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The Sound of Faith

Deborah Voetberg

What is the sound of your life? What does that sound attract? Because of sin and the fall of man Adam ran and hid from the sound of God approaching. He hid because God's sound was now contrary to the dark sound surrounding Adam and the difference he heard caused him fear and pain. Adam's eyes had been open to reveal himself, and his thoughts were now consumed by his nakedness. Darkness found a place to dwell!

What is the sound of your words? Words of fear, worry and anxiety attract more pain & suffering. God in His mercy gives us a sound out of His Living Word and then speaks it unto our hearts. Through prophetic words He reveals the future written in our heavenly books that were finished before we were ever born. These words from His heart repeated on our lips attract His power and grace to perform what He has pronounced!

The Sound of Faith is a sound that is filled with the very DNA of Almighty God. Moses recognized that sound when he turned and saw a burning bush. Though he didn't see the form of God, He knew the sound was not of this earthly realm. And being fashioned after the likeness of God, his spirit knew it was Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

The Sound of Faith is unity; being in one accord, and voices lifted up as one sound in praising and thanking the Lord saying: "For He is good, For His mercy endures forever". It's a sound that attracts the glory of God!

The Sound of Faith is a sound that goes out to all the earth, by words of faith to the ends of the world. A sound that moves mountains of oppression, releases the captive and opens doors no man can shut!

And finally the Sound of Faith is the voice of a great multitude, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, "Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!".

May our lives everyday be filled with the Sound of Faith, ever pleasing to the heart and hearing of our God. A sound that invites the angelic host to do the bidding of our Lord on our behalf. A sound that changes hearts, manifests His kingdom and brings His glory!

Great Grace!

Where Is The Voice Of Sanity

By Paul Levy

A little while ago I ran into a friend I hadn't seen for awhile. He asked me what I had been up to. I told him that I was writing a book about the collective psychosis that was wreaking havoc on our planet. He asked me what made me think there was a collective psychosis going on. His question left me speechless, literally not knowing what to say. What made him think that there wasn't a collective psychosis, I wondered. You could look in any direction and find endless examples which proved that our species has gone out of our minds. There was so much overwhelming evidence for the collective psychosis that I didn't even know where to start. To see our collective madness, all we have to do is simply look at what we're doing to each other, not to mention the very planet we depend upon for our very survival. We seem to have gone so crazy that many people haven't even noticed, as our madness has become normalized, which is just further proof of our collective psychosis.

Where is the voice of the psychiatric establishment in pointing out the obvious situation: not only that our leader is mad, but that Bush's madness is a reflection of the fact that we, as a species, have fallen into a collective psychosis? In a personal conversation I had with the late Harvard psychiatrist John Mack about exactly this point, he expressed his opinion that the psychiatric community doesn't see it as their job to deal with collective pathological situations such as we are in. Amazingly, Mack was pointing to the fact that the psychiatric community doesn't see it as their responsibility to track collective psychic epidemics.

On the one hand, there is psychiatrist Justin Frank, author of the fine book Bush on the Couch. Dr. Frank has my utmost respect for his incisive psychoanalytic study of Bush, pointing out Bush's pathological condition in a lucid and indisputable manner. Frank's analysis is extremely important and very brilliant, illumining Bush's pathology in relationship to the dysfunctional family system of which he is a part. Frank points out, both in Bush's family as well as writ large on the world stage in the form of the media and his supporters, the undeniable signs of the "enabling" behavior typically seen in the disease of family alcoholism.

Frank's work has reached a very important edge, however, and is calling to be unfolded further. By viewing Bush in relationship to his family system, Frank reaches the limits of an understanding based solely on family dynamics. Like a traditional psychoanalyst, Frank considers Bush as a "separate self" existing apart from the greater unified and unifying field, that is to say the entire universe, of which he is a part. And yet, at the same time that Bush exists as a separate self who is autonomous and independent from the world at large, he is interdependently embedded in and an expression of the universe.

As long as psychoanalysis contemplates Bush as solely a "separate self," however, it is under a form of illusion, as we don't exist in isolation from each other, but rather, in relation to each other. Though Frank's analysis of Bush in his identity as a discrete, independently-existing person has tremendous value, analogous to how the mechanical models of classical physics have great general utility in understanding the workings of our world, any analysis of an object or person isolated from the universe of which they are an interconnected part is of necessity incomplete. As quantum physics points out, we simply do not exist, in the ultimate sense, as isolated entities who are separate from each other or our environment. Having reached the edge of psychoanalysis, and limited by its worldview, it is not within the scope of Frank's analysis to address the inherent psycho-spiritual condition that pervades the underlying field, both in our country and our world at large, of which Bush is merely a symbolic expression. I imagine that Frank himself would be the first to admit this, and would enthusiastically encourage others to further unfold and place his findings in a larger psycho-spiritual context.

