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September 30, 2002

The Blacksmith Shop

Bobby Connor

In a vivid prophetic experience I was taken to the door of a blacksmith’s shop. Standing there I was surrounded by shimmering swirling smoke I could hear the heavy hammer as it struck the anvil, another sound I could hear was the sound of rushing wind as it was being blown across the coals. Each time the mighty hammer fell upon the anvil the most beautiful brilliant burning sparks was sent flying forth. These white-hot flaming sparks were shooting into many different nations of the world. As these burning sparks fell into the nations they were ablaze, burning with the passion of the Spirit of God, each igniting wonderful “fires of Holy Ghost revival.”

I pleaded saying “I want to get closer I must see what is being forged!” I had to see for myself what wonderful work was being fashioned and forged. I was completely compelled to behold what was being used to create such revival fires in the nations. In answer to my plea, I was brought even closer to the anvil. With each approaching step I could feel the heat as it increased. Such heat, as it radiated out, it was the most extreme and intense heat, however it was not unpleasant at all. Matter of fact it was right the opposite it was comforting and compelling, it seemed as if the heat was drawing me closer and closer. I was looking into the cloud of smoke. However, this smoke was not the black choking kind, but rather it was shinny and brilliant, it was the “Cloud of God’s Glory.” At last I was shown the hammer and anvil and what was being forged. It was a mighty “YOKE!”. I was told “This yoke is being forged by the Lord for the purpose of joining together “ZEAL” and “WISDOM.” God said I am joining the Joshua generation- (zeal) with the Caleb generation -(wisdom). The youth have extreme zeal and the older saints have wonderful wisdom. God is joining the generations.

We will soon see this yoke being placed upon the shoulders of many who are now being prepared. They will be linked together as teams going into the ripe end-time harvest fields reaping souls for the Kingdom of God. The greatest reaping of souls is coming. We must set our heart upon the Lord so He can make us ready. We have come to the day spoken of in Psalm 110:3 “ In the day of God’s power the people will volunteer willingly.”

Bobby Conner

I Hear a Sound

Doug Fortune

Perhaps there is another aspect of this restoration of the earth that we’ve overlooked. Consider what the seraphim declare in Isaiah 6:3, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole EARTH IS full of His GLORY.” Hmmm... are these seraphim looking at a different earth than we are? I think not! Perhaps they are just perceiving something we don’t. Remember the other ninety-something percent of the entire LIGHT spectrum, and we only perceive such a small portion. “For now we SEE through a glass, darkly; but then face to face...” (1 Cor. 13:12) Possibly this verse is more literal than we think. If I only had 5 percent of my vision, the world would seem like a very dark place, as my ‘reality’ is largely determined by what I perceive through my senses. Were my sight restored to 100 percent, my ‘reality’ would change drastically. Perhaps then I would be saying, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth IS full of His GLORY.”

Speaking of perception, Psalms 42:7 says it so beautifully; “Deep calleth unto deep at the NOISE (voice) of Thy waterspouts: all Thy waves and Thy billows are gone over me.” The word translated as noise is qowl in Hebrew, meaning to call aloud, a voice or sound. Depending on our perception, our hearing, this can either be perceived as noise or the distinction of a voice. Then it goes on to say, “Thy waves and Thy billows are gone over me”; the phrase ‘gone over’ is abar in Hebrew, meaning to cross over, used very widely of any transition, specifically to cover in intercourse (sorry to get a bit graphic there, that’s the definition though). This conveys the idea of intimate relations. This verse seems to be saying that His waves and His billows (His deep) spiritually impregnates, overshadows us (our deep). Although I have never experienced pregnancy (which is a good thing, since I am a male!), I have observed in my wife and others a dramatic change in perception- pregnant women are focused on bringing forth new life. All the same information and input is now perceived differently. Perhaps those seraphim in Isaiah 6:3 are ‘pregnant’ with the purpose of God... I hear a sound...

“And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves GROAN within ourselves...” (Romans 8:23) I hear a sound rising up within me, it is not necessarily just an individual sound, but rather it is a corporate sound, the voice of MANY waters. At times it is the rumbling groan of thunder, at times it is the distinction of musical notes... “And they sung a new song...” (Rev. 5:9) Just as the ‘New Song’ is the catalyst for loosing the seals (spoken of in the Revelation) in order that the ‘mystery’ (Christ in US - Corporately) be revealed, even so the GROAN is bringing forth LIGHT, for it was the VOICE that called forth light in Genesis. Could the revealing of the sons of God, spoken of in Romans chapter 8, really be the prophetic fulfillment of Gen. 1:3-4, as God said, “Let there be light, and there was light... and God separated the light from the darkness.”? Yes, God is still in the business of separating Light from darkness. Indeed, as Light is separated from darkness, the ELEMENTS of the Adamic nature melt with the fervent heat of the baptism of Fire....

