The Hallel

The Hallel was the hymn of the Psalm recited at festival services. Then the Great Hallel was sung on Passover, on the seventh day because Hallel is seven times sung. And then a blessing with which the real banquet began, after, of course, the customary washing of hands. Hallelujah - Praise Jehovah. The Hallel was sung on solemn days of rejoicing, as an expression of joy and praise, and as such it has been adopted in the Christian church.

And after these things, a great voice - Alleluia ..and the four and twenty elders and the four beasts fell down and worshipped God and.. Alleluia.. A form of adoration and thanksgiving in any worship, especially for us in the last days. The Hallel is the great hymn of triumph in heaven over the destruction of Babylon.
[Ps 112-117, 309, 324, Revelation, 380, BD]

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