Gessius Florus was the Roman procurator of Judea from 64-66. Florus behaved like an executioner and a robberer rather than a governor, he despoiled whole cities. Much of his history is war propaganda but this guy was the worst. When Gessius became procurator, injustice, oppression, and tyranny reached a climax and the people at large threw caution to the winds. Compared with him, Albinus was liked as just and beneficent. Florus boasted openly of his misdeeds. He plundered entire cities, and many communities were totally ruined.

When Florus dared to appropriate 17 talents from the Temple treasury, the people's patience was at an end. A riot broke out, and baskets were passed around that the charitable might drop in coins for poor Florus who was in so much in need of funds. With the confidence that God would in some way come to their rescue and vindicate their cause, they came out in the year 66 in open rebellion against Rome and the Jewish war had begun.

[15, 12, 376, BD]

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