon Me and I will lead you on the path you are to go. This is a new day so be open to My will this day, and always be waiting for My return for I am coming back for My bride who has prepared her garments. For I am coming for My remnant, those who have prepared themselves in the wilderness, those who have broke away from the bondages and control of the taskmasters, those the enemy has used to hold the faithful back from coming into the fullness.

So rejoice, My lovely ones, and know that I have seen your hearts, and I am totally pleased for you are My faithful bride and I am coming soon. So watch and pray and draw close and I will keep you safe until that day.


Great Expectations

David Apel

For My heart has lifted to a level of great expectation for My people. I have treated you like the choicest of gardens. I have nurtured you and tended you and pruned you to provide the choicest of fruit. And now My heart sings in expectation over you.

For now is the time of the harvest and I look upon each of you with great pride and expectation. For I know what is in each of you. And though you do not see all that you are, it is in you. You may just see a little sprout, a small beginning, but just as the corn grows, so shall you. For no one knows how it happens, but only I, for I have placed in you a harvest. For you are My seeds and as you die to self before Me, so shall you yield a harvest.

And the love that you share, that I have planted in you, a love that I planted even before you were, is of great value. For My love shall shine forth. And the anointing, like the greatest of olive trees, so shall My oil flow forth from you. For the days ahead are of great tribulation, but it shall be the time of great glory that shall be seen through My people. For I will never leave you nor forsake you, but I shall stand with you and walk with you for I am next to you and I am in you.

In This Season of Elevation and Maturation

Shelly Mathis

In this season of elevation and maturation, I would have you be no more children in your understanding. I would have you move that which is milk that you might partake of that which is truly substance. Circumcision is required, for there are concepts of the flesh and soul that have covered your heart and blinded your spiritual understanding. Yet, a child cannot accomplish this work by the strength of his own arm. I will reveal these areas to you as you seek Me face-to-face. Then, as your Father, I will take up the flint knife of the Word to cut away the hindrances and circumcise your heart. Do not lose heart, for this work - although painful - is a work of love. Yield, and I will develop you through process from being unskillful and childish to being complete, perfect, and full-grown in your understanding of Me. I will take you from shadows to substance.

For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. (Hebrews 5:13-14)


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