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Administration of Glory

Debra Westbrook

How can one administrate God's glory? The Holy Spirit is this administrator. His influence in the church today is often overlooked or relegated to a manifestation. He is the administrator of heaven as He speaks and tells us of things to come, glorifying Jesus. He will take from what is the Lord's and declares it to us. (John 15:13-14) We need to set our hearts to pursue Heaven's agenda through partnering with the Holy Spirit as He reveals the Son, the exact expression of the Father's glory.

Vessels of honor and glory, as will be seen in the release of God's Apostles and Prophets along with the rest of the Five-fold ministry, will come forth in the power and guidance of the Spirit of Glory resting upon them and rising up within them. They will establish and equip the saints in the coming days to move in the glory of God, flowing throughout the earth in greater levels of intensity.

The Spirit of God shall rise up mightily in the people of God to direct and guide the Body of Christ in the coming days in extraordinary ways. In effect, we simply will be amazed as God works His agenda through submitted vessels of His glory. It is God's kairos time. It is NOW!

It is essential to see this for the establishment of the government of God through the Five-fold ministries will be integrally linked with a clear revelation of the glory of God rising up within each person and flowing out into the corporate Body. You can't have one without the other. Government and glory. Christ in us, the hope of glory will arise and we will proclaim the King of Glory with an increasing revelation of Jesus through the Spirit of God that dwells within us. Christ in us, the hope of glory must be realized as not only a future hope, but a present unfolding reality that will advance the Kingdom throughout the nations of the earth.

While in Africa, I saw these places by the Spirit of God, rising up as habitations of Glory which shall be strategically placed throughout the earth as God gives His release. I have never seen them so clearly as I did while in Africa. These habitations will be where Jesus rests His head (Government).

Matthew 8:20 And Jesus said to him, "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head."

These will be places where He kicks up His feet from His throne (Glory). These shall be places of divine glory and divine refuge from the impending storms.

Isaiah 66:1 "Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool. Where is the house that you will build for me? And where is the place of My rest?"

As we clearly see, they can be called by any number of names - Apostolic Centers, Prophetic Centers, Cities of Refuge. They will be physical places that I can see so clearly coming forth by the Spirit. They are real to me and I see God establishing them in places as we have traveled around the world this past year. God will dwell in His glory in these places in great magnitude in the coming days.

God will anoint the Five-fold ministries to equip the saints in these places of glory. Many will be drawn here for no man will try to legislate the glory of God within these centers as the Holy Spirit will administrate God's glory in God's perfect form and function. All He is looking for is for those who will submit to His plan and drop their plans. We don't know what these places shall become because the blueprints are still in God's heart as He is speaking in a whisper to those who will be still to hear His voice.

In these places, Jesus shall be lifted up and exalted so no man will take any credit or honor. The nations will see and many will be drawn to the King of Glory and the harvest will come forth from the darkness. God is preparing us right now and our release is here as God releases His Apostles and Prophets to come forth. These habitations of glory will be places of refuge and protection, shielded by the hand of God. They will expand in the power of the Spirit to advance the Kingdom.

These habitations of Glory will be as jewels in the hand of God. They shall arise and shine.

Isaiah 60:1-2 Arise, shine, for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you and His glory will be seen upon you.

Many of these places are now in their infancy,silent and obscure, hidden from the religious establishment who disregard them as though they were of no effect. But they have been chosen by God in His sovereignty. God will continue to bring forth their function and form in greater detail as leaders submit to the Holy Spirit. Remember, God's glory will not be legislated by religious institutions but formed by His hand.

As I wait upon the Lord and He continues to reveal things to me, I see God establishing His mountain throughout the earth. This verses from Isaiah come immediately before me.

Isaiah 2:2-3 Now is shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established on the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills. And all nations shall flow to it. Many people shall come and say, "Come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us His ways and we shall walk in His paths. For out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."

A glorious church is in the process of arising for all to see!

Rivers of Eden
Debra Westbrook

On Spiritual Abuse

Pastor Tom Friedheim

Spiritual abuse is a provocative term, I realize this. I have however found the usage of the term "spiritual abuse" to be both accurate and honest. The church is the body of Messiah—a corporate body of believers in the Son of God, unified under a single Head. It is a living mosaic of disciples who love one another—disciples who demonstrate the authenticity of their faith in both word and deed. The church is likened to one flock of sheep, with one Shepherd, a Great Shepherd, who will himself gather the scattered, heal up the broken, and feed the hungry. He will Himself search out the lost sheep, deliver them from the beasts of the field, and bring them back to Himself. The church is a living temple—made of living stones, all carefully fitted together by the Master Architect.