Frank points out the unconscious collusion in the silence and collective denial towards Bush's behavior that pervades the field. Constrained by the traditional discipline that he so faithfully represents, however, it is not within Frank's purview to diagnose our species as a whole as being in the midst of a psychic epidemic.

Frank's analysis is the pinnacle of psychoanalysis, beautifully illumining Bush's pathology on the "personal" level. Because of the fact that Frank is viewing Bush as an isolated person distinct and separate from the world around him, he doesn't address the deeper level of the unifying field in which we're all interconnected and interdependent. Ultimately, we are not able to contemplate Bush's madness without looking in the mirror. Bush's madness is truly our own.

Frank's analysis of Bush's "personal" pathology inspires and places a demand on us to catapult off of his insights, like a springboard, into the higher-order of the "transpersonal" (beyond the personal) dimension. Adding a transpersonal viewpoint, which recognizes that we are fundamentally and ultimately interconnected parts of the whole, actually complements and completes Frank's analysis of Bush's "personal" psychology. Both of these perspectives, the personal and the transpersonal, are incomplete by themselves. When neither of these perspectives are marginalized, but are simultaneously viewed together as both being true, they synergistically cross-pollinate and illumine each other. The personal and transpersonal interpenetrate each other so fully that they are not two separate perspectives joined together, but are two aspects of a deeper unified field which contains and unifies them.

Seen transpersonally, the figure of Bush is a symbol which re-presents and reveals the collective psychosis that we have all fallen into. The figure of Bush is a portal which simultaneously feeds and is an expression of the collective madness that is in everyone. Bush is merely a symptom, an embodied reflection of a deeper underlying pathology that exists in the collective unconscious of humanity which is giving shape to and in-forming world events. Seen transpersonally, the figure of Bush is revealing something to us about ourselves.

We are all complicit in the madness that is playing out in our world. Shedding light on our shared responsibility for the deeper underlying psychological roots of collective world events helps us to become truly empowered agents of change in our world who can truly make a difference.

If the psychiatric establishment doesn't see it as their job to illumine the fact that we are in the midst of a collective psychosis that is potentially destroying our species, the question then arises: whose job is it? Cultural anthropologists? Sociologists? Where is the voice of sanity who is pointing out the collective madness that our species has fallen into? Who are the people who study mass psychological events? What is playing out in the world has its origins in the unconscious psyche of humanity. Whose job is it to map, articulate and shed light on the psychic origins of collective world events?

A year or so ago I received an email from an irate Jungian analyst who was very critical of my work. She expressed her outrage by saying "How dare I write about Jung if I'm not a trained and certified Jungian analyst!" It was her non-negotiable opinion that it was simply "wrong" that I should be writing an analysis of the deeper, underlying psychological roots of world events if I wasn't a professionally authorized "psychologist." I never wrote her back because I felt there was no space for dialogue with her. Now I know what I would say to her: I wouldn't write about Jung's brilliant insights that illumine and heal the pathological aspects of our current world situation if the people who's job it is to write about such things, such as herself, would simply do their job. If people such as psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and the mental health community as a whole would shed sufficient light on the collective psychosis that is potentially destroying our species, I would be happy to do other, much more fun-filled activities.

As people who recognize the insane nature of our situation, which is to be sane in a world gone mad, it is our job to come to terms and deal with the collective psychosis that is wreaking havoc on our planet. It is our job, our calling, our vocation to deal with the indisputable fact that we are being ruled by people who have fallen into a state of collective madness. It is our responsibility to deal with the fact that everyone who supports Bush in his madness: his administration, the corporate, congressional, judicial, military industrial complex, the media, the voters that allegedly put him into office, and ourselves as well if we are doing nothing about our situation, have all fallen prey to a psychic epidemic that threatens the entire planet. If we continue to insist on being under-employed by not stepping into our power and creatively speaking our true voice to the abuse of power, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

The evil that is being enacted on our planet could only happen because of a sufficient number of people who are passively standing on the sideline and doing nothing about it. Not doing anything about the evil we see being acted out in the world is to ourselves become an unwitting instrument of evil, as our in-action allows, enables, and feeds the further propagation of evil in the field. Evil is truly calling us to pick up an empowered role, whatever that is, and "act," as if we are actors in a play or characters in a dream. Recognizing our responsibility for the collective situation we find ourselves in, we access our ability to respond creatively in the world and act-ively do something about it.

