Gideon was a radical, but he was a radical for God. God needs, and wants young men with this same fire today.

As a military leader, Gideon was a successful as anybody has ever been, but what methods he used! He went out against a huge enemy army with 300 men, armed only with trumpets and empty jars and torches. There wasn't a sword among them. They were outnumbered thousands to one.

Gideon had a secret weapon: the promise of God that he would go into action of Gideon's behalf at the critical moment. So the 300 men blew their trumpets and broke their jars and shouted, the whole enemy army panicked, broke and ran. It was a complete rout. Israel was delivered from years of extremely intense oppression. The pulse beat of Gideon's method was God in action.

The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers

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  • We prepare for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
  • Harvest the Fruit of the Latter Rain
  • Follow Him as the Army of the Lord into His Glory

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