The church is a corporate assembly—gathered together, united in purpose, gifted and empowered by His Spirit, and knitted together in love. As such, the saints encourage one another, build up one another, care for one another, and help one another—they laugh and cry with one another. In Messiah, the church is a place of refuge, safety, recovery, restoration, encouragement, development, security and rest. It is a place of plenty. All of this and more, is true of the true church.

Sadly, this is often not true of the local church or fellowship. Something is missing—often His love.

  • Too many among God's sheep are silently hurting, broken and hungry.
  • Too often, living stones are left in spiritual ruins.
  • Too often, souls are knitted together, but by fear or intimidation rather than by His love.
  • Too often the promise of spiritual security is dashed against the rocks of reality--manipulation, control, secrecy, deceit, and authoritarian rule.

Doctrines that promise liberty, instead minister bondage, often to one man. The authority of Messiah is too often obscured by the distorted doctrines of shepherding with its emphasis on delegated authority, submission, obedience, covering, and unquestioning loyalty— again, to a man. A human authority is elevated to the "first place," unavoidably usurping the authority of the true Head. Such an elevated leader too easily becomes the measure of all things in his own eyes and perhaps more sadly, in the eyes of others.

Any open, probing, or sincere questioning of such a teacher, even among fellow leaders, is squelched. Too often such a person becomes inflated with pride—isolated, untouchable, often uncorrectable, critical, and judgmental—behind closed doors. Of this I have been a witness. Such men govern with severity, carefully and quietly consolidating their authority, always calculating, always dividing. They deny the Word of God, and impose worldly authoritarian systems of government upon the church of the Living God. In the end, accountability becomes a pretense as authority rests with one man, in direct contradiction to the Word of God.

The result is spiritual abuse—emotionally devastating, and often spiritually crippling, spiritual abuse. This should not be so in the church. For those who have experienced its ravages, there are often few witnesses, and even fewer good options. A system that produces such sheep, doesn't hesitate to re-victimize those same sheep all over again should they point out the problem, question authority, or worse—should they dare to leave. Slander is common in such cases. Shunning is typical. Spiritual threats accompany the hypocrisy. The flock is left to grope in the dark, confused by the sudden loss of dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Questions abound, but answers are scarce, evasive, or misleading. Any open discussion is forbidden--discouraged even among elders—the result-- festering wounds. Truth is distorted. It must be. The truth would be too painful to face. The truth would mean change and a loss of credibility, respect, power, and control.

Too often, leaving the local flock becomes tantamount to leaving the body of Christ. Friendships, now tested by fire, reveal their true fiber, or lack thereof. Love is often terminated, demonstrating that it was conditional. Truth no longer matters either. The end result is a sort of religious insanity, a blind, inflated, and abusive power-posturing. The church now becomes the instrument of suffering rather than the ministry of His healing love. The church now devours her own members—while outwardly projecting love, joy, and peace.

The Messiah renounced such hypocrisy. He opposed abusive authoritarian shepherds. He holds leaders accountable. He set the captives free and opened the prison to those who are bound. Some defied the threats of the leadership and chose His freedom, such sheep experienced both the power and joy of the Kingdom, and the fiery testing that accompanies the faith. Others elected to blindly follow the leadership of the day—crucifying the Lord of Glory.

In one of the most sobering verses of scripture, Jesus told those watching to weep for themselves. As they watched Him carry that cross to His death that terrible day, I don't believe they understood, or realized what they had done.

I have personally witnessed and experienced the ravages of spiritual abuse. It is an experience I will never be able to put into words. I will never be the same. Today, I thank God for teaching me as He has. I would never have chosen such a road myself, but I am better off today for the experience.

I have asked the Lord to forgive those who have caused me (and my family) such pain. I believe many of them don't know what they've done. Over time, and through many tears, I have experienced His healing hand on my spirit. He has restored my soul. In rejection, I found His unconditional love. When my name was shamed with false accusations, I found fellowship in His cross. When the truth was covered up, and then distorted, I clung to Him who is Truth—and the Judge of men's hearts. He allowed my strength to be broken and crushed.