Something is being revealed to us about ourselves by the fact that we are being ruled by people who are mad. Imagine, what would we do if we truly recognized that our government is being run by people who have collectively gone mad? What would we do if we realized that the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, the person with his finger on the button, is a genuine psychopath? This is not a make believe question: How would we respond if enough of us not only recognized that our leaders were truly insane, but that we urgently needed to do something about it? What do we imagine we would do? This is a very relevant question, as this is the true nature of our current situation.

Do we go belly-up, imagining that there is nothing that we could possibly do about our insane situation? Do we imagine ourselves collapsing into impotence, being totally dis-empowered, unable to do anything about being ruled by a bunch of psychopaths? Or do we imagine that enough of us, realizing the gravitas of our situation, connect with each other and access our collective genius so that we can truly make a positive change in the world? The question is: Will the darkness that is manifesting in our world destroy our species or wake us up to our true nature? The choice, and responsibility, is truly ours.

Paul Levy, is the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis, which is available at his website <>

Wake Up Church

Rev Karen

The Lord is saying to the church at this time, wake up church, wake up!

The Lord says. I have sent true men and women throughout the earth to preach My Word. I"am sending even now an army of mighty soul winners who are crying out into heaven and earth for the last day harvest. There are many deceivers in the earth today. They are planted in my church, they are as sheep, but inward they are as raging wolves. Don't seek signs in people, but seek Me. Don't look to man for answers, look to Me. I have given you My Word, I have given you the Holy Spirit, and I will direct you in all your ways.

Yes there is a great releasing of my spirit, there are signs and wonders, there is a great move of my spirit throughout the earth at this time. I'm doing new things, great things in the heart of man. I'm speaking at this time loudly and clearly into the heart and the conscience of man at this time. Don't be deceived for I will not be mocked. I have a purpose in everything I do, there is a reason for powerful manifestations of My spirit, but I will not mingle My presence in the demonic! The flesh of man is subject to the devil and all his devices. But as you walk in My spirit, read My Word, and fellowship with Me, you will not be deceived, only fasten your eyes on Me alone! Yes I do send prophets, teachers, and evangelists into areas and regions to confirm My Word, to confirm My plan, to heal, to encourage My people, and to save the soul of man. I have released in the earth during these last days, miracles, signs and wonders that the world will witness as never before.

The world will stand in awe as My plan of redemption unfolds in their midst. Oh people, be not confused with Spiritual matters, because I will not be mocked. I'm an upright God, a jealous God, and I will not be mocked. These false prophets are excelling in the earth, and they will fool the very elect if possible. So keep your guard up, and only seek matters of spiritual release through Me. A true prophet will speak only My Word, he will clarify the things I speak. I will not exalt a man that flows in My gifts, but I will exalt those who humble themselves before Me. For it is the least who are the greatest, and the greatest who are the least. It is the spirit of a man that must excel, it is the heart of a man that must be changed. Don't look upon the appearance of a man, but look to Me. Those who focus on themselves are in error. Oh people keep your guard, lest I come and find you have worshiped the creature rather then the creator.

Ex 34:14 Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous,
is a jealous God. NIV

"The Fight Against Mammon"

PLEASE READ FIRST! - by Marc White:

If Jesus preached against anything, He preached against mammon. Estimates of the New Testament record tell us that the single most recorded topic of our Savior is, you guessed it, money. The most challenging issue to Christian community worldwide in our time is the love of mammon and the fierce independent spirit it breeds like a runaway deadly cancer. Jesus said it is impossible to serve both Him and money. Impossible. No way. Although more than a few of us are trying to do both. Let us repent of that idolatry.

Remember that story He told of counting the cost of discipleship? Let´s look again at the “context’ of the story, that is, what the “big idea’ Jesus was trying to get us to see:

Luke 14:25-33~
Now large crowds were going along with Him; and He turned and said to them, "If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple. "Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple. "For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and CALCULATE THE COST to see if he has enough to complete it? "Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who observe it begin to RIDICULE him, saying, 'This man began to build and was not able to finish.' "Or what king, when he sets out to meet another king in battle, will not first sit down and consider whether he is strong enough with ten thousand men to encounter the one coming against him with twenty thousand? "Or else, while the other is still far away, he sends a delegation and asks for terms of peace. "SO THEN, NONE OF YOU CAN BE MY DISCIPLE WHO DOES NOT GIVE UP ALL HIS OWN POSSESSIONS.’


He didn´t really mean that, did He? As I´ve wrestled with this over the years, it´s dawned on me and others who have pondered His words here that it means SOMETHING. And that something is something we need to deal with, to radically obey in order to love Him and please Him as He commands.

The following piece by Eberhard Arnold is profound, and quite unsettling to those who really care about what God cares about. I find it both encouraging and disturbing to my life. To those in the body chasing more and  more personal significance and “purpose,’ it will most likely be dismissed as an old, out of date theology. But Brother Arnold, who was a part of the non-resistant, love-your-enemy Bruderhof, knew the secret of the strength when he penned this almost a 100 years ago – Jesus in His simplicity of life in order to care fully for those who needed the most care: the poor, blind, lame, crippled, widows, and orphans.

Note I don´t advocate all of us living together on the same piece of land, but let us not be too quick to discount the New Testament value of close, daily contact, prayer, and servanthood. We see so little of it in affluent Christian circles.

I submit this article to your heart for consideration. Let us not be those ruled by the materialistic, aggressive, and demonic American gospel. But in contrast like the rich, young ruler, obeying Jesus by selling all to follow Him who saved us from His wrath.

If some of you vehemently disagree with this as you might, please read and pray earnestly through the words of Jesus and Paul about money before you respond.

-Extracts by Eberhard Arnold.

Two powers are at work in the world: the power of love that leads people to associate with each other, and the power of death that separates people and destroys the fellowship of love. This power of death poisons the organism of humanity, making it sick and corrupt. It murders and kills. It covets and isolates. It attacks all that holds life together. It destroys the coherence of all living things. But alongside this power that murders and enslaves, a constructive and creative power is still at work.

Not all who call themselves Christians are connected to the same center, nor are they motivated by the same thing. The religion of many who confess to the name of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with God or the coming kingdom...  

Is not the great world organization that names itself after Christ serving a god other than the God whom Jesus confessed? Has not the institutional church sided with wealth and protected it; sanctified mammon, christened warships, and blessed soldiers going to war? Has not this church in essence denied him whom it confesses? Is not the Christian state the most ungodly institution that ever existed? And are not the state and the organized church, which protect privilege and wealth, diametrically opposed to what is to come: God´s new order?

Nobody can serve two masters. Nobody can serve God and mammon. The message of Christ had to do with the “trans-valuation of all values’ - the coming kingdom of God. His first witnesses testified to a radically new order, an order concealed from those blinded by the god of this world. This god - the god of greed and murderous possessiveness - stands opposed to the kingdom of justice, unity, and love.

Mammon is the rule of money over people. It means dependence on income and finances instead of on God. We recognize that mammon is the enemy of God, but we cannot apply the lever that lifts it off its hinges: we ourselves are so dominated by it that we lack the strength to rebel.

The deepest human relationships are based not on mammon, but the spirit. No one of us can live in isolation; we are all interdependent. All of us are interrelated in groups, families, classes, and trade unions; in nations, states, churches, and all kinds of associations. And through our humanity we are interrelated in an even deeper way: through the love of God that flows from spirit to spirit and heart to heart, leading to organic, constructive fellowship.

But there is a devilish means that seeks to rob us of heart and spirit and God. This means is money. Money reduces human relationships to materialistic associations. It destroys the highest human goals. At first it may be just a means of barter, but later it becomes a commodity in itself. It becomes power. In the end, it destroys all true fellowship.

Money and love are mutually exclusive. Where mammon rules, the possessive will is stronger than the will to community. The struggle to survive becomes stronger than the spirit of mutual help. Where mammon rules, matter is stronger than spirit, and self-assertion stronger than solidarity. Mammon never motivates people to work in a creative way for a life of fellowship. Instead, it engenders the enslavement of the soul to circumstance. It is the spirit of lying, impurity, and murder, the spirit of weakness and death.

Jesus, the prince of life, declared war on this spirit, and we must declare war on it too. When our inmost eye has been opened to his light, it can no longer respond to what mammon demands. When our hearts are set on the future - when we expect God´s kingdom - we can no longer accumulate property. We will turn our backs on everything present and live instead for freedom, unity, and peace.

Jesus entered the temple with a whip not to strike people, but to show his contempt for money: his father´s house belonged to God, not to mammon. In the Gospel of Matthew, he exhorted the otherwise blameless rich youth to confirm his love by selling everything: “Give all you have to the poor, and come follow me.’ And when he was shown the coin of the emperor, he answered, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.’

This attack on the order of mammon resulted in his death. Yet life had the final victory. The men and women who had gathered around him in life waited for something new after his death. They waited for the Spirit. They knew that the spirit of love, order, and freedom was the spirit of God´s kingdom. And this Spirit came upon them, bringing about a church: a fellowship of work and goods in which everything belonged to all, in which all were active to the full extent of their powers and gifts.

This church succumbed to the process that destroys life. Just as individuals die, so this church also died. But in the course of the centuries a new church rose. Time and again small communities were formed in which men and women declared war on mammon and took upon themselves the poverty of generosity. In choosing this poverty, they chose the richest way.

It is self-deception to think we can overcome mammon by violence, for violence is of the same evil spirit as mammon. We cannot drive out poison by means of poison. The new can be born only of the new; only out of life comes life; only of love can love be born. Only out of the will to community can community arise.

And community is alive wherever small bands of people meet, ready to work for the one great goal, to belong to the one true future. Already now we can live in the power of this future; already now we can shape our lives in accordance with God and his kingdom. The kingdom of love, which is free of mammon, is drawing near. Change your thinking radically so that you will be ready for the coming order!   [~Lecture, 1923].

SOURCE:  "Walk Worthy" -


Casting All Your Cares Upon Him

Dorothea Montague
    My people, My people, I am calling you to see with your eyes and hear with your ears...what the prophets are saying in these latter days. I have sent out many prophets and they are speaking forth My words of warning to all the world. My Word declares that great tribulation shall come upon the world in the latter days. Yes, some parts of the world have endured times of tribulation thus far but I declare that much is yet to come.
    Hearing you will hear and shall not understand and seeing you will see and not perceive. For the heart of this people has grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears. (Matt 13:14b-15a)
    Even many of My people are not seeing or hearing what I am saying to them in these latter days. My precious ones, open your ears to the prophetic words going forth in these days and begin to make preparation for times of disaster to come. Seek Me with all your hearts and be obedient to the direction I shall give you.
    I say unto you, it is harvest time and I need each of you to bring in the harvest of souls who are destined for My kingdom. Do not procrastinate for time is of an essance and I am coming soon. All new converts will need to be taught My ways and join you in the harvest fields.
    So many of you, My people are closing your ears and your eyes, not only to prophetic words but also to the words of the media who are forcasting dire events to come upon the world. Of course you must seek discernment in My Word and in prayer. Alert your friends and your neighbors to all I shall reveal unto you.
    Have I not said in My Word?...
    Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:6,7)
    Assuredly, My beloved people, I love you and I care for you and I shall protect you from harm in the midst of whatever comes upon the world. However, I need to awaken each of you to the reality of what lies ahead for you. Search the Scriptures for all references to the latter days and trust in Me to speak My words of guidance unto you so that you can be prepared.
    There is much that you can do in order to make tribulation times easier to endure. Search through your libraries and book stores and read some of the books by the many authors whom I have raised up, pertaining to preparation for the latter days.
    O, My people, in the midst of your preparation be mindful of the poor in your midst who desperately need your help.
    Have I not wept for him who was in trouble? Has not my soul grieved for the poor. (Job 30:25)
    Do not prepare with the mindset of providing only for yourselves but rather to share the needs of others. O, My people, be in remembrance of My great and precious promises...
    Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near. (Luke 21:28)
    Joel 2:19-The Lord replied; I AM sending you Grain, New Wine, and Oil;
    Enough to satisfy you Fully!!

Church Activities

A. W. Tozer

Til I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. --1 Timothy 4:13

In an effort to get the work of the Lord done we often lose contact with the Lord of the work and quite literally wear our people out as well. I have heard more than one pastor boast that his church was a "live" one, pointing to the printed calendar as a proof--something on every night and several meetings during the day. Of course this proves nothing except that the pastor and the church are being guided by a bad spiritual philosophy. A great many of these time-consuming activities are useless and others plain ridiculous. "But," say the eager beavers who run the religious squirrel cages, "they provide fellowship and they hold our people together."

To this I reply that what they provide is not fellowship at all, and if that is the best thing the church has to offer to hold the people together it is not a Christian church in the New Testament meaning of that word. The center of attraction in a true church is the Lord Jesus Christ....

If the many activities engaged in by the average church led to the salvation of sinners or the perfecting of believers they would justify themselves easily and triumphantly; but they do not. My observations have led me to the belief that many, perhaps most, of the activities engaged in by the average church do not contribute in any way to the accomplishing of the true work of Christ on earth. I hope I am wrong, but I am afraid I am right.  That Incredible Christian, 136-137.

"Those are harsh words, Lord, and it's easy for me to say, 'Well, that's not true of my church.' But help me, Lord, to be willing even today to look at our church program and evaluate what we do in the light of the truth of this challenge. Amen."

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