Now I serve His sheep with a renewed hope, strengthened by His Spirit. Others I know and fellowship with, are experiencing the same healing ministry of His Spirit. God is doing a new thing—a work overflowing with His grace. It has changed everything. We are witnesses of thisEnd are filled with thanksgiving and awe.

We pray that His Spirit will minister this same hope, strength, and peace to you. Be encouraged if you are suffering for His name sake; you are not suffering in vain. Together, we pray that you enter into His rest, even in the midst of the fiery trials. We pray that you find His rich green pastures, and His living waters. You will, if you follow the Great Shepherd`s voice. I pray that you would have both the courage and the strength to endure the trials that come with standing in His liberty; the cost is often very high.

You see, truth matters. The Great Shepherd knows and understands your heart, your fears, and your hopes. He is mighty to deliver. The Word of God says so. I believe it and have experienced it. Perhaps it`s your turn. You can trust Him. He loves you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

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Reach Out

Fred E. Kelly

Reach out, says the Lord. Reach out; reach out to touch those that don't Me. For I reached down and I touched you, says the Lord. I poured Myself within you, and I declare this day, reach out, touch those that don't know Me. For in doing that, I will pour more into you. And in that you reach out and touch those, then there shall be that move that I've declared shall come across the face of the earth. For I call my people to reach out, to go outside of themselves and touch those that need the touch of My glory.

Reach out to touch those that need the touch of My healing says the Lord. For I've placed My strength, and power within you, and I put an anointing upon you. For did I not say that I came to preach the good news unto the poor? Unto those that are lost? And to those that need My healing hand? My healing hand moves through you, declares the Lord. For I have molded and I have shaped you, and I have formed you into an image that would go forth; an image of Me, and the image of My presence within you, that shall touch the hearts and the lives of those round about you declares God. So reach out, reach to touch those that need My touch, says God.

River of Life

Adam J. Slobodow

There is a river which flows from the heart of God; from His throne and the garden of life. All which is in this garden is life, all makes to live:

My love flows out to you my beloved; you are my choice and precious one, says the Lord. My heart cries out to you: "Come! Come and drink freely; come and drink deeply of my love". For I would wash you in my love, says the Lord. I would wash you and fill you, says the Lord; that you might be vessels of great honor, going and bearing this same love to all that thirst and would sample of this same water of love. For though you start out as cracked pots which leak, I shall make you golden vessels (adorned with jewels), says the Lord, which need to be filled only as you pour yourselves out. So be ready to pour out, says the Lord, (do not stagnate). But come to me; come to me my beloved; come and drink my love; come and dig in the rich soil of my heart at the river bank; let your roots go deep to the subterranean water where the healing that is not seen can be done.

There, nothing shall uproot you, says the Lord, as you are locked in the arms of my embrace; smell my love on you; breath deeply of my love. For I would, says the Lord, that you go forth as my mighty army, oh most excellent ones, My river of life.

Humbly submitted by Adam Slobodow

Revival Begins With Weeping

Sammy Tippit

Recently I've received reports from various parts of the world about a movement that is spreading rapidly around the globe. The reports state that people are coming under an influence where they are gripped with "holy laughter." Many are claiming that it is the beginning of a great spiritual revival.

Some Christians have asked me if this could be the revival for which I've been calling through my books, my preaching, and my conferences. From a historical and Biblical perspective, I am convinced that this is not the seed of a mighty sweeping revival that will restore our society to a moral greatness and spiritual awakening. As I've studied the great moves of God in the Bible and throughout history, I have found two consistent characteristics of the birthing of revival throughout the ages.

First, God's people always receive a glimpse of His absolute purity and their own sinful tendencies. That never produces "holy laughter" but rather a humble heart of brokenness, confession, and repentance.

Second, they see a world that's lost, dying and going to hell. When Jesus saw the multitudes, He had compassion for them. He wept over the condition of Jerusalem. When we see Christ and the cross upon which He died, we to will weep. A great spiritual revival doesn't begin with laughter. Rather, it begins with weeping.

Our nation and the world is in a terrible mess. My greatest fear of such manifestations that seem to take hold of so many Christians is the direction that it ultimately leads. The Bible says that, "Godly sorrow leads to repentance.” And repentance leads to the cross. The cross leads to forgiveness and restoration and they lead to unspeakable joy.

Revival doesn't begin with joy. It ends there, and there's no shortcut to genuine joy. You'll discover that there is only one path to such great joy, and that's the way of the cross. When you go to the cross, there will be many tears and very little laughter. It's impossible to experience the joy of the resurrection without submitting to the light of the cross. And that can be painful.

No. A mighty sweeping revival won't begin with laughter. It will begin with weeping